Monday, January 31, 2011

Get American Monday

That's right. It's time once again. Come and get your daily fixation of the illest tuneage from whatever area you're in. Leave the weak ones behind 'cause shits about to get HEAVY.

Kids (Soulwax Remix)- MGMT Soulwax have never seemed to be the type to upset. Not much you can do to fuck up a combination like this one, definitely a winner.

Jungle (16Bit Remix)- Professor Green This shit's just got that badman evil theme ring to it. "It's wild 'round me".....just press play and turn it the fuck up. 16BIT √+++

Money Shot- Dillon Francis
One of the artists out right now that's just totally fucking pioneering Dubstep, no sounds that are alike to that of Mr. Francis out there..have a listen for yourself. CRUNCHY.

Celestica (Clockwork Remix)- Crystal Castles For all you out there who just love some good electro, Clockwork always seems to do the trick. Up for Grabs

WTF (Crissy Criss Remix)- Pase Rock, Tittsworth, & Kid Sister
Okay. So I don't think anyone's ready for the massive bass/wobbles on this monster. We've heard Nadastrom's shot at this track before, but finally there's a heavier mix that just does it way more justice. WTF?!

Jungle (feat. Maverick Sable) [High Rankin Remix]- Professor Green ...Just in case 16Bit couldn't quite cut it for you. Hope your system hasn't blown out yet.

Brazilian (Original Mix)- Gramophonedzie Oh what the fuck. Why not? Some sunny Ibiza housey-groove type shit right here. Don't wanna miss this one, do whatever you have to do to just make it loud.

Black Books- Doctor P I mean how could i deprive you guys of some Doc P? Surely won't be dissapointed, don't say we never hooked you up.

Signing out leaving you as satisfied as humanly possible.
Get ready to abandon any other blogs you check. An abundance of filthy tracks coming your way.
To be continued.....


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blunted Sundays™| Avicii, Killabits, & 16bit Massacre

Did you make it through the weekend? We hope so. 'Cuz you got a helluva day ahead of you tomorrow, and you better be ready to hit that shit full-force. Think of it as this evening's Adderall.

Hot as Hell (Canblaster Remix) - Drop the Lime This shit's fucking primal. Including a fucking horse. Animal noises and all you can't say this shit doesn't get you to your bassest carnal level. And it even comes with a Hudmo fucking flute. Need I say more?

Street Dancer (Original Mix) - Avicii Can Avicii Fail?™ no. Some downbeat kickdrums lead into synths out of an 80's cop drama theme song. Barsky and Slutch. Ballsacks is passed out and still dancing.

Sleeper (Killabits Remix) - Jeuce I like Jeuce. You like Jeuce. Everybody loves Jeuce. And everybody loves a good wahwahwahwahwompwompwwwwwwwomp. Jesus Jeuce™.

Machine Gun (16bit Remix) - Noisia apparently this song is "Heavy." Whoops. Look! It's Truelove's Bar Mitzvah Photo!

Commandments (16bit Remix) - Ghetto How much did you drink last night? This well emceed dub bangggger brings you back to that awesome feeling. You know the one™

My Feelings for You (The Prototypes Remix) - Avicii You've danced to this track a million times. Bang your fucking head to this Netsky-worthy dnbonerjamz

Let's get it on.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

pee pee boy james

Metropol-Christoph Andersson
this songs so fucking the jam just knob that ur head enjoy and ex-cuh-use my spelling

I Love U So (TROWA Remix)-Cassius
yippie 320 suck ass re-edit enjoy

Sofi Needs A Ladder (AT DAWN WE RAGE REMIX)-Deadmau5
by far the best remix no longer annoying let the whole song ride before thanking us
its NOTHING like all the bad versions

When I Dip (Dillon Francis Remix)-Bingo Players
when i dub u dub dub dub dub dubbbbbbb

Needed Change (Brokenkeyz Remix)-skrillex
good work on the re edit i love it so shall our fanz

heavy bassss

Southern Boy (12th Planet & Flinch Remix)-DJ Sneak
something.. em's gay

Mars (At Dawn We Rage Dubstep Remix)-Fake Blood
shoutoutallcalinycibizaenglishspainwheveryoucrazyfuckare@ <3

Pong (Wideboys Club Remix)-Wippenberg

Summer's Gonna Hurt You (Diplo 2010 Remix)-diplo
ima have a blast nikkuh , let this one ride gets raw

re-post shits a real fucking tear jerkerrrr

No Turning Back (Stephan Jacobs Remix)-Gui Boratto

this songs a real tear jerker for us all we've all speed to this song before now enjoy a proper dub edit oh yes i did ;)

all this talk about jerking i almost forgot STEPHAN JACOBS you'll be hearing a lot from him this week yeah fade county loves his work, and so will you

Friday, January 28, 2011


Drop the bass.

