Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Weeknd - House of Balloons EP | Music You Should Fuck To!

The Weeknd is the 'future r&B' project from 20-year old Torontoian (it's French), Abel Tesfaye. Combining super smooth vocals with bassy, full-bodied and danceable production, this shit is pure sex, the likes of which totally gay herbs Christopher Brown and Ne-Yo, and totally boring contemporaries like Frank Ocean and Theophilus London only aspire to. The Weeknd is on another level, and we're bringing their incredible debut House of Balloons EP to your ears first, before they blow the fuck up (which they will).

Here's a music video in case you're wondering what you SHOULD be up to this fine Satyrday night

Get it in!

It's Eazy!

Gimme All The Mixins!

Small post from me today, just some mixes to tide you over on this very hot and humid saturday. fuckthisheatyoumotherfuckingweatherman.

An oldie, but a goodie from Mr. Robinson

Just plain filthy. Zed's Dead Baby!

An hour of funky wobbly house from Boulder locals Savoy!

keep it passionate.


Friday, July 29, 2011

It's Friday. Lets Get Fucking Faded!

Back in Chicago, Lollapalooza's coming up, lets get rowdy n shit!
BIG FUCKING POST for everyone today, because I feel like it, you assfucks.

Lets get right into it, check out this tasty little cut I found earlier today on the net.

Wolfgang is back at it, and I cannot wait for this shit to be released.

On another note, everyone has probably seen his youtube video, this new kid on the block that goes by the name of Madeon has been killing it lately. Not only has he done a banger remix of one of Deadmau5's tracks and have it released officially by Mr. Zimmerman a couple weeks after putting it on the web, but he also has a ton of original tracks that are pretty fucking dope. His sound is sort of french-electro-ish with some heavier influence on some of the tracks. Here's a sampler to get you started

Next up we have some harder electro from these peeps

Nice little preview for their upcoming album there. They just released a single from it, and I've gotta say, its fucking great. Kind of a dark spooky feeling, but the synth melodies make it awesome.

Here it is:


Now onto some other business. Tracks that have been on repeat for me lately, here ya go!

Same classic Nero sound, but drum n bass styled out. Sounds like it could almost be the intro to their album which is due to be released in the near future. Hmmmm?

Dubsteppppin like nobodies business. A slower jam with sick vocals, not really sure what else to say about this one, other than its stronger than what you think.

Illnasty remix, one of the sickest ones i've heard lately. Tons of bass, and a sample that sounds like an engine rev, its sick. Trust me.

Basically takes the original and shits on it. Crazy wobbly sounds coming from this one. Uses the original track to full advantage and it works really well, check it out yo!

What else do you really expect from a dude like Datsik other than fucking filthy bass? That's exactly what this one is. Fuck Off!

Not sure if this one's been posted already...might have been, but whatever. Moombahton! Pretty upbeat, happy song...then the trademark Dillon Francis sound comes in and turns it into pure awesomeness

A homie back out in Boulder showed me this one. The vocal intro works so well, gets you stoked, and then the bass comes in and everything just turns to nasty. Great work boys!

Not that the original wasn't sick enough or anything...Disco Reason takes this and turns it into something amazing. A little bit of a Deadmau5 sound in there, and I kinda like it. Give this a listen and get back to me.

that's it, that's all, fuck off you assholes.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RL Grime- Clipz EP

Post dubstep is getting more and more popular. I've been following intently, finding out what works, what bangs, and what simply doesn't. Something that has always attracted to me these post-dubstep tracks is the use of pitch bent vocals, and hip-hop beats. It just works so beautifully. RL Grime has successfully done so, and has therefore attracted my attention. His recent EP has the futuristic, simple, beautiful sound of James Blake, but also mixed with the old school synths and hip hop beats much similar to Girl Unit. Check the tracks "Die 4 Me", "Clipz", and "Neat" for some of his best.

