Monday, May 30, 2011

FADE WANTS SANKA !crazy ass after edc shit and its prt 1 prt 2 is tom im so FADED

edc outfits

yo im back from EDC so i hate all of you but ima fuck shit up w these next two posts yeeeedigggggg

this ones more dub tip ass-shake next ones strictly assshake and i gotta thank homie deejay sanka for a good deal of today and tomorrows jams .. im so adding him to FADE

Broken Lungs (Adventure Club)-Thrice

yes these dudes or dude are my favorite new find everyone needs a sound cloud account so worth the gold you randomly find

I Love London-Crystal Fighters

my ringtone :) you gotta love this song like its hype

Show Me Love (Warrior Music Remix)-Steve Angello & Laidback Luke

this is HUGE ron jeremy large ya dig!

Que Que (Feat.Maluca - Original Mix)-Dillon Francis

dillon is a find here at fade who we LOVE check this shit SANKA showed me


I Love London ( Highbloo Remix ) -Crystal Fighters

I LOVE LONDON thomas peppe i miss you homie ibizaaa is going to be illl

and come to nyc for e-zoo ask eddie to maybe let you play @pacha come party w us all weekend smurf kris(who you must meet) marcela shit errbody

Children (Nicademass Remix)-Robert Miles

a classic made heavy better than the prior remix's

Fucking Ghetto (Dirty Version)-Alvaro feat. Lil Jon

song is so fucking ghetto

Stardust - Music Sounds Better (Joseph Shell Moombahton Mix)

music always better with daft punk swag.. slow down that moom

Mr. Brightside (Nicademass Remix)-The Killers

shit pretty sure i jacked sanka on this but its fucking balls deep good

Please Mr Postman (Cragga Dubstep Remix)-The Marvelettes

reposted but its dope ass dub and some of you are not on fade errr day so if you missed it snag it now

Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One Remix)-Bring Me The Horizon

this is for sick fucks like me and cbass heavy ass deathcoremetaldubstep with plenty fuck you's

Get American Mondays!

It's Memorial Day Weekend in Miami. That means an abundance of candy-painted Chevy's and Rick Ross shows. There was even a shooting last night, right in Miami Beach. But nevermind that, you came here to get your fill of the freshest tunes..we specialize in that.

Skullcrack VIP- 16Bit Gonna blast you fuckers with a heavy dosage of bass to start this one off. This takes the original and brings it up to 11, WTFsomuchbass

Pass Me By- Trolley Snatcha Up next, a track from the lands where dubstep is just what they do best. You can't sleep on this one right here, it should just be natural for you to want to click this.

Firepower- Datsik You surely can appreciate the Big L samples combined with the bassy wobbles of datSik. Instant Banger +

Rolling In the Deep (Deathstar Remix feat. Marty Party & Minnesota)- Adele OK. So there's been about a million remixes made for this track, but I'm bringing you one actually worth getting. If you enjoy leaky bass and vocals, this one's for you.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang- High Contrast Now, moving onto something a little more up-tempo. We know you all <3 a little Drum 'n Bass from time to time, and that's exactly what I came to offer. Smoothness at it's best

Arabest- SebAstian This one right here is a track I enjoyed off SebAstian's newest EP: TOTAL. Probably one of the best producers on Ed Banger, you should all get familiar with him.

Into the Valley feat. Karl Dixon (Julio Bashmore Remix)- Classixx Calm things down a bit and let this one play out. Let the sounds of this one throw you into a trancey-type lullaby with that tech house feel to it.

Happy Memorial Day and enjoy the fuck outta your Summer everybody, you know we are.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Murder Mitten | Who says sundays can't be tight?

Whattup erryone? Sorry for the delayed time on this one, internet has been on the fritz! Checking in from the murder mitten known as D-Town Detroit for the weekend, out visiting some homies. Not a ton to do here, mostly just been kickin it, figured I might as well share some more tunes with ya!

Trance/House-ish intro with some dope piano riffs and vocals, gets FILTHY at the drop. Bass to make your ears bleeeeeeed!