Cinema- Benny Benassi feat. Gary Go Remember this track? Hollywood fuckin' treasure. Nice house sound, dim the lights, and just enjoy it.

Cinema (Skrillex Remix)- Benny Benassi feat Gary Go I've been sitting on this remix for awhile now, but I guess I'll let you fuckers have it now. It takes everything that's sweet about the original track, and destroys it. Not as much fidget-sound as you're use to from Skrillex. Just that NASTY hard hitting bass that reminds you of what dubstep SHOULD fuckin' sound like. Enjoy, kill yourself.

More coming this weekend.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


mm.. leopard print

'Been tuesdazed since I can remember. Tuesdaze are times to relax.. toke, kick back, and wait for the weekend. So, while you're toking a break from you're everyday stresses; peep these tracks. it's worth that finger stroke.....:

Yeshua-Total Recall Total Recall is classified by me as a dub-artiste.. not your normal catchy-dub. heavy, dark, even mystical.. this tune's on some other shit. enjoy

Trouble (Mars Remix) - Lowmax & Vini Love this sound. It's what good dub should do; make you feel uneasy in your fucking gut. And take you to Mars.

Eyes on Fire (Zeds Deads VIP Mix) - Blue Foundation BEFORE YOU TRIP: This is the VIP mix. different bass-line. Takes me back to Miami. click on it.. if you're man enough.

Spaceship (Trolley Snatcha Remix) - Kano this tune's bomb. Trolley Snatcha has been building respect, especially from me. download now.

Dread Dub - Glebstar I love reggae dub. Person, meet reggae dub. He's a real ladies man.

Concrete Jungle - Glebstar Here in the 212 we call this the concrete jungle. Or atleast I do. clearly why this song's so dope.. Glebstar who the fuck are you?

Let It Go (Hard Rock Sofa Mix) - Dirty South feat. Rudy Here's a house re-fix to my fav Dirty South track. Gotta love some house music. Nice little break from the dub onslaught I just put you all through.

Dark Bass (Original Mix) - Phunk Investigation Best Minimal track I've heard since the last time I listened to Booka Shade. The Title says it all.. dark minimal is as hot and sexy as Heidi is up there when used sparingly. turn up the bass


The homie FreshDirect tells us a party goes down; we let you all know about it, New York. You're welcome.

Check out for more info on featured artists and opportunity to purchase tickets in advance! As usual, the tickets are $12 in advance and $15 at the door. Space is limited, so we recommend getting your tix in advance.


For The Belt (Fresh Direct Remix) - ZAK! Fresh Direct for you. Pure Dope; no weight added. A+ DUBSTEP

Take Over Control Remix - ZAK! Hip-hop electro



Monday, January 24, 2011

EXXXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW #2 | Johnny Fucking Danger

Awhile back, through the mutual homie and bass(ed) god Mr. Skeleton, we got in touch with LA's hottest bassmaker, Johnny Danger. Known for a fidget style as heavy as it is uncompromising, Sir JD sat down with us for a short and sweet interview on life, electro, and the world as we know it. Here's what went down-

Johnny Danger - The Interview

Fade County: Name, Age, Occupation- Go!
Johnny Danger: Johnny Danger Steven Goldsmith, 20, DJ/Producer/Cool Story Hansel...

FC: Hahah, nice. So how would you define your style?
JD: Production-wise it's operatic and hard... or at least thats what I shoot for. DJ-wise I have the worst music ADD ever, so I get real bored of just one genre when I play a set. So i skip around from breakbeat to fidget to acid house, electro, minimal, etc... if its a good song ill play it.

FC: With the recent EXPLOSION of electronic music, where do you see the scene going?
JD: I hope that the US can become more like Europe, with the fact that amazing DJ's will spin at clubs normally, instead of only being able to see them at raves or a live show.