So, now, please enjoy the beautiful, boss sound of Clipz EP- RL Grime

Look At Me Now (RL Grime Remix)- Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne This remix is different. Still keeps all the verses, and maintains the same beat somewhat. It's got a weird different sound, not as much of an electro influence.

Hey Ma (RL Grime Remix)- Cam'ron ft. Juelz Santana Sounds a lot like Girl Unit. Chopped 'n' screwed sounding vocals, R&B+Hip Hop beat with that post dubstep synth sound.

This mix is fuckin' fire. It mixes and goes back and forth between post-dubstep and hip hop/trap. It's one of the best mixes to drop at a party. Gives you that gang$ta shit, and some post-dubstep to make all the hipster happy. Who else could put the hipsters with the felons and da thugs?

So here its, check it out LFTF M3GAMIX- RL Grime

Showstoppa- Girl Unit
Motivation (Diplo Remix)- Kelly Rowland Ft. Lil Wayne
You Always Start It- XXXY
Clipz- RL Grime
Currency- Trina Ft. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross
Running- Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX
Loud Pockets- Young L
Spark (Canblaster Remix)- J-Wow
Neat- RL Grime
The Look (Koreless Remix)- Jacques Greene
Swim Good (Chopped and Screwed by RL Grime)- Frank Ocean
Battle For Middle You- Julio Bashmore
Grab Somebody- Ramadanman
Look At Me (Justin Martin Remix)- Lil Scrappy
Shock Headed- A1 Bassline
Emergency- Amtrac
Ride- Ciara Ft. Ludacris
All That- Diamond Bass
Clockworks- Canblaster
Do U- Jim-E Stack
What You Need- The Weeknd
Go Head- RL Grime
Brave (Dark Sky Remix)- Kelis
MTI- Koreless
Archangel- Burial
Sketch On Glass- Mount Kimbie
You- Kingdom
Triple Ring- Canblaster
Don't Change For Me- Ramadanman
I'm A Balla vs. Trilingual Dance Sexperience (Patchwork Pirates Refix)- Lil Flip vs. Dorian Concept
Just For Me- XXXY
Keep It Rollin- Kid Ink
Ayo Technology (Instrumental)- 50 Cent
Chuck Up The Deuce- Bird Peterson
Hitmanes Anthem- Lunice
November 18th- Drake
Stapelton- Earl Sweatshirt
Die 4 Me- RL Grime
Forgot I Was Here- Shlohmo

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

When Night Falls | Booka Shade, Dillon Francis, & D.I.Fucking.M.

I know, I know, you guys miss us every now and then when we take a day or two off, so I've cooked up this batch of extra dark, extra dirty bangers 'n' epics for your blowing-some-steam-off-pleasure

Night Falls (Album Version) - Booka Shade not brand new, but the oft-overlooked Booka Shade always bring the fucking thunder. Crickets chirping build up to one of progressive techno's deepest, funkiest melodies of all time. Listen to this one all the way through- it'll get you in the right zone for this post, cuz this shit is about to get heavy.

Buku- Suit Shopping (Original Mix) by Buku fucking BANGER from the PA direkt connekt- this one's been getting mad love all over the place and we needed you to get on it asap. Buku's got the sweetest arpeggios bar none- and if you can dig it, be a boss and go vote for him here so he can be on the IDentity fest when it comes to your town. guarantee he'll knock your sox off.

Ultra - Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis brand spankin' new banger off the duo's ULTRA EP. Got that Skrilly vibe you fucks are always fiending, but with a lot more depth than just stacks on stacks on stacks of Massive synths. Plan on hearing this one at festivals well into 2012.

Keep Their Heads Ringin' (Figure Drumstep Edit) - Dr. Dre Reallllly good track to use as transition into a dubstep set; this one's got loud, screaming synths and fucking massssive kick drums...Straight outta Wompton (see what I did there?!)

