Monday, October 31, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

The famous and traditional Moombahton compilation that meets the public seasonally, hosted by some of the hottest names in the game such as Munchi, Heartbreak, DJ Melo & Lightning Eyez. This fall proudly hosted by Pickster contains some of the biggest tracks of the year, and yes I would most likely say that to any compilation but just looking at the tracklist and seeing the amount of names dominating right now featured on this compilation says it all

Tracklist :

1. DJ Melo & Steve Starks - Un Gran Circo

2. Sluggo & Pickster - Vida Loco

3. Apt One - Yin Yang

4. Jon Kwest - The One

5. Shelco Garcia & TeenWolf - Disco Rides

6. UFO! - Reptillian Sex Parade

7. Alliance - Mi Gente (Mendez Remix)

8. SoundFreq - New Sound Feat. Saith

9. Bro Safari - K-Hole

10. Jack Beats - Shutterbug (LeDoom Remix)

11. ETC!ETC! - Rakata! Feat. Lorna

12. Skinny Friedman - Not Miami

13. Dface - Bearcrawl

14. Kid Cedek - Esperanza

15. Drake - Marvins Room (Obeyah Remix)

16. Chong X - You

17. Jay Fay - Jungle

18. Jamrock & Jake Twell - Neck Tie

19. DJ Javier Estrada – For A Few Dollars

Sunday, October 30, 2011

!!!THE Totally Enormous Extinct Interview!!!

Hey everybody. In case you still haven't picked up on it, Fade County's been following the meteoric rise of one young Oxford Englishman for the past few months since we heard his track, "Garden," and EP after EP, this gentleman has not failed to impress. Some of you might know him as the 25-year old Orlando Higginbottom, but we prefer to go by his real name,

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs.

That's why, after months of awaiting his performance at DROM, and subsequently seeing him melt the fucking faces off of everyone there, yours truly was lucky enough to lock down an interview with the man, himself, before he DEVOURS you Miamians at Bardot this Thursday (11/3) alongside hometown favorites, Pirate Stereo.


The Totally Enormous Extinct Interview!

Fade County (FC): How did you get the name Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs? Our best guess is that it's a friendly poke at Diplo. Are we close?

Orlando Dinosaur (OD): It has nothing doing to to do with Diplo, though I admire your imagination for coming up with that. Basically I wrote a track that sounded different from everything else I'd been writing, played it to a friend, ate lunch and decided on the name. I'm not sure I knew who Diplo was at the time.

FC: Hmm. Close enough. You're basically our our favorite prodigy-of-the-moment. Can you give us a little background into how you got your start in music production and how you got so good?

OD: I listened mostly to classical music as a child and learnt the piano. I was picking up on what my siblings were listening to, but it was Jungle music that really caught my imagination. I tried programming beats on my brothers Cubase setup soon after and bought turntables when I was 13. I was pretty obsessed with complicated drum edits and hated the simpleness of the house beat... Oh, how things have changed.

FC: Right? We at the Fade love the fact that your show is a whole lot more than just mixing song after song. How do you feel live performance enhances your show?

OD: Because I only play tracks that I've produced. It'd be pretty damn dull if I just djed.

FC: Tru [and that's directed at ALL you DJ's with the exception of like Fatboy Slim, Craze, & Gaslamp Killah. Pick up a damn instrument.] What are you using in your live set? Is that really the "One" keyboard?

OD: Yes, I'm trying that keyboard out on this tour and I think I'll buy one. They're amazing, its called the OP-1, and I keep on bumping into producer friends who are also freaking out about it. On this trip im using Ableton, Korg Ultranova, Kaos Pad 3, Delfy SS-1, Roland 505, TC Heli..... etc. Stuff, basically.

FC: We did some research into the DRC project with [Blur + Gorillaz' mastermind] Damon Albarn. How much can you tell us about that?

OD: I can tell you all about it. 8 or so producers had 6 days in Kinshasa (capital city of Democratic Republic of Congo) to make an album with local musicians. It was an amazing experience and I think we are all pleased with the results. It is called Kinshasa One Two, and all the profits go to Oxfam's work out there. Actually it was such a huge experience it is hard to write about.. but I highly recommend the record. [Us too, peep it here].

