Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Late Night Action II / Jamie XX Essential Mix

That "New New".. Make sure to check out the Essential Mix at the bottom of the post.

Purity Ring - Ungirthed In my opinion this song is amazing, and it's just one of many off of the new album.

Little Comets - Johanna (AMTRAC Remix)Korn ft. Skrillex - Get Up (Autoerotique Club Remix) Mixing metal and dubstep can't get any better. I doubt those that doubt Skrillex.

Jensen Sportag - Everything Good (Teeel Remix) Throwing the "Chillstep" out there.

Feed Me - Cott's Face Feed Me goes hard with this club banger, turn it up louder.

Jamie XX, the producer, DJ & member of The XX gives us the royal treatment and hops into the booths of BBC. Giving us this - Essential Mix. Melt in the madness...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Moombahton Monday Vol. 12

D Rakkas (South Rakkas Crew) - Gangsta Revival (JWLS Remix) JWLS is without a doubt my favorite Moombahton producer. Collaborating with names such as Nadastrom, Gianni Marino & more. And smashing tracks such as Move, Vibrate & more, I don't really need to say much else? If you are still not impressed (which if you aren't, you are may as well stab your own face) check out this latest banger

babySTEPS & 2DEEP - Fresh Crew babySTEPS & 2DEEP are back again with their second EP "Fresh Crew" with remixes from Aylen, Alex Supremee, Snowlin & CY Kosis. Also if your loving babySTEPS, 2DEEP and just loving Moombahton in general and in the San Diego area. Check this massive gig coming your way early November! "Verloren"

Munchi - Esta Noche Going back to the classics which has shaped Moombahton today and for the future, One of the main boys that has been around since the very beginning! Munchi! Taking a classic Montell Jordan and giving it a nice dutch bounce!

Oh Snap!! - Who Let The Douche Bags In (The Mane Thing Moombahton Remix) Australian sensation The Mane Thing remixing the latest single by Oh Snap!! (Sorry for the lack of info on this track, you beat us in the Tri-Nations ): )

DJ G Buck - Yoshi Does Moombah Everyones favorite game! Yes I am talking about Mario! Sampled in this banger of a track with a huge Dutch drop!

Until next time



Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome 2 My City

Sup bitches. Back in NYC.

This post contains nothing but the latest in some of that sexy dubstep, post dubstep, and this new future R&B sound that's killin' it.

All some weird funky shit, but damn good nonetheless. So check it da fuck out. Also, Fade County is getting very close to being reunited in NYC, so WIPE THAT SILLY FUCKIN' CAT MAKE UP OFF AND GET READY TO GET FUCKED UP FADE COUNTY STYLE.

Now, for muzik...

Ain't Nobody (Breakage Remix)- Clare Maguire Found this on Diplo's dubstep mix he made awhile back. It's just smooth simple sexy deep bass with some nice pretty vocals on top. It makes me think of bitches grinding on dance poles.

I'm On One (Spinstyles Remix)- DJ Khaled Ft. Drake, Rick Ross, & Lil Wayne Spinstyles gives me the only reason to listen to Drake. Smooth bass with a simple extra lil grind, plus some killer verses by all of the above. Spinstyles is killin' it, so check his shit out.

Im Da Shit (Gucci Horror Show Remake by Tamara Sky)- Gucci Mane You know Tamara Sky and the murderous sounds she mixes together, so check out this remix coming straight out da 666. I know we already put up the Shlohmo remix which is boss, but I thought I'd give the other end in remixes.

My City- Soulja Boy Yeah, fuckin' Soulja Boy. He went really out of his way to try and imitate the sound of the Weeknd, and I think he did a fuckin' good job. Heavily auto-tuned vocals on some trap sounding beat with that future synth sound. U gon' luv me in my city.

NRG- Orbatak Another track I found on Diplo's mix. Heavy grinding bass made sexy with some intense reverbed echoey vocals. Enjoy another dirt nasty sex jam.

Sippy Cup- Shlohmo So I'll be honest, I got the Shlohmo discography. But out of everything I've heard this is the best. It incorporates that weird funky hip-hop sound as well Shlohmo's dark evil side where he gets fuckin' heavy wit da bass. Enjoy and blow your brains out.

Pretty Boy Swag (Shlohmo Remix)- Soulja Boy This right here is my pretty boy swag. Funky weird fun remix of some swag muzik. What else do you need to know? Shlohmo knows how to destroy.