Classic filth. Been played by pretty much every name in the dubstep game right now. Despite how many times i've heard it, still gets me stoked errytime. Enjoy this one, gets real hyphy in this bitch.

Posted the original in my big Skream + Benga post last week...this one takes a straight up dookie dump on the original. PHAT beat in the intro...and then the bass comes in and straight up RAPES everything in site

French electro up in dissss bitch. Something a little different from the bass-heavy tracks that we usually post, but i've gotta say im feelin' this one. Great summer track, happy synths (no-homo) and solid vocals, plus the french girls sound all sexxxxxxy like.

Never really been a huge fan of DnB but this one has me hooked. Some old-school ish from the dubstep bangers known as Nero. Before they started raping people's ears with crazy wobblish bass, Nero came onto the scene with drumz n basses, killing it almost right off the bat, listen up kiddies.

ELECTRO. synth builds in this track are straight out of some sort of warehouse rave party.

I've posted this up before, this here's the real sick, full quality, extended intro version. Did I tell you I needed change? The drop's fucking heavy, what else would you expect from Skrillex and 12th???

Ain't no thang but a chicken wang. No, but seriously this song is the tits. House tracks have been growing on me lately, not to sound all weird and soft n shit, but im really digging this one right here. Kinda reminds me of SHM but in a good way...

NERO's newest insane banger track. I'm just gonna say, these guys outdo themselves every time they produce a new one. Trademark bass from the duo, with sick vocals that work perfectly. This one's gonna be around for awhile, and i'm gonna go ahead and say that we should be expecting big tings from these dudes in the year to come. NERO is here to stay, and should be dominating the dubstep scene for quite some time!

enjoy yourselves bitchezzzzz, its a celebration!!!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

SATURDAY SUMMER MIXTAPES | Dillon Francis, Troy Kurtz,

good day to you! got some hot fire to stream right off the site and into your fucking pants. make sure you brought an extra pair ;)



Troy Kurtz - Pure As The Driven Snow Mixtape by Troy Kurtz


Tommie Sunshine - Eyes Towards Summer DJ Mix by tommiesunshine

4 hours enough for you? Doctors Orders: By the end of these mixtapes you should be well drunk, and ready to fuck something (up)


Thursday, May 26, 2011

ribbit, ribbit, bitch.

I present to you, Toadally Krossed Out.

Mad Decent's story of the duo:
"As the legend goes, Toadally Krossed Out is the result of a Welsh scientific experiment gone totally wrong. One day while experimenting with radiation on toads and blaring techno and electro from his lab's computer, Milo Terfel fell to the ground dead from a brain Aneurysm. For the 2 weeks leading up to the discovery of his body, the two toad specimens continued to mutate from the radiation while the music from the scientist's iTunes played on. In this time they developed human bodies and a huge love for dance music.The toads are here to stay and are forcing all swamp dwellers to come out from the muck and rave till the sun comes up."

Toadally Krossed out consists of electro, dubstep, and some moombahton sound all infused with sounds from the swamp. Yes, swamp sounds. Sampling all kinds of weird toad noises to create that reptile womp sound. It gets heavy. So, check out the free mix they dropped featuring all the new tracks off their EP.

2)Stompin Time
3)Toad Style
5)Toads Theme 2012

you can buy their brand spankin' new EP HERE

But here are some of their remixes that are toad-tacular.

C'mon (Toadally Krossed Out Remix)- Tiesto & Diplo This track sticks to the low, bass heavy sound of the original track, making it less of an epic track, but more of a heavy banger. It's simpler, heavier, and more fun. Sounds like a robo-toad ate Tiesto, and this is what it shat out.

IC19 (Toadally Krossed Out Remix)- Buraka Som Sistema Toad Dance Muzik. It's got that constant toad and womp sound, mixed with Buraka Som Sistema vocals, and that latin, cumbia type of drums. This will get you hoppin'.