FC: What does 2011 hold for Johnny Fuckin' Danger?
JD: For 2011... Well, recently i've been crazy busy with remixes and original tracks with Mistur Skeleton. In 2011 there will be a lot more me on Beatport!

FC: Favorite artists of 2010, and anyone you think we should look out for?
JD: There are literally too many producers in 2010 that I love... It's impossible for me to name one... But my favorite producer of all time would have to be Malcolm McLaren. If you don't know him, you're dumb.

FC: We agree. Get learned, kids. Thanks for the interview yo!
JD: No doubt.

And now for some exxxclusive fuckin' tuneage-
Red Gyarados (Original Mix) - Johnny Danger + Crucial Davis yeah thats right, it's named after an extremely rare and legendary pokemon. and yeah thats right, it sounds a little like the "Flamethrower" move. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about. Shit.

Yes ! (Original Mix) - Johnny Danger + Mr. Skeleton when these dudes team up you can be sure it'll get nasty- and this is no exception. Think Dada Life's "Hello" remix but with a lot less vagina, and a lot more fuck-you-in-the-face sine bass.

Ze French (Original Mix) - Johnny Danger ft. David Levy i'm a strict believer that every French choir hymn needs an electro remix. this is no exception. think a cross between "Predator" and "Au Revoir Les Enfants."

Rocks and Jam (Original Mix) - Johnny Danger Chopped-as-fuck rap samples and a Benassi-worthy bassline. Rocks and Super Jam? That's a sandwich i could get behind.

Oh and let's not forget about the ridiculous mix JD made exxxxpecially for us- pack an extra pair of undies..
Cool Story (Mix) by JohnnyDanger

BY THE WAY!!! Straight from the bowels of the Overthrow Music Authority, Hot Pink Delorean just released their Club Crashers EP to some serious fucking critical acclaim. Drop the Lime calls it, "A mutant club sizzler on the rocks!" Grab the EP here and check out Caligula's ill-nasty remix...right here on


Friday, January 21, 2011

the sun is shining everyday

You know I just had to...

how was break? Wait, I don't care. Just check these tracks out.

Demons (Sigma Remix)- Fenech-Soler Whoever the fuck Fenech-Coler is, home-boy has an epic voice. Third remix of theirs that we've posted up. Just like the others, loud vocals followed by hard & heavy hitting BASS.

Girls Girls (feat. Messinian)- Mark Instinct This might possibly be my new fuckin' favorite DUBSTEP track. I'M LOOKIN' FOR MY HOOOOOOOOOEZ! (and bass). This track will have you yellin' and screamin' and just acting a mother-fuckin' fool.

Internet Connection (Flux Pavillion Remix)- M.I.A. It's Flux Pavillion, what the fuck else do you need to know? I'll admit, it's a little different. Has a more 8-bit synth sound. It's smooth, not too crazy, but nice.

Kazfara Juke (Dodge & Fuski Remi)- Big Dope P Bounce and break yo' back! Home-boy, James-cat, showed me the track "bounce and yo' back" or whatever the fuck it's called. This track samples that and adds them fast-paced hard hitting bass wobbles.

Reality Check (J Rabbit Remix)- Evol Intent & Ewun Ever wondered what it would sound like to make bass wobbles from fucking an elephant with a chain-saw? J-Rabbit did it. Tell me how it feels.

Swallow (Funtcase Remix)- Crystal Fighters I'm pretty sure we've put up a Crystal Fighters dubstep remix, and there's a lot of them, but I really like this one. It's got that slow pace, hard hitting long bass notes, kinda like Flux Pavillion. Don't know you Funtcase, but keep it up.

Trippple Press- Raveformz & The Dub Cobra This track is the sound of TORTURE through DUBSTEP. It's beautiful, just beautiful. This track is meant for slicing fuckers up with an axe. Just sayin'.

Everyday- Rusko Supposedly Rusko dropped this on those fuckers in L.A. on New Year's Eve. He dropped it on the radio, and here's a ripped version that's also recut. I think it's fucking beautiful. It's epic, fast-paced, has lazer bass shooting you in the brain, with nice vocals. Sorry it's just a rip, but I guarantee you I will put up the official track when it's out.

It's nice to be back in Manhattan. Fade County is going to be tearing it up next level here, so get fuckin' ready.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Only in the Night

I've been a roll with the heavy-hitting, destructive bass sound in dubstep. So I'm taking a break.