The Party & The After Party (Kastle Remix)- The Weeknd I've been really feeling the Weeknd, but this is by far my favorite. It's nice and heavy, but still has the same sexy sound that the Weeknd always maintains. Damn fuckin' good.

So that's all I got, but there'll be more to come. But seriously, Fade has big plans for NYC, so get your shit together. And also, wipe those whiskers off, you look like a silly bitch.

Hurricane iLean | gLAdiator, Hudson Mohawke, & Dances with White Girls!

rainy day or something, i'm faded. apparently theres a hurricane. let's get so silly

Alpha (Bowly's Electromagnetic Remix) - Intreau getting way this tech house/progressive thing has really been working for me lately. eerie build gets down and funky, in a future-middle eastern-harem sort of way. opiumusic

Everytime i De De Dances (look at me now dawg edit) - Dances with White Girls until now i was dissatisfied with the volume of "Look At Me Now" Remixes that had come out...and then came Dances With White Girls. electro as fuck and fuzzier than a box of peaches, this one turns up the heat

Danger Zone (Original Mix) - gLAdiator got this literally as I was watching the episode of Archer the gLAdiator homies ripped this sample from... and lemme say I was more than pleasantly surprised. if applied in the right places, moombahcore will take your evening from Kenny Loggins to Ted Nugent (what?)

Thunder Bay - Hudson Mohawke another BANGER off the prodigy's new ep, this one takes those synth rap songs in every Trick Daddy song and turns them on their heads. although I could still see Trick Daddy MURKING the fuck outta this one. rip

WhenYourAThug (jonwayne's apocalyptic rhetoric) - Jonwayne method man-flow-worthy fight rap with chillwave, even witch house sensibilities? sign me up.

Chains - Gatekeeper dark, 80's ass synth odyssey a la Kavinsky, this one's what taking a midnight ride on your lightcycle sounds like.

6 Degrees (Booka Shade Remix) - Audiofly Feat. Fiora the dude's i'm by far the most excited for at IDentity, this one builds and builds and builds until you can't take it anymore..and dive right into the beat. like most _____, this one only gets better as it rides ;)

shoutout to noisey.com for a few of these!

fuck off, irene


Friday, August 26, 2011

Prepare to Die

I'm feelin' a lil' dark tonight.
Reincarnation - High Ranking This is the story of the reincarnation of a killer who came back from the dead to possess a man's soul, make love to his woman, and get the vengeance he craved. It was a real mean killing, and the wrong man died... they buried his body, but his soul survived!

Prepare to Die - Bare Noize From Borgore's label, Buygore Records. For a (Bor)gory murder-scene soundtrack. My kinda Friday night!

Where My Keys (Original Mix) - Deadmau5 I think Deadmau5 is back. He was dope when he started, when nobody had heard of him. Then as the masses progressed from calling him dead-mau-five to attending his shows, he became progressively shittier. But since HR 8938 Cephei, it's a whole other story...

Metro Music (Original Mix) - David Guetta NO, WE DON'T FUCKING LISTEN TO... wait, forget his name. So I saw that Guetta just released a bunch of shit and I was like fuck you I will never listen to you! Then I closed my eyes and clicked it...and lo and behold, I fucking liked it. We'll probably have to change his name on iTunes to something else though... like...David Ghetto? Just keep it trill is all.

Belispeak - Purity Ring You absolutely have to dig Purity Ring. Here's their most recent track. It's future pop you'll actually like, with hardly audible female vocals and dreamy, yet eerie shit to get lost to.

Bad Coffee (Joseph Capriati Remix) - Funk D'Void This is really ridiculously low key and don't even open it if you're feelin' full of energy. It's on my psychopath playlist.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wash Me, I'm Fuckin' Dirty (mini post)

Something different. With a disco feel, and an 80's vibe The Rapture takes it to a level of complete 100% satisfaction. DOWNLOAD NOW

For all the vampires, who love to crack a bottle open and party.

Not a new track from Crystal Fighters, but this is one of my favourite songs from of their album Star Of Love. Get pumped. Go rage!

Minimal at its best, Shlohmo makes me feel like I downed a bottle of lean and got transported to the back of the grimiest Electro spot in the South. Gucci always knows how to speak to me ;)

Some dirty reverbs and bass that we've come to rely on from these heads. Excision & Datsik killin' it. Listen to the track bitch!