Woo Boost (Toadally Krossed Out Remix)- Rusko Probably the heaviest remix I've heard of this. It makes the track even heavier, but keeps the same melody, same vocal samples, but adds that latin drum sound. But just wait for when it hits half time, shit gets wylin'.

Surprise Hotel (Toadally Krossed Out)- Fool's Gold Ribbit. Ribbit. Ribbit. Check it. Ribbit-womp to the max. This is what toads fuck to, I guarantee it. Toads are the only ones who are actually capable of properly singing womps. So fuck you to all you sing-a-long womp dubstep ravers. You got it all wrong.

Toads Theme 2012- Toadally Krossed Out This is the only original track I could get my hands on, but man is it fuckin' intense. It sounds like King of Africa, but instead of it sampling the African Animal Kingdom, it's all about them swamp sounds. So check it, Toad-electro.

That's all I could get. But honestly, go fuckin' buy their EP, it's so tight. Just do it.

Ribbit, bitch.

THURSDAY GOODBYES (to the Chicago Bulls) | Afrojack, BUKU, Canblaster, & Jamie XX!

Sincerely hope you guys are all watching the Bulls get trounced by El Heat. If not, click here to stream the game online.. If you are watching, turn down the sound of some whitebread ass announcers, and turn up the sound of this sizzling hot fiyah-

Esther (George F & Tekkman Psychojack Intro Remix) - Afrojack minimal/tech at its best. a near 11-minute epic that'll take you on a journey into the darkest parts of le däns....hope you make it out alive.

Concertmate (Bobermann Remix) - Alan 1 Super funky electrodisko a lá Calvin Harris et Justice, this one's a straight dancefloor DESTROYER.

Rolling in the Deep (Jamie XX Remix) - Adele SWEAR this is the last remix of this song that I'm going to post....But probably the best. Pitch shifted vocals and crowd sounds give this a super stripped down, live & intimate feel... this one's for gettin' down and dirty under soft white sheets in a moonlit bedroom. dear god what is wrong with me.......

Fault Line (Canblaster Remix) - O. Children gems like this often fall under the radar, and are EXACTLY why Fade County, that isn't your telephone being too close to your speakers, it's the sound of some NEXT LEVEL HORSE HAUS SWAG SHIT. and with the sleaziest vocals since the Elvis impersonator at that Vegas strip club..this one's rapidly becoming a favorite.

Crazy Legs! - Acid Jacks now i'm only beginning to dig Chicago style acid house 'cuz it's always been too repetitive for me, but when it's good it's great, and this is definitely one of those cases. 808s and willlld vocals make this one a serious necessity at like 3am when the entire crowd is rolling fucking face.

EXXXCLUSIVE: Reckoner (Dirtyhands Remix) - Radiohead snagged this one through soundcloud, dubstep + Thom Yorke's heavenly croons get me every time. definitely a new take on this track, but a very very dope end result. shit's just groovy.

BTSTU - Jai Paul OK REAL TALK FO A SECOND- the loveliest lady I know sent me this, and it's hands down one of the best songs i've ever heard. In vocals, in percussion, in production... it's softer but if this one doesn't make it onto your car album you have no taste so fuck off. just kidding (but actually no I'm not).

and finally, a seriously fucking EVIL track from our favorite friendly PITTSBURGH Dubstep prodigy, BUKU

some next level shit. fuck off


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bird P Til' Infinity

Fuck this city.

Bird Peterson is the one who brought you Drankenstein, the great mixtape of dirty south rhymes remixed with oldschool techno/electro tracks to make killer dope songs.

This new mix, Bird P Til' Infinity fits in all of BP's best, and favorite remixes that he's made in his career. All of which are pretty sick, either adding some wobbles, or just remixing the fuck out of classic hip-hop, pop, or just shit you love to listen to. I did my best to get the best track off mix for your downloading pleasure. So please, enjoy the sounds of Bird Peterson.