Here are some tunes I've picked up and been listening to on the regular. They're softer, smoother, and maybe ever sexier. But I'll let you be the judge of that.

Tell me what you think.

Night Air (Ramadanman refix)- Jamie Woon Smooth, sexy, and fun. You don't know where it's going. You won't know what will be going on, but you'll feel it. Just keep following, and you'll get sucked into it. That was fun.

CMYK- James Blake For those familiar with the Haute and Bothered Mixtape by Troy Kurtz, you will recognize this as the opening track. For those unfamiliar, it's a smooth, soft, sexy, and generally pleasing track. Beautiful samples of vocals. Enjoy.

Evelyn- Fantastic Mr Fox Smooth vocal sampling over nice synths. Nothing crazy, just a good tune for chill-listening. Serves as a great lounge track.

Turbo Love (Light Year Remix)- Bag Raiders This is not totally "chill", but it has a great fuckin' sound. Heavy hitting beat, great synths. Sounds like a Daft Punk track, but it's a little bit more exciting. This will get you going.

LFO (feat. Reija Lee)- Kito This is not your average dubstep. It's lounge dubstep. It's a chilled out version. Not meant to melt your face, but to get off your ass and dancing. Nice wobbles, great beat, and that synthy sound of vocals.

In The Night Air (Balboa Dubstep Remix)- Jamie Woon Alright, I know I said I'd keep it smooth and chill. But ya'll know me, I gotta get nasty. I'm a bass-fiend, I just can't help it sometimes.

For those in desperate need of new, hard-hitting dubstep-sound, don't worry. I have some tracks that will melt your face. Another post is very soon to come.

Don't forget where you got it. Keep checkin' us out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Too Heavy to Stand Up

Miami was dope. Reunited with old homies, spent time with my girl, and thrashed to the musifications of Tamara Sky, Troy Kurtz, Jakwob and so many others; ohhhhh.. that place.

but shit. I missed the fuck out of the NY homies. Eazy E! AND BLURRED OUT birthday month starting tomorr-NOW!

Bump the following, bitch:

Too Heavy To Stand Up (Dark Sky remix) - Delooze this starts off really slow; however, after the break at around 1:15 it's plainly a hot mess. UK Funk and Drumstep with a low bass behind it all. Way too catchy. but never TOO catchy. repeat button's made for this shit. *dedicated to you, love. W*

Around the World (Dirty Secretz remix) - Daft Punk Dude, i've honestly heard about thirty remixes of this song. None of them are anything more than whatever. The build in this song is fantastic.. the effects are timed correctly, and the multiple drops are fucking electrifying. A+ for creativity and savor

Together (Joe Maker remix) - Ted Dettman I like to call this Minimal; w/ Electro synths. Give it a minute and forty five seconds and you'll start to feel the music run down your spine.

Da Police - Da Fresh This song is pretty cool, definitely my least favorite of the group. only threw it up because the lyrics are lame but any DJ's out there dowl' music form us should fuck with it. A good sound is worth a dowl. but all in all this song's still dope.

Baptism (Dark Sky Symphony Megatron Remix) - Crystal Castles HAPPY MUTHAFUCKIN' BDAY EAZY E!!!!!!!!!!! this one's for you. you like the choppy shit. I give you the choppy shit.



let's celebrate. for birth. for music. for sex. for drugs. for everything.. bad

e-mail for photo submissions and applications.


Let's celebrate some birth

I asked for a beautiful virgin to be sacrificed to Satan and crucified for my Birthday. I guess wishes do come true.

Get Down Lay Down- Ajapai Most destructive dubstep I've heard in awhile. If you plan on killing someone in a lazer-gun duel, I'd strongly recommend that you play this song.

Take No More- Original Sin The vocals are pretty fuckin' great for this song. Track starts pretty fuckin' chill, then the bass line drops after a nice drumroll. It has a sort of Rusko sound to it, it's pretty nasty.

Bring the Bass Back (Calvertron Remix)- Calvertron & Figure Mwahahahahaha. So much bass, every flavor you can imagine. It's delicious.

Drop Down (Haydn Hoffman Dubstep Remix)- Designer Drugs Sounds like a bass chain saw just cutting through your brain at one hundred and forty beats-per-minute. Watch the fuck out.

