Friday, September 30, 2011


you wanna?

Sea Birds (Moon) - Balam Acab next level space chillwave -- turn this shit up and bounce into the stratosphere

Goth Star - Pictureplane an 80's vibe turns into some certified sexifiable sampling. rollllll up

MPB - Gold Panda gettin crunchy on that vibraphone swag times a zillion. this is the future of sex music.

Peaky Caps - Gold Panda getting your glitchstep on the right way. every day i'm shu---tthefuckup.


Wolf Cub - Burial & Four Tet this one builds from very little glimmers into some wide ass, expansive ass percussion. get down widdit

Sleepless feat. Anthony for Cleopatra - Flume killing it in the game with this vocally fucked, four to the floor beauty. get your hipster game ON!

fuck yourself though. no no no make love! no no no fuck! both!!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

Its Thursday. The girls are thirsty!

Finally this week is coming to a fucking close. For all you weekend alcoholics out there, tonight is the night to get your drank on. Here's some tunes for your "appropriate" weekend activities.
I'm also trying out some new album artwork on these...just something I threw together a few days ago...I think you guys might like it.

New Gemini dubstep for ya nostrillllllllls. Sick build, then goes quiet...but then goes fucking crazy

A really different take on that namby pamby song that everyone loves. This is probably my favorite version of this track right hurrrrrrr

Electro house from some dude named Walden. All I know is that this shit is on point.

I swear every one of this dude's tracks are fucking dope. He's taking dubstep back to it's roots. Basic wobbles, dubbed out beat, some nice melodies in the background. This sounds like some Fabriclive 37 shit, old school, good stuff.

New Feed Me? I love the vocal samples that he uses. Kinda glitchy, but in typical Feed Me fashion...he destroys it.

Well, the original one by Dada Life was the bee's knees, this one takes it up a bit further. More electro house for ya

Not sure if Sanka has thrown this one up or not...I wouldn't put it past him, he's always posting the dopest of the moombahton tracks...speaking of which, this is one right here. While I have ya here, everyone should also check out his moombah-blog Moombah-Thong!

These next three are from a dude who goes by the name of Figure. Producing some of the sickest remixes that i've heard in awhile, this guy is for sure gonna be a part of the drumstep/electro/dubstep world for a hot minute at least. I'm not even going to explain these three other than: you've all heard the originals before, Figure absolutely shits on them, fuck off.

Just for shits and giggles, i'm also posting up the newest episode of Diplo's Radio Show Blow Your Head. It's jam packed with new tunes, both released and unreleased.

keep it passionate, always


Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Total- SebastiAn Kick it off with some fast, heavy, spine-crushing french electro from France's finest. Too bad it couldn't be longer.

Boston Cream- 16bit Looks like he's been at, the new EP 16bit's released is just about the only good dubstep I've heard released in ages. Miss that old grime factor? Well goddamnit, here it is. Off the EP entitled "Dinosaurs".

Dinosaurs- 16bit That straight villainous-type shit. Get this.

Up All Night (Skream's Behind Closed Doors Remix)- Alex Clare This one's got Skream's name written all over it. Think back on his In for the Kill mix, this tune is comparable to that. Smooth, heavy bass.

Whistle Tips- Point.Black It's that WHOOO WHOOO. Whistle tips chunked up 1000%

Mary Doesn't Mind Anything (Dennis Demens & Patrick M Remix)- Cocodrills Big, big ups to this track. Kinda like something that would resonate in your ears after a wild night in Ibiza. Tech-House FTW

The Power of Sound- Netsky Polish this one off with a great one from Netsky. Nothing like some smooth Drum & Bass.

Keep it Locked motherfuckers.

The Galaxy's Weekend Justice Machine

A wise man once said to me, "be a fucking feminist for once!"

Shake it Out (The Weeknd Remix) - Florence + The Machine Seems we indiscriminately dig anything by Toronto's The Weeknd but we don't; shit's consistently good. Smokey and dark harmonies from me to you.