Mos Def - Ms Fat Booty (BP Remix)
Tittsworth ft Diamond K - Tear The Club Up 2008 (BP Remix)
Bird Peterson - Shooked
Bird Peterson - Torture Motherf***er
Lil Scrappy - Money In The Bank (BP Remix)
R. Kelly - A Woman's Threat (BP Remix)
The Wu-Tang - Ain't Nuthin To F**k Wit (BP Remix)
Bird Peterson - Booty Clap
Yung Berg - Do That Berg (BP Remix)
Cadence Weapon - House Music (BP Remix)
DJ Ayres ft GLC - Got Me Gone (BP Remix)
Mickey Factz - Paradise (BP Remix)
Clipse - Fast Life (BP Remix)
Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy (BP Remix)

More Bird P. comin' soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TERRIBLE TUESDAY | Udachi, Flinch, & Boys Noize FTW

as far as I know, nobody's had a good day today. well fuck that- here's to that little bit of sunshine in your (dub)step-

Sonora (Udachi Remix) - Johnny Love it's a 192 'cuz it literally just got released but this is the definition of HEAVY BASS. udachi adds disgusting wobbles to johnny love(deathface, in case you don't already know)'s newest cumbia banger...which you can check out here

Carnival (Little Black Ant Remix) - Disclosure UK sexmusic, plain and simple. airy and stripped-down claps and hi-hats build into something totally ethereal. this one's for classy bitches.

Tell Yo Momma (Pretty Young Trouble Remix) - Guerrila Speakerz & The Bobby 6 Killers ft. Spoek Mathumbo I don't even know how I found this shit but it's really fucking dope in a Diplo-meets-Congorock on drugs in a back alley at Ultra if Ultra was in South Africa

I Need a Doctor (Arion Dubstep Remix) - Dr. Dre feat. Skylar Grey to tell you the truth, most rap coming out nowadays is really well produced, but really shittily rapped on (I'm looking at you, Dre and Em), but the upside to this is that all these international rap mega shits make for really dope dubstep remixes. this is no exception.

Trick Pony (Boys Noize Remix) - Charlotte Gainsbourg to tell you the truth, i definitely never planned on posting any Charlotte Gainsbourg on Fade (especially not since I still can't sleep when I think about her in Antichrist) but Boys Noize turns up the kickdrums and sine waves to make this one purrrrrfect for the iPod.

Change (Flinch Remix) - PeaceTreaty okay, basically Flinch takes the catchiest Dutch horn melody since Afrojack's "ID" and dub-gang-fucks it beyond repair. This shit is huge. Need I say more?

and finally-

Fade County Exxxclusive: Rumor Has It (RASCAL Remix) - Adele Miami's own DJ Rascal just sent us this brand spankin' new club banger and all we've got to say is KEEP THIS ONE IN THE POCKET! should you ever be killing a set and need that little-bit of oomph to take things way over the edge, this Congorock-esque banger will do just that. but if you should slip and fall in the massive pool of sweat and pussy juice you just created, don't say we didn't warn you-


Monday, May 23, 2011

Start Your Week Off Right | Skream & Benga...or Benga & Skream!

Not gonna lie, i've been really diggin' Skream & Benga lately. All of my homies from CO that went to ULTRA said that their live set was insane; I looked into it and was pretty pissed that I wasn't there to see it in person:

so many bangers....fuck!

When these dude aren't spinning together, they are known for producing some of the rawest and most original dubstep tracks out there.

To start things off i've got two mixes from the duo, one is their bi-weekly radio show on BBC Radio One, and the other is a download link for the mix that Mr. E posted up a few days ago, holla!

Lots of bangers in this one, not all of their own music but some previews of new stuff, and stuff to come.

No need to explain things here. Already been posted up as a soundcloud by Eazy, snag this one for sure.

Now for some of Skream's solo tracks.

Skream's heavier take on an already have song by Rage, the drop is crazy, and the song only gets crazier as it progresses!