Peace. Cam...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The name's Don Clark, delighted to meet you. I like my tunes how I like my women: classy as all hell, stripped down, sometimes tropical, definitely unusual

now listen to this minty freshness i picked out just for you:

Benga - Acid Lie admit it, you're getting a lil' tired of dubstep. it seems like every producer out there is choosing from the same basket of shrill wobbles and generic bass-drops. shits getting old real fast. fortunately, London-based dubstep OG Benga is back with a new track. its minimal acid bassline and groovy rhythm will hit you hard and make you reconsider your love affair with bro-step. proper tune.

Jon Convex - Falling Again Fresh future-tech from Jon Convex, half of UK bass duo Instra:Mental. catchy melody and hypnotizing vocal sample. if you wanna feel cool and british, bag this track, its burning up every dancefloor across the pond.

Synkro - Girl This man is a seriously talented producer. while he's usually known for deep, soulful tunes that aren't so hot on the dancefloor, this Rn'B/dubstep hybrid always gets the girls windin' and grindin'

Lunice - I see you (Girl Unit remix) this UK bass music boss is unstoppable. If you haven't heard of Girl Unit yet, clean out your fockin ears and get an internet connection. Here he's given my hometown hero, Lunice, the remix treatment with a tune that sounds like an extra-terrestrial chopped n' screwed Waka Flocka beat . plenty of skittering hi-hats and hyphy synths, call it Space Trilla if you will

that's all for now. stay classy, internet!

- The Dapper Don Clark

Monday, August 22, 2011

Moombahton Monday Vol. 11

The last week has been getting slammed with hot Moombahton EP's from some of the biggest names on the scene!

Heartbreak is proving to be not only the king of Moombahsoul. But Moombah in genre. Banging out tunes from all sub genres of Moombahton. Check out his latest EP

1. Heartbreak - Level 10
2. BigMAKK & Heartbreak - Beautiful Noize
3. Toddla T & Heartbreak - Blaze Up (Mendez & Pickster VIP Remix)

Starfoxxx has gone experimental with his latest EP "Karolina". Combining Moombahton & Witch House to create Bruja-ton

KAROLINA EP by starfoxxxchicago

Staying on the subject of experimental Moombahton, Chong-x has delivered 5 tracks of pure sex. Taking a very different approach on this EP "Toritos"

Toritos EP by chong-x

DJ Sabo's label Sol Selectas has just released an EP dedicated to the Moombahton Massive gigs sweeping the USA! With tracks by Sabo, Melo, Sazon Booya, Pickster, Nadastrom & Jon Kwest!

Moombahton Massive V ep by SolSelectas

Also Mad Decent has announced the highly anticipated release of Diplo & Dillon Francis's remix EP to Que Que featuring Maluca. To be released on the 23rd which is tomorrow! Containing remixes from Alvaro, Torro Torroa, Toy Selectah, Mahesa Ultra & Dipha Barus!
While you wait for the release grab the Torro Torro remix for free!

Dillon Francis & Diplo-Que Que feat. Maluca (Torro Torro Remix) by maddecent

Saturday, August 20, 2011

look its saturday!| Hudson Mohawke, TEED, & Win some tickets to IDentity fest!


Takyon (Death Yon) - Death Grips Death Grips do NOT give a fuck. as far as genre is concerned, imagine everything heavy you've ever heard, blend it together with all the most terrifying footage of nuclear explosions you've ever seen, and add an angry black poet. next. level.

Other Planets (Style of Eye Remix) - Itch-E and Scratch-E Feat. MDNA tech house, the way it's supposed to be done. rave music to the exxxtreeeeme. this one's dirty

Black America (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Plateosaurus Mix) - Oddyssey fine, this one's a 192, but the 320 is more than worth it if you can find it. some of the nicest chords & sampling in awhile. TEED is gonna be huge--just remember we called it first.

Cbat - Hudson Mohawke hot off his brand spankin' new Satin Panthers EP, our favorite aquacrunker is back at it again and this track is just CRYING to be rapped over. Earl or Wayne would reinvent the game over this

Motivation [Lil B] - Clams Casino mmmmore fuzz than peach flavored pussy, lean back and churf a doobie to this one. think The Weeknd minus the whining (which is really starting to get to me). don't get me wrong, House of Balloons might be the future, but Clams Casino is the avant garde

Household Goods - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs this song is so fucking good it's like an instruction manual on how to use Massive. this song blips on out of nowhere and takes you along for the ride. makes me happy :)


We got TWO tickets we're giving away to IDentity fest this Thursday in Bayfront Park, & YOU (yes, YOU!) are going to win them. Here's how

invite all of your friends to "Like" the Fade County Facebook page. Whoever gets the most people to like our page by WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT, wins TWO (2) Free Tickets to rave their fucking balls off at IDentity.