Harry (Bare Noize Remix)- Medison ft. Skrein Sexy slow paced high pitched vocal sample, dropping into some pure nastiness. It well get you moshing in slow motion, with the occasional break for the sample.

Lines In Wax- Flux Pavillion ft. Foreign Beggars Two of my favorite names in the Dubstep game. It sounds fucking great. If you know Flux Pavillion and Foreign Beggars, you're in for a huge fuckin' treat.

Machete (High Rankin Remix)- Drop Top Gotta admit, Machete was pretty fuckin' badass. Check it if you like seeing people getting their shit FUCKED UP, as well as some nice shots of Jessica Alba & Lindsay Lohan. ; ) Thanks Winslow Bros. for showing me this flick.

Red (Chasing Shadows Remix)- Laid Blak Don't be fooled by the dub intro, this track drops WAY HEAVIER than anything else you've heard. Your eyes will go red and your brain might just go ahead and fucking EXPLODE. So be careful, but enjoy it.

Thanks for the Birthday wishes everybody. Don't forget about that Eazy-E, also known as CRAZY CRAZY THE NIGHTMARE MAN. Give him the same wishes in two days, or I'll stab you in the throat with a fuckin' rusty ass screwdriver.

Time to eat some cake, peace.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Where the fuck is your head at?

Wish me a Happy fuckin' Birthday tonight and I'll give you a bangin' nasty secret track ; )

Mmm. I love me a classy woman.

Shine In (feat. Natalie Williams)- Nu-Tone Don't be fooled by the two-minute intro that sounds like another happy ass techno song, it's just another Drum&Bass track in disguise. You'll feel the drop, and you'll thank me.

Superstylin Smashup- Bassnectar That crazy ass foo' Sneeky Snax be droppin' that reggae-dub soundin' bass. So I thought I'd throw up this old Bassnectar track, nice wobbles and that reverbed reggae sound.

Stop- Crissy Criss & Youngman Are you going in hard? STOP! No wait, keep going. This track will have you killing anyone on sight, prepare yourself. Just keep goin'.

Be Alright- Sekklow Hammer hitting bass that might smash your brains. Nice high vocals to cool it off, then to break your fucking head again.

Neurokinetics- Encanti Strangest sounds I've heard in awhile. It has consistent wobbles that keep building up. Right when you think the bass couldn't get heavier, it does.

On My Own (Drumsound And Bassline Smith Vocal Remix)- Blame Ft. Ruff Sqwad Again, don't be fooled by the slow building up intro. This is just another Dubstep track just dying to drop right on your fucking head. Nice echoing vocals layered over the hard hitting bass, similar to Flux Pavillion, followed my some nice rhymes.

Silence (High Rankin & Evolve or Die Remix)- Delerium Ya'll know High Rankin is a crazy, disgusting, just nasty fucking dude when it comes to producing that dubstep. He takes this sexy chill ass song, and makes it nasty. Beautiful fuckin' vocals on some nice heavy hitting bass. You'll like it.

Wheres yo head at (HULKS Rave Monster Remix)- Bassment Jaxx Finally. Yeah. It exists. A Dubstep remix of WHERES YO FUCKIN HEAD AT. This track will have you screamin' the chorus harder and louder, and will just satisfy your bass needs.

That's all for me. Be ready for the B-Day post tomorrow, even NASTIER tracks.

can't sleep ..i have like 3 posts waiting with this one ;)


we love our fans! Chris Moreno here's you're shoutout enjoy the house


can't wait for this to be finalized really enjoyed it.. now go do the same real HOUZE MUZIK

My Feelings For Commander (Jay Amato Remix)-Kelly Rowland & David Guetta vs. Avicii & Sebastien Drums

yeah another avicii track and yes they made it even more house(Y)

Perfect Exceeder (Vocal Club Mix)-Mason vs. Princess Superstar

its a fucking mash up deal with it and a damn good one

Memories (Luca Del Mar Halloween Bootleg 2k10)-David Guetta

i know i know years over no more of these but its good ! and cus em stole my other remix but w,e im the bigger man,,, literally ;)

Insomnia (Viktor Mora remix)-Faithless

Brazil producer he's good keep it up

Worldwide (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)-fukkk offf

Fukkk Offf's remix was way cooler in my mind but hey you be the judge here's dirty disco youths remix and it is dope on this track

now let's dub it uppppppppppppppppp!