Nasty wobbles up in hurrrrrrrrrrrr, pullin' out gats for fun! Gotta love the vocal sample, goes perfectly with all the bass. Pretty heavy...but you shouldn't worry about it

Pretty much brand spankin' new tune from Skream. Old school feel to it, but definitely a sick track nonetheless. The bass sounds like some sort of sword slashing shit to bits, sick flute/weird noise melody in the background too

Definitely a different sound coming through from the dubstep veteran on this one. More mellow, but fucking nasty at the same time. Vocals from Sam Frank make the track bump extra hard, this one's great for cruising late night

Here's another video of the epicness that you probably missed again at ULTRA. Definitely gonna have to see these guys live next year at some point!

Some solo tracks from Benga

Dancehall riddims with bass? Yes. Please.

Lots of bass, kicks, snares, vocals, errythannnnnng. They all come together to make something sick. That something sick just happens to be this song.

The duo has another side project called Magnetic Man, in which they incorporate a third member to the madness!

I'll be posting that original in a bit...

Funky wobbles, sick builds, horns, this track has it all. Definitely follows what I was saying early, a different sounding Skream & Benga...and I fucking love it

Scary intro. Seriously. Then into some wobbles that are actually speaking to you? WTF? Yeah, check it out.

Sick synth-y intro into some wobbles. Katy B provides vocals that fit perfectly with this more mellow banger

I'm not really the biggest John Legend fan, but I've gotta admit, his shit works really well with this track. Xylophone in the intro, solid wobbles throughout. Killlaaaaaaaaa

My favorite track from these guys. Quiet intro, and then a nasty breakdown into the main portion of the song. Vocals are perfect, the beat is perfect, everything in this track is perfect.

Benga & Skream? or Skream & Benga? you decide.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

happysunday GO FUCKING HEAT!! all bombs tell your friends

Fartwind (Adler & Finn Tromp it Mix )-Bengel & Bosch

shit i heard this at the shelborne past WMC and have been searching like a lil bitch since than to find it but fuck it! awesome poolside music

Ready 2 Go (Hardwell Remix)-Martin Solveig feat Kele

Hardwell is bomb, never makes a boring track peek this one shit will have you tweaking! happy sundaH

shitfucktit.. ill write more when i listen to it....

Tonight (Avicii Kicking Ass Mix)-Tim Berg

amazing dj and producer unlike most cats out there check out this dope ass avicii remake

Good (Original Mix)-Mark Simmons

dope big club house music type shit

Cry (Just a Little) (Original Mix)-Bingo Players

Been awhile since we've rep'd Bingo Players but they just revived this dope ass oldie so its only fair we bring it to you peepz

Cherokee (Original Mix)-Daniel Portman & Andrea Oliva

nice pool side jams i heard this get dropped this wmc by Luciano shit was fucking RAW

Rambo (gLAdiator Moombahton Edit)-Ralvero & Bassjackers

Moombahton @ its finest

Bill Hey (Bang Bang) (PH Electro Remix)-Quick-Jaxx

awesome dubstep mix to a fuccking classic

Sun Of A Gun (Jacob Plant Remix)-Oh Land

catchy as fuck on the lyrics beats too fucking nasty

Angel (Doc Diotic Remix)-Massive Attack

massive attack and dubstep go together like music and drugs .... or liq and unprotected sex shits dope and heavy on the bass

Music-Oh Weekends! (Michael Knall Bootleg)-Skrillex Vs Quintino & Apster

awsome once you get past that beginning BUT FUCK CHECK IT YOURSELF

The Lights (dBerrie Remix)-Ellie Goulding

found this on our soundcloud today gotta fucking reppppp. really awesome mix .. dBerrie pops his fade cherry now!

Wonderman (Bare Noize Remix)-Tinie Tempah ft. Ellie Goulding

pretty fucking loose like every bare noize remix


Lazy Sunday. Exactly. Don't get up just yet...bump this shit first. afternoon breakfast sex is what the gods are made of.

Talk to Me (Busy P Remix) - Hey Today! something about everything Busy P makes is just so... Busy Fucking P that he's quickly becoming one of my favorite producers (and without a doubt one of the most talented). this is straight out of Satan's NBA '98 videogame theme music... and you better believe that, as with a good French wine, this one only gets better with time.