Here's the catch- your friends HAVE TO WRITE ON OUR WALL saying "(your name) sent me" or something along those lines, so we know who has brought the most people to the Fade side.

We're already counting, so GET ON IT NOW!!!


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friday Drunk Breakfast

Not having a phone has made me, has made me realize how much of a dysfunctional person I am. And also that I need a phone. Stay tuned for some more NEW ASS SHIT.

California Dreamin' (Minnesota Remix) - Minnesota
Minnesota is so sleek & sexy with his drops, this is a remix of a classic song "California Dreamin". Goes hard.

This song is fucking beautiful. It'll lift you off your feet. Smoke one.

When is Crizzly not making it rain BASS.

Swagged out to the maximum..Stay fresh. Fresher than a peppermint, look at these hoes on me.

Recently Housse de Racket has been growing on me, electronic bangin' at its best. Made for good vibes and beachy days.

Moombahton for your azz. Shake

Stay Faded, Cameron..

RoadTrippinnn. Nero & Skream

En route to the glorious town of Boulder. Mayhem will ensue in a lil' while...for now though, I have some new tracks for you guys.

NERO's brand new album just released, and GODDAMN is it good.

here it is in full 320 studio release quality!

It's almost like their music tells a story. Some fucking epic story with dragons and ninjas and crazy fucked up shit like that. word.


Now for some other tasty treats.

Really been into Skream lately. He brings new stuff to the table with every song that he does, always different, yet always super dope. Check this one out

Ripped...fuck off, it's dope as fuck regardless. Laidback Luke and Skream? Now there's a combo for ya! Really sick noise going on here, wish it was full quality. Can't wait for the release

Remember this fucked up namby pamby "techno" song that everyone used to get stoked on in middle school? Whoever this KleptoMaddox dude is, completely fucked their shit up. Like straight up injected that shit with steroids and let it loose in the ring type of stuff...bassinyaface

You might have heard the original track, or maybe even the dubbbbbtastic remix that I posted up awhile back...but Savoy came in and made this track something else. Took the fairly mellow original and made it into a house banger. In typical Savoy fashion...they killed it

Electro. And it's pretty fucking sick. DDY took the original, gave it some coke, and let it go to town. Super fast paced, dope synths, fuckyeah

New craziness from the Circus Records crew. Roksonix is back at it...not that he ever wasn't. Bigggggg fucking tune right here

that's it, that's all, keep the passion alive


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dip It Low for Dis Hoe

I now draw two velvet curtains you're too weak to lift, and welcome myself to the Fade Side. The name's amadZ and this bitch runs her own site of tasteful debauchery and discrete hipsterdom: SleepFuckParty.com. But for the purposes of Fade County, I'm a slutty barista who loves nothing more than mixxxing her weekly fixxx of Fadorade-- that is, a prized brew of liquid bass and tits only I can serve you. Much like ambrosia, this aural delicatessen used to be the stuff of myth... until Fade. So yeah, anatomically, I can't fuck bitches (strap-on dildo? what?), but the least I can do is make sure you do get laid in Fade. Behold, the wompage:

Flashback (Millions Like Us Remix) - Calvin Harris You dig the original, so dig this remix by the fly trio even more. Aggressive bass and sexxxified synths bring it onto the dubstep side of life, while the vocals are more purposeful, like they want you real bad or something. You're welcome.

Mothers Pride (Fog's Surge Redux) - Floribunda Right at the start, the barely audible yet still alluring female vocals submerge you in a hypnotic state where everything' s spinning too fast, and then, they go right in for the kill. They're the sirens, you're the dead drunken sailor. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Amber (Chubby Fingers Dubstep Bootleg) - 311 Remember your favorite track 10 years ago? The ethereal love song featuring the surf guitar and a reggae-flavor that made you feel like the biggest Miami kid that ever stomped the palm tree-ridden yard? Yeah well, I'm bringing that feeling back-- with dub.

Eyes - Kaskade ft. Mindy Gledhill A sweet and soft, yet still upbeat track coated with female vocals that keep repeating-- and enticing-- "Look into my eyes." You better do it to it, 'cus you definitely don't want a bitch lookin' like dis. Shit's messy.

