Saturday, April 30, 2011


Big post for ya'll today. I would reckon that pretty much everyone in school right now is either fucking around with finals, done with finals, or about to fucking around with finals...bottom line? fuck finals.
I'm pretty much over it at this point, studying blows and campus is fucking depressing.

these tunes should change all that though...big, big, big tunes for the people.

This show alone has been getting me through this past week of hell. For those who don't know, Skream & Benga are some of the heaviest hitting players in not only the UK dubstep scene, but also across the pond in the US. These dudes know whats up, and they play some of the FUCKING SICKEST tunes that I have heard in quite awhile

The mix/show that I posted above has had me searching for a lot of songs...this being one of them. Not super heavy, but still dope as fuck. Got a funky wobbly feeling to it. Oh and don't let "Far East Movement" turn you away from this one. Fuck them for producing that G6 piece of crap, this shits way better

NEW MAU5!!! I feel like some of his other new stuff wasn't up to par with that classic deadmau5 sound that I enjoy, but this one makes up for it. Super crazy synths up in this bitch, crazy samples everywhere, pretty sick doooood

Another track from that Skream & Benga mix above. Heard this for the first time, and just about went crazy at the drop. BIGGGGGGGG FUCKING TUNE. Rest assured, I will be posting the full version when it releases, but for now enjoy dis one...FUCKING MASSIVE

I dunno who this dude is, but his sound is fucking crazy. Video game samples all over the place, electro hits pretty hard man.

Caligula full on rapes the shit out of the original. We've posted a bunch of Caligula's tunes on here before and I guarantee this one goes just as hard as all the others. A different type of wObBLe which is sick as fuck, luhh dat shit mayneeee

Yeah, what are you banging on about?!?!? this song, no doubt. No other words to describe this other than dope. The vocals mix real well with the bass wobbles in the back, get some barking woofers for this one.

Lets get into some filth real quick like. You can tell right from the start that this song is just plain crazy...and you know what? IT IS. tons of bass and wobbles all over the place. Sounds like some sort of demented circus show or some shit. Whatever it is, enjoy you motherfuckers.

My bad guys, had the ID wrong on this one for a hot minute. Instead of some crazy Mau5trap collabo, its a banger from the dude Al Bizzare. THE SONG IS STILL FUCKING CRAZY. combinations of synths, kicks, and bass to make you wanna get down. ya herd?

Bar 9 brings all the guns out for this one. With Example laying down the rhymes and Bar 9 bringing alllllll the wobbly bass that you could want, you know this track's gonna be crazy. Got that UK dubby feel to it, and it's fucking great. One of my favorites from this post, get at it!

Yeah, the original artist might turn you away from this one, but I truly insist that you don't. Leave it to Skrillex to come back at the mainstream fucks with a remix for all time. I've heard from a lot of people that this is actually an unfinished remix from Mr. Moore...who cares? The song's still sick as fuck regardless. Skrillex takes his talking wobbles to a new level with something that sounds like a dying pig? WE DONT GIVE A FUCK...BOOM

Friday, April 29, 2011

PANTyRAiD is backon fade and i fucking love it smoke OG

serious ass shit today boys and girls enjoiiiiiiiiii
1st tracks a lol diff but for those just waking up it should fit just right

Montreal (Original Mix)-Baltic Sound
shit goes nice w a beer babe and blunt bomb ass progressive house but you know im not into that whole classifying music shit to much shit to memorize and good musics good fucking music fuck labeling it

since were about to hop on pantyraids dick (nohomo)we might as well keep it dupstepish the rest of the post. by we i mean ME

off superior so far superior is my favorite track its just so much more superior like us here at fade... cereal its like a bomb track , your speaks may blow kinda shit

got some girly ass vocals on that womanstep but PANTyRAiD mannages to get it alll the wayy balls deep in with a badass track this ones also my fav from superior shit everything this dood puts out i love


fuck a beamer benz and Bentley im on that kush but fuck it id take the whips also .. regardless i know you fade fans are going to eat this track the fuck up

Herpes creative step really love the name lovin the sounds in the beginning sick fucking drop shit found some badass dub for this post ur welcome

Big Boss (Getter Remix)-Doctor P
big boss over here good bootyleg Getter go get um
i dug the sounds in the beginning but it took to long to actually drop but once it does .. well it just drops idk

Vamonos-Davip & Encode
fast paste "white girl" crunk music type shit

heavy dub for people who are sick in the head
Green Light (Quartus Saul & Kaney Remix)-Roll Deep


Thursday, April 28, 2011

South Rekkas Crew Mix


As I've been doing my moombahton research I discovered one of the rawest DJ/Producer groups I've heard in awhile.