Lesbian Bondage Fiasco (Original Mix) - Aniki the title already tell's you where this one's going, but how you get there is the most fun part. super choppy, dancy chords and synth strings (?) make this one a dancefloor necessssity. don't let the opening drop fool you- for electro/dance/disco, this shit goes hard in the paint.

Hip Hop Changed (Busy P Remix) - Crookers Feat. Rye Rye Heavy metal chugging guitars under New York hype female rap vox? Busy P does not give A FUCK. here's why-

Dating Do's - LeBatman it's like the 80's done right..but something about it is way more sinister. Maybe it's the smattering of totally wild samples throughout or something about the reverb on the whistley synth but this one...but it's all smut. and all gravy.

Sake (Original Mix) - Jupiter MSTRKRFT-y disco with layered female vocals makes for something straight out of a Tamara Sky Jet Lag mixtape but with a pretty solid synth line towards the end.. definitely one for the iPod.

Minimal Female (Original Mix) - Joe Maker there's something about really great minimal that's just so... seductive. shit like this always leaves such a good aftertaste. HOW ARE XYLOPHONES SEXY WHAT THE FUCK?

Peanuts Club (Buttonmasher Remix) - Noob and Brodinski lots of remixes to this one already (Zeds Dead did a great job which we posted awhile back) but this has to be my favorite. Super fidgety house and all over the place sampling make this shit capable of destroying a small village...of vaginas? shit, i don't know at this point. BONUS POINTS: Click this. ha.

Rolling in the Deep (Bullwack Remix) - Adele with the number of remixes being released, this track's gearing up to be the next Starry Eyed, but the homie Bullwack tears Adele a new asshole and takes it to the next level with the Rusko/Dillon Francis-sized stadium wobbles he throws on that shit. A++ Dubstep BANGER.

just... do yourself a favor and listen to that shit^^ if we get Bullwack enough plays, you guys get the free download FIRST.

see you at Exxotica? I'll be recruiting. mwahahaha Fuck Fade County.


Saturday, May 21, 2011


THE HOT TUB IS TOO HOT! And I know you're all sweating over the possibility of The Rapeture, so to cool you down on this fine Saturday afternoon, we've got some seriously sexy mixtapes to get you from the pool to the club in style. Some old stuff, some new stuff, basically all the shit you need to hear to do it right, if you know what I mean (and you do).

Funk/disco/poolside hausmyoozik from the Ed Banger maestro, DJ Mehdi

Fucking AWESOME house/tech house from Luciano

next level minimal/tech shit from Joe Maker

Joe Maker Autumn Live Set @ Villa Fiocco October-2010 by Joe Maker Dj/Producer

next level mindfucking dubstep from Skream & Benga

DMZ 6th Bday Bash 2011 March 5th – Skream & Benga Mix by brostepwars

there you have it. Over three hours of pussy-melting liquid madness. now take it easy on each other... and on yourselves tonight ;)

it's Eazy///

Friday, May 20, 2011

Quiet Numbskullz I'm Broadcasting!

Back at it. A lil sum-sum for your friday. Bump it before you go out, while you go out, or even after you go out, as simple as that!

I swear every tune I listen to by this guy is just too fucking addicting. Had this one on repeat for a hot minute! Funky synths with a reeeeeealllly long intro, and then it breaks down into something really tight once the main synths come in. Possibly dutch house?

Drum and bass in the intro gets right into some sexy wobbles. Vocals fit well with errythang else, all in all a solid track.

When has Caligula not put out a banger track? I posted up the Nero remix to this one a lil while ago, but honestly i've been listening to this one lately and I think I like it more. Not nearly as crazy, but still sick as fuck (come on now, its Caligula!) in its own way.

One of the darkest songs by NERO that i've heard yet. Absofuckinglutely perfect match between Nero and La Roux in this one. That happy positive feel that La Roux brings is absolutely crushed with bass. nastyness

Who wouldn't want to listen to a song by a dude named Scoobius Pip? The brits have got their act together when it comes to matching vocals with nasty bass; this song is no exception.

