Thursday, March 31, 2011

FADED dont fuk with mah grammer mutt

ill ass pic huh, yeeee i know i know so are these track but iv got so much more to share being out for wmc so long put me back and im sorry about that but fuck you im happy i was able to rage so hard with the peeps at the shelborne hotel all fucking week sickkkkkkkkk times favorite event i posted at the end the line up dont get me wrong i saw some amazing ass djs on other days but theres nothing like the classics party to end the week

super amazing really fucking ill chillwave but appropriate being how late it is and im looking forward to BED

A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Remix)-Walter Murphy

doing some funky groove type shit to some old ass abe lincoln song

soulwax ill as always love the funk under the beethoven keep it up

Ghost In The Machine (Original Mix)-Michael Cassette

that original from last post i was missing due to the man-gantic size of it, really nice but peek it yourself

Mistaken Identity (Incognet Remix)-Helvetic Nerds

sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep tiiiiiiiiimeeeeeee fuk u

Feromonikon -Siriusmo

werd but youll dig it i sure do


still cant judge it so far im ehhh but i know some ppl will dig it so peek it dowl if you dig it

Felix Cartal - Skeleton (Dirtyhands Remix)-Dirtyhands

shits super fade material so big ups homie lovn the bass and the errrthang'

Percolator (Dada Life Guerilla Fart 11)-Cajmere

anouther remix the one errrrbodys askin about from cox tent is river stars remake so iv been told via google found it prefer my dadda life and rivera knows hes fcking ill also so no hate

BEST SHIT OF WMC my cuzzy fucking merkedddddd shit every1 did even the homies working the events cant wait tilll NEXT YEAR FUCKTITS, vids to come ;)


New York: Friday night. 10-4. Good Units (356 West 58th St.)
Why you should care: Toddla T drops heavy fucking junglebass and the special guest is... can you say Canblaster? Dude's killing it in the horse house game. Don't believe me?

Fuck you. It's $15 bucks, so we'd advise you to RSVP for reduced admission here. 18+, so if you're looking to get Barely Legal, find us in the crowd.



not actually Isaac's birthday. fuck you

these 3 are just bad ass tracks that are super chill so sit back and enjoy
really funky, SposhRock did kick ass work on this song making it funk as fuck!

might be my favorite song in the post! shits going to get MAD ipod play love thank you soundcloud and thank you altrice for this song

bad ass and last of my chillers after this im going dubstep and house all over your face
now lets slip into something with more bass

bang bang he shot me down bang bang my baby shot me down
followed by tons of bang bangs awesome sample even better track , would make a sick house track also so holler at us when you make it ;)

kill um all kill um all

Spiritus Sancti (Boondock Saints Tribute)-Adventure Club

boondock shout out gotta rep even if i didn't hear it yet movie was cool not the coolest but cool enough

is you

just a mash up of epic proportion its like the last super of names up there minus the lame dress's jesus and his homies dug so much.. "its time for the maja laza"
heres the lazer edit just bc percolator (major lazor remix)-Cajmere

Overdose (Dohr & Mangold Remix)-Francesco Diaz, Jeff Rock

deaths for fools get outta here with this overdose crap.. maybe there talking about death i dont speak "foreign" but this song had me dancing

Wake Up Call (Mustard Pimp Remix)-Steve Aoki & Sidney Samson

more than a wake up call this songs a shit ton of redbull monster rockstar 5 hour energy and coke full of energy like overloading with energy youll feel the urge to smash everything in sight .. literally fuck shit up black out rage .naked.