FC: Right about now, with your exponentially growing popularity, you're poised to make some serious moves, despite the fact that you still havent released an album yet. Can you give us a little teaser into your next moves, future plans, etc.?

OD: The album should be out early next year, certainly in the UK and I really hope we can coordinate that release in north America as well. There are singles coming, a remix for Lady Gaga and lots more touring. I think I'll be back in America next spring, fingers crossed.

FC: Definitely. Finally, what are your thoughts on the glorious den of sin we call Miami? For reference, here's the guy we want to be mayor.

OD: I was in your sinful city for WMC last March. I saw some dolphins and got the worst hair cut of my life, so it's clearly hit and miss. That guy who wants to be mayor seems cool, though. I'm a saxophone believer, not the jazz sort, more just the epic passion solo sort.

FC: Fuck yeah.

So that's that- lots of tunes, lots of talk, and one Totally Enormous Extinct Dino. Keep a look out for this guy. Our prediction? 2012 will be the year of the Stegosaurus.

Now, as they'd say across the pond, piss off.


Friday, October 28, 2011


You know us. You know our style. You love our tunes. And we all know you'd die for our ragers...


The OG FadeCounty Resident disc jockey Don Clark will be mesmerizing and entrancing you all
alongside the masters of massive monstermashing DANCES WITH WHITE GIRLS and DJ ARQ.

Fancy names huh? Peep a gut busting DWWG track here.
Photos by

RSVP to for reduced prices.

19+, 10$ before midnight.


|Made you fucks a Spookyass Halloween Mix|

|HALLOWEEEN MASSAQUERAGE| Brought to you by MiamiFadeCounty™ by Fade County!

Some of the FUCKING ILL tracks on this crack I cooked up are:

Big Bad Wolf (Gessafelstein Remix) - Duck Sauce

and a lot more I'm so faded can't fucking remember

STAY UP NYC.. We're making moves.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011



Got another post for you guys, this one's a lil' bit of everything. Kaskade's new album just released, and there's been a ton of other new stuff coming out over the past couple weeks. These tunes have been collecting for awhile, time to let em go!

Taking things back a bit with this one. Heard this awhile ago, but never knew that it was by Joker. A homie bumped it the other day and hooked me up, now its up for grabs! Really glitched out sounds on this one, still at 140 though.

Pierce Fulton just put out a new EP. The kid sampled himself burping on one of the tracks...fucking koooky. Electro/house/trance ishhhhh

The burp song. Nice little synth progression in here, other than that it's just some bangin' electro house!

More of a progressive house vibe on this one.

Trance-d out house? Not really sure what to call this, but its pretty fucking cool.

Here's the rest of the stuff for you goombas.

Into the heavier stuff. Kinda bro-steppish a bit? Something kinda different though, definitely feeling the techno-ish synth in all the builds. Check it out

Brand spankin' new from the Boulder duo. I like how these guys' stuff keeps getting heavier and heavier. If you're in the Denver/Boulder area on or around November 11th, check em out - they'll be

Right off of Kaskade's new Fire & Ice album which just released, this collaboration is one of my favorites. You have the trademark house sound of Kaskade with just a bit more edge from Skrillex. Bump it.

Easily one of the sickest tracks off of Nero's newest release. Steve Angello took it, completely changed it, and it turned out to be real dope. House vibes to the max on this one.

New Skrilllnoizeeeeeeee. Kind of a different vibe on this one, but trust me, its sick.

keep it passionate.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Decided to change the title of the posts not only on here but everywhere I blog, big things happening on Moombah-Thong :)
I am sure I say this every week but this has been a fucking huge week for Moombahton!

Nadastrom - I!! Starting off we have a huge EP release by the originators of Moombahton...Yes I am talking about Nadastrom. Releasing a huge EP titled "El Dia Blumba" containing six huge tracks! This is by far my favorite!