South Rekkas Crew is like Major Lazer if Diplo and Switch weren't white.

They produce reggaeton, moombahton, electro, and even dabble in some dubstep.

This mix gives you a taste of the sick nasty sexy beats they be droppin'.

I'll have their best hits from their album up in a few days. I have all the raw tracks on this mix. If you're interested, let me know. I'll dedicate a post to all the bangers on this mix.

Get ready for another ILL NASTY moombahton mix later this week. Enjoy yo' Friday night. You better fuckin' get down.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Adventure club dubstep, Torro Torro/Dada Hardwell and avicii


Sunlight (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)-Diana Vickers

could have sworn i posted this song already but it wasn't popping up so here it is again or for the first time ! fucking awesome mix

flux P bass cannon

anoutherr sexy ass Adventure Club Dubstep banger for your pleasure

TV On The Radio gets its dub revival i like ..

chillout light up play this song

F.M.R props for the sample from the mask ,dirty electro trash for you 2 swing 2.

bloody bootleg


Encoded is fucking awesome!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Yeah I'll Fuckz Wit It.

Hopefully your monday has been better than mine. Woke up sick as fuck this morning, and all i've been doing is watching netflix and listening to whomps all day.

Doctor P just officially released a new track today, and if you haven't heard already, NERO also just released a new EP last week featuring the song 'Guilt' which I posted up a couple weeks ago. However, the EP also has a couple of other gems that are FUCKING SICK. I highly recommend checking it out when you get the chance.

Now for some beeeetz

Afrojack has been bumping out new tracks like Charlie Sheen with seven gram rocks. This is one of his newest singles, and it definitely does not disappoint. A pure house track with that classic dutch sound that you have come to expect from his past songs

HEAVY. HeAvY. HeavY. heavy. electro. Had this one for a hot minute now, but man is it still just as sick as it was before. The intro builds and then goes into a fucking crazy melodic journey of synths and bass

t-t-t-t-turn up the bass! Back again with another track from Afrojack. Why not? The dude is on his game right now. You might recognize this as the original from Nada's popular moombahton remix. Gotta love that classic Afrojack dutch synth, just wait till the drop.

This LA duo has come on strong to the electro scene. Rocking tracks under Aoki's DimMak label, these guys have been turning out remixes and originals by the bundle. The vocals on this track are dope, and only add to the craziness that is this song

Yeah, yeah more Afrojack I know. Quit your bitching you fucking pussies. You all probly know Skrillex's heavy hitting remix to this one. Afrojack's is completely different but hits just as hard...only in a "Dutch" sort of way. Long build to the drop, but wait for it, its worth it

Now you guys know I wouldn't leave you high and dry without any whomps did you? Nawwwwww son! If you thought that Skrillex's original to this track was sick as fuck, just wait to you hear this tasty little sucka. It's almost as if Bare Noize takes a bat and fucking murders the shit out of the original. Get some good speakers for this one

Here's that track I promised. Fresh off of Nero's newest EP, this song is just plain crazy. You no doubt know the original 'Innocence' from Nero. This version goes in the complete opposite direction. Feed Me takes you on an electro rollercoaster that spins and flips you all over the place...he even keeps some wobble in there for all of you dub fans out there. My favorite track from this post, keep it on repeat

The other one I was talking about earlier. Sick new Doctor P track, officially released today but it's been around for a lil while. Crazy melodic wobbles combined with Doctor P's traditional sound. This song is the tits. Literally.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

EASTER SUNDAY (666!) | New Deadmau5, Kingdom, & Herve

On this, the holiest of holy days (so that's where that word comes from), I thought I'd make a post with a little sum' sum' for everybody. So there's a little electro, a little progressive, a little house, and the only Waka Flocka dubstep remix you'll ever need for the rest of your life. Real shit, this post has it all and you best believe it's ONLY on Fade fucking County. Do it-

Daddy's Home (2 Guys in Venice Remix) - Blatta & Inesha feat. Doc Trashz while I may personally start my own "How to name your production act and not sound like a total retard 101" class if you producers keep it up, this shit's heavy in a Proxy's "Raven" sort of way. it's kind of squishy (you'll know when you listen) and definitely some great electro to start your head bangin'.