Sending tonight's post off with a bang. Very Skrillex-esque, but in a good way. Definitely diggin the horn/synths in the background, gives it a trancey feel kinda dope

stay thirsty my friends,


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Son of Kick


Been cruisin' round the internet, lookin' for that new fire dubstep. Found this dude, Son of Kick, who's been making some pretty heavy, trippy, and just bitchin' dubstep as well as glitch-hop.

Here's first track I heard by him, featuring some other weird ass rappers. It's pretty intense, check the video:

Couldn't find the original track, but here's a nasty drum & bass remix, shit gets disgusting.

The next video plays as the sequel to the previous, more heavy, trippy, intense dubstep. Sounds a lot like Deathface. The video gets pretty x-core, enjoy.

You like this track? Lucky for you I got it for your downloading pleasure. Revolution B- Son of Kick

Now, if you still haven't had enough, here's another track that'll make you bleed out of every hole you have. Get ready.

Plus, here's a nasty remix that Son of Kick did himself, check it. Playing the Villain (Son of Kick Rekix Dub)- Son of Kick

Want more? Ok.

Invincible (Spoek Mathambo) (Son of Kick Remix)- Missill Kinda sounds like Missy Elliot, but on some glitch-hop/dubstep type shit. Sounds a lot like Bassnectar, but heavier. Blast this on the speakers in yo whip, shit's bangin'.

Time (Son of Kick Rmx)- Chase & Status feat. Delilah Chase & Status held the competition for best remix of this track. I've put up a lot of remixes, but this one does it. Never heard anything like it. Incorporates hip hop sound, glitch-hop, and dubstep. Shit is fire. Nasty fire.

That's all for tonight. I got a Foreign Beggars post comin' soon, shit will be n-n-n-nasty.

Fuck da heat, Chi chill life. Bulls, bitch.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Raise Your Weapon

Waddup y'all.
Back in Chicago.

I know this is, MIAMIfadecounty. But fuck dat, BULLS.

Anyways, time for the tunes:

High Rankin- Digital Sex This tunes has a nice lil' melody to it. Not too glitchy and crazy, just straight bass hittin'. High Rankin never disappoints.

Elekktroshockk (Original Mix)- Dubsiddia Monstrous sound. Sounds like electrocution porno fighting robots. Yeah, true story. Turn yo speakers up fo' this banger.

Gold Guns Girls (Nit Grit and Stephan Jacobs Remix)- Metric It's that hipster bullshit muzik switched the fuck up and made into an ill dubstep track. Nice and simple, but still fun. Kinda got a robofunk sound.

Hustle Hard (Spinstyles Remix)- Ace Hood Spinstyles dropped the “Shitted On ‘Em” Remix that shat on everyone’s faces. Well, Spinstyles is back to shit again! Hustle. Hustle real hard.

I'm Cold And There Are Wolves After Me (HULK Remix)- iwrestledabearonce True story. I don't know if I actually like this or not, but it's different. It's scream-o dubstep. Screamstep? I dunno man. It's fuckin' crazy. I feel like this will make Sonny Moore (a.k.a Skrillex) cream his pants. Tell me how you like it.

Look At Me Now (Dillon Francis Remix)- Chris Brown ft. Lil Wayne & Busta Rhymes Dillon Francis is tearin' it up these days. Droppin' all kinds of shit, from moombahton to dubstep, to this. I fear he might someday get bigger than Diplo. Either way, Mad Decent is tearin' up the game these days. Just an ill remix of this tune that you hear everywhere, it's pretty bitchin'. SWAG.

Rolling in the Deep (Deathstar Remix feat. Marty Party & Minnesota)- Adele Most epic remix yet. Sounds like Flux Pavillion, just that heavy hitting synth sample. This track is just so happy, and nasty at the same time. Best remix so far, maybe even better than the Jamie XX remix.

