Monday, February 28, 2011

GET AMERICAN MONDAYS | Mashur, Avicii, + Pretty Lights!

Okay, this one's short and sweet. The music you want

- when you need it most.

Metropolis - Mashur how dubstep used to be. the best kind- heavy ass choppy fucking wobbles. Don't sleep- Mashur's got moar then a few tricks up his sleeves. Now that we're all together-

Cudi Zone (KillaGraham Remix) - Kid Cudi ionno about you but I can't hate Kid Cudi- dude can write a hook. Excellent use of the original song here, along with some FAT ASS bass. Stadium dubstep, that you can actually get it on to? Sign me up.

Sweet Dreams (Avicii Sweeder Dreams Mix) - Avicii I don't know how many different versions of this song there are and I don't want to but there's something about this dark, 3AM house revamp that's so "Getting nasty on the dancefloor with the possibly German model with the heavy accent whose boyfriend may or may be sitting on the couch 'like, right over there,' while on a strong batch of itching powder on the panoramic rooftop floor of a Manhattan skyscraper." Got carried away with that one. heh

All of the Lights (Pretty Lights Remix) - Kanye West I couldn't get this song out of my head for days. So- sorry. Wait- suck it, Pretty Lights serves to make this track MOAR epic with some funky ass waves, while still retaining all of the best parts of the original. Good shit yo

4th of July (Fireworks) (Rusko Remix) - Kelis The Rusko we all know and love. That's all I have to say to you about this. It'll put a smile on the faces of all you true basshead bartards.

Fridays - That MC Kid Nabbed this one on soundcloud- some vibin ass progressive that'll bring you back down to Earth from that extraterrestrial batch of sonic goodness. If music was medicine, this would be like a multivitamin. It just keeps ya regular ;)!

get lost


Dada Life - White Noise/Red Meat (Official Video) we love the dada so you should!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

FadeCounty Fotoshoot#1, Freebase, and the usual filthy shit you adore

Finally, after hours in the lab, Eazy E and I decided it'd be dope if, instead of using sweet photography we found online, we held our own photoshoot.. Great idea, right? So we did. And after we had Willow shoot this babe in Miami, we also decided it was time for a collaboration with our homie FreeBase aka Chris Valencia.. Another great idea, right?

Wow, so many moves FadeCounty, you guys are really ontop of your shit.. We fucking know. We just want to make your eyes and ears smile. Anyways, here it is. Fade County Fotoshoot numero Uno: (Click the pics for higher resolution)

Track break. My eyes get tired after all that art too.

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Buku is an unsigned producer who's seriously fucking talented. I was turned onto this artist via my homie Adrian. Holy shit, you're welcome.

Cokyo, Japan - Metro Zu The homies. Fatass beat with some dope ass lyrics. Download this shit now and you better like Metro Zu on facebook if you haven't hurd ya hurddd

Timewarp (Akira Kiteshi Re-fix) - Stagga Posted a Stagga track a whiles back, but always thought it could have been bettered. Akira Kiteshi makes it seem like child's play. Absolutely disgusting.

Lights (Dream Remix) The Bassnectar remix to this shit is mad decent, I'd much rather compliment Ellie Goulding's boring voice with some shocking wobbles. So I found one. Fuck

Some serious work went into this shit. Thanks to Chris, Jenn, and my girl for being talented as fuck. Hope you enjoyed our first photoshoot. There WILL be more to come.

over n out -SNEEKY-

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Hope you're treating life welll this weekend. A few bowls and a few brews never hurt anybody. It's like Chicken Soup for Souls (if we had 'em ha-ha).

Here's some mixtape madness to get you through the day and start your Saturday night off riiiiiight-




Just another by pablood

Thursday, February 24, 2011


So I'm blurred out bitch, I can't see ya.
We love animals. And Christ.

You know me, I'm always fuckin' blurred out, so I have to represent the band that has been my major inspiration: SALEM.

Hailing from the midwest, where we do it best, the trio has been making dirty south trap ambient heavy beats with the occasional chopped 'n' screwed rap verses.

If there is trap muzik in hell, it's Salem.

Their sound is demonic, dark, noisy, industrial, and gang$sta. Everything a fucked up kid like me could ever want.