The Golden Age (Justice Remix) - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour Good thing the NYC Asteroids Galaxy Oct. 4th show sold out (cuts wrists). Basically, Justice took the Danish pop band's shit and added in their signature funky guitar while retaining Mette Lindberg's craycray vocals. And she's probably pretty hot (<<< aka click that duhhh).

I'm God [Lil B] - Clams Casino Sexy, girly shit with subtle moans suitable for any Fade-rated encounter. Actually my favorite track right now 'cus I can do pretty much anything to it. Yeye, run le gamut.

Nagoya - Hodgy Beats and Jonti Raping the good side of the blogosphere left to right, Nagoya had to be featured on Fade. It's unlike anything Odd Future has thrown out there, and that of course is due greatly in part to the collaboration with African/Australian electro man, Jonti: less angry, more "hey, I am a nice lady." Not to be confused with Jonti Richter, the Australian professional soccer player you've never heard of. Te-fuckin'-he.

Black Box - Kraddy Kraddy? A former member of The Glitch Mob. It's harsh and angry but you like it rough anyways so you're welcome, you sadomasochistic fuck.

No, she's not Bosco Delrey's wife so shut up.

As always
stay street,

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jersey Juke Muzik: DJ Tim Dolla, Steel, DJ LoKey

Don't be mislead by the title. This is no guido fistpumping music. Although it is based in Jersey, and is the shit poppin' off in clubs, it's way crazier than you expected.
It's a mix of Dances with White Girls and Canblaster. That crazy fast sampling and fast hard hitting beats. DJ Tim Dolla destroys all pop and and hip hop with his crazy booty sampling with them fast as fuck titty jigglin' beats.

Super minimal, yet bangin' sampling and cutting. So check it the fuck out.

Get With This (Get Busy)- DJ LoKey Gettin' crazy with the beat. Hard hitting fast bass drum with a chopped up vocal sample. Super simple, but guaranteed to get booties slammin' and hands clappin'.

Hit It 2 The Beat REMIX- DJ Tim Dolla ft. DJ Jay Hood Another hard hitting beat with vocal sampling. I love songs like this that have instructional lyrics. Hit it to the beat, turn around, BEND THAT ASS OVER!

Grove St Party (DJ Tim Dolla Remix)- Lil Wayne ft. Lil B I got a whole lot of money, pop that pussy for me. Probably one of the best remixes out there right now. Some SERIOUS booty bumpin' swag. Ya'll can't stop this shit from poppin'.

3 (DJ Tim Dolla Remix)- Britney Spears Another ridiculous remix. Breakbeat with some electro synth sampling and Britney Spears annoying ass voice. Shit gets kinda hyphy though.

The Finals (AHh Theme) (DJ Tim Dolla Remix)- Rick Ross I heard y'all biddies like Rick Ross. Here ya go then. Sampling Rick Ross' moans 'n' groans with some Lil Jon WUT and crazy booty claps. Check it.

Gucci Gucci (DJ Tim Dolla Remix)- Kreayshawn I know everybody loves this song. I'm here to tell you it only gets better. Just another crazy juke remix.

Dolla Sex Sax (Club Mix)- DJ Tim Dolla Cuttin' the shit out of sex sax and makin' it a crazy ass bumpin' song. For all the shmooties to get yo jiggle on.

On Patron- Steel Same kind of beat but cutting samples of all different crazy kinds of pop songs. All songs that influence drinking and getting crunk and all that fun shit.

Shake That- Steel Another booty slammer. All sorts of vocal sampling over the same hyphy fast drum beat. Some serious hyphy club bangers, bro.

Later this week we will release information of our upcoming NYC party. So stay tuned.

Adult Swim: {UNCLASSIFIED} is Turning Our Guts Into Jelly

Thank god she's here.

Continuing their efforts in being totally fucking awesome, all the fucking time, Adult Swim and Scion A/V have teamed up for a free brand new futurebass / post-dubstep release, {UNCLASSIFIED}, featuring rare and unreleased tracks from SBTRKT, Burial, Untold, Cooly G, and others. The tracks are all 256kbps, so they're more for lighting a few (hundred) up than for spinning live, but I'm sure you intelligent, bright, shining kids will be able to find 320s elsewhere.

We've selected a few choice cuts from the album, alongside a link to stream and download the whole thing.