Ghost In The Machine (Komytea Remix)-Michael Cassette

i really love the org. also id post it if this one hadn't gotten so long already had to pull a few jamz out but check it out , get your dance on

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Young Folks (Robbie Rivera Filtered Mix)-The Rivera Project

kinda older but never touched so im just gunna throw it in with these other bangers, hear young folks with Rivera's touch and you may question your love for the original , its that ill

MD - Original Mix-Stereopole

i love the bit where you here the heart monitor beep and it drops , woof, hella sexy

Que Veux Tu (Madeon Remix)-Yelle

who knows what they're talking about in this song its still groovy as fuck

Take Control (Original Mix)-Fabrizio Lisitano

FUCK TITS!!! why cant wmc never fucking end im already wishing it was march again , songs great also it had me thinking back

Balkan Tourist-Ticon

weird little whistle sounds but all around it drops nicely and is a solid jam

Had to touch the subject of Justice and there new work kinda metal , kinda liking it so far here's 2 remixs


indiekids no new comer to fade i really loved his remix

Civilization(Kisbeat! one night club Rmx)-Justice

but im not hating this one at all

Everyday (Netsky Remix)-Rusko

netsky is a beast! fast loud grimmy everything you'd expect from Netsky remixing a big ass rusko track

XX Booty (Minnesota RMX)-Sander Van Doorn

i'v heard this melody so many times its actually refreshing every time but especially when some1 takes a dub swing at it which we at fade favor =D

Sunlight (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)-Diana Vickers

that girly vocal DOPE dubstep track track checkkkkkkkk

now fuck offfffff


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Oh god is right. Tonight on WNYU Radio, we're taking over the dials and ruining the fuck out of your FM listening experience. There will be laughs, Wilhelm screams, and possibly some wardrobe malfunctions (simulated, of course). The show is broadcasting on 89.1FM (for New York) and streaming online if you click here. Don't miss it- I know I, personally, will never forgive you. And I will find out who you are. Also//// we'll be talking about some exxxclusive upcoming events, dropping the newest Dada Life track, and some of the hottest in unreleased stuff from our Soundcloud.


oh btw

dubstop it



Pink Elephants...Oh Yes!

What up ya'll, this is Fade's newest member Ian Simpson here, checking in from exotic Boulder, Colorado. The Denver and Boulder areas seem to be killing it lately with all sorts of FUCKed up bass and whompage, so i'm hoping I can share some of the nastiness with erryone.

Dada Life is new to me, and for some reason their shit just hits TOO FUCKING HARD.
Peep this preview of their newest song

Pretty sick right?

Anyways, here's some local stuff that is sure to make you wanna get down and DURTY.

Yeah yeah yeah, another "G6" remix right? Well FUCK THAT. Pillow Fight is the beez kneez. Not only do I have to give them props for being Boulder locals, but their music bangs like Charlie Sheen with a seven gram rock.

Let's be honest. Who hasn't been in love with a stripper? While not necessarily from Colorado, this shit definitely embodies that genuine glitchy, trippy, whompy feel that we're known for. Turn it up LOUD and enjoy.

BORGORE, BORGORE, BORGORE, and BORGORE. Leave it to this dude to create one of the illest fucking remixes to a classic that everyone loves.

If you haven't heard of Porter Robinson by now...well then should. The kid is fucking 18 YEARS OLD, and already has some of the nastiest, illest electro house tracks out there right now. "Blowing up" might even be an understatement for this dude.

Aoki dropped this shit when he played Boulder a couple months ago, and lets just say the crowd had no idea what they were getting into. Don't let the slow, minimal intro fool you because this song IS NASTY. Be prepared for lots and lots of insane crazy ass noises...almost sounds like robots or some shit.

No I am not fucking around. You might remember the underlying song from the TV show "Dumbo" awhile back. Rest assured, this song is nothing of the sort. Swedish producer Daladubz pretty much took Dumbo, lifted him up into the air, and dropped kicked him into oblivion. Bassnectar dropped this at the Snowball Music Festival earlier this month and had the crowd going CRAZY. Oh Yes!

Skrillex's newest release. Classic Skrillex sound with an undertone of...reggae at the beginning? Yeah? Maybe not, but its up to you to perceive it whatever way. Nonetheless lots of insanity and chaos in this one. Definitely turn up your bass and make your ears SCREAM.