The album has new songs, as well as remastered versions of our old favorites like: Trapdoor, Redlights, and Frost. It also has some new great tracks. King Night is a little different, it's like a gospel choir over heavy synths and trap beat. It's an epic satanic sound. I'm diggin' it.

Now for your ear bleeding pleasure, I give you the Salem- King Night Album to worship.

Catch me at Don Hill's Wednesday night to hear some Salem as well as all your other favorite FADE favorites.

As always, stay fly.


Mark Trophy & Sonny Wharton - Discotech (Andy Gramm & Modaal Remix)

WMC so sooooon cant fucking wait line ups look raw Pete tong and tom peppe @ the shelborne 26th ;) congratz

Simply Beautiful (PYRAMID Remix)-Queen Latifah ft. Al Green

breakbeat plus fat chick



Doctor P - Sweet Shop [Cradle's Mix]Cradle


Video Kick Snare (Dada Life rmxJohnny Danger, D.Lev edit)-Staygold

Johnny Danger killing it this should get you dancing

Where You Go-Amtrac

pretty awesome actually

Seven Nation Army (Ken Loi 2011 Bootleg)-The White Stripes


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tropical Apartments @ Don Hill's! | Boys Noize, Feist, & Boy 8-Bit

21+. Join or Die.

Yeah (St. Beethoven Remix) - Boys Noize Upbeat, super well-sampled remix of the well-known Boys Noize banger with my favorite synth line since Avicii's Street Dancer. Songs like this make your ears go "fuck yeah."

Bulbs Burn Out (Original Mix) - Boy 8-Bit if you know me, you know of my fondness for Boy 8-Bit. Hugely elaborate, appropriately bassy electro soundscapes that make it clear that the dude's leagues above most of his peers production-wise. And it just makes you wanna shake it!

My Moon, My Man (Grizzly Bear Remix) - Feist Might be old, but I just heard Grizzly Bear's remix of this indie staple on the radio in Utah and was more than pleasantly surprised. Had no idea Grizzly Bear did remixes, but I'm more than ready for more.

C'mon (Jakwob Remix) - Tiesto Vs. Diplo Feat. Busta Rhymes - Refreshing breakbeat re-fix of 2010's biggest song evar. And Busta Buss is now on it? Hot shit.

The Visitor (Chasing Shadows Remix) - Tasha Baxter dude's seriously consistent with evil-ass hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck raising basslines, and this is no exception. Sexy female vocals too-

Mad Again (Boy 8-Bit Remix) - South Rakkas Crew I fucking love this dude. Songs that sound incredibly simple but are just layer upon layer upon layer... Aspiring producers take note- this is how you push the electro envelope.

Plugged Positif (Chris Moris Bootleg) - Ado/Mr Oizo/Chris Moris so fidgety. so all over the place. So FRENCH! Chris Moris gets funky as shit with this Ed Banger epic. If you can't see the whole crowd jumping to strobe lights to this song, you're why most crowds suck. Suck it.

NYC: It's Wednesday night- you know what the fuck that means! See you there :D

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fuck I'm so TUESDAZED!

Here at the Fade we really like to tease the fuck out of you. See that chick up there? That's one shot from our photoshoot we had last week. The fucking homie FreeBase is about to fuck some of these pics up with his artwork. But since this is just a tease; ha ha ha, it's just a tease.

Better be visiting us back real soon for the full dosage. Anyways, you want music; Me give you gold.

Singing all the Time (The Sanfernando Sound Remix) - The Plastic Operator Indie Music.. and Electro. It's called Indie-Electro. What a fucking surprise.. it's actually dope.

Back and Forth (Fedde's Future Funk Remix) - Mr. V & Fedde Le Grand Fedde Le Grand and Fidget house go so fucking well together. This shit starts off deceiving, however, once the track drops, it fucking drops.

Rolling In The Deep (Dan Clare Club Mix) - Adele Adele just released her new album this week. Who the fuck cares. Dan Clare's a winner, what the fuck are you? click this now. Vocals that are tenderized by a nasty break are A-OK in my book.

Trouble Is (Joker Remix) - Turboweekend The Joker never does no harm. teasing again the Joker's one bad motherfucker. Heath Ledger tip, always

Kananga (Original Mix) - Thomas Gold I said I'd give you gold. Here's Thomas Gold you greedy bitch. No but really though, Tech-House.