Hope you've been cooling down your subwoofers 'cuz this shits about to get hot.

Running from the Demons - Lukid Smooooth, sexified kick thumps like heartbeats lend a hand to this bassy downtempo'er, which i feel like would feel scary if you were tripping. and i mean that in a good way.

Peaky - Untold bringing it back up, then, is this UK jungle funk banger that, in case bro-step had tarnished things, rebuild your loving relationship with your subwoofer.

Kerpow - XXXY with a sound straight out of an NBA '97 videogame, XXXY makes some funky future bass with some wikked 808 magic

Ikopol - Dauwd wooooof reminiscent of James Blake + Joy O's best stuff(s), Dauwd starts with very little and ends with one of the most atmospheric babymaking tracks since all of House of Balloons.

Chrome - Ginz hands down some of the fattest bass i've ever heard in my life. stripped down heavy metal drums lend a hand to colossal bass straight out of the videogame that is your soon-to-be-life.

Eris - Starkey an almost-Crookers-y intro riff builds into some seriously heavy two-step, which devolves back to the 1700's with some of the most shark-tanky string chords since the Jaws theme song. Hail Eris.


A MONSTROUS new junglebass track from @LILINTERNET. Download the fuck out of this one, because, like it's incarceration-theme, it will tear you a new asshole. gross.


2 titties tues.


strai up shout out to nikisakswillHOEandmarcela miss you guys ... ohhhh yeah and thats a badass bitch touching that ugly ass cat

somefadefuckncounty for you grime lovers no complains when these to get together

not sure youll be bouncing to this one more like ripping shit apart

butch on a dubstep-ish vibe pop a bar light up w,e your shit is and dig the fuck outta this


pretty sick lmk what you think

standalone re-edit wont let you down .. ocelot goes harder than your dads dick

pretty slick... think you'll dig it

this songs sickkkkk... i think #faded


Monday, September 26, 2011

Moombahton Monday Vol 16

This week has some of my favorite tracks and upcoming previews that cannot be ignored. All tracks MUST be used in your sets. Kids will throw down when this shit drop

Shear Gen1us - R2D2 Shear Gen1us is one of the most under rated boys in the game which will soon explode without a doubt. Taking our favorite saga and sampling it into a dutch banger

J-Trick - Vato J-Trick is leading the Australian Moombahton scene. With massive collabs on the way with names such as Heartbreak and ETC!ETC!. Things are looking very promising for him. Drop this shit at peak time in your sets and see what will happen

Drunkmaster Flex & DJ Dstar - Murderers Some of you may remember Drunkmaster Flex from his remix of Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes. Back again with his latest track sampling Ini Kamoze's classic track 'Here Comes The Hotstepper' into some massive Moombahton swag

Teen Wolf - Courtneys Down Like Teen Wolf has been a new find for me, slightly embarrassed to say to be honest. I should of known about Teen Wolf a long time ago! Regardless check out one of my many favorites

On top of these huge tracks, I am very excited about this release. Collaboration between the boys that brought you the remix album 'Watch The Throne' by Jay Z & Kanye West, Market Price. And UK based Dutch House heavyweight, Will Bailey.
Not holding back on this track, serious next level shit. Check it

Market Price & Will Bailey - Rukus (Preview) by Market Price

Also recently did a new Moombahton mix with some of my favorite tracks, including some of the above. Enjoy
Moombah-Thong 50k Mixed by Sanka by Sanka

Tracklist :

1. DMX - Party Up (Rico Tubbs Remix)
2. Market Price Ft Jay-Z & Kanye West - Otis
3. gLAdiator - Danger Zone
4. Peter Robinson - 100% In The Bitch (Downlink Remix)
5. Bro Safari - 5150
6. Lil Wayne - I Got Some Money On Me (Kev Willow Remix)
7. Lil Wayne - Up Up & Away (J-Trick Remix)
8. ETC!ETC! & Craig Williams - R.T.D
9. Drunkmaster Flex & DStar - Murderers
10. Shear Gen1us - R2D2
11. EklekTek - Check This Out
12. J-Trick - Vato
13. Consequence Ft Kanye West & John Legend - Whatever U Want (JWLS Bootleg)



Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday = A Day For House Music

Take a will last longer.
Been kinda getting into some more house-y shit lately. Since I missed SkyLab last night in Denver, I think i've been needing a new way to get my Avicii-styled progressive and big room house fix.
All these tracks are pretty self explanatory, some have been out for awhile, others are are pretty old but are still sick regardless. Fist pump (hopefully not though), dance, or do whatever to this shit, cuz it WILL make you wanna move.