Yeah why not throw this in. You all saw the preview, their stuff hits harder because their plugins go to eleven...definitely true. Get some bitches and dance your ass off to this one, you're gonna have a good time.

Monday, March 28, 2011


And here's why:

Tamara just dropped her third installment in her Pussy Violence mixtape series, entitled "The Saucy Panther," and all we have to say is THIS

If the above video, and the REAL VIDEO IT LINKS YOU TO weren't enough, here's her latest mix, along with a few downloads of the choicest cuts on it. Just don't say we never gave you anything.

Tracklist: Listen to This – Bart B More & Harvard Bass
The Ruckus (Highbloo Remix) – Ampersand
Flatland – Sound of Stereo
I’ll Be There (feat. Jimbolee) – Afrojack & Gregor Salto
Caked – Harvard Bass
Derezzed (Breakdown Remix) – Daft Punk
Pruno – Harvard Bass
Raven (Crookers Remix) – Proxy
Look At Me Now – Anthem Kingz
Midnight Hustle (Original Mix) – Flinch
Chip Shop (Original Mix) – Will Bailey
Quasimodo – Modek
Phantom II (Boys Noize Unreleased Turbine) – Justice
Turn It Up (Canblaster Remix) – Lorenzo Vektor
All The Way Turnt up – Roscoe Dash
O lets Do It – Waka Flocka
All White Everything – Young Jeezy
GEEE6SIX (unreleased) – BARE
Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion Remix) – Dj Fresh
Roscoe Dash – Show Out (RMX) – Heroes & Villains
Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites – Skrillex
Biohazard – Downlink
Night Terror – Otto Von Shirach

Heh. ////win

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Full screen that shit. Mega.
and just for good measure,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

FACT best week for music miami has seen in a year FACT we are cool

So far WMC this year has blown my fucking mind for 2 weeks now miami has had insane events every fucking day rain or shine AND IT DIDNT FUCKING RAIN GoTTa thank the shelborne and dj mag for providing the best all around QUALITY events talk about the warmest welcome I hit up a few other hotels for some djs with tom using our ninja identity theft for vip tickets to the surfcomber yesterday to see lucchino and pete tong but ended up back at the shelborne shit i'd recommend getting you'r ass there this minute to catch pete tong after you dowl these tracks of corse

progressive house that any one can respect has an old deadmau5 vibe, i really enjoyed it

awesome big club music, the original is dope too

kaskade wanted to get his hands wet on daft punks new movie soundtrack its only fair you guys get to peek it 1st

Glass - Original Mix-D.I.M., Tai

feel good music and i just love D.I.M.

Demon - I Think (D.I.M Remix)

like i said i love DIM so its only right i dont skimp you guys on a proper remix also

i love the whistle so sick

Through A Keyhole (Solid Groove & Sinden Remix)-Walter Meego

really liked it it gets to loop friendly at a point with the vocals but still

Mopho (Hatiras Remix) Nu-Gen

awesome remix wmc appropriate

D.R.E.A.M (Dead CAT Bounce Remix)-The Noisy Freaks

Dead CAT Bounce remix that'll deff have you moving i love the middle bit and drop but don't just take my word and peek it yourself

Radio Ol' T.V.-Mr. Skeleton & B.h(a)ve

intense orchestra of sound all trashed together in a dirty fucking song

Drunk Skunk (LA Riots Remix)-Digital Lab, SonicC

LA Riots surely tying to blow some speakers with this song

White Noise Red Meat (PeaceTreaty Remix)-Dada Life

new timers to fade but the song and dada life are not check this mix out if you liked the original or any of the remakes

cant forget for all you oddfuture fans out there
peek may 10th Goblins
kill um all.

im off to catch jazzy jeff and pete tong at the shelborne hotel pool side miami pussy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Egyptrixx- Bible Eyes †

Sexy tunes to get down to.