Killer (Bombs Away Remix) - The Disco Fries feat. Clinton Sparks To me, this sounds like Gay Male Vocals vs. Red-Blooded Dubstep. The dude keeps talking about tonight and sayin' bullshit like, "I am a killer," but I'm pretty sure it's Bombs Away that makes the track a killer.

Superhero (Freefire Remix) - Rabbit Killer Rabbit Killer? Does my non-existent soul just subconsciously gravitate tracks nominally related to murder? I hope so. If fire is free, burn shit to this. Who said the London Riots couldn't take a trip to Fade?

Wildfire (Drumma Boy remix feat. Shabazz Palaces) - SBTRKT A more relaxed version of a track I see has recently been featured on here. It's the grimy and catchy staccato love song of the waning summer.Get down to this.

And after you've sipped my concoction to the last drop, play this and pass out. Because you can.



Tuesday, August 16, 2011


This isn't your average Fade County post. I've been listening to a lot of old hip-hop, but focusing a lot on trap. Honestly, I can't get enough of it. It's so simple, hood, and just boss.
What got me started was this mixtape that Lex Luger & Juicy J hosted. Lex Luger produced most of the tracks, and Juicy J raps on most of them, if not, he introduces them by throwing on his "We trippy mane!" tag.

This mixtape features gunshots, repetitive chorus, hyphy lyrics, and some real trap beats primarily hitting at 140 BPM, perfect for playing with dubstep. Check out HEROESxVILLAINS to hear the PRO at mixing trap and dubstep. Another specialist in this specialty is Tamara Sky. Peep their mixes for some other tasty trap tunes.

This mixtape features 24 full length tracks, but you'll still want more. Where to start? After listening to all of them the following tracks made it to the top list to be played while I'm riding round in my blood painted ford focus: "Pop a Bean" "I Can't Help It" "Money Balls" New Hoes" and "Geeked Up On Dem Barz" (Fade County style).

So, give this trap muzik a chance, and go ahead and download the Trap-A-holics: Young Nigga Movement Mixtape and get into some of this mo' fuckin' trippy muzik.

01. Juicy J – Young Nigga Movement Intro
02. V.A.B.P. – Pop A Bean [Prod. By Lex Luger]
03. V.A.B.P. – I Can’t Help It [Prod. By Rellgotbeatz]
04. Juicy J – Money Balls [Prod. By Lil Lody]
05. V.A.B.P. Feat. Juicy J & Trey Songz – Back It Up [Prod. By Lex Luger]
06. V.A.B.P. Feat. Juicy J – Lean [Prod. By Lex Luger]
07. V.A.B.P. Feat. Juicy J – New Hoes [Prod. By Lex Luger]
08. V.A.B.P. Feat. Project Pat – Chopper Loose [Prod. By Lex Luger]
09. Juicy J Feat. 2 Chainz – Oh Well [Prod. By Lex Luger]
10. Juicy J Feat. Tha Joker – You Ain’t The Only One [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
11. V.A.B.P. Feat. Spinks & Juicy J – Shades On [Prod. By Lex Luger]
12. Juicy J – Roll Me Up Some Weed [Prod. By Juicy J, Teezio & Billy Wes]
13. Juicy J – Work Out [Prod. By Lex Luger]
14. Juicy J Feat. Cory Gunz – We Gon Delete Um [Prod. By Urboyblack]
15. V.A.B.P. – Act A Fool [Prod. By Lex Luger]
16. Juicy J – Geeked Up On Dem Barz [Prod. By Sonny Digital]
17. V.A.B.P. Feat. Project Pat – Now [Prod. By Lex Luger]
18. V.A.B.P. – TTG Wanna See [Prod. By Lex Luger]
19. V.A.B.P. Feat. Juicy J & Baby E – Rockstar Stoned [Prod. By Mike Maven]
20. Juicy J – Put Some Bands On Ya [Prod. By Yung Ced]
21. Juicy J – Maui Wowi Intro
22. V.A.B.P. – Maui Wowi [Prod. By Lex Luger & T-Az Of The Ive League]
23. Juicy J – I Hope You Know By Now [Prod. By Yung Ced]
24. V.A.B.P. Feat. Juicy J – 7 Dayz [Prod. By Lex Luger]
25. Juicy J – I Can’t Remember Da Last Time [Prod. By Lex Luger]
26. Juicy J Feat. V.A.B.P. – Smoke That Bitch [Prod. By Lex Luger]
27. Juicy J – Young Nigga Movement Outro

Also, check out this video for this new FKI mixtape that HEROESxVILLAINS and Diplo are putting together. From what I've been told, it's only gonna get better from here!