Tell 'Em (Kingdom Remix) - Sleigh Bells Dope Night Slugz UK Funk remix of one of the biggest teen hipster girl pop punk tracks of the decade, and my favorite thing about it? It sounds NOTHING like the original. Win.

All I Ask (Ruined by Glitchdick) - Skrillex turning decent electro-fidget into super wobbly dubstep is always great (when done well, of course) and you can bet Glitchdick did the damn thing. I love the chopping on the samples too so all in all this one's a keeper.

Sweet Talk - Kito feat. Reija Lee sexy glitch dubstep produced by two super hot chicks? (Click that shit, they legit made this track). Sign me the fuck up NOW. Thanks, Mad Decent, for quite literally signing everyone cool in the last two years.

Get Involved (Adam F. & Herve's Stadium Kaos Remix) - Missy Elliot yeah, this is a fucking heavy electro remix of that super old "It takes 2 to make a thing go right" Missy Elliot track, and yes, it is actually stadium-huge. Wanna fight about it?

Automatic (Dirty Rush Remix) - Funkerman pretty standard HAUS, but the melody's what keeps me bumpin' this one. The chords are really subtle, and I dig that because it takes this one from way-too-epic-for-its-own-good-shm-ripoff to something I could actually see going OFF at a festival.

Hard in Da Paint ((Bellizio Remix) Crizzly Edit) - Waka Flocka Flame This. Is. The. Remix. You. Have. ALL. Been. Waiting. For. Fat fucking bass, seriously well-timed breaks, Waka Flocka Flame? Fuck it- bump this shit right now or gtfo off this site forever, you won't be missed. Real talk.

HR 8938 Cephei (Original Mix) - Deadmau5 haven't had a mau5track on this site for a minute, and I can't say i'm unhappy about that. simply put, dude's been slacking. But this one's an exception- a definite return back to his Random Album Title-era progressive and all of it's nearly 11 minutes are totally fucking glorious and eyes-rolling-back-in-your-head thizzworthy. You win this time, Mau5, let's hope you've got a few more like this in you. And BTW- NO MOAR BULLSHIT DUBSTEP. kthxdie.

wooof. //e!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

BITCHKILLAAAAAAAAAA - Crookers|Dillon Francis|Porter Robinson|Dada Life

What up yallll?
Shit's been pretty hectic lately here in the Rockies. Saw Porter Robinson absolutely destroy the Fox Theater here in Boulder on thursday, and had the opportunity to experience Savoy's crazy azz light show performance last night at CU's GLOWfest. Both are FUCKING CRAZY shows, if you have the chance to see them, definitely check it out.

on another note...

here's some tracks to get you through this lazy saturday. im hungoverasfuck, and will probly not be doing jack shit all day. Why not get some new tunes while at it?

New Crookers. GOD DAMN! These dudes produce some of the sickest tracks out there. Typical craziness from Crookers, got that individualistic sound that you know, love, and could only expect from a duo like these guys.

New banger from the man Dillon Francis. Upbeat intro with a little bit of a house feel. DONT LET IT FOOL YOU. this song has a nasty drop, real melodic like. Get some.

Definitely a house track with a little bit of an electro influence, but remember... Dada Life's shit goes to eleven...BANG

Slow start, but in typical Dillon Francis fashion this song ends up being real sick. FuNkY WoBbLes after the drop, almost like some sort of dancehall tune...yeah I dunno but listen and you'll hear what i'm talking about

Addicted to this shit for a couple weeks now. Somehow the lyrics and the bass go together almost too well. Deep whomps, lots of bass, turn it up and enjoy.

I feel like a post a Porter Robinson track almost every other week...but this stuff never gets old. If you though Dada Life's shit went hard, give this a listen and then get back to me. Every track this dude produces is pure gold, this one is no exception. Trancey intro, and then the bass comes...