Night Slugs, they're taking over.

Night Slugs features London based artists such as Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990, Girl Unit, Kingdom, and Egyptrixx.

It's the sound of future-house and future-dubstep. No, not brostep. Future-dubstep. Yes, they did it.

The same kind of beat to keep your head nodding and body groovin', but now providing the sound of sexy ethereal synths, and deep mesmerizing vocal samples. It's the dubstep you save to really give it to a sexy one.

Egyptrixx, himself, describes it as "celestial club music." Whatever genre we want to call it, it's killing it in London, and I am sure will be the new rave here in New York City. You just watch.

Tune in. Zone out. Sit down. Get up. Dance.

Now enjoy the trip of the future psychedelic sound of:


Here is the music video for Egyptrixx's most popular track which is featured on the album. Oh, and did I mention it features some serious babes touching eachother in ways almost illegal to the laws of YouTube? Enjoy, again.

p.s. we apologize for canceling this week's Tropical Wednesday party. But without a doubt, the party will be back and running next week like you've never seen it before. Want to hear a specific track at Don Hill's on Wednesday? Hit me up for a request @imblurredout.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

King Fucking Fantastic - Why? Where? What?

Definitely one of the best videos I've seen in a long time. Full screen that shit and see if you can guess why-

Oh, and if you can unglue your eyes from your computer screen for two seconds, you can download King Fantastic's whole album by clicking here. shout out to M__(Blank) for the look.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

THEE FunOFFICIAL MIAMI MUSIC WEEK POST | Black Magick, Ed Banger + More!

YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT TIME OF YEAR IT IS! If the clueless Dutchmen and scantily-clad Swedish babes all over Miami are indicating anything.. it's that MIAMI MUSIC WEEK has begun.

So of course, in famous Fade County form, we're bringing you the scoop on where to go, what to do, and who to see for the ULTIMATE GOOD TIME FUN PARTY. That's right, I said it.

Wednesday March 23
Start: Ivory Tower
Where: 1111 Lincoln Road - The Ivory Tower
What: Wake the fuck up, and get ready for some dark, deep, and definitely UK sounds. Brace yourself for some serious head bobbing and straight-up daytime sexification. Put some clothes on after the pool party and rock the fuck out to the smooth r&b space bass sound of Brenmar and High Rankin's crunchy dubstep goodness.

Then head over to our favorite local latenight spot
Where: Bar 28NE14St.
What: Rockabilly, dubstep, MAXIMUMROCKNROLL. Mad Decent and Trouble and Bass bring you sounds from the past, with a 31st Century attitute. Helmed by Drop the Lime's band, the Bad Lupo Brothers and Mad Decent rising star Bosco Delrey, don't be surprised if you jump, jive, and wail your way to the mental institution. Get some sleep.

Thursday March 24
Rot10 Music's Miami In-filth-tration
Where: Maxines Lounge 1722 Collins Ave
What: We love Mistur Skeleton. If you use this site, you love Mistur Skeleton too. And you're going to go see him eat the souls of small children for supper this Thursday. Bring a change of clothes.

Then get really fucked up and we'll see you at:

Where: Mekka Miami 950 NE 2nd Ave.
What: THE hands-down biggest dubstep part this MMW. Zeds Dead, Skream, 12th Planet, Supra1, Deathface, Datsik, DJ Craze, DILLON FUCKING FRANCIS, Caligula, and Heroes and Villains. I quit.

If you're still alive on
Friday March 25
Where: Kill Your Idol 222 Española Way
What: Zombies for Money, Supra1, Trouble and Bass' The Captain, and Mistur Fucking Skeleton at the easiest spot on the beach to get a beer. Don't say we tipped you off but.... rsvp for free entry here.

