Friday, December 31, 2010

We Love Dubstep 2010

20-11 = 9

9-3 = 6

6 x 3 = 18

18 / 9 = 2

2 / 3 = . 6 6 6

Therefore, 2011 will be the year Satan shall come to the Earth.

Quite a logical conclusion, I know.

2010 was the year of FADE and a great year it was. What can be expected from us in the year 2011? Well, use your imagination to think of the greatest thing we could possibly do. Yeah, we'll do it just for you.

To wrap up the year, I decided to treat you with the newest, most glorious, and epic dubstep I could find. Enjoy, and blast it when the ball drops.

In 2011 I will only eat blood, and the occasional heart. But only on holidays.

I feel like I'm dying with every breath I take. I think it's because I inhale your souls.

It comes and it goes, and it's never the same. Let's live a new year, fuck a new bitch.

In 2010 I burned a lot of tree's, and made a lot of kush clouds.

As much as I have grown to love New York City in 2010, I feel like an exile from my real home, HYDE PARK.

There was never a "me and you" in 2010. Sorry, you were never that special. I'm just a one man wolf pack.

I have died a couple of times during 2010, but then dubstep saved my life.

If I have ever offended you in the year 2010, please forgive me. But I don't regret it, and yes I will do it again.

Much Love,



Can you stay up for the weekend? Until next year? Yeah? Really? Omg? Suckadick.

Thought I'd bring back a few of the best tracks of 2010 with a little year-end wrap up of all the songs you bumped or should have been bumping over the course of this wonderful year. But before that, let's look back at a few of the most memorable events of 2010.
  1. Fade County was created.
  2. They cured AIDS in some German guy.
  3. Fade County was created.
Whew, that was a doozy. Now, with no further adieu-





By the way, the last post of the year just so happens to be our 250th Post Ever!!!!! We wouldn't be doing this if we didn't love you guys... so get ready for a Super Fucking Mega Rad Awesome New Year.

Be safe, rage hard, and have a HAPPY FUCKING NEW YEAR!!!!

With love,


Thursday, December 30, 2010

hugggge shout out @TAMARA SKY thank you love the layout :D

love hurts but god damn you look so good

i mean we are talking about love and i do love this remix props @ KRUSHA on the sample smart

Nero going hard i love the bass in this track not so in love with how it starts but it flows oh and a uk rapper.... i think he mentions a g-shock lol

who isn't a beatles fan? Omega gets freaky on this one madddddd props loved it!

this one's fucking amazing cool points if you know the original

Duck Sauce - Babra Streisand (Properly Killed by Frederik Olufsen) by Frederik Olufsen

btw dowl is free for this banger above pay some repek and dowl it there

Basement Insomnia - Frederik Olufsen's Sleep Deprivation Mix by Frederik Olufsen

this man is PURE talent expect some music to follow

J Scott G and Imprintz & Kloe - Return of the King (Lazy Rich Remix) by Lazy Rich

big post coming but you'll enjoy this a lot ;)

she's mad fine, leaning think you'll love these tracks

amazzzing nice dub sexy vocals

it's dub let it ride i reallllly enjoyed this one

sick sick sick sick really chill i guess it's house

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Soundcloud Sessions | Duncan Gerow, Torqux, & David Lynch

New site, new tracks, new babes & mixtapes? The future's lookin' bright on the 'Fade Side.

Top Back (T.I. vs. Lorn) - Duncan Gerow One of my favorite mashups from our Soundcloud. Gerow layers dirty dub pulses under the trap anthem and ends up with a candy ass paintjob.

Flashback (Hey0oxjon Remix) - Calvin Harris & Hey0oxjon We don't post very much progressive but every once in awhile something catches us our ears... real classic style, beautiful melody, and even not being much of a Calvin Harris fan, I can definitely dig it.

Torqux - Psychopath anytime you hear a glockenspiel... you know the shit's about to get evil. Massive dub waves never disappoint.

Masturbating Flesh Collector - Bratkilla Gotta Dance Dirty had to warn their fans that this song might be too heavy. You know what? it might be a bit.....nahhhhh, you demons will appreciate :)

Heartbreak (Bare Noize Remix) - M'Black don't let the smooth female vocals fool you-- Bare Noize is some heavy shit. A little like that Zed's Dead "Eyes on Fire" track

And finally...