Nadastrom Ft Munchi & Jen Lasher - Say My Name Also check out a hot collaboration with Munchi on this one! Also the first collab between Nadastrom & Munchi...Been far too long!

Dillon Francis - IDGAFOS When you all hear Moombahton I am sure the first name that comes to your head is Dillon Francis, check out this Jump Up/Electro/Moombah track getting huge support!

Tittsworth & Alvin Risk Ft Scottie B - Carta Boost Tittsworth & Alvin Risk have been supporting Moombahton from the beginning! Also you will all remember their huge banger, Pendejas. Check out another track on their EP release"Two Strokes Raw" featuring Bmore giant Scottie B

Iggy Azalea - Drop That (ETC!ETC! Remix) One of my favorite producers of Moombahton without a doubt! Smashing out constant bangers and very much looking forward to the release of a track oozing sex! Yes I am talking about Rakata! Until the release check out this track that came out of nowhere along with the remix mixtape "Ignorant Art"

Freaky Philip - Fresh Also speaking of favorite producers, Freaky Philip is also a name to put on the list! And as the track title, this track is fucking Fresh!

AndDrop! - Lady Lover Friends of some of the Fade fam! Personally I have never heard this track or even the name but hearing it now and this is fucking dope hot!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Noisey Week of Vice

pictures/words by Amada Echeverria (me)

       My Wednesday night consisted of going to this Vice music experience and CMJ showcase presented by Supra NYC at Santos Party House, to which I was granted entrance with a press pass big E-man secured for Fade County coverage. Music aside, there were free rum cocktails (courtesy of Mount Gay Rum), the standard surplus of indie-rock nerds rocking the carefully disheveled look to stare down, and never-intimidatingly large cameras surrounding me on the front line occupied by photographers who get published on Pitchfork and such shitty publications that look up to us. (Oh and if you haven't been to Santos, definitely make it a point to check it out.)

Bonuses: 2 free Billy Boy condoms at the door
Style observations: green-eyed babe in leopard print shirt, ridiculous black hats that made me think, "Who the fuck do you think you are, Theophilus London?," superfluous denim jackets, lots of hair everywhere, more denim, more hair.
Artists whose performances I merely enjoyed: Caveman, Pujol, Fildlar
Artists who made me laugh until I threw up: Main Attrakionz
Artists I got annoyed of: Inc (30 minutes of mic checks and plugging in stupid cables as a prelude to an average performance is never okay)
Biggest multitasking bossman: Matthew Iwanusa of Caveman; dude sang, played drums, rocked the tambourine, and demanded more free rum for everyone!
Artists I undressed in my mind for Fade pictures: Bleached (fully-clothed babe pictures below)
Artists I fell disgustingly in love with: Twin Shadow

Twin Shadow

Born in the Dominican Republic, raised in Florida, having struggled in Boston, and eventually making it in Brooklyn, Twin Shadow has gone through a lot to be named band of the week by Rolling Stone in October 2010, tour with Florence and the Machine and play at every major festival in 2011. When I first saw him in pictures, I thought the dude looked a little questionable with his funky hair and weird clothes. But upon seeing him two feet in front of my face, I came to realize that no one can get the blood rushing to my sex chakra like he can. Even the dude I was with thought he was good looking, and he's straight (no like, straight straight). 
It took his crew a while to set up but after 10 minutes, the dude was just like "Alright, fuck everything. We're just gonna start the show. How 'bout that?" 

The Fidlar dude in the middle was crazy. The last song they did was called "Cocaine," which he oh-so-gracefully performed by throwing himself on the ground and managing to simultaneously play guitar like an gallant invalid.

Main Attrakionz
Maybe it was the genre contrast or the ridiculous green rag the dude on the right kept tirelessly swatting around everywhere, but when these guys got on stage everyone started laughing like crazy. Myself included. After all the pictures, Rag Dude (who by the way was wearing Vietnamese prayer beads) legit exclaimed, "I feel like a movie star up here yo." 
But the best part was a really intense and drunk white guy at the front who knew all the inaudible lyrics and kept burying his head in his arms (picture here and here). Honestly all I heard the techy female vocals in one of their tracks saying was, "broccoli broccoli broccoli bro bro broccoli." 