Under The Sheets (KIDS AT THE BAR Remix)-Ellie Goulding

sickkkkkkkkkk so sick buttttt i have a better mix to this jam tom by this next dude Stephan, shoutout Stephan .

No Turning Back (Stephan Jacobs Remix)-Gui Boratto

this songs a real tear jerker for us all we've all speed to this song before now enjoy a proper dub edit oh yes i did ;)

all this talk about jerking i almost forgot STEPHAN JACOBS you'll be hearing a lot from him this week yeah fade county loves his work, and so will you

right here right now dub mix-fatboyslim

it's not new and i wish i knew who made it sometimes artist don't set there dowls up right w,e the case enjoy this badass remix

Blue Skies (Flux Pavilion Remix)-Jamiroquai

i 4get peace out

ending it with some dub and shit next post dub than i got ya'll on some dope house and electro again thanks chris

Saturday, January 15, 2011

We Put the E in Electro | Dada Life, Ed Solo & JFB, Dave Nada

Damn. This is how ever Saturday night/Sunday morning needs to begin. If you're not sure how to go about making your weekends more like this, keep reading this website.

Got a few electro electro bangers on deckk, hold on to your socks.

Hello (Dada Life Remix) - Dragonette okay, so this song's all about a chick at a party who "just wants to dance," and wont give it up and blahblahblah, but the drop is pretty much on par with what it sounds like when robots commit suicide.. by punching themselves in the face. You know what? Just listen. I'm right.

D.R.E.A.M. (StereoLiez RMX) - The Noisy Freaks we posted the Bullw∆ck remix to this awhile back, but StereoLiez takes it to a whole new wobblesphere. Think Skrillex, if he really enjoyed scaring small children. And had cats.

Bring it Back (Ed Solo & JFB Remix) - Deekline i'm usually not a fan when it comes to raspy, caribbean MC's talking about absolutely nothing (except for Rod Azlan), but something about steel drums and dubstep works for me. Think "Weed Circus in a version of Hell eerily similar to Jamaica."

The Girl and the Robot (Jean Elan Remix) - Röyksopp there's something Dada Life-y about the bassline, and I can definitely dig, but it's the cold ass digi-drop that really gets me. For a song about a robot, this shit practically breathes.

No Hands (feat. Wale & Roscoe Dash) (Dave Nada Remix) - Waka Flocka Flame When it comes to getting your ass shaking on the dancefloor, Dave Nada is one of those fixtures that just never ever fails. This shit's more victorious than "All I Do Is Win." Want a horde of people throwing their hands up in the ayer? Drop this.

And have a nice Saturday night,


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Friday, January 14, 2011

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Slurrrrrp. You heard that right. Can I get a fuck yeah for eXXXclusive day?

Hot off the fucking presses, we've got some hot fire on deck that'll knock your pants off (but not your socks 'cuz you know what fucking time it is), rip them into shreads, and use the shreads as headbands for the post-Apocalyptic vision of Soundwave Hell that you're about to enter. WhOoa, that even tripped me out.

H.A.M. (AMTRAC Remix) - Kanye West & Jay Z everybody went apeshit over the release of the original the other day... Now here's how it should have sounded. wommmmp

EXXXCLUSIVE: Kitty Flippin (Original Mix) - Nikolais Javan (feat. HighLife) think "I have the biggest party evar" but dubstep, and not for little baby electro tweens, Skins.

EXXXCLUSIVE: The City (ZeroPointOne Remix) - Milosh found this one through our Soundcloud, and we're definitely impressed. Kind of like if Doorly had any sense of melody and lived in the Trap.

EXXXCLUSIVE: Shine (Thick As Thieves Remix) - John Legend check it out- our homie Bailey Small, now co-producing under the name Thick As Thieves, dropped this wobble massacre as their entry into the John Legend & The Roots Remix Contest. If you like it as much as we do, you'll vote for it here the second the clock strikes 12 Midnight.

EXXXCLUSIVE: Freak (Damaged Goods Remix) - Autoerotique - NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART! The homie Damaged Goods just sent us his newest track and it's stadium-huge. Think minimal-tech house, but with dysentery-inducing bass.

You heard it here, first. Bitch.