Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DJ of the Month: Tamara Sky!!

Not only do I have the extraordinary pleasure of hanging out with Miss Sky on a daily basis, but I also got to witness the total fucking destruction that took place this weekend when she played at Overthrow's Hard to Leave WMC Closing Party. Yes, it was nasty, and yes, there were strippers grinding to dubstep. Srsly.

She sent me two of her latest live mixes, and they're both fucking ill. Download BOTH.
oh, and thanks WMC for the best week ever. more to come.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

WMC: What you're doing Friday night

Hey, remember our friends Pirate Stereo? Well, they're the shit. And tomorrow night they're releasing their rrrrrrrandiculous EP and commemorating the night with a TOTALLY RAD SHOW. Thats right, as soon as Ultra (Day 1) kicks you out, literally ACROSS THE STREET you'll be treated to the sweet sounds of Pirate Stereo, Troy Kurtz!, and last but very much not least,

PASSION PIT! get your tickets RIGHT HERE ASAP, shit's already supposed to be at capacity.

fffffuck yeah. SEE YOU AT ULTRA!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comin' Out Guns Blazin'.

Bringing you some crazy fucking tracks to bump while waiting impatiently for the end of this week to FINALLY come.

She Said (16 Bit Remix)- Plan B
Don't be fooled..first impressions aren't always true. let it ride.
As Good As My Love (Bart B More Secured Refix)- L.B.G.

So Vexed (Crissy Criss Edition)- Funtcase
Get crazy.
Hit My Ride (AC Slater Remix)- Ladybox

Voscillate (Roksonix Remix)- Flux Pavillion

Rasputin's Gold (Original Mix)- Doctor P
Doc P bringing the fiyah..as always.

And for all those who haven't been properly introduced, meet Flying Lotus:

Wombat College- Flying Lotus

Friday, March 19, 2010

Its been a long week,,,,,

So get your shakes and shivers out tomorrow night with Danny Daze at White Room! Danny Daze happens to be 1/3 of the electro supergroup Discotech, and just so you know how hard you'll be grinding tomorrow night, we present you with these gemz:

Crack a Bottle (Discotech Remix) - Eminem they actually made this song good. seriously.

As per fucking ALWAYS, say Fade County at the door for REDUCED ADMISSION! or send an email to rsvp@whiteroommiami.com to get in FO' FREEEEEEE.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bump it up n' dub it down

caviar, anyone?

Set Me Free (Harvard Bass Remix) - Drop the Lime to all of you who were at DJ Craze this weekend, you're welcome.

Toxic (16 Bit Dubstep Remix) - Yael Naim remember when Britney Spears was sexy? We do. This song is sort of like those days and she doesn't even sing it.

Caesar ft. Robyn (Diplo Remix) - I Blame Coco raaaaaandiculous track from Sting's daughter gets Diplo-ed. Need I say more?

also: check out the upcoming events ---> WMC FTW.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Remember how last Saturday you either had a fucking sweet time raging with us, or you didnt do shit? We remember that. Thats why this Saturday, we're extending the invite (again).

MIA's finest DMC World Champion, DJ CRAZE, will be scratching out the nastiest in electro and dubstep all fucking night.

This is what happened last time:
(Song: Sweet Shop - Dr. P)

I know. Believe me, I know.

As always, say you rep Fade County at the door for REDUCED ADMISSION. BE THERE BEFORE 12:30.

Get loooooose!

Boner Jams

P-Funk Skank- Udachi
Udachi bringing the murdering bass, just jump.

Sincere (Nero Remix)- MJ Cole

You think you're chillin'....then BAM!

Fader (Jakwob Remix)-The Temper Trap
Traditional Jakwob style.

It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix)- Damian Marley

Dope Fiend (Tommie Sunshine & Udachi Remix)- Audio Bullys

do you understand what I say, that I'm HIGH every day..

Still D.R.E. (Asser Bootleg)- Snoop Dogg
When keepin it real gets WILD

Against All Odds feat. Kano (Dubstep Remix)- Chase & Status
Break it down.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

sup, tuesday?

Ultra's Phase 3 Lineup HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED! ^^She'll be there! Dance!

