Monday, June 13, 2011

Moombahton Monday

Hope you are all ready for your Moombahton dose. Some sexy ass tracks coming in the last week!

First off we got J-Trick. Basically think of this man like Afrojack in his prime. Every track Afrojack touched was pure sex and J-Trick is on that same page. Every track is hotter than the last!

Aylen caught me ears first with his "Dutchstep" remix's. Amazing dutch bleeps then dropping into some Bro-step like basslines. Complete genious. And when you thought that was all, Aylen would make just as hot Moombahton tracks. Definately someone to keep an eye on

New blood Freaky Philip is certainly giving top named producers a run for there money with dutch infused bangers! If your a fan of Moombahton, your a fan of Freaky Philip

My personal inbox had a little suprise for me a little while ago with Sazon Booya's latest single on the upcoming EP. Im looking forward to this release as much I was excited about Dillon Francis's Take it Back remix. This track is nothing less than large

Also I have just finished my latest Moombahton mix which is the 1st to the Moombah-Thong Series. Giving you an insight on the hottest tracks in the past month

Moombah-Thong Vol 1 by Sanka

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