Ion (Original Mix) - D.I.M. & Tai been a minute since we've had a collabo from D.I.M. & Tai since 2009's EPIC 'Lyposuct,' and I have to say: well worth the wait. The synths are alll over the fucking place. Techno is back and better than ever.

Opr - Gesaffelstein i'm calling this one first- dude's gonna be THE next big name in techno, and he more than deserves it. As expansive and bumpin' as it is totally fucking eerie, this one made it to my 2011 top 10 the first time I heard it. Fuck fidget- listen to techno.

Decoy (illGates + Dov Remix) - T.O.B. yeah, i've been hatin on dubstep a bit lately, wanna fight about it? Admit it- so much of it sounds EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAME (you know who you are!). so when the orchestra swells and bits start crunching, this one's are all but way too refreshing. A+

keep on rollin-

eazy rider

Saturday, July 23, 2011

join us tonight @thefilmore for designer drugs and troy kurtz !!!!!! yes

i hate zippyshare personally but we do this for you guys so FUCK IT
this post has been sitting here for some time now waiting to get posted i must have forgotten about it all together.. badass songs all around

jame's blake is just one of those guys who's voice goes hard on dub tracks

try not to sucker punch your mom in the face to this one

LETS GET IT POPN' .. im not telling you to speed to this one but its definitely a better way to hear it ;)


such a dope dubstep jam Dr.Ozi melts faces with his bass

awesome song to wrap up my dubstep


DAY SUCKED? NEED A LAUGH ? WATCH THIS SHIT!!! if you saw it already watch it again

Friday, July 22, 2011

Late Night Action!

For the ladies that love bass..

Bassnectar - Redstep
Redstep is a song off of Bassnectars album DIVERGENT SPECTRUM, this song is fucking spectacular. Bassnectar never disappoints us.

Not the newest track and there are so many remixes to this song, but in my opinion this remix blows them out of the water.

Calverton always come hard, and he certainly did with this fucker. Get ready for some moshing, head banging, and overall satisfaction. BASS BASS BASS!

Grizzly J hails from Oregon, he knows how to make your knees wobble.

Always so fuckin' sexy and their drops are some of the best.The SoniXx knows whats up, making you dance till 6am...keep it on repeat.

A classic dubstep track , lotsa bass, tits, bass.

This song shits on a lot of electronic tracks i've heard and most of this has vocals. 2 puffs for the lady who'd be down for thisssss!

RnB mixed with dubstep. I don't know but it works. The Weeknd & Downpour for the crown!

- Cameron

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Shmorgasbord Of Tunes

Music and nudity, nothin better.

One week till i'm back in Chi-town, figured I would post these up as my last ones from BC.
There's a ton of different stuff in here, enjoy you whack asses.

If you haven't heard this yet, well...then now you have it. One of Avicii's latest bangers, everyone has been on this shit. There's a sick upbeat vibe to this house track, the vocals can get a little bit over the top, but regardless this one's sick.

Fuck yes. New Nero insanity! There's just something about this duo's tracks that makes them extra spicy. The original from Mr. Harris is pretty dope, but Nero just straight shits on it and its fucking crazy. Fuck.

There's a lot of similarities between this one and the Avicii track above...but they definitely don't sound like the same song. It's pretty mellow at first, but then the trademark Afrojack sound comes in. Wait for it.

Bass bidniz from a sick collaboration. Dillon pulled out all the plugs on this one for sure. Dubby goodness with sort of a glitch feel thrown in there...check it out, you might like it.

Electro house. Nuff Said. Naw, but really this song is fucking tight. I could even venture into this one being "house electro" instead of "electro house", big room synths and melodies make it seem like it at least.

Classic tune remixed into a fucking dopetastic track with a house-like feel. Porter Robinson dropped this ish in his birthday set at Global Dance Festival last week in know this shit's gonna be sick.

Damn, where'd my face go? Shit just melted from all of the tasty wobbles served up in this one. The vocals are kinda weird, but the drop in this is fucking nasty.