Glad you liked it. It's our duty here at MiamiFadeCounty™ to give you what you want.. So I do it like it's supposed to get done. More pictures from FadeCountyFotoshoot numero uno on the way.


Monday, February 21, 2011


Yours truly ;) was lucky enough to score an interview with Barletta, the great land of Canadia's electronic pride and joy. Dude's responsible for some of the heaviest bangers of 2010, and also happens to be releasing a fucking sick new EP, entitled Come Down on Burner Records AS WE SPEAK. As you'd expect (but of course!), we've got a dope interview, as well as some EXXXCLUSIVE tracks from the man himself. So, without any further adieu, we bring you...


Fade County: First off, thanks for talking with us. We're really stoked on your productions and your latest EP, but for the fans, how would you describe your sound?

Barletta: It's become a grey area for me now, after years of making music and taking various influences from all types of music (electro, punk rock, fidget, progressive, dub). It's basically like your favourite customized pizza where every slice is different, but each piece has been your favourite since grade school. EDM is just the dipping sauce/catalyst to which the music digested.

FC: How did you get into electronic music production?

B: I was simply a victim of it's seduction. It's so sexy I couldn't resist.

FC: As random as it may seem, some of the best in electronic music has been coming out of Canada (Deadmau5, Zeds Dead, etc.)- why do you think there's been such an emergence of electronic music in Canada?

B: Same reason why so many good acts come out of the UK: the weather is shit and we're therefore way more motivated.

FC: Ha. That's probably why nothing good (except probably us and Caligula) comes out of Miami. In that same regard, how would you describe your section of the Canadian music scene?

B: I'd like to think of us as the rebel forces keeping afloat the 4x4 electro movement. Whether or not dubstep, progressive, and tech house are allies or enemies, we will claim victory on the battlefield.

FC: Oh it's on. Where do you see the scene going? And how do you feel about electro being the fastest growing music scene in the world?

B: If it manages to grow further, awesome, and If it becomes over played it doesn't really matter. My belief regarding EDM is that it is rooted in escapism, and judging by how humans have lived for the past 2000 years, I think we will still be in business regardless of where the scene takes itself.

FC: A lot of producers have mixed feelings about the relationship between their music and the Internet. On one hand, it's a great tool to have their music heard. On the other hand, the availability of music probably makes it harder for a producer to make a buck. How do you find a balance between "free" and "promotional", and how do you feel about the Internet as electronic music's biggest, strongest avenue?

B: I've had varied opinions on this subject. I mean, obviously you need to give some of your tracks away to obtain exposure, and the truth is monetary gain is minimal in the ENTIRE music industry as of late. My advice: get a good manager and PR agent.

FC: We're already a fan of yours. OK- Musical influences?

B: Gangster rap.

FC: Samesies. Top 5 Favorite artists at the moment?


FC: Top 5 Favorite tracks?

2 Unlimited - No Limit
Pendulum - Granite
Felix Cartal - Vancouver
Dominator (Herve Remix) - Human Resource

FC: In addition to the fucking excellent EP you're releasing, what does 2011 hold for Barletta?

B: Lots of touring, as well releasing my track "The City" on Promo Records , Robb G's Label. And finding awesome new acts to be a part of Burner Records.

FC: Finally, any last words for the Fade County fans?

FC: Oh dear... Thanks again for the interview! We're really stoked to have you on our site. Best of luck in 2011, and keep on keepin' on!

B: Thanks guys!

And last but not least, here's what you've been waiting for-

FADE FUCKING EXXXCLUSIVE: Come Down (Original Mix) - Barletta Hot off the fucking presses, the first single off his Come Down EP (Available Right Here from our fine friends over at Burner Records... BUY IT) is a heavy fucking fidget BANGER that brings to mind a combination of the best of A Trak, Diplo, and even a little Justice.

Work Is Play (Barletta Boom Blast Fix) - LAZRtag Wobbles, womps, and some insanely big chords take this from dancehell fistpumper to a Skrillex-sized punch-yourself-in-the-facer.