Give these a listen, not really feeling the whole description thing today so my apologies on that part.

get into this shit, house music is fun as fuck.


Real quick,

Swedish House Mafia's BBC Radio One Essential Selections

Thursday, September 22, 2011

| Excision, Zeds Dead, Vaski, J.Rabbit & More! | We tha muthafuckin' Boss¡ |

So much shit released the past few days; I'd keep them to myself but then what would all the DJ's who check our site spin?
These jams fucking slam. Every song I'm about to post are thrashers. Enjoy; You're welcome, .. and fuck the fuck off.

Bassmentality - Zeds Dead & The Killabits Classic Zeds Dead dopeass voice sampling.. into that ill break we all adore so tenderly.. fuck it's good.

All You Need - Dead CÅT Bounce X The Noisy Freaks X Blaster Not sure if this is a Mash Up or a collaboration, whatever the fuck it is, it's rad.

Pumped Up Kicks (Vaski Remix) - Foster The People This is the new Vaski track the blogging world's been wetting themselves over. Hands down, one of the best remixes I've heard all year. I want to put it in my grinder, pack a bongload of this shit and smoke it it's so good.

Ohhh Nooo - Excision Oh yes. New Excision.

Wild Heart (Zeds Dead Remix) - Sabi Some more great vocal sampling into gut wrenching dub. Gotta love the synths in this one too. much love Zeds Dead, you two are demigods of the scene.

Mistadabolina - J.Rabbit Mista Bob Dabolina! J.Rabbit has risen from the grave apparently. Brand New EP, fester in it.

Who's Da Boss - Mochipet Who's Da Boss Nigga? Fade County™, Bitch! You know it, we know it, everyone fucking knows it. This track is fucking massive. big ups Mochipet

Superstition (Goofee Remix) - Stevie Wonder Let's end on this note. Some Funky ass dub.

'Til next time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

So...Ya'll Like Dutch House?

Fuck school, already four weeks in and i'm buried in work. Seems like the only proper thing to do is drink...and listen to some Dutch house, which is exactly what I have lined up for you guys tonight.

Classic Afrojack Dutch sound on this one combined with David Guetta's signature house rythms. It takes a lil while to build, but once it does...shit goes crazy.

Benassi's still fucking dope. I don't care what anyone says, the guys still pushing the limits of house music and his shows are a prime example of it. Pretty sick remix here of his song that everyone knows, only with a bit of a synthed-out second half

Really fucking busy. Screechy synths all over the place in typical Afrojack fashion. Oldschool stufffffffffffffff

I don't even really know how to describe this one, other than it's probably my favorite from this whole post. The synth patterns are on point, and the builds bring it some justice too...fuck yeah

This one has a weird Deadmau5-ish intro, but don't be fooled, it quickly goes DUTCH in no time

Basic stuff here. Chuckie took a popular song, added some dope ass synths to it, and turned out a banger...whowouldathought?

Knowing these dudes...this tune might as well just be labeled as regular house, something about it though gives it that extra dope dutch feel that you know and love...I may be wrong...but give it a listen and get back to me...jabronis

Now, to finish things off...

I am downright jealous of anyone who follows us that was able to attend NYC's Electric Zoo Festival a few weeks ago. Every single set that I have seen/heard on youtube and soudcloud is fucking crazy.

Afrojack's set is no exception to this...

fuck off. Keep it passionate, always.