Fuckin' bangin, eh? Download it here, bitch. FKi & Flux Pavillion- I Can't Stop

Now, for HEROESxVILLAINS newly produced track...

How I Does It (Prod. by HEROESxVILLAINS)- Young Lyxx feat. Zip Kennedy Str8 trapstep. Über dope grindy bass with some Roscoe Dash sounding vocals. Pure nastiness, can only expect the best from this dude. Fuckin' enjoy.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Moombahton Monday Vol. 10

Hope you are ready for some unreleased tunes! Courtesy of my side project Moombah-Thong. Bringing you 5 tunes from some of the hottest names in Moombahton!

babySTEPS - Bounce That babySTEPS jumping on this bill and going crunk and heavy! Abit different from his old original work. But loving this style non the less!

Aylen - Dafton Aylen getting inspiration from Daft Punk and mixed with abit of Dutch styled Moombahton. Also Aylen has his debut EP coming out very soon! I advise you keep an eye out!

Wallpaper - Stupid Facced (Mendez Moombahton Edit) I say this time and time again and I never get sick of it. El Cuco is fucking dominating! The hottest Mooombahcore is most likely the work of El Cuco! And at the head of it all, Mendez. Banging out weekly shows via ustream. Smashing out your favorite tracks, and even the sly exclusive. Aswell as bringing out this heavily distorted track!

El Polen - El Hijo del Sol (Chong-x Remix) Chong-x speaks for himself. Bringing out regular bangers using inspiration from almost anything! One of the most versatile boys in the game!

Sazon Booya - Sucia Bailar Sazon Booya are definately putting their name on the scene, after their debut EP "La Bomba" under their record label Rot10 Musik. Things are looking vert promising for this NY duo!

Bringing up El Cuco main man Mendez again. Asking on a tune to remix. Agreeing to remix the classic tune, "Luniz - I got 5 on it". 7 tracks came back to the call. What is your favorite of the pack?

Luniz - I Got Five On It (Chong X RMX) by chong-x
Luniz - I got 5 on it(Mendez moombahton remix) [DL LINK in info] by m3ndez
Strooly-I Got 5 On It by Strooly
Luniz - I Got 5 on It (ICS remix) by theICS
Luniz - I got 5 on it (GO!NASTY's Ridin High Moombahton Remix) by DJ JJC
I Got 5 On It (Daims & ChriSupreme MoomBAYton Remix) by DAIMS&CHRISUPREME
Lightning EyeZ - Kush Kore (Original Moombahcore Mix) by Lightning EyeZ

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Don't Bring a Gun To a KNIFE PARTY!

Yeah what's gudda?

Another quick one for you guys before I head out to Detroit and Colorado.

Everyone has probably heard about the group Pendulum who are most noted for their track entitled "The Island", which has been remixed by everyone and their mother. Two of the dudes from said group just started this new project called KNIFE PARTY. Kind of an edgier, more bassed-out sound. It's fucking tight.
Here's a few tracks that I came across while downloading earlier this week, all of them go hard...expect an EP of some sorts from these fools in the future.


Adding a heavier sound to the already sick Nero original

Knifed-out moombahskrilllllllsssssss


I've been listening to a ton of Le Castle Vania lately. If you haven't heard them before, they have a very intense, dark electro sound to their songs. Describing their sound, I would have to say it's sort of like a dance party, but everyone's wearing spiked clothing and smoking meth. Just give these a listen.

A completely different take on the original from D.I.M.. Basically takes a womped out glitchfest and turns it into some sort of dreamy electro trance

Pumped up type of shit. Let it build and then the drop goes craaaaaazy


Now on to some other random tracks that have been on repeat for me lately.

Electro house like no other. Starts off with a bang, gets quiet...and then comes back again with even more intensity. The vocal samples are ON POINT in this one!

Colorado homie Paper Diamond takes SBTRKT's dankness and turns it up a notch with some glitchy wobbles and hyped up beeeeeeeetz

New Mau5. Heard this at Lolla...not gonna lie, I freaked the fuck out when he started playing this.