You awake yet?!?
Where: The Overthrow Castle (yes, it's seriously at a fucking castle). 41 NW 20 St.
What: The Overthrow & Trouble and Bass are throwing a fucking black magick party at a fucking castle with, like, the raddest flier & rider ever. Drop the Lime, AC Slater, Bart B More, Udachi, Deathface, & Tamara Fucking Sky? Guarantee this shit won't end until at LEAST 5 AM.
SUPPORT FADE COUNTY AND BUY YOUR $10 PRESALE TICKETS HERE: the first 50 ticketholders in the gates will receive fucking epic, EXXXCLUSIVE Overthrow/T&B tees.

Now cool your asses off at:
Where Where: Bar 28NE14St
What: MOOM-BAH-FUCKING-TON. Come chill your dark soul out to the über-sexy sounds of this Dutch+Puerto Rican hybrid genre. AC Slater said "Moombahton is like dubstep for girls," and Diplo said "Exactly." If you head home alone, you fail at life.

Saturday March 26

We know you're already finding some way or the other into Ultra and/or Masquerate Motel, so here's a little something special if you need an escape from the madness:

Where: Bar 28 NE 14 St.
What: We really like French Fries. You should really like French Fries. And at this point, if you're still dancing, you should probably eat something.

Sunday March 27
You made it. Now get your ass to Gold Rush-
Where: Goldrush 15 NE 11 St.
What: Dubstep party at a stripclub. Yeah, that's right. Last year's FUNofficial MMW Closing Party was hands down the best party I've ever been to in my entire life. Vaginas, Heroes and Villains, Tamara Sky, totally naked strippers doing totally illegal things, DJ Craze, Damaged Goods, Troy Kurtz!, Spinstyles, and the wildest fucking night ever. Get your presales HERE before they sell out (happened last year, don't get caught out in the cold).

Fade County! Wants you to party responsibly, to take care of your friends, and to get as fucking buck wild ill freak nasty as you possibly can. Rest next week- this one's for the ages.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Fuck Mondays.. | Weekend warriors where you aT

I have some good news, and some better news. The good news.. Welcome to the best week of 2011; Ultra Music Week!!! Existing goes apeshit starting NOW.



The better news:

Regenerate (Guy Marquez and Telzsan Muraws remix) - Booka Shade minimal turned tech house, this song's the fucking jam. makes my spine tingle

Tetris - Electrixx Tetris' theme always pissed me off until I heard this shit. only gets harder 3 minutes in. dub

Me and My Bitch - Gigi Barocco & Vengeance Pretty mediocre till the breakdown at 2 minutes. But not mediocre at all. great intro all of you people who say you disc jockey..

Never Too Much (Ava Rose Remix) - Crystal Vision Dirty Dutch house never gets old. can't wait to bounce around to this shit at the UMF Brazil tent.

Just a Little Hey - Fisher & Fiebak Bootleg Tech House. can't get enough.

I'm so fucked up almost didn't do this but I love you all kind of so I did.

Be at those events, Miami and New York City. We'll see you there.. be on the look out for those rad dudes you know and heard of


Sunday, March 20, 2011

SUNDAE SELEKTOR | Diplo, MJ Cole, & T.H.I.E.V.E.S.

Miami was relaxing in a totally.. well, just gaze up for a second. Sort of like that.

Today's extra funky, something that'll get you right and ready for Miami Music Week. CHECK OUT OUR NEWLY STOCKED UPCOMING EVENTS SECTION, YO! We'll be there. Will you?

Astounded (MJ Cole Remix) - Bran Van 3000 MJ Cole and Curtis Mayfield? Get LEARNED. Let's be real- your parents probably made you while listening to Curtis. Go make more accidents to this bubbly, oh-so-soulful funk track.

Motivation (Diplo Remix) - Kelly Rowland This one's dedicated to the Three Oh Fucking Five. Wobbles and Weezy = Wonderful. You're wack if you need anymore convincing.