Monday, September 19, 2011


Blam! The Overthrow Commissarios are out in LA with a new party called Lil Death, and are poised to take the scene down a few pegs and put the "Strip" in the Sunset Strip. Head honchette Tamara Sky sent us her wicked new mixtape for the occasion, a fucked up odyssey from death techno to rape gaze. Pretty much exactly the reason you want her far, far away from your wife and your kids. Check it out below, tracklist here.

next up we've got some exclusive Soundcloud action from The Sanfernando Sound and The Robit. BLAM!

As always, for promos, nudes, and everything else,


Moombahton Monday Vol 15

15 weeks of Moombahton! I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am! Lets get into it!

The Weeknd - Thursday (Heartbreak Remix) Heartbreak has just released the latest edition to the Moombahsoul series! Aswell as being the latest, it will be the last he will be presenting the edition, where it will be taken over by Sabo, Jon Kwest & Atlantic Connection. Who can get the entire album here!

Bro Safari - 5150 Bro Safari just hit 7k likes on his Facebook Page, so decided to be generous and give out some free 110bpm filth

Porter Robinson - 100% In The Bitch Porter Robinson just released his EP not very long ago. Amongst the 11 huge tracks, 3 of the tracks caught me, all 3 being at 108-110bpm. And to top if off Downlink was one of the Artists taking things a little different. Was expecting something alot heavier, but loved what Downlink has done with this track, kept the key Moombahton elements on this track and completely smashing it. So hats off to Downlink

Excision & Downlink - The Underground I wish I could say the same about Excisions track on his latest Album - X Rated. Also with Downlink on the bill. I hope Excision does not think this is Moombahton. However would fit in well for DJ's coming out of Moombahton into Dubstep or Electro.

Foster The People - Pumped Up Kicks (Justin Perea Moombahton Remix) Loving this Moombahton remix of the Foster The People track - Pumped Up Kicks!

Thats all from me for this week :)


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Legs Wide Shut

It's Sunday, and Welcome To Our Temple.
When you think of Fade County, you think of dark orgiastic rituals carried out to glitchy soundscapes that may as well have been replicated from a scene in Eyes Wide Shut. And if you haven't seen that then you're either an idiot or a shitty poseur. Fast forward this to 1:45 and enjoy.

Purple Swag (Jim-E Stack Bootleg) - A$AP Rocky We'll keep a lookout for Jim-E stack's debut EP coming out soon. This reminds me of a fusion between Still Tippin, the sounds of Salem, and something else I'll think of later. Also I legitimately smell fire and I'm pretty sure it's coming from the dorm next-door and not the candles. Shit brb. +++

Murderers - Drunkmaster Flex & DStar Some Mad Decent moombahton for your Sunday worshippin.' Blast this outside a church or synagogue or blow somebody's burka off with it and you get major space cake points from me.

Away - Koreless From a fine Glasgow producer who hasn't released anything in a while. Let's let him know we've got freaky women in barely-there black cloaks and maybe he'll come over to the dark side and make it twerk.

Garden (Joe Goddard Remix) - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Yes, this is Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, but you didn't even know his name. It's the same vocals you so miss from ye olde UK electronic-indie band with some sweet female vocals wrapped up all in it. Check it, son.

Det Haster! - Casiokids From a Norwegian synthpop ensemble that knows whatsup. Sounds like Röyksopp but more trill.

Lights On (Gigamesh Remix) - Katy B From British singer-songwriter Katy B, or Baby Katy, to me, to you. At only 22 years old, she infuses dubstep, R&B, funk, house and UK garage in all her productions like the pro she is.

A Daft Punk track from 1994 unearthed by a Scottish record label. Yeah yeah whatever.
Daft Punk - Drive Unreleased 1994 (Preview) by soma

Unrelated, Zeds Dead's new single suxxx ass and I'm not posting it.