Good Day Today (Boys Noize Remix) - David Lynch WHERE MY FILMMAKERS AT? For those nerds in the "Know," David Lynch just released two of the weirdest electro tunes since Portishead's last album. But Boys Noize was a prime choice for this remix. They speed it up, dub it down, and end up with something, well, something pretty much Lynchian.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trouble comes your way when you're out here in this JUNGLE

Chi-City is currently the frozen jungle. Here's some HIP-HOP influenced DUBSTEP to warm you up.

It makes me happy to hear and see that my Chicago people are representing and loving FADE. Keep it up.

Now for the bass...

Jungle ft. Maverick Sabre- Professor Green This is some very smooth, heavy hitting bass wobbles and hip-hop beat followed by some British rapping that's pretty nasty. Professor Green has been grabbing my attention, he moved from being a British hip-hop producer to having a P.H.D. in some nasty sounding dubstep.

Jungle (High Rankin Remix)- Professor Green High Rankin has never disappointed me, that's why I felt determined to listen to this remix. He really takes this song and gives it what it really needed, some variations in heavy nasty bass, making it more of a pure dubstep song than hip-hop.

Cataclysm (Counterstrike Remix)- Presence Known and Vista If I were to start a war against an army of evil robots like Arnold Schwarzenegger, I would put this song on repeat. But then again I would probably be on the robot side. Basically, this song is pure destruction. Get ready to cock your dubstep lazer guns to this track.

Stir Fry- Foreign Beggars If you have ever talked to me in your life, you will know how much I love Foreign Beggars. They always kill every track they touch. Not only is the bass satisfying enough, but the rap on it is pretty damn good too.

Monster (Cam0 & Krooked Remix)- Professor Green ft. Example No one is going to fuck with me, because I'm a mother fucking MONSTER. Enjoy another great Professor Green song, heavy bass with some dank rapping.

Fuck You (Modestep Remix)- Cee-Lo Green Having met Cee-Lo in Los Angeles over on Melrose, I can say he is an awesome dude. He told me a little secret that I will share with you, prepare yourselves for a full Cee-Lo & MF Doom album to drop this summer. Anyways, enjoy this nasty dubstep remix of his popular song "Fuck You". You know I'd love to.

To my Chi-town people, thanks again for checking this site out and supporting it. You know who you are, much love.


Monday, December 27, 2010

SOME FUTURE SHIT ! Doctor P, Datsik, Drivepilot and KANYE

she looks sad. myyyyyy favorite ! ;)

Doctor P - Big Boss a few of you were wondering about the sick nasty track that made Tamara Sky bite a cobra's head off... ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE!

Alpha Centauri (Excision & Datsik Remix) - Noisia dubstep's favorite bash brothers teamed up to take one of the funkiest songs of the year and make it that...much...heavier. yuck :P

Invaders - Drivepilot both homies Bailey Small and Mr. Skeleton tipped us off to Drivepilot and all we have to say is wow. Dude clearly spends countless hours creating electro epics and the effort shows. Don't expect to hear the same sounds twice.

Blame Game (Calvertron Bootleg) - Kanye West this one's for all you drumsteppers out there. Calvertron takes one of the best songs off My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to the next level- a d'n'b epic that's just perfect to punch yourself in the face to. Don't say Yeezy didn't teach me.

sexxx (just because)


PS- What do you guys think of the new website?!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


For those who choose the red pill, only.


1. Slow (Chemical Brothers Remix) - Kylie Minogue

2. Hide & Seek - Moulinex

3. Megasports - Faux Pas

4. Transport - GRUM

5. Two Dots - Lusine

6. City Lights (The Deadstock 33's Remix) - The Ghost

7. Lost In the City (feat. Ghostape) - Plastique de Rêve

8. Leave It All Behind - Instra:Mental

9. Island feat Caro ( Noze rmx) - Dapayk & Padberg

10. Ghost Transistor - Kavinsky

11. The Walking Dead - Weird Tapes

12. Township Funk (Diplo Remix) - Mujava

13. Bastard Kids (Ikonika Remix) - The Brown Acid

14. Give It Up (Weird Tapes Version) - Datarock

15. Theme From Gutterballs - Gianni Rossi

16. Maxipad Vegetation - Otto Von Schirach

17. Love is Strange - Ciaran Harte

And for those with weak souls and strong stomachs...

Friday, December 24, 2010

Captain Crook's XxXmas Mix

Is Santa waiting for tomorrow? Or is it really......SATAN

Either way, being the ANTI-Christ that I am, I decided to make ya'll a nasty XxX-mas present. Just a little something in case Santa doesn't visit, just know that Satan will always provide for you. So if you want something sexy, yet grimy for the holidaze, download it.

Trust in your Local Suppliers.