O Dog (Feat. Wyclef) (Mosca Remix ft. Trigga Nom) - Gucci Mane an intro similar to the best song on Kanye's new cd (you'll know which one) builds into a dirty damn carib-infused trap banger straight out of BlurredOut's Gucci Masturbation Mixtape. Hot fucking fire. Your move ;)

EXXXCLUSIVE SHIT: Track 01 (Original Mix) - T.H.I.E.V.E.S. Sir Johnny Danger's new project combines explosive fucking basslines with incredibly appropriate vocal samples and comes up with the best song to take a hammer to your forehead to since Kill Everybody. Epic.

ALSO EXXXCLUSIVE: I Don't Know? (Original Mix) - T.H.I.E.V.E.S. this shit is just mean. Like the theme song to the next California earthquake. Fade County: Your Soundtrack to the Apocalypse.

And now for something completely dubstep,,,

THIS ONE'S EXXXCLUSIVE TOO, STFU ABOUT IT: Output 666 (Original Mix) - Bill Posters arguably one of the most elusive finds on Soundcloud, Bill Posters brings the fucking thunder from down under- expect massive build, soaring synths, and teeth-rottingly sweet BASSSS.

Indiscriminate (Original Mix) - Caligula one of my favorite tracks from the Miami bass masters, it's like a step by step instructional in evil, with a history lesson to boot. Trn p yr fckng sbs. Caligula, how could you do it?!

shut up. //e

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WHERES YOUR WEEKEND AT? | Mr. Oizo, Alex Kenji, & Dark Skeeeezy

Wake the fuck up.

Get On the Move (Alex Kenji Remix) - Bingo Players starting you off with that sexy damn Ultra Music Week Pool Party Shitttt (slurrrp!) Lots and lots of build but if this shit doesn't get you dancing, consider bankruptcy- yer legs are broke. Stay tuned to the 'Fade Side for all the best in events, updates and giveaways this upcoming Ultra Week. We'll tell you where to go, who to see, and maybe even how you should go about getting. it. innnnnn. ;)

Day After Pill (Garo Remix) - A Positive got this sent to our email (which, by the way is <-- direct all tracks, inquiries, and sexy naked pictures there) and it's just the right type of house shit I misss- four to the hot, sweaty fucking dancefloor.

Sexy Party (EDM Party Remix) - ENDIUM nabbed this banger off of soundcloud, turn up your subwoofer for a pants-shittingly crunchy dubstep adventure. BROSTEP 4 LYFE

Sheila - Mr. Oizo & Gaspard Auge A Laidback Parisian kick, snare, piano chords-y throwback to disco dazes on summer nights...I could totally see this production from Ed Banger Bro Oizo and one half of Justice (NEW FUCKING CD PLEASE, C'MON ALREADY!) as the ending theme song for Night Rider. Badass.

To Protect and Entertain (Feat. Murs) - Busy P Could a trip to LA possibly be this rad for a Frenchman? Names are dropped all over the place like the low-end of this stadium-sized electro monster- over and over and over again.

Falling (Dark Sky) - Ben Westbeech for all of you way too pusillanimous (look it up) for those last tracks, here's a nice, 90's-y r&b'n'b track from our UK funk faves, Dark Sky. Cool it down.


Umshini Wam!


As you probably know, I'm the biggest supporter of the fokken most next level hip hop group out of South Africa known as DIE ANTWOORD.

They recently starred in Harmony Korine's new short film, "Umshini Wam", or "Bring me my machine gun". Pretty fokken gang$ta. It tells the story of Ninja and Yo Landi as wheelchair-bound gang$sters, who are trigger-happy misfits sticking up mother-fuckers, and seeking refuge shelter in the woods smoking massive joints.

It's a story of love and struggle. And Zef. And Gang$ta. And Dagga.

Anyways, here's all the best of Die Antwoord, starting with the brilliantly made music Video for their hit song, "Evil Boy" feat. Diplo and many phalluses.