My only regret is that my initial +1 wasn't allowed in because she only had her NYU ID and so for the first half of the show I wasn't able to play "indie black guy" because I had nobody to punch. Wait, you haven't you heard? It's the new "punch buggie."

Keep on suckin!


Saturday, October 22, 2011


This is the part where I'm fucking awesome/the only girl on Fade County so I introduce the on-page hulkshare player because you love me and I make your quality of life significantly better like it ain't no thang.

Big Bad Wolf (Gesaffelstein Remix) - Duck Sauce First off, if you're into eerie, acid sounding rave shit,  continue to enjoy Paris-based Gesaffelstein. He's playing at HARD tonight in NYC alongside Skream and Benga, Dillon Francis, Joker and Destructo so there's that.

Katy On A Mission (Vinnie Maniscalco Edit) - Katy B Sexy dub laced with female vocals, which is rare as fuck from me because I'm not a bro who wears shutter shades and drinks malt liquor mixed with four loko and then sticks his dick in it.

Video Games (BALAM ACAB Remix) - Lana Del Rey I fucking love Balam Acab more than life itself, as I do Lana Del Rey. So for the two to coexist on one aural plane? Surreal. You're very welcome.

5th Ave - Gold Panda He's British and awesome and better than you, so here's more from Gold Panda. Reminds me a bit of Tycho.

Paradise Circus - Massive Attack vs Burial Super mega next level dismal UK shit laced with sexy female vocals to lull you into the most wet dreams. Think of her as an aural succubus you needn't work hard to imagine (the soundscape does it for you).

Palace Chalice - Mux Mool This sounds just like Gold Panda, like his track MPB specifically. It's too dope to describe in words. The dude started in Brooklyn. His new name's etymology? Mux is short for 'multiplexing' (streaming varied data through a single channel), and Mool comes from "Chac-Mool," an ancient Meso-American statue of a reclining man. Phewf. That was for the nerds.

Seriously - Shlohmo I spend a large part of my life whispering "fuck yeah, Shlohmo" to myself. While that isn't remotely true, I wish it were and you just believe it. It's got his signature eclectic experimental hip-hop sound you've come to love. We force-feed you the dopeness until it's sweet, and it always is.

your main bitch,

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thurstday. Get With The Bass

It's thursday. Why not get fucked up?

Big load of BASS here for you fools. Some of these are older, some are hot off the press. Regardless, they make sure you have your woofers and all your bitches to get down with.

Snoop and 16Bit...the perfect combo of bass and rhymes. The bass is filthy, in fact, so filthy you might want to wash yourself three times and then get back to me.

This may have been posted already...don't shoot me if it has been.
In today's world of bro-step, Skream and Benga seem to stay original. This track is a perfect example. I don't even know why i'm putting this in the post because it's not that bass-y...but give it a listen, I think you fucks will like it.

So you know Crookers right? Well one half of Crookers is Luckybeard...and he absolutely did work on the original by A-Trak. GOddamnit this is my favorite right now for sure. Crookers flavor, also not that bass-filled. I dunno why i'm putting this one in here either. Fuck you.

Quite the duo...Dillon Francis is on everyone's spotlight since his new song just released. The man kills the moombahton scene, and this song is no exception. Tons of hard hitting bass, and the trademark "happy" sounds from Mr. Francis that you know and love.

Well, i've been waiting to put this one up for awhile. For some reason, Example's vocals go really well with the heavy bass, and Flux took full advantage of this. Been on repeat for a hot minute, you'll probly be listening to it non-stop too. fuckyeah

I'm pretty sure I posted the original version of this up earlier this fall when it released, but ADWR just put this new edit out, and maaaaaaaaaan is it bangin! I've been listening to more and more drumstep lately, it's the bee's knees really. Intense and heavy.

Fuck the haters, keep it passionate.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Creators Project Event Was Pretty Much the Nü-World's Fair | Justice, Florence, Nosaj Thing + A$AP Rocky!