Here's why...

keep it passionate...always


Friday, August 12, 2011


kids fucking 16... FUCKING 16 , most of us were jerking it @ 16 madeon is making hits check this shit out

Feel So Close (TABS Bootleg Remix)-Calvin Harris
hard to improve a badass track like feel so close but the TABS remix is pure genius

knocked up (DEATH TO THE THRONE REMIX)-Lykke Li
death to the throne, instant classic, fucking peek it!

Basic Space (Jamie xx's Space Bass Remix)-The xx
basic , sexy, funk. jamie xx's space bass mix is great to smoke 2 -_-.. and bang 2

Islands (Nosaj Thing Remix)-The XX
fuckit another great smoking track

I'm On One (KillaGraham Remix) Final-DJ Khaled ft Drake, Lil Wayne
two white cups could be purple could be pink

nice little soundcloud stumble, funk!!! let me know what you think

Came Along-Amtrac
been awhile since i posted an amtrac track shits pure funk enjoy

Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)-John Denver
cant wait to catch these dudes @ id festival aug 25th for now ill keep blasting them

Up Up (Body Language Remix)-Givers
woof, fucking sweet jam ova here
now here's those boobs

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tunes For The Afternoon - Afrojack, Steve Aoki, Dillon Francis, M83

Still frazzled from Lolla, counting down the days till i'm back in the 303.

Here's some tracks for you guys, just some ones that've been on repeat for me lately.

To start things off, we have a new video from heavy hitters Afrojack & Steve Aoki. Their track "No Beef" just officially released the other day and i've gotta say the vocal mix of this track is pretty sick. The video is...entertaining to say the least

Seems like everyone in the video is enjoying the song...so you guys should too. Here it is in full un-ripped 320 quality!

Enjoy...now on to some other stuff.

As if the first version of this song wasn't sick enough. The self-acclaimed "king of moombahton" one-upped himself and turned his dubstep masterpiece into a moombahton dancehall classic that is sure to get you dancing one way or another

So the intro is kind of slow and boring, but don't be fooled. The drop in this one will make you do crazy and stupid things. Dubstepppppinnnnnnnnnnnnn

Never really been a Chuckie fan. Saw him at Lolla and he completely changed my mind, had me dancing the whole goddamn time. He played this new track and the vibe of it had me hooked instantly. I know Chuckie and Afrojack sort of go hand-in-hand when talking about dutch house, but i'm gonna go ahead and say it anyways...this is very Afrojack-esque.

Taking things down a notch with this one. Pretty laid-back and mellow, but there's some bass in there somewhere...somewhere

Another Savoy track for you guys. Pretty sure their show at Lolla re-inspired me to go back and listen to all of their stuff...i've been hooked lately. This one's got more of an electro-vibe to it, but still keeps that genuine Savoy house feel alive

No idea who this dude is, a homie hooked me up with this one. Regardless, I think it's worth a listen. Basically a pumped-up remix of Avicii's summer anthem, electro synths and even a few wobbles thrown in there. Good job ol' chap!

Electro at its finest right here. The vocals work so well in this song, doesn't hurt that the song also has Lazy Rich's trademark bangin' synths in the background. Bangin!

Alright, usually its the other way around. Nero usually remixes Calvin Harris...I must admit this is the first Nero track that i've heard remixed in the reverse order. It works spectacularly. Still keeping most of the elements that you love from the Nero track, but add that bouncy, house feeling that Calvin Harris brings to all of his other tracks, bang! You have this song right here...

---Bonus Section---Willy Joy Remixes!

Two remixes to Willy Joy's track "A Woman Like Me". Both remixes are completely different. The Chicago duo Flosstradamus adds a jazzy, dance vibe to the track, while Dillon Francis takes it in the complete opposite direction and turns it into a moombahton masterpiece. Check it out!


keep it passionate...always!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are you ready for a MartyParty? | Contest, Interview, + Sick FUXKING TRAXX

That's right, lovelies, Purple Bass Warrior MartyParty is coming to the Fillmore Miami Beach this Friday with Caligula, Basshead, and fucking CALVERTRON, and not only do we have a fucking sweet interview filled with songs AND an exxxclusive track Marty made for Fade County, we also have a sweet little contest where we'll be giving our biggest fan two free tickets to the show!

But before we get to the contest, yours truly (the highly exalted and handsome Eazy Writer aka Eazy E aka mE Pluribus Unim) sat down with MartyParty aka Martin Folb to discuss bass, old school Outkast, & life as we know it. here goes-

-------------------- MARTYPARTY: THE INTERVIEW

Fade County (FC): First off - who are you, where are you from, and what do you plan on doing this Friday?