Check yoself,
follow meh @amadZforthewin

Friday, September 16, 2011

Thursday, September 15, 2011

this post won't buy you breakfast tomorrow morning (unless it really really reaaaally likes you)

my second favorite angle.


gotta run to see crystal castles so the descrips are short and sweet but its ok cuz nobody reads these anyways

Zzafrika (Julio Bashmore Remix) - ZZT bashmore's a sex god on the keys .. here's why

Echoes (Siriusmo Remix) - Digitalism super arpeggiated, techy sweet sweet sweetness

Black Satanic Mysticism - Boy 8-Bit one of the sickest songs i've heard in awhile... 8-bit's got melodies & harmonies like no one else in the game.... techy as fuck but you'll love it the whole way through

I Love You So (Bowski's 2AM Remix ft. Tom Cowcher) - Cassius don't know Bowski don't know Cowcher but this one's got fashion week written all over it. electrooooooo! BUMP THIS IN A BASEMENT

Sexx (Matt Sayers Remix) - Style of Eye ugggghhhh house house house tech house. the filtering's so good it sounds like someone throwing up. which is you. after this song makes you roll too hard. gross, barf

Ancient Memories (Skream Remix) - Digital Mystikz wobwobowobowob twist one the fuck up and get your 2-step on

To New York - Falty DL deep house is so fucking gratifying when it's done right, cuz as opposed to sitting on massive for a half an hour and cranking out 210 tracks in a half hour (ahem...skrilly...porter...cough), you know that some serious time went into crafting it. fat silly bass and when the chords kick in...mmmmmmm

brb gonna fuck alice in the glass

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Morning Wood

Its getting late, and I'm ready to fuck...

ZZT - Zzafrika (Gesaffelstein Remix)

Pink Wednesday

Back at it again. Bunch of new stuff for you guys. Seeing Wolfgang Gartner tomorrow night...shit's gonna be wiiiiiiiiiild!

SO PISSED that I missed this dude at CU's welcomefest. Growing at an exponential pace in terms of popularity over the past year or so, Paper Diamond's got that "different" feel to his tunes that will get you moving no matter what. This new one's kinda dubby...

I posted up a pretty sick dubbed-out remix to this about a month or so, but since then the original has been kinda growing on me. It's kind of got an electro-disco vibe to it, the vocals are on point too.

The Chicago homies are at it again! Every new track that I hear from these guys gets sicker and sicker...this one is definitely no exception. Electrified bass with tons of funk thrown in there.

Cool story here actually...Midnight Conspiracy used to be three dudes, now its only two...the third one branched off into this new project called CENOB1TE. This shit hits hard, definitely reminds me of some Downlink type of ishhhhhh. Get ready for the bass on this one.

This one might have been posted...but imma do it again anywayz. Derek's newest shit is definitely on point. Taking his sound in a really heavy direction. This one at Lollapalooza blew my socks off.

This post just headed in the complete opposite direction. Moving away from the bass, and into the zone of house. Picked this little gem up a couple days ago, i've had it bumpin ever since. The melody is exquisite...everything goes together really well on this one.

So bummmmed that i'm gonna be missing Avicii now due to work...speaking of which, if you like Jimmy John's, and live in Boulder, hit me up! This one's fucking tight, one of my favorite house track remixes that i've heard in awhile. I thought the original was awesome, and then this one came along...

I might have posted up a ripped version of this a couple weeks ago...but that doesn't even matter. The full version is up and out, and it fucking kills. Play this shit at a party and everyone gets pumped...they might even fist pump a lil bit (fuckthat)

to finish things off, here's a video from Midnight Conspiracy and CENOB1TE playing at the House of Blues in Chicago over the summer...shit was wild!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

skrillex porter robinson SKRILLEX CALIGULA butch clancy FLUX dope

bullwack back and this is fucking BOSS

Sick-Dodge and Fuski

Pumped Up Kicks (Butch Clancy Remix)-Foster The People
BUTCH along with BULLWACK and adventureclubdubstep are my favorite sound cloud find so stoked for this mix

Ni**as In Paris (Caligula's Ni**as in Miami Remix)-Jay-Z & Kanye West
killllllled it @fillmore with zeds dead you guys are killer

All The Eastern Girls (Flux Pavilion Remix)-Chapel Club
flux flux flux flux

fuck maliks

WOOF soundclouds


R.I.P Dj Mehdi

Only 34. Sad, sad day. Cause of death hasn't been released yet, although it's been deemed as an "accident".. whatever that means. Supposedly the mezzanine he was on fell through, injuring two of his friends and taking his life.

Anyways, promethazine, jollyranchers and bacon for breakfast. RIP Dj Mehdi.