These next three are all from this dude named James Egbert. Based out of Denver, this dude spits electro house hot fiyahhhhh like no other. He's got an EP coming out soon, but he's released these three tracks on his soundcloud and they're all bangaaaaaaas.



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oy Vey! | The Long, Lost, & Legendary BORGORE INTERVIEW

A few weeks ago, Fade County had the tremendous opportunity to spend an evening with Israeli dubstep maestro, Borgore, and his lovely pornstar ladyfriend, Jessie Andrews. Here's what happened.

Alongside the interview, Fade County also snapped a whole bunch of wonderful pictures at the event, including the rare gems below. Click on any of them to be instantly transported to the whole album. And don't forget to Like the fuck out of our Facebook Page while you're at it, bitches!

King of the castle.

Our favorite porn star ever

Borgore and BDK comparing dick sizes.

Check out the rest of the pictures here, and don't forget to follow the fuck out of all of us on Twitter!

@nikisacks &

Monday, July 18, 2011

Moombahton Monday Vol 7

Chase & Status - Hitz (Dillon Francis Remix) Massive, massive tunes out this week! Chase and Status's "Hitz" EP being released. Which also includes Dillon Francis's remix. Taking a Skrillex approach. Personally I'm not a fan of this track but I'm sure alot of you are :P

Also support the boys and buy it here

Gym Class Heroes Ft Adam Levine - Stereo Hearts (Dillon Francis Remix) Speaking of Dillon Francis, and also speaking of him using the Skrillex sound check this one out. Again I am not a fan. Simply because I frown upon people using others signature sound. In defense of Dillon he replied saying he is simply showing he can do anything production wise. Which I respect! But still Dillon has done some amazing work, I personally don't think he should stoop down to Skrillex's level

As you can see I am not a fan of Skrillex. It is not that I am not a fan of Skrillex, I am not a fan of Dubstep producers jumping on the Moombahton bill. Obviously I am in no position to say who should and should not be producing Moombah. But with the slowly diminishing genre of Dubstep (again my own opinion), producers are trying to use Moombah as a way to bring it back up again. This is just what I have seen. From what I have seen from Facebook and heard from friends there are names like Flux Pavilion, Chrispy, Downlink. All experimenting at the moment.

In the end I think Moombahton is a sexy genre and should be left at that. Leave filth with Dubstep

J-Trick - Def Jam (Hostage Moombahcore Remix) This is that awkward moment where i just bagged Moombahcore then I post a tune. BUT Hostage has kept that sexy vibe, not over doing the wobble. And keeping it fresh. Loving this! And from someone I did not expect to be doing Moombah

Munchi - Metele Bellaco This is the sexiness I was talking about before. Sexy latin vocals (Don't care he's a male, the language is hot!), dutch leads. This is Moombahton!

Jeremy Glenn - New Life (Torro Torro Rework) Torro Torro giving this a smooth Moombahsoul summer vibe. Moombahsoul will be definitely dominating my roadtrip/beach playlists!

I hope I did not offend anyone with this post

Again if your loving what you hear, regular Moombahton & Moombahcore is posted on Moombah-Thong on the daily!



Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tell me are you havin' fun? Pick your poison.

Here's a mix I recently picked up on my safari through the internet. It's hard finding pure, genuine, and original dubstep anymore. It's all about making the craziest remix of whatever pop song was catchy however many years ago. I miss listening to the dubstep for the bass sake. I want hard hitting, bone crushing, mind blowing, and mesmerizing dubstep bass. To find that type you can only go to the past, so I have. Now I present to you with some of the O.G.'s of heavy dubstep in Excision's mix consisting of: Excision, Datsik, Bassnectar, 12th Planet, DZ, Bar 9, Skream, and many more.

This mix contains some of the best consistency I've heard in a mix. Pure heavy bass that you can never get tired of nor get enough of. Listen to it while you sleep, party, work, fuck, or blow your brains out. The choice is yours, but please, enjoy.