Raise Your Weapon (Noisia Remix)- Deadmau5 It's been awhile since Deadmau Five dropped this track, but Noisia DESTROYS it. He kills deadmau five, brings him back to life, and then kills him again with this remix. Fuck Deadmau Five up his nerdy hairy asshole. This track does exactly that. Enjoy.

CONTEST: Free Tickets to Girl Talk at the FILLMORE!

In case you're not familiar with the purveyor of the single best dance party in the world--

Real shit. And you best fucking belieeeeeve we've got you covered on winning TWO (2) FREE TICKETS TO TOMORROW (THURSDAY) NIGHT'S SHOW AT THE FILLMORE MIAMI BEACH!


Here's how to win:

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  1. 'Like' our Facebook Page as well as the Overthrow Page. If you haven't already, this one's seriously important to any of us ever being nice to you again.
  2. Throw up a Facebook link in your status to the OFFICIAL EVENT PAGE, and MAKE SURE YOU TAG US IN IT! We don't have time to look through all your facebooks and see which one of you posted it, so you HAVE TO tag Fade County! in order to win.
  3. Whoever's link gets THE MOST LIKES, wins. It's that easy. Your name will be on the list at the door and you and your guest, like the supreme bosses you are, will be treated to an epic fucking night of bass, blood, and general badassery.
  4. Make us proud by rocking the fuck out, getting naked, stoned, and laid on stage at the show.
Contest ends at 3:00 PM Thursday night. WIN IT_

tell me somethin' I don't knowwwww

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Really Strong Crack

Rosie, Rosie, Rosie..


Push It (Original Mix) - Alex Mind Takes the word melody to a whole new level. SHM tier chorus.

Tell Her Off - Jaxta We call it, "Jazz-Dub-Fusion". You call it, "This song's SO dope, mian, I got it off this softcore porn site called FadeCounty" <- ha. BASS. A+

Sick (Split & Jaxta Remix) - Alex Mind Hard hitting electro. Robotic vocals. Drugs. Plain and simple.. drugs. A+

Hurricane - Sound Of Stereo New Sound Of Stereo EP "Hurricane" brings you low freq sounds and lots of what the fuck. take it or don't I don't give a fuck

MoILLA (Basehead Remix) - HavocNdeeD Hard electro. Some pretty lame vocals. But composed well.

The Day (Funkerman Remix) - Moby Love this. Love Minimal. As will you. A+


Sunday, May 15, 2011

BACK IN MIAMI, LETS FUCK SHIT UP | Joy O, Ajapai, & Holy Ghost!

what say we skinny dip?

So Derobe - Joy Orbison Starting you off smoooooth, the UK's "most forward thinking producer" (real talk) brings the blips, bloops, and bongos to this super funky euro bassfest. spread 'em, ladies.

The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow - Joy Orbison a bit more like his Hyph Mngo mega-hit, in the same vein of any self-respecting afro-american who likes Usher, this one's got waves for daaaaaaaaaays.

Telescope (Hackman Remix) - Hypno i really can't get enough of UK sexy bass funk, so suck on my pee pee, this song rulz.

Watch Out (Original Mix) - Ajapai turning things up just a littttttle bit (winky face) this dubstep banger prettttty much writes the book on no-holds panty-soaking bass filthiness.

Yeah!!! (Ajapai Remix) - Booty Bronx probably taking a page from my newest self-help book, "How TO Name Your Band" you can bet Booty Bronx is something I fux with. More chainsaw synths and hi-hat gallivanting than you can shake yer ugly stick at.

Electric Bugaloo (Hudson Mohawke Remix) - Wiley i fucking love Hudson Mohawke. Let me say that again: I fucking love Hudson Mohawke. hyphy as fuck and definitely eschewing all kinds of conventions, this is garage you can gang-fight to.

Wait and See (CFCF Remix) - Holy Ghost! ending this one on a more laid-back note, some sweet summertime disco to kick your asskicking boots off to and slip into something a little more comfortable.

fuck other websites. //eazy!