Pics by Ashley Sebok
Words by Emerson Rosenthal

Once in awhile Fade County gets cultured. We consider ourselves to be refined tastemakers, more than just porn bloggers, you know? One might say our interests include sequencers, girl on girl, and even the occasional transformational digi-cubist LED diptych. Luckily, during those fleeting, lucid moments where we have our pants up and our big-people sunglasses on, we've got a camera (or friend with one) on hand.

This is A$AP Rocky. In case you don't already know, dude's basically the Harlem downtempo combination between 'Lil B, Hodgy Beats, and Juicy J. It's a good thing. Here's a clip of him, Spaceghostpurrp, and Clams Casino tearing it up at the Archway stage.
This is Justice. I got to interview them for The Creators Project. We'll get to that, but first--

You all should know by now that we're huge fans of Nosaj Thing. The LA-sian sensation has been tearing up the sample game for a few years now, and, thanks to some talented animators and some seriously dope vj-skills, dude's live show is like a trip into the CPU of an Atari. Here's a video, in case you don't believe me.

ANND Now, Justice. You're all probably wondering how it happened, what went down, what dangerously pressing questions I asked... so here's a smidgen of the transcript:

Me: You guys are tremendous innovators in the way of blending live instruments with digital... Why's it seem like your next album is more rock&roll than electro?

Xavier de Rosnay: Basically it is a combination... We are using more technology than ever, but the sound is coming out cleaner, less processed. I heard a quote once, "You can tell your true control over technology when you can make it all but invisible."

Gaspard Augé: Yeah.

Me: So there are riots in London, uprisings in the Middle East, a coalition of the Crusty on Wall Street, and now a new Justice album. Any connection?

Xavier: Haha, well this album is two years in the making... I don't know of a connection but we have been working for awhile and now we feel is the right time for it.

Gaspard: Mhm.

Me: Gaspard, when we last saw you, you were getting married in Las Vegas. Still married?

Gaspard: Yes. Twice? Two times. Yes.

Then Justice played a set that was pretty disjointed if I may say so myself... Awesome disco, then awesome techno, then some Justice tracks... but all in all it didn't seem like they were really vibing with the crowd. But all in all, it was their first show in two years straight. Plus, the cops showed up, so I'm not mad at it. Fuck the cops though. Whatever.

Me, Gaspard, & Xavier (I'm the one on the left). Blam! MORE PICS UP IN OUR GALLERY CLICK HERE!


Fade County- putting the "amateur" in "amateur journalism" since 2010. CMJ + Trap Door lets do this.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Real shit. Bassnectar is going to destroy the Fillmore once again and we want you there, raging the fuck out with us.

How to Win: Make your Facebook Status "Like this status so I can win tickets to see BASSNECTAR (LIVE) | FILLMORE MIAMI BEACH | SAT 10.22 brought to you by The Overthrow and Fade County."

In order to win, you MUST tag the EVENT PAGE, OVERTHROW PAGE, and FADE COUNTY PAGE. this means you have to 'like' us which if you're reading this right now, means you love us so just do it.

Whoever's status gets the most "likes" by Saturday afternoon wins TWO FUCKING BASSNECTAR TICKETS FOR FREE.


kluvya cya derrrrr

Monday, October 17, 2011

TRAP DOOR IS ABOUT TO FUCK YOUR SHIT (UP) | ft. Surkin, Canblaster, & an Exxclusive from AndDrop!


If you don't know what it is, the Exxxclusive Fade County New York Chapter Brotherhood Squad is launching a new party Wednesday nights: TRAP DOOR, at the fabled Sullivan Room.

For those of you who remember our evenings at Don Hills (we don't), this is basically an invitation to get as debaucherous as possible, with seriously good tunes and seriously great people at a serious-as-fuck venue. There will be drinks, substances, and of course, our own nefarious brand of bad behavior; this Wednesday night, you're probably getting laid. And we're totally taking pictures.