Now for the track$:

Evil Boy (F**k You In The Face Mix)- Die Antwoord This is the version you hear in the video, with the extra "Fuck you in the face!" verse. It's my favorite track of Die Antwoord, my favorite track of Diplo, and my overall favorite track of 2010. It's my fokken theme song. So when you hear, think of me, bitch.

Rich Bitch- Die Antwoord They just dropped the video for this track, which we featured last week on Ass Wednesday. Ninja doesn't have a verse on this one, but Yo Landi Vi$$er tears it up with her lil gang$ta girly zef stylee.

Wat Pomp feat. Jack Parow- Die Antwoord Just some Afrikan Zef style. This track will have you screaming, yelling, and beating the ground to the beat. Thanks to DJ Hi-Tek.

$copie- Die Antwoord You'll never fokken get it, so you might as well forget it. Sexy track. All bout fokken chix. HOESIT? KAN EK MY PIEL BINNE IN JOU POES SIT?

I Don't Need You- Die Antwoord The chorus is kinda weak on this track, but the beat is fuckin' nasty, and goes hard. I smell the possibility of an ill dubstep remix? I'm a lucky ducky, I think of sucky fucky.

Beat Boy- Die Antwoord Yo, drop the motherfuckin beat box dog. Bring that next level shit. That's what I'm talking about. Check it out.

Zef Side (Slap In The Bass Remix)- Die Antwoord Nasty fokken remix of the Beat Boy song. Takes all the best parts of the original track, and makes it next fokken level.

Enter the Ninja- Die Antwoord This is the track that got them their fame. Found this track while I was surfin' da interwebz in Deutschland. I was like, damn, this is like the best fokken thing I've ever heard in my fokken life. Check the Muzik Video, kak!

Enter the Ninja (Douster Butterfly Remix)- Die Antwoord Yeah, I got the fokken remix. Dig it. It has a better beat, better build up and beat. swag.

Oh, well look at this. I went ahead and got you the new Harmony Korine VS. Die Antwoord video... your fokken welcome.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Kick it, Kill it

All the newest, nastiest dubstep for your fucking pleasure.

Shit will get heavy, I guarantee it.

Blast this on your speakers, and I'm sure you're going to make some ears bleed. Gotta love it.

can't wait to drop this on the Don Hill's speakers, it's going to be like a Magnitude 9 earthquake, followed by a drowning tsunami of alcohol.

Heard this shit on the internet. This FS group is new to me as well, but I love the sound they produced. It's that dubstep that alternates between heavy hitting wobbles and high pitched synth sound, it's just more fun, and diverse. It sounds like a robot snorting coke through is vacuum nostrils, and then punching someone in the face because it feels fucking great. doublewin.

Count to ten, and nod your head.

We've all heard the Jakwob remix, and it's fucking brilliant. This is different. Not as chill as the Jakwob, it's got a little more wobble and crazy sound to it. It's fast, it's fun, and it's tasty.

This shit is nasty, sounds a lot like Nero. It's got a rock/dubstep/drum&bass sound. Shit sounds bangin'.

When you're rollin' in style. Nasty dub/dubstep. Great for crusin' around. This track is simple, and nasty. Still has that Major Lazer flavor that I love, yet it tears it up with the bass.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah. It's wizzle man. Bare is a heavy motherfucker. He knows how to drop BASS. And this track certainly does this over Wiz Khalifa's vocals. Get nasty.

I really hate the intro. It sounds like some really happy, gay, techno shit. It basically takes Skrillex's original track, slaps him across his pasty pale ass face, and says, "this is how you should've done it you fuckin' pussy cat bitch."
"Open up a little bit more" so I can fuckin' destroy your pussy with some head splitting, pussy throbbing BASS. Word.

I'm pretty sure he actually has a P.H.D. in bass. This track is pure destruction. Another track that makes you want to battle a gang of midgets in slow motion.

Hope you enjoyed. Now go blast your speakers, and make your ears bleed. Then let your bitch clean it up.