Signing back in with the world today, we're bringing you the best possible way to start off your Friday. Some new, some old but never anything less than the best ;D

Start it off with a classic from the badman himself, all the funk and bass you'd expect from him. Grab this and bump it on your favorite system.

The classic that brought your favorite duo to the rise in dubstep, if you haven't heard...well, then where the fuck have you really been? HUGE.

We already brought you one huge track by him, well here's another. More Bare bass for your face. :) Straight Slanginnnn'

It's new. It's Bassnectar. and its fucking MASSIVE, for all you bassheads out won't wanna miss this one.

Datsik just doing what he does best as always. He took the brutal route with this one, nothing but gigantic bass.

Some vintage sounds in this one, and of course the added wobbles just make it a fuckin' Winner all the way.

Ya man Flux is back, enjoy.

Let's bring things back down to a slower pace..some sexy tech-house from up-and-comer Sean Roman, loving his sound.

And of course, some smooth slow dub sounds for the evening drives. Just the let the track ride.


Well, there you have it motherfuckers. We know we always leave you satisfied and wanting more..till next time, enjoy the waves of bass.
ScoTTyiLL ®

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Im Faded, excuse my grammar.


Remedy (Feat. Miike Snow)-Crookers

whuttup Marcela hope all is well with you without have never found mike snow so again spanks

progressive crookers style

Spanish Sahara (George Lenton Remix)-Foals

love it the dub one later in this post is rawwww but don't hate

Enter The Machine-

sick to make sex 2 mah fav from PANTyRAID

Knock You Out (Omega Remix)-Tiesto

wayyy better than the original ...i like!!!!

btw omega is fucking ill check him out his from colorodo were the nuggets are varrrrry noiceeee... will keep u up to date with OMEGA

Spanish Sahara (Bar 9 Remix)-Foals

dub it uppppp

Blind Faith (Feat Liam Bailey)-


chillwe got ur skrillex fix

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Daft Punk - Derezzed (from TRON: Legacy)

video wasn't all that to me i really enjoy the track ima cop this album i have so much sick music to share w you guys but my comp crashed will have a sick electro and house post and an illl dub one as soon as i fix ma imac :/

Monday, December 20, 2010

If you're going through hell... just do coke.

Going Through Hell (Diplo Remix)- The Streets Here's the new track from DIPLO and THE STREETS. YEah, an early xmas present. Enjoy the sounds of hip hop and dubstep mashed together in that nasty DIPLO way.

Starts off as some cheery happy shit. Then, BWAP! heavy fast paced fuckin womps at an electro pace. This may or may not want you to put a chain saw to your head just to see what it feels like. YEah, I did it.

Sergeant Smash- Roksonix Remix

As if the title didn't give away the heavy smashing bass... just fucking get ready for it baby. Sounds like every kind of wobble you want to get fucked by. Tastiness.

YEah, I know what you're thinking when you listen to the first two minutes of this song, "Why the fuck did homeboy, BLuRReD ouT, drop this gay ass happy techno shit?" Well, fuck you, listen to the rest. Doctor P's love goes down with some HEAVY FUCKIN' DRUM N BASS!

These gunshot wobbles will have you shooting your lazer guns at every motha fucka that gives you a look on the block. So ya, watch ya fuckin self.


This is some slow wobbles that will get heads bobbin' on the block when you drop this shit in yo whip. Try it, you'll see. It's kinda like the dirty south chopped n' screwed of dubstep.

Haterz- Bare

Another banger from Bare. It starts off with a nasty ass beat with horns like Diplo's song, but then DROPS into some H8R KILLING shit. That's right, go on h8. I will stab you in the face with a rusty screwdriver. Watch me.

OH, in case you didn't know, I'm back in that nasty cold place known as CHI-CITY.

You may or may not have seen me already, making an ass of myself on the street that you live on, the party you were at, or the house you own. Either way, you will see me eventually. And I will make you remember it.

See ya fuckerz soon.

To all my NYC followers, I miss ya already.

BLuRReD (motha fuckin) ouT

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Oh how I'm so fucking stoked to be back

SLOF MAN - I wanna be you (SLOF MAN remix)

Wobbles and shit.

Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Man With The Red Face (Slof Man Remix)

Slof Man is a fuckin' G. This is a minimal-turned-dubstep jam. I call it jazzdubstepfusion. toke toke toke to this

AutoKratz- Kick (Kezokichi Remix)

heavy electro. don't sweat too profusely.