Subwoofing sounds provided by Fade County Residents Blurred Out, Don Clark, and the fucking homie Malcolm Sex. Your ass will shake (like never before!)

PRO TIP: Having a tear-drop tattoo on your face gets you FREE ADMISSION if you can prove that you're 21+.

And now, some chunes--

Ultra Light (Original Mix) - Surkin straight off Surkin's fantastic new Ultra Light EP (Cop it here), this song starts huge and only gets bigger. Think Moby x Justice (but minus the facial hair). DJ Malcolm Sex sent this to me so you can bet Wednesday night's gonna get hyphy. FUCK!

Stoned Totem (Surkin's 'Gravity' Edit) - Canblaster French electro at its best- crowd sounds, massive, seriously chopped up chords, and enough bass to get you from here to Lyon and back. do it

Avalanche (Terminal Velocity)(Canblaster Remix) - Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Jarvis Cocker don't ask me how this collaboration came about, just tune in and ask me why i can barely peel my face off the floor. Mountainous kicks, Nokia-gone-to-Hell synth blips, and transcendental-ass vocals...sign me up (in blood).

Dumb (Original Mix) by AndDrop! The DC + CALI Homies sent us their brand new electro banger and it's all of the above and more. massive chords, ridiculous arpeggios, bitches moaning, and a four-to-the-floor just perfect for melting faces during the next set you play. LOVE IT.

This week is BIG AS FUCK-- we're launching a brand new party in NYC, announcing a contest to win BASSNECTAR tickets in Miami, and we just got more exclusive coverage of this weekend's Creators' Project festival than you can shake a stick at, including exclusives of JUSTICE. Stick the fuck around.

WAIT!!!! Almost forgot something...

Whew. Crisis averted. //ez

Moombahton Monday Vol 19

^ The real porn right here! ^

Got so fucking drunk saturday night. Wore heels & handbag at one point, Went under one of the taps and drunk as much as I could, tried starting a fight with a couple of irish men. Shit was intense, don't expect much more words from me and when I mean that I mean none at all :)

Besides, you don't need me explaining why you should download the track? It's on Fade and this is your chance of copping free shit. So fuck up <3

I promise next week will have a bit more to read. Until then, enjoy


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Desire Alert™ †††

Imma make it rain starz all ova da place.

Desire (Alert™ Rmx) ††† - Modern Witch Introducing the sexiest song I've heard in a long time. And if that doesn't get you off, here's the video.

Play (Los Rakas Remix) - Goapele Just 'cus I'm like eh-super hispanic and I need some dude to serenade me with this shit. +++

Touch - HOLY OTHER A track from Manchester, UK about "everything you touch (touch)." I believe this is what the youth refers to as "swagger."

Poly Poly (Original Mix) - The Skeekers Just some hard electro to crush Four Loko cans with your tits/dick to. Nutin' much else, son.

Don't Move - Phantogram Incredibly ethereal keyboard riffs and vocals. It's the type of catchy electro-pop that beckons "Keep your body still, keep your body still." But you can't.

Scissors (Tokimonsta Remix) - Eight And A Half From a new band just assembled from the ash--that is, fractions of The Stills and Broken Social Scene. An indie-rock anthem turned electronic, because all worthwhile things eventually do. 

Rootz - Daniel Klauser A tropical-flavor with shuffling drum patterns, bombin' bass, and sizzlin' everything. Sounds like there's a flute up in it but it ain't-- it's better.

Let the dark space between your legs expand like the universe (cosmologickal inflation? wut?),

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"It was the perfect day, but I couldn't enjoy it without you." | Junior Boys, Boys Noize, & Erol fucking Alkan

tonight's big. leh'gaw

Jackie Junior (Junior Boys Dub Mix) - Sally Shapiro discotechno with vocals from the sexiest femme fatale since Une Femme Est Une Femme. Get educated.

Romantic Streams (NGUZUNGUZU Remix) - Sleep ∞ Over while I must officially, most judiciously declare the end of random symbols in band names, NGUZ flips Sleep ∞ Over's latest into some deep, ambient witch/glitch/something, and it's more than perfect for our upcoming rave cave in nyc, TRAP DOOR.