Song 2 (Wob Wob remix) - Blur I remember WMC three years ago when DJ AM dropped the original song smooth as fuck. This remix goes pretty hard for something you'd hear at warped tour.

Crush On You (Knife Party Remix) - Nero Love the vocal sample at the beginning of this track. Something about old disco that makes dub breaks that much more interesting.

Killing In the Name Of (SebastiAn remix) - RageAgainsttheMachine French producer SebastiAn fucking killed it at Electric Zoo. Mentored by Daft Punk, their influence is easily distinguished in his productions. Pretty sure truelove posted this a year or two ago but after seeing his performance at zoo all I can say is: DOWNLOAD THIS SHIT.

Turmoil (Skrillex Remix) - Sonny Moore Now, I wouldn't normally post shit like this, however I find it pretty fucking gnarly that Skrillex samples his own voice and destroys it with nasty breaks like there are in this track. On the other hand, it sounds like something you would hear on a From First to Last CD if they had a synthesizer.

Love In Motion (Skrillex Remix) - SebastiAn Skrillex takes this SebastiAn track and throws in another disgusting synth line.

Call Your Girlfriend (Feed Me Remix) - Robyn Feed me tears Robyn's original track apart with gutbusting dub. If you check us out regularly and don't have an amplifier by now you're slackin'.

Pretty Lights vs. Led Zeppelin - Pretty Lights Pretty lights released their Led Zeppelin mash up couple days ago, and I gotta say I'm fucking surprised. Didn't think Zeppelin and downtempo dub would go so well together.

New Bassnectar mixtape, Colorstorm, released today. First few minutes are slow but around 6 minutes in, you realize why Bassnectar is one of the best dubstep producers around.

You fucking love us.

'so sneaky

Monday, September 12, 2011

Moombahton Monday Vol 14

What better to start a Monday with a cum shot to the face. Lets get under way.
Sorry you may be wondering why I said cum shot above, the last picture was a ruined girl covered in cream. But being a little too graphic I have been asked to change the picture. Hope you like tits :)

Heartbreak & Toddla T - Blaze Up (babySTEPS Remix) Recently Heartbreak gave out stems to his track "Blaze Up" with Toddla T. With lots of support and a large amount of up and coming producers jumping on the bill for a remix, this one stood out for me the most. Check the second drop! Fire fire fire!

Lil Wayne - Up Up & Away (J-Trick Moombahcore Remix) J-Trick is setting a very high bar on the scene. Slamming every track he works on, including this bad boy

EklekTek - Check This Out! EklekTek slipped my radar for a bit, but as most massive artists, he couldn't hide much longer! Check this hot dutch fused Moombah banger!

Biggie Smalls - Juicy (Rampage & Nader Juicy Fruit Edit) Slowing things down a bit, Rampage & Nader getting mellow on the gangsta classic!

Jay Z & Kanye West - Otis (Market Price Remix) Market price has been hard at work, remixing the entire "Watch The Throne" Album! Their remix album containing shitloads of genres! Check it here!

D!RTY AUD!O & ENDtro - Fiya I hope you remember D!RTY AUD!O from last week! Bringing out some hot core tracks! Well he is back with a hot collaboration with ENDtro for this filthy fucking track

So wipe your face and let these tunes get you through until the next Fade County post!



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back 2 Basics

Its the dapper man taking you back to the basics on this fine sunday. I like me the simple things in life: 808's and bass. Check out these tasty snax I dug up for you.

Jacques Greene - Motivation. Become acquainted with this man because he is BLOWING UP. fast. Hailing from my hometown of Montreal, Jacques Greene has been igniting dancefloors worldwide with his signature style of r'n'b-inspired house and garage music. Here he gives the bootleg treatment to one of the sexiest tunes in pop music, Kelly Rowland's Motivation. WARNING: this is a vinyl rip. If you're a DJ and trying to play this out, go buy the vinyl!

Mz Bratt - Selecta (Pasteman Bootleg). Been really digging Pasteman lately. This young gun from the UK has been churning super minimal party tracks on a weekly basis. Here he reworks British grime princess Mz Bratt's single, Selecta, into a simple, fast n' banging dancefloor killa. 808's and bass IS ALL I NEEEEEED.