EPIC INTRO. let me say it again. EPIC INTRO. Melodic synths in the build and then complete filth at the drop. My good homie Elliot Porter showed me this one a few weeks ago, and i've been bumpin' it ever since. T-t-t-t-turn up the bassssssssss on dis oneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Friday, April 22, 2011

belated four20 happy :) enjoy dope ass post today

but 1st that Asura track is sick
He Sees On Through Her (Real)-Asura
a real fucking treat shoulda dropt it yest for your 4-20 use but if your like us errdays 4/20 so enjoy this with a fatso blunt whiteboy sip sum sizz w,e helps you enjoy a fucking bomb chill track

eazy e aint got shit on this moombah ,delorean stay close mix prettttttttyyyyyy goooood

(MUSIC SITE)hip hop gotta rep homies getting his swag on reppn green and pussy good musics good music im still blown' o's idk about you guys happy belated four20
peeek his other shit homies dope tribe called quest swag

this songs fucking brilliant shit tits is all i want to say dowl dowl dowl it now now now

Been awhile since iv seen Alex Metrics name brought up , this edits nice bc you can hear his style and same goes w Angello nice drop all around good jam props to style of eye dub

1st off torro torro is ill that's there soundclouder
what a banger indeed chilling blasting this now watching the heat game we're down but we got this , but seriously peek this AC remix FUCKING ILL

heaviest of the bunch (post request) what do you think? speak up sunny

TORRO TORRO how many bangerz you gunna hit us up with! topic of the post this dood, shit topic of a few to come keep it up !

:*8=======D kiss my nadz

Thursday, April 21, 2011

FULL RECOVERY! | Gui Boratto, Massive Attack, & A Brand New Track From Digitalism!

The friendliest. Hah.

Last night our party went OfFfFfFffffff like an atom bomb. Super fucking disgusting opening set by Don Clark, HEAVY fucking Moombahs from our own Blurred Out, and BUKU quite dropped quite literally the best dubstep set i've heard since 12th Planet at White Room. Mistakes were made, drinks were had, ups were fucked shit got broken. All in all? Major success. Pics will be up soon.

But as of right now, I'm still recovering. Here's what I'm listening to.

Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix) - Massive Attack super duper sexy female vocals, Gui Boratto makes some of the prettiest songs ever. Real shit- progressive house like this deserves way more attention than it gets and Gui Boratto is most definitely lightyears ahead of the pack.

2 Hearts - Digitalism haven't heard much in the way of these Electro pioneers as of late, so it's great to hear their brand new track going offff. Reminds me a little of Minus the Bear, but it's most definitely got Digitalism's distinctly awesome touch. Warning: your girlfriend may referring to this as "Your song."

So High (Inphinity & Kalendr Remix) - Steve Smooth ft. Luvli so what if the names of everyone involved in this making this song sound combined like those "crazy raves" your uncle went to way too many of in New York in the 80's and would explain why one of his eyes never seems to look quite the same direction as the other- house like this is always good. A little Dutch, a little fidgety, all win.

Mr. Decay - Gui Boratto legit one of the best songs i've heard in a really long time. a masterfully panned synth melody just envelopes you inside and transports you to another place. if you don't seriously enjoy this, stop visiting Fade County because we officially no longer see eye to eye.

Hannah (Easy Does it Remix) - Freelance Whales ok so I bet the original version of this song sucks some serious whale dink but Easy Does It's fucking awesome dub remix wobbles so damn nicely with some Valentines Day Candy-Sweet vocals.... like a wobbly Postal Service. Which, yes, actually, is a good thing. Trust me.

Pictures from the party will be up soon so you can all see how much fun we are and how zany we get with a little too much liquid courage. 'til then? fuck off.

Oh wait, here's the music video I just finished--


Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Don Hill's. 511 Greenwich St

be there, or be the one that missed the fuck out


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This week's been heavy; from spinning sets on multiple radio shows to partying like we're dying tomorrow, the absolute last thing on our minds is the word "break". The fucks that? Breaks are for pussies. And you're all very far from that, I hope. That being forcefully shoved down your fucking throat, we bring you:

511 Greenwich St

It's 4/20. National Get High as Fuck day, and we want to celebrate with all of you. Flew the homie BUKU outta the 'burgh to come spin alongside our resident OG Blurred Out and newcomer, but undeniably hyphy, dapper Don Clark. No cover, No dresscode, No K9 (; , and definitely NO bullshit.. allergic to bullshit.