Method Man & Wu Tang Clan - Torture (Space Laces Remix)

whoa. I've been talking about someone needing to do this forever. the OG track sits on my snowboarding playlist. the revamped one just took it's place. DUBBBBBBBBBBDREAMSSSS

Space Laces - Deep Space (Original Mix)

Space Laces.. you remind me of Justice. The sounds.. the soundsssssssssss

Zeds Dead - Rude Boy (Original Mix) (Full Version)

rad as fuck. makes my tummy upset.

Yes. Catch you in the yayo dec. 23

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


A few months ago we made an epic discovery via the Fade County Soundcloud. Hailing from the deepest bowels of the Scottish Loch, and bringing a fucking wrath akin to a bastard lovechild of Skrillex, Justice, and Hudson Mohawke, we were lucky enough to score an interview with the soon-to-be next biggest name in electro- BULLW∆CK. So, without any further adieu, we proudly present BULLW∆CK :: THE INTERVIEW

Fade County: First off, tell us a little bit about yourself: Name, age, where you're from, etc.

Bullw∆ck: I’m keeping my real identity a secret. Mwah hah hah ha.

Controls - Release The Noise (Bullwack Remix) - Teaser by BULLW∆CK

FC: Cryptic. So how's the electro/dub scene in Scotland?

BW: You hear DJ’s playing dubstep and electro in clubs, but it’s usually the commercial and well known stuff. You’re never taken by surprise. There's only so many times you can hear the latest Magnetic Man track while watching a DJ wearing a shit-eating grin before you decide to leap on the decks and take charge. Not that I don’t like Magnetic Man (played 15 times nightly by a 39-year old DJ clinging onto his youth by a pair of CDJ2000’s), the work they are doing to commercialize dubstep makes people more receptive to the genre as a whole, and that includes the mad squawking I flog as music.

FC: Haha, yeah, all they play over here is "Gold Dust," and "Woo Boost." Same shit-eating grin, though. I guess that's universal. So how did you get started?

BW: Did my first electro tune when Fckn Crew held a remix contest for their track "Discoke." I thought I'd have a go at making a remix that was as different from the original as possible. At the time I had never heard of trash electro and thought their music was some mad experiment. I submitted it, and about a month later got an email telling me I had won. The remix got released alongside remixes by F.O.O.L, The Boomzers and The Toxic Avenger.

FC:How would you describe your sound?

BW: Angry little dog trapped in a tin box.

FC: Almost poetic. What do you use to produce?

BW: My wild and vivid imagination, taken in conjunction with lots of Red Bull and Prodigy music videos (with the sound turned off.) Software-wise, I sequence in Fl-Studio mainly. I also use Ipod apps, like BeatMaker and Retro Synth. I do have a Moog Rogue, but she’s an elderly creature and doesn’t feature in much of my stuff. Also, if you ever get the chance check out the Monomate, it’s a great little plug-in and it’s free.

FC: We can dig. Who would you say are your biggest musical influences from the past?

BW: All the Greats -


Daft Punk





Benny Hill

M.O.G. - Dirty Orchestra (Bullwack Remix) by BULLW∆CK

FC: I guess that's universal. How about your biggest influences right now?

BW: Flux Pavillion


Chase and Status

Bare Noise

Wolfgang Gartner

Feed Me

The list goes on...

FC: Top 5 favorite tracks right now...Go-

BW: Hadouken – Mic Check

Unicorn Kid - Dream Catcher

Noisia – Alpha Centauri MASSIVE.

Drivepilot – Fuck Yeah (The Boomzers remix)

Chase and Status – Let you go (Feed me Remix)

FC: What's next for Bullw∆ck?

BW: I have an EP called Knave coming out on Thaf records, Play Me records is releasing a track I did with King Minos called Vanguard, did some production work on King Minos' Royal Family EP, so keep an eye out for that, and I’m going to be bringing out some tunes on Klub Kidz records in the near future.

FC: God damn, someone's been busy. We better get all of it first. Alright last question: We're officially calling next year "Mad Moves 2011." What do you want to see happen over the course of the next year?
BW: I want Justice to hurry up and bring out their second album; I swear to God if they take any longer I'll just make it myself (Tron soundtrack style). I also want to do more music festivals.

FC: Well then, we're happy to have had you on here first, 'cuz we smell greatness. Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us.
BW: Fanks Guys :)

As if we'd need any more of an introduction to these tracks... enjoy ;)


Dream (Bullw∆ck Remix) - The Noisy Freaks †††††††††† (above and beyond, my favorite track we've ever been sent)

Stay tuned for more exxxclusive interviews, promos, and other assorted radness. Mad Moves 2011 here we gooooooo