George Fitzgerald - Hearts. I've had my eye on George Fitzgerald for a while now. This talented UK-based producer makes fast paced, emotional, garagey tunes similar to those of Joy Orbison. I'm a sucker for those chopped up vocals and warm synths. He builds this tune in his usual style, than drops it into a hard minimal steppa's rhythm. That's some deep bass mayne.

Scuba - Adrenalin. Scuba's on a major 90's house flex on his new single, due out everywhere on september 24. One of London's dubstep originator's, he moved to Berlin and started making techno once he became disenchanted with the dubstep sound. I'm all about his new shit, combining simple bass, chopped up vocals, and long, warm buildups.

Araabmuzik - Feelin so Hood. OK. WE KNOW. Im a snob and pretty much only post shit from British producers. But this guy araabmuzik (from the good ol' USA) has caught my fancy and just can't stop listenin. Originally producer for hip hop artist Dipset, he's taken a new direction on his new album, combining elements of trance and dubstep. This track kinda reminds me of dubsteppy deadmau5; except this guy is way more boss, given the fact that he records his drums in a just a couple of takes on an MPC.

that's all for now. stay classy, interweb!

- The Dapper Don Clark

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Anywhere but this glitch Fire Dream

Take Me To The Mountains (Derek Allen Mad Decent Remix) - LCMDF Fresh remix by Mad Decent's own Derek Allen, a sound engineer and one of Diplo's co-producers who co-wrote Major Lazer's "Lazer Theme" and "Come On" with Diplo & Tiesto. He's remixed everyone worth talking about and more. So respek, keep it real, (punani).

Fire Dream - Patten A track from London-based Patten's forthcoming 'GLAQJO XAACSSO' record. Fizzling tempo changes and hazy robotic vocals. Fuck yeah it's hallucinatory. Get down to this.

Give Me Something (Morel's I Gave You My Heart Dub Mix) - Yoko Ono Hi, I'm old and Japanese and I suck but I still make dopeitty music and here it is take it in I'll give you my heart please forgive me I just wanna hold your hand bye.

Anywhere But Here - Shlohmo Experimental hip-hop for the rest of us. Lots of shuffling and chilled out and maxxxed out guitar chords to lull you into a deep bleep sleep.

Princes of the Glitch Universe - Gramatik vs. Queen Glitchy shit. Apparently the original track was Gramatik's favorite song as a kid so he decided to revamp the fuck out of it. It's a bit of a mind fuck so don't say I didn't warn you.

Roommates (Remix) - Now Now If you have tits, this is your new favorite song. You're welcome. If you don't, you're oh-so-welcome for having your girlfriend play a tune that doesn't make your ears bleed for the next week.

deez titz,


Thursday, September 8, 2011


Bird Peterson is back at it with a mix to get yo titties floppin' and asses droppin'. check it.
You remember it last year, yeah? To put it in simple terms, trance-crunk music. It's all your favorite classic house/techno/electro made into dirty south beats to be accompanied by all your favorite dirty south crunk rappers: Slim Thug, T.I., Waka Flocka Flame, Travis Porter, Gucci Mane, Mike Jones, and many fuckin' more!

Check the mix out right here, and get the party all the way swagged out

1. Introduction
2. Real Thugs ( Night Version)
3. Pimp Storm
4. Runnin It
5. The Ice Age
6. Screwed ERP
7. No Handed
8. Auto Gucci 2011
9. The Motherfuckin Boss
10. Pimpbiza
11. Satisfied( Shotgun Van Doorn)
12. Dem Bomb Rims
14. 98 And Back
15. Ratched It ( The H Til I Die )

Some of the best tracks:Pimp Storm, Ice Age, Screwed ERP, No Handed, Auto Gucci 2011, The Motherfuckin Boss, Satisfied, Ratched it ( The H Til I Die ), but then again, they're all fuckin' ILL.

Enjoy? Fuckin' thought so. DOWNLOAD IT HERE! So you know who you got it from ;)

So tell me, who da mothafuckin' boss?