Here's the jams, yo:

Legend Of Zelda (Electrixx Remix) - Zedd Sampled from the Zelda theme, this Trash Electro banger beats Deadmau5's zelda themed whatever attempt that was at a really bad joke people call music. Electrixx for King of the World

White Noise Red Meat (Bassjackers Remix) - DaDa Life Bassjackers did a dope job taking the melodic chorus from the original track and layering it with newer funkier sounds. + the build in this remix makes me feel like I have to piss

In My Head (Don Fiya Mind @#$% Remix) - Jason Derulo Now, I've heard some Jason Derulo shit on the radio, and his shit sucks. Takes a producer dubbed Don Fiya to completely re-fix this track into a Dutch House catastrophe. Rave away yo

Sunstruck (Bart B More remix) Bart B More never ceases to fail. shit's a month or two old but it's simply put just a great track. Funky and uplifting, even the brown acid at Woodstock couldn't fuck this vibe up.

Mah Biz (Moombahton Edit) - J-Trick Described as "Dubstep For Girls" by many, Moombahton is a salsa/samba influenced bassheavy genre of music you'll be hearing more than a lot of tomorrow night, punk.. Brace yourself, shit gets loose when the moombah strikes.

Eggboy - Pipe & Slippers Variety. Chillstep with a triple dose of funky ass synths and shit. guess you could call this intellegent dance music, I'd lean more towards breakbeat though. enjoy

Listen To This - Harvard Bass & Bart B More Just listen to this. You're welcome.

Catch you tomorrow at Don Hill's


jacks back bloody far to loud ect check it.

New Noise-The Bloody Beetroots feat. Refused (score)

refused had a hit once upon a time , good news its been revived and its fucking killllllerrrrr

go bloodybeatroots

slow it down and turn up the bass, shit goes hard on nice speakers

badass mix to hello might be my fav out there

Don't Let Go (Far Too Loud Remix)-Millions Like Us

far to loud back on fade with anouther banger show some fucking love

Look Ma! (Felix Cartal Edit)-Valerna

disco sounds electro vibe large drop perfect amount of wobble , we love it

Elevator Music-Jack Beats

jacks back jacks back , this shits going to make you happy jacks is back and you have to hear for yourself

another mix to venom not for every1 but its deff pretty ill

Goblin leaked didnt snag it but heard a song and gotta say cant wait to buy it on the 10th


OFWGKTA Vice Photoshoot from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Moombahton Monday, punk.

Moombahton: mid-tempo global bass music for the universe.
Dave Nada, the creator of this new sexy genre, describes it as, "a sonic marriage of electronic dance music (house, techno, and dubstep) with latin-island music (reggeaton, cumbia, and dancehall)."

The way I see it, it's all the best remixes of not only dutch house, but electro, AND dubstep, over a sexy fuckin' beat. You will be shakin' yo ass. I guarantee it.

I've been doing heavy research on all the moombahton I could get my hands on, and now I shall present it to you. This is only the beginning...

Underground Theme Moombahton remix. Heavy hitting bass drum slowed down, made even SEXIER. Shake that ass.

O.G. Latino moombahton sound. Fuckin' Punk Rock Latino dance music. What else could you want?

Get the fuck back! Heavy bass beat with a dutch house synth sample. Ill shit.

I dropped this on the WNYU Radio last week, shit got crazy. Gonna open with this tonight, get ready to blast your speakers tonight at 1 AM. Steel drums and Yeah Yeah Yeah's vocals with that moombahton beat.

I dropped the Pon De Street Remix awhile ago thinking it was the illest remix yet. Until I heard this. God damn. Ill vocal sampling from the original track, pitch bended down and mixed with that nasty moomba-beat.

You know that nasty track, Bangduc by Afrojack. Shit slowed down sounds uber sexxxy. This will get yo booty slammin'.

Doctor P is pretty nasty, but what if there was a Moombahstep remix? oh shit, that just happened. Vocal samples from the biggest boss there ever was. B.I.G. himself. Mothafucka say yo prayers.

Classic dubstep track, made even sexier. The sampling on this shit is tight. Heavy, but smooth.

By far my favorite dubstep moombahton remix ever. The drop on this track is sick. Plus, this shit never gets boring. I listen to this all the way through. Heartbreak samples all the rawest parts that make up the original track

A moombahtom remix of 16Bit's track Foes. Intro sounds weird since it's super sped up, but once it drops, shit gets crazy, too crazy. Samples of that super grindy heavy bass. Fuck all you haters, fuck all you hoes.

Probably the nastiest moombahton there is. Incorporates the fattest, wompiest, bass. Sounds like a Dillon Francis track, but better. Ahhhhhhhhh, fuck yeah moombahton, I love you.