1- Excision - System Check
2- Excision & Ultrablack - Bear Trap
3- Ill Bill Bachelor - The Demons
4- Noah D & No Thing - Unknown suspect
5- Roommate & Spl - Gangster
6- Suspicious Stench - Ghost Town
7- Skream - Oskilatah
8- Cotti & Cluekid — The Legacy
9- Bassnectar - Dubble Step
10- Antiserum - Rambo Style
11-12th Planet - 28 Hours Later
12-Ohmwerk - Dubcore
13-Vex'd - Angels
14-Vista - Exit Wound
15-Excision & Noiz - Do it Now
16-Excision & Redline - Square 1
17-Stenchman - Sounds of the Future
18-Trillbass & Bro Safari - Fist Pump
19-DZ - Oooh
20-DZ - The Fireman
21-Ill Bill Bachelor & B.U.N. - Yorkshire Pudding
22-Ultrablack - UBGW
23-12th Planet - Open Your Eyes
24-Excision & Noiz - Force
25-Audio - Warehouse VIP
26-Konflict - Messiah (Noisia Remix)(Excision Edit)
27-Jackal & Cheshire - Newtown Sounds
28-Bar 9 - Shaolin
29-Nero - This Way
30-12th Planet - C sick (Excision Edit)
31-Babylon System - Our Moment
32-Excision & The Subdivision - Hypothermic
33-SPL - Cobalt
34-Excision & Endophyte - Aliens
35-Ohmwerk - Templar
36-12th Planet - Lighters
37-B.U.N. & Ill Bill Bachelor - Choppa
38-Five Oh One - Get Back
39-DZ - Down
40-Nero - Workout
41-Corrupt Souls - 1138
42-Mistabishi - Pleasures
43-Skream - Sandsnake (Excision Edit)
44-Excision - Serious business
45-Reso - If you Can't Beat 'em
46-Computer Club - Load Rocket
47-Excision - More Obvious
48-Stenchman - What the Future Holds VIP
49-Bar 9 - Pussyhole
50-Excision - Wasted
51-Nero - Night Thunder

Plus, here's a new track from Dipo & Datsik. It's fuckin' bangin'. Gives you a club banger electro sound, along with Datsik's heavy bass. Pure nastiness. The chorus is über dope too, so check it.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

TEETH ROTTING TECH HOUSE | Congorock, Tom Novy, & Style of Eye

First off - shut the fuck up about the Borgore interview, it's coming soon. Second off, here's some seriously heavy tech house that will make you want to do bad things.

Love Show (Tom Novy's Club Mix) - Skye starting you off hot and heavy, this one's a dark, seductive masterpiece way harder than any Novy I'm used to... and I like it. absolutely worth all seven minutes.

Antidote (Original Mix) - Style of Eye dude's quickly becoming my favorite house producer for his incredibly well-produced, genre-hopping bangers and this is no exception. weird, evil, and chunky, this one's an Antidote to all this repetitive fidget bullshit that seems to be taking over.

Girls (Original Mix) - Style of Eye BUILD is the name of the game, as this fuxxxed up sine wave symphony drops out like a trapdoor in a robot-run post-apocalyptic diamond mine. just listen, you'll hear it.

Cinema (Congorock Remix) - Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go thought Skrilly put this one to sleep until i heard the "Babylon" genius' retake on this soon-to-be classic and let me just say Congorock wins hands down. Brash, industrial but jungly at the same time. A+++

Wait for Me (Zodiac Cartel Remix) - Moby putting a 'when deadmau5 was good'-spin on some standard Moby prettiness, this one's glitchy, crunchy, straight out of one of Moby's nightmares.

now, to cool you offff....

The White Flash (Feat. Thom Yorke) - Modeselektor 'The Postal Service-on-DMT'-type robo-percussion and Thom Yorke's always eerie croons make this one worth sparking more than one to. shit goes hard in the mutha fuckin' taint.