MartyParty (MP): My name is MartyParty aka Martin Folb - I was born and raised in South Africa. When I was 23, I moved to the States. I produce my own flavor of dance music I call purple - the best way to describe it is hip hop crossed over with dubstep (bass hiphop, gangstep etc). I invented my own formula about 2 years ago and have been banging out tracks daily since then.

FC: Fuck yeah. About this show....

MP: I tour constantly and my show is a super high energy, super intense ride through my music. I like to keep it fresh and play new tunes in each show so I write music all week in my studio and gig on the weekends. My show is very unique 'cuz I go from super insane dubstep back and forth into hip hop, 808 jams, back to bangers with all kinds of spicy and trancy elements, a capellas and sound effects, all seamlessly mixed together on the fly. I NEVER plan sets - its always improvised with a unique setup I invented that allows me to mix 4 channels together in a way you have never heard before.

FC: Bad asssss. So I hear you have other projects as well, namely one that involves stealing panties...?

MP: I have two collaborations - one with Ooah of the Glitch Mob called PANTyRAiD and one with Minnesota called Deathstar. Both just released EP's, PANTyRAiD we released Superior and DeathStar we released Ultraviolet Halo.

MP: Both of these projects play live shows as "special events" where the music of each individual as well as collaboration material can be heard. Obviously as MartyParty I'm able to play all the material :)

(above: not Marty, but the equivalent of a good time)

FC: We're stoked. Yeah, my girlfriend maintains that's the "Be-bas" in "Beba" are the single cutest notes in EDM. Do you find that side-projects and collaborations allow you more creative possibilities? And if so, who's the number one producer you would like to team up with, past or present?

MP: (laughing) I wrote BeBa for my mom - the BeBa sounds come from a synth patch I made in Ableton operator using a square wave - pretty crazy. I do collaborations just to keep it interesting - it is inspiring to work with others and to learn new tricks and techniques - you never know what to expect - its also good to get another set of ears on a tune early and often. I go through spells based on releases or time constraints, if we are both off tour and free for two weeks we'll write music together.

MP: If I could pick any collaboration it would be with a mainstream hip hop or pop vocalist looking to make a huge statement in the mainstream by working with a bassline. Much like the Adele remix I did - that formula is next level. If I have to drop names - Lil Jon, Snoop, Drake, Wiz, Brittney, Nicki, Wayne, blah blah...

FC: A Weezy/MartyParty remix would be huge! Somebody needs to add some killer wobbles and sampling to "Pussy, Money, Weed" already - the vocals are too smooth! Anyway, any favorite tracks at the moment?

MP: Shit! Number one problem - I don't listen to other music - I don't feel anything other than Doctor P, Flux Pavillion, MiMosa, Crizzly and hip-hop on Pandora - I can't stand anything else - most producers will tell you a similar story - when I sit in the studio I don't want to reproduce anything, so it's better to arrive at an idea from a blank mind - and feel it - the pure inspiration, yadig?

FC: Amazing. Thanks for the interview Marty!

MP: Sweet!

(one day later I get an email)

MP: You ask, you get ;) Thanks for the [Lil Wayne] tip - great tune. Actually an Outkast song if you didn't know already - called Jazzy Bell ENJOY! Feel free to share with full props to Outkast, Lil Wayne, MartyParty and yours truly.



So basically MartyParty made us a chune, and he's going to drop it live this Friday. Here it is, in it's entire glory, along with a few others :)

FADE COUNTY WORLDWIDE PREMIERE: Pussy, Money, Weed (MartyParty Remix) - Lil' Wayne

Shorty - MartyParty

Be My Fucking Boyfriend (MartyParty Dubstep Remix) - The Bird and The Bee

Infinity (MartyParty Remix) - The XX

Hard in Da Paint (MartyParty Purple Remix) - Waka Flocka Flame

-------------------- AND NOW THE CONTEST --------------------


1.) Make your Facebook status: "I'm going to see MartyParty this Friday because Fade County Loves me."

2.) TAG OUR FACEBOOK PAGE IN THAT STATUS. You must 'Like' our page to win.

3.) Get as many likes on your status as you can by Friday. And MAKE SURE WE KNOW YOU'RE IN THE CONTEST!!!

4.) Whoever gets the most likes WINS TWO (2) FREE TICKETS TO THE PARTY. it's that eazy.

And if you don't win, SO WHAT! buy your tickets HERE!

See you at the MartyParty ;)