Heaviest glitch moombahton, sounds like if Skrillex made Moombahton. Not only that, but there's a video for it too. Check it, sexy babes moshing and going crazy to the best muzik there is. Super boner.

I just hit you with the gold mine of Moombahton. I'll be playing most of these jams tonight on the WNYU Radio tonight at 1 AM with my homie, Don Clark.

I will also be closing the closing DJ for the 4/20 FADE COUNTY PARTY this Wednesday at Don Hill's. Go RSVP on Facebook right now. It's gonna be a night to remember, or get so fucked up you forget the whole thing. Either way, you're gonna get wasted, dazed, and fuckin' confused.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don Clark's Future Club Mix

oh hey, Sunday morning! didn't see you there. hope you're awake enough to press the 'play' button, cuz we've got a funnnnky ass mixtape to lay on ya! The dapper Don Clark, who will be manning the decks this Wednesday at our 4/20 Sextravaganza just gave us his latest and greatest, just a taste of the super sexy UK Funky house stuff he'll be dropping this week for your listening pleasure. Hope your bass is working- it won't be after this

Don Clark's Future Club Mix: Part 1 by don clark


Mj Cole - From the Drop
Mj Cole - From the Drop (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
Cosmin TRG - Purple Lights
Breach - Fatherless (Doc Daneeka Remix)
Fis-T - Night Hunter
Cassie - Me and U (Brenmar Remix)
James Blake - CMYK (Eldoko Remix)
Spektre - Kraken
Prince Club - Humpty Dumpty
Drop The Lime (NROTB Remix)
Jam City - Magic Drops
Marcus Price and Carli - Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed (Kingdom Remix)
Mosca - Square One (Bok Bok remix)
Amerie - One Thing (French Fries Remix)
Kingdom - That Mystic

its eazy!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Just to tease you motherfuckers, thought I'd post some tracks from our headliner, Buku.

Be afraid. Be very. fucking. afraid.

real shit. Be there or we'll pinch the shit out of your nipples.

we're that serious. CLICK 'I'M ATTENDING' NOW.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tits & Bass

We know you love dubstep.

We know you love babes.
So we knew to put this up.

How you like that? Yeah, I thought so.

Props to a UHigh, (yes, my old highschool is called U-fuckin'-High) kid for showing me this, yeah you Jacob fucker.

What are your 4/20 plans? None, good, get ready for the FADE COUNTY PARTY!

Click the picture to RSVP on Facebook.

This will be the best party you have attended yet, so get ready. Hit up your dealer, get your supply, and get ready to burn some to some fuckin' heavy bass, bitch.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

TERRible Tuesday.

Apparently today was National Grilled Cheese Day? WTF?

Anyways, things out here in Boulder have been pretty damn good lately. Afrojack and MiMoSa this weekend...fucking stoked. Should have some crazy new toooonez sometime next week for ya'll. But for now, enjoy these bitches

Caspa's been around for awhile now, and I always love that classic sound that he puts out on all of his songs. This one definitely has it...but then Trolley Snatcha came along and fucking raped it

I posted the original version of dis one right here last week, had to post this new one though. If you liked the original, then you'll go BONKERS for this one. Crazier whomps and all sorts of random synths!

Gotta love the crazy intro with that middle eastern guitar type sound that you always hear in movies. The intro fades quickly into some INSANE whomps and craziness.

The newest track from these Boulder locals. The intro sounds reeeeeeeeal robotic, and then goes into sounding more like that traditional Savoy sound. Did I mention the Beastie Boys are on this shit? Anyways, this song's pretty dope, if you don't like it...then you fucking should.

Let the intro build...its worth it. I don't even know how to really know how to describe this song other than crazy. Sorta sounds like whompage with a ton of random samples over the top

Don't get turned away just because this sounds like some sort of bitch ass house track. Its not. The intro's a little whack, but quickly gets real sick. If you've heard Feed Me's other tracks, you definitely know what i'm talking about. Not really true electro, more like electro with some whomps and crazy synths thrown on top.

EASILY my favorite track of this post. Sorta like some drumstep that just ends up being FUCKING CRAZY. Super intense whomps, almost like some Doctor P shit. Enjoy this shit bitches, I know I am.

Now go eat a grilled cheese you fucks.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Scumday sounds better than Monday

FuckMe-Eyes never get old, huh..