Art + Cash (SBTRKT Remix) - Modeselektor finally, as clean-up crew, SBTRKT takes some James Blake-y vocals and some superhuman chords and pulls together just the right UK Funk to clean yr brains off the fucking floor to.


its eazy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Heavy Heavy House!

3 bangin' tracks in one which is basically a preview for each song. They're filled with catchy vocals and garage/ synth infused with house. Touch me ;)

Beat bustin' a nut in your eye Caspa and Emalkay take it back to Londontown. Lots of claps and some heavy bass... A grimey yet sophisticated way to say "Drink up, and party hard!"

All of the above.

Some real house vibes, this duo brings it to your fucking face.



This is probably my favourite song out of this post. Drunk as fuck or not, you'll love itttt.

- cam cam

Back At It! New Bassnectar Bidnizzzzzz

Been awhile now since my last post, stoked to get back at it. Life is pretty fucking sick up here in Whistler, BC. Riding erryday and enjoying the tasty waves n' such. Heres some new stuff for your daily grind you muhh fuckin ghostfaces!

Haven't heard a song from this dude yet that I didn't like. Always an upbeat vibe and sick synths with of Calvin's tracks. Yeah its Passion Pit...but the remix makes it right, enjoy your day to this one.

A homie hinted to me that this is from their upcoming studio album to be released this coming fall...not sure if he's bullshitting me or not, but regardless the track is fresh. Typical Nero sound, sick wobbly goodness with some dope lyrical samples thrown in there

Not sure who's track this is...Skrilly's or Rudebrats? Anyways, crazy ass chicken noise gone electro on this one!

Zedd's been killing it lately. With a style compared to electro-mainstay artists like Wolfgang and Porter, this dude's in it to win it fo sho! Remember that crazy ass classical song your music teacher used to play for you in lower school? Yeah, Zedd remixed that shit.

New Rusko? Maybe...this ish's unconfirmed, but all I know is ODB with wobbles (especially Rusko wobbles) sounds pretty fucking pimp.

Brand spankin' new Bassnectar for all you bassheads out there. Craaaaaaaazy. Goddamnmothafuckin crazy!

Bass, bass, bass, bass, bass...and did I mention...bass? Sick vocal-step that flows perfectly. Crazy machine-like wobbles all over, deep kicks, fucking dope track right hurrrrrrrr!

Favorite fucking track of the post! Melody is on point, sounds like some Calvin Harris. Big room house sounds with lots of kick and bass as well. Turn this one up, its gonna be epic.

Keep it steezy,


Monday, July 11, 2011

Moombahton Monday Vol 6

You missed me? :P. Hope your ready for your weekly installment of Moombahton! More tunes are coming out, new producers are on the rise. Things are looking very exciting

With producers like David Heartbreak to show some inspiration for the next generation with amazing tracks like this. Jumping on the bill with Toddla T. You may have heard this on Diplo's Moombahton Mix. Total banger! Has been said to be released today actually lol. If your keen as fuck on this as much as I am check the Facebook Page where I will release some more info.

In the mean time check out the full preview. Hot!!!

Heartbreak & Toddla T Blaze up ( That Jeffrey ) by David Heartbreak

Speaking of inspirational producers check out the king, Dillon Francis and his latest track. Got summer's semen all through this banger!

Most active man in the game, Neki Stranac putting the Moombahton groove in Duck Sauces latest track Big Bad Wolf

One of my fav producers JWLS. Constantly bringing out hot tracks. Never disappointing. Also JWLS is one half of GTA which just released there latest EP under Laidback Lukes label "Mixmash".
Check out there EP here

babySTEPS is getting on his grind bringing out some major bangers!

Very nice mashup from two huge tracks on the scene, into a colossal attack of awesomeness!

One of the filthiest Moombahcore tracks I've heard! Courtesy of Patrick Peters!

Also if you liking what you see. Check out Moombah-Thong for daily posts of the hottest genre sweeping the globe!