Clamor feat. Anna Cyzon (Original Mix) - Barletta Definitely haus myoozik, and the synth progression is so damn sexy... the chick's probably talking about shower sex (I definitely don't speak Portuguese, so I'm gonna have to assume she's talking about shower sex) so... how about playing this one to some shower sex?

Panther (John Roman's SalaciousSound [psh, sounds moar worthy of Fade Fucking County] Remix) - Barletta we posted the Zeds Dead Remix to this awhile back, but this one's way heavier. It builds and builds and builds and builds into one of the darkest drops since Warp and then it keeps on building. Yeah, that was the sound of your colon collapsing.

Fuck your couch (or Subway train, in this case..)

Be Eazy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Check it.

Ok, this is way over due. About 3 years over due, but give us a fuckin' break, here it is now.

This project sounds just like you'd think. NASTY remixes of some DIRTY ATL hip-hop type shit.The entire project was put together by Adult Swim and Beaterator featuring tracks done by Flying Lotus, El-P, Dabyre, Starkey, and my favorite SALEM. The mixtape features remixes of Cee-Lo, Lil Jon, Hollyweerd, Young Jeezy, Gorilla Zoe, B.O.B., and my favorites... O.J. DA JUICEMAN (yeah dats me) & GUCCI MANE (dass my mo' fuckin' nigga).

It's taking o.g. hip hop artists and making some next level remixes of them. A lot of them are nearly crossing over into dubstep, but not quite. However, they're all MAD ill tracks. Check my favorites: Patna Dem, Sideway, I got this, Photoshoot, Lost, Dey Know, Breakin Bread, and basically ALL OF THEM.

Just download the ATL RMX Album and bump through them, pick your favorites, and worship them.

Your welcome.
Celebrate yo Chi-town President...bitches.

Friday, February 18, 2011

James Blake Sexxx Muzik

Bend over, bitch.

CMYK has been up on Fade more than once, and we definitely rep. that jam hard. While celebrating my homie's (Joe Boisvert) 20th birthday I was given all the best of James Blake on my computer. Big thanks to Joe pt. II. Anyways, I decided to spread the sexy sound of James Blake here on FADE. His style is mixing soul, jazz, using pitched down mangled vocals, slow beats with synthy bass. Almost like a chopped 'n' screwed mix of soul and jazz music. It's a chill, sexy, yet still very dance-able sound. I'm sure you'll enjoy. Guaranteed to give you a stiffy, if not...well, you have E.D. then dude.

Without further ado, I give you the James Blake Compilation. Enjoy!


I Remember (Villa remix)-YeasayerThe

super chill enjoy

kinda slow still chill

For My Girl (Original Mix)-Stimming

vary fucking awesome

Herr Doktor (Club Mix)-Dr. Berger, We:We


Rolling In the Deep (Benny Royal Re-Fix)-Adele

Beba (Original Mix)-PANTyRAiD

not new but deff ill


Nature Of The Experiment (RAC Mix)-Tokyo Police Club

Les Infants (Gesaffelstein Remix)-Cassius

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LET ZE CHILDREN TEKNO | Com Truise, Liberty, & Mattie Safer of The Rapture!

Grab yer 3d goggles.

Fairlight - Com Truise i don't know why I like this so much or what the fuck to actually call it but it's sort of electro and it's weird and makes me feel like I'm in space.

Automaton - Lorn more fucking randiculous glitchstep from Lorn. It's heavy and fuzzy and fuxxxy and super futuristic. I'm starting to really like this dude.

Devils in Milan (Liberty Redux) - Drivepilot this is what Medieval robots dance to. Keep an eye out for these dudes- KILLIN IT!


If you're in or around Miami and you know anything about electronic music, you're familiar with The Rapture and Ed Banger Records. If you're not, get the fuck educated, already. This Friday, February 18, Mattie Safer (formerly of The Rapture) and Ed Banger Records (responsible for Justice, Mr. Oizo, pretty much the entire sound of modern electro) are throwing a party at Eve (formerly White Room). This shit's not one to pass over- get ready for some bang-your-head-till-it-bleeds fucking electro. Mention Fade County at the door for some special treatment (and by special treatment I mean blow jobs and free drugs).

Click the link in our Upcoming Events section for moar info! >>>>>>

take it Eazy!