On the other hand, Monday's the fucking worst. And since we're pretty much the best, you deserve at the very least one part of the day to be exciting. Welcome to FadeCounty, yo.

Bass Powa - Figure this shit drops so heavy into a crunchy spine-tingling euphoric bassline. dowl bitch

Glaciers (Slof Man Remix) - Her Majesty and the Wolves Roksonix won the official remix to this but unfortunately for the two, this track beats theirs the fuck outta the atmosphere. Incredible pitchy vocals harmonized into another tasty bassline, yum

Rude Symphony - Excision & Subvert Filthiest symphony I've ever experienced. Mozart and Beethoven would be proud of their successors. Multiple sounds layered over ANOTHER pounding kickdrum.. peep it

The Dutty Clem (Aniki's Will Love The Bass Edit) - Damian Marley just going to say a lot of uppers went into this track..

Sugar Beats (Original Mix) - Sidesmokers this one's for truelove always on that progressive house tip shit's dope as fuck accidentally found it just like Baxter, the fade county mutt

TNT (Reepr Bootleg) - ACDC Now this here track is slightly altered, tempo and a few electronic synths behind the track itself, but two minutes in and you'll feel like you're in Sin City snorting rockstar lines off of hookers and showgirls.. fuck yeah.

TONIGHT: Fade County's own BlurredOut will be returning to WNYU Radio for the homie Eli's EDM Spectacular. Stream the show LIVE here, Isaac will be on air at 1.

YO: Wish this 15 year old Producer from Dublin, Ireland, land of the leprechauns and ill dub apparently, would release this shit. So sick. 15 fucking years old. "Noisestorm" .. watch out world.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

SUNDAY SEX MUSIC | Ed Banger All-Stars, M83, & Roska!

It's Sunday. I'm still recovering. This is what I'm listening to, and what you should be listening to, too. Close your eyes and it's almost like we're listening together. See? Fag.

Butforealdoe, shit's sexy-

Siberian Breaks (Ed Banger All-Stars Remix) - MGMT hey, remember that super weird MGMT album that nobody listened to because it was way too super weird? neither do we. Which is why its refreshing to come across Busy P and DSL (who make up the the Ed Banger All-Stars) actually defining the 're-fix', and it from turning it from weird psychedelic bullshit into a 10-minute super-sexy Sunday morning French Disco opus. Stay tuned all the way through- it only gets better and better.

Bad Science - Rustie some wonky UK glitch shit that crunches oh-so-goodddd. Build, build, build, then break it down! Robo B-Boys welcome.

Redskin Warrior - King Minos super well-produced trash electro BANGER that would make Redial gawk. I'm a sucker for great synth lines and this one definitely puts me in my place.

Fall (M83 vs. Big Black Delta Remix) - Daft Punk a Sleigh Bells-sized remix of one of the most under appreciated tracks off Daft Punk's Tron soundtrack, get ready to have this stadium-worthy electronic wonderland stuck in your head for days.

Myth - Roska & Untold first heard Roska at the T&B&Toddla T Jam a few weeks back and all I have to say is get JUNGLED. Super dark and percussive, definitely sexy, keep this one in the pocket when things need to get, ohh, at least 290% sweatier.

2-1 (Murdok Dubstep Remix) - Imogen Heap wobbbbbbly ass DUBSTEP that hearkens back to the days before the broze ruined it all. sexy vocals by my favorite female artist with fattttttttt asssss womps that would give Jakwob a stiffy. Super win.


Happy Sunday, Fuck Yourself and Someone Else


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Only you.


Fabrication- Emalkay Some trippy weird shit, but then it goes hard in da mo' fuckin' paint. Just straight up heavy dubstep to blow your brains to. that oldschool shit. before dubstep was all about remixing and sampling retards.

Come Again- Dodge & Fuski So yeah, I've gotten really tired of that rock influenced dubstep, it's kinda lame. But I'll admit, this shit is pretty fuckin' cool. Has a sick drum fill intro and drop. Anyways, it's fuckin' dodge & fuski are nasty. It's the seizure inducing samplin' dubstep that just makes you get hyphy every second of the ride.

Reija Lee makes up half of the new fuckin' ill, sexy, nasty dubstep-pop duo coming from Mad Decent: Kito & Reija Lee. I'll have their EP up later this week, which is honestly fucking ill. I think these two chicks will take dubstep to the next level, gettin' all them sexy chicks on it. Either way, download, tell me how you like it, more will come.