Crash N Burn Victims (Felix Cartal Remix) - Moving Units this is what every badass biker gang listens to when they wake up.

Devils Eyes (Michael Meds Remix) - Drop the Lime some sort of Devils Eyes remix is always a staple. always. This one's inspiring.

Babylon - Congorock this shit is next level. its what jungles will sound like in 2087.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Babes and B More

Ffffffuckin' Sunday!

Last night: Win. Major shout out to Pirate Stereo, Troy Kurtz!, and everyone who came out in the name of the Fade. Good times were had, and there's only more to come.

Speaking of, if you beautiful readers are down for Round 2, see the above flier. Big ups to all our friends, RK9, Flyboi, Dj Duji, Zen the Band, and D-JPOS. You do not want to miss his set.

Mention Fade County at the door BEFORE 12:30 for FREE ADMISSION!

yeah, we love you too.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Really big orgy tonight rsvp@whiteroommiami.com

Its time to FUSE songs OVERNIGHT thats what my man HUDSON MOHAWKE told me

Hudson MoHawke-Overnight

Hudson MoHawke-FUSE

Netsky- I Refuse

Great song more Netsky coming SOON

Chromeo-Fancy Footwork(Crookers Remix)

Classic just the right amount of funk....a must have!!

Everytime you take one step back you need to take 2 DUBSTEPS forward

White Lies-Mr.Hudson & Rusko

This songs alittle funky but who ever said funky was bad...hope you like it

Ginuwine-Pony(Dubstep Remix)


PS: Reduced admission is good, free admission is better! Send an email to rsvp@whiteroommiami.com for free admission allllll night. see you there. FADE COUNTY WE DA BEST!

Saturday Morning News

Wussssuuuuuup! we hope everyone had a good night and 305 day celebration, cus we sure did. So, what are you doing tonight? oh sweet that sounds cool. Us? Oh, we're going to


Lightworks (Harvard Bass Remix) - Acid Girls Harvard Bass is gonna DESTROY the Temple of Boom right after Ultra

Pirate Stereo Mini Mix 1 These dudes are playing tonight! Skip ahead to 7:14 and get ready to get down so dirty you'll need at least 2 baths afterwards (with or without your dance partner(s))

Whew! Good morning! Come do this with us and Pirate Stereo tonight at white room, alongside Miami's most basssacreligious dj's Troy Kurtz! and the enigma that is Sammy Slowgrinder.

Mention Fade County for reduced admission!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


You know the boys at Fade County are down with any game that involves a bionic arm brutally murdering Hitler...oh and here's this.

Bionic Commando (Rusko Remix)

Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix)- The Prodigy

JUST NASTY. nod your fucking heads.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Welcome to Fade County, where the rich come to hide, and the poor stay to die. Consider us your one-stop sweatshop for the newest, dankest, slimiest, and grimiest in Electro, House, and Dubstep. We'll be supplying you with the illest in unreleased tracks, mixes, and its alllllll on the daily. Also, consider us your highest authority on where to go, what to do, and when. In this tropical paradise, where the parties come and go faster than the women (but just a little bit ;) ), we get down and go harder than anyone else, and there's only one rule: RAGE.

Enjoy ;)

The Opener: Eazy E

Symphonies - Dan Black Ft. Kid Cudi (Dada Life Remix) this shit goes hardddd. Expect a visit from Dada Life sometime this year.

Infinity - The XX (Flufftronix Remix) Flufftronix takes one of the dopest songs of 2009 and makes it the best song to nod your head to since this one.

Get Off - Sharooz (Miles Dyson Remix) just ... turn up the bass.

Swagga - Excision & Datsik this is one of the hardest dubstep tracks ever. Bring a change of underwear.

Silvia - Miike Snow (Redial Remix) you can safely expect Redial to clear the fucking dancefloor on every track. this is no exception.

The Closer: El Dreamcatchero

Tiny Dancer- DeadMau5 Remix
This is the mau5 bringing you a CLASSIC song with some awesome SLIME on it

We want the FUNK gotta have that FUNK...well Calvin Harris brings the funk on these two tracks


This banger starts slow then picks up and has a HUGE drop

look for lots more to come ;)