I ain't heard from Kid Cudi in awhile. Kinda got off his tip ever since he got kinda lame and popular and shit. Fuck Fame. I'm gonna be a motherfuckin' unicorn and stay fly forever. But anyways, a remix of a Shakira song with Kid Cudi. The vocal samples on the bass wobbles are fuckin' nasty. Tell me how you like it.

From the beginning, you can tell this shit will be extra raw. Crazy glitch sampling of the original intro. All this bullshit made me strong motherfucker. Get ready for this shit to drop on your head. Motherfucker I'm gone...

Heard these dudes cruisin' on the internet. Ill nasty. Fuckin' heavy bass electro, with nice sampling. What I like about these dudes, is that they keep mixing it up, no repetitions, it only gets better.

Again, another weird banger from this group Lazerdisk Party Sex. Shit sounds goofy at first, but then drops into some super heavy dubstep influenced electro. It's got all types of funky shit on it: what does that even mean? TIGERBLOOD, bitch. This shit goes hard in the motherfuckin' paint, SWAG.

Chase & Status supposedly had some remix competition for their track. This remix didn't win, but should have. Shit is pretty heavy. Sexy vocals on some straight up wobbly wobblin' wobbles with a side order of McWobblsters.

This is the new Zeds Dead, and I'll admit it's kinda weird. Not really heavy dubstep at all, just some chill shit. Definitely sick though. No real heavy bass. Good for makin' babies. Jus' sayin' yo.

That's it for today.

Another post of some more Kito & Reija Lee comin' soon, so stay tuned.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clicquot + Tits + Fade™

...And as always we're heavy on the bass. But you already knew that. Back at it for all you fuckers craving your daily dosage. Going from some banging, sexy dub to the ends of some French electro-synth steamy-ness. Strap in

Waiting (Zeropointone Remix)- Corinne Bailey Rae we've had some Zeropointone tracks floating around here at Fade..and well, I thought it'd never hurt to bring a little more crunchy smooth bass to the table. Sexy vocals + dubstep always go hand in hand.

Bass Cannon (Filth Collins Bootleg)- Flux Pavillion straight up the fucking anthem of any dubstep set during MMW out here in the Miyayo. Filth Collins took this banger and gave it a little upgrade. Check itttt

Marmite (Doctor P Remix)- Caspa Heavy barrage of bass and fucking wobbles. Be on the lookout for lots of Doc P releases.

Gifted (Masuka Dubstep Remix)- N.A.S.A. Quite possibly the best remix I've heard for this track. Click.

Dirty Picture (Cookie Monsta Remix)- Taio Cruz not totally in love with the intro to this one..but fuck, you can't deny some work by Cookie Monsta he just tears it up too nasty. All the sounds you'd want to hear in a good dubstep song. Let it ride

Teenage Crimes (Trumpdisco Remix)- Adrian Lux no artist has really been able to come up with gold for this track besides Mr. Lux himself..I think we may have found that Gold. BASSBASSBASS

Embody- SebAstian Eazy brought you the remix, I bring the original. French synth at it's best.

*PREVIEW* Crush On You (Nero Remix)- The Jets this one is murder. A special excluse look at unreleased work from the duo ripped from their Essential Mix.

If you're still alive out there, Fuck You.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


free earl new gulfwangtrak @ the end of this post with some mad props to the whole crew making major fucking moves fuk2dopeboyz

Avicii vs Sebastien Drums-Snus (Original Mix)

avicii going all the fuck out check it out

Keep Pounding-Mooqee & Pimpsoul

fatboyslim vibe feel good music dont ask where or how we're fucking just pimp on this shit

The Way (Foamo's Love Remix)-Purpl Pop

more feel fucking awesome music sick fidget electro foamo on that love tip

Yup - Original MixFS

yup yup hard heavy nasrt loud music your parents will absolutely fucking hate

So Good Original Mix-Hirshee, Tonye Aganaba

sooo goood after the vocals end and you hear massive flowing dub

Get To The Point (Oblivion Remix)

lets get to the point, dubstep, fcking really wanna piss your rents off blast this shit thru the crib

oddfuturewolfgangkillthemall burn shit fuck school

TANG GOLF-Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats

2 members of ofwgkta kill it on this old wu-tang beat fucking peek this fucking shit



swag fuel tv also on dickkkkk