Oral B - BNRY UK Funky with a seriously mind-altering tech house influence. let yourself dive in.

Give Me Something (Junior Boys Remix) - Yoko Ono If Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and Fever Ray had a child, this would be their beautiful, precious, 6 pound 9 ounce gift of life. Except that the vocals are actually by Yoko Ono. MINDSPLOSIONNNNNNN

Glass - Gesaffelstein Pretty much a combination between "Gotta Have Moar Cowbell" Christopher Walken, Moby, and this track from Ferris Bueller's Day Off (which happens to still be a banger???) Still, however, fucking rad.

suicide dream 2 (elite gymnastics baptism) - how to dress well RnB Makeout rave house for those of us lucky enough to always get to making out (at the bare minimum...)

Death Suite (Erol Alkan Edit) - Erol Alkan & Boys Noize time to get heavy. shit you can killfuck vampires to while simultaneously avoiding your taxes and killing and fucking vampires. BLADE!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Moombahton Monday Vol 18

Decided to go with some hot new artists I am feeling at the moment, that I can personally seeing getting big very soon in the Moombahton scene!

TeenWolf & Shelco Garcia - Tommy Matola Getting the party started, Seducing female vocals with a mellow dutch synth. Perfect start to a night out!

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Spenda C MoombahBooty) I randomly came across Spenda C off someones Facebook Page during my daily Facebook Stalk Session. Spenda C has so far brought out some of the hottest commercial edits I have heard in a long time! As well as this amazing track, there are shitloads on his Soundcloud which are worth grabbing!

Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Gooffee Remix) Another hot classic commercial track, Gooffee was another random find, remixing everyones favorite classic, Superstition into a huge dutch banger!

Wes DG Vs RDX - Whine Up n' Set I have always been a massive fan of that Ragga style. Which is most likely why I am such a fan of Major Lazer. Wes De Graaf using some dirty Ragga vocals behind a hard hitting kick and dropping into some pure grime. Nothing to hate about this track!

See you all next week for more hot Moombahton!



Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fuck a Witch Bitch

Vow (Diplo & Lunice remix) - Julianna Barwick Julianna Barwick's original "Vow" from 2011's The Magic Place was sexxxified by Diplo & Lunice just for us. C'mon kids, say "thank you Dipl-oh!" +++

Rever Fay - Modern Witch From inverting crosses to the first letters of stupid bands, Modern Witch has been tickling my nipples all month long (and it's the 9th!). Plus, the Witch bitch is from Colorado/Amsterdam. Julia Roberts smiling.

THIRD EYE SIXTH SENSE - †‡† (Ritualz) More shit by Ritualz. Broken speakers, drunken drums, drowned vocals chanting about everything and nothing, aaaaaand your mom.

Maasym (VS//YOU†HCLUB Remix) - ∆AIMON O mi god bro, how do you like dis, is soooo weirdddd. Yeah, yeah, yeahhhhh tell your friends to go fuck themselves, will ya? Git down. +

Don't Try Love - Samaritan Sickening bullshit. And I really like the stupid video.

Euthanasia - The-Drum Like a chopped synth line? Here's your poison. Chicago-based duo The-Drum is here with some pain relieving vocals and beats that fixxx you when you're feeling incurable. Disclaimer: this track is illegal in most countries.

Holding - Modern Witch Honestly I just like this because it sounds like the soundtrack to something I'd wanna watch and it it's repetitive and good quality and now my previously bloody ears are smiling.

Suuuuuuuuuck itttttt,


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Absolute + More.

Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Remix)- Datsik As far as the whole moombahton movement goes, this track RIGHT HERE is one of the tightest you'll find. Bump this and do no less.

Bigman Vulture- Trolley Snatcha Relatively old track, but since it's never been posted, fuck it, one of the badman's best needs to be shown respect.

Too Far- Caspa & Rusko If what you're looking for is just some "over-the-top Rusko/Caspa fucking madness", look no further. This is it.

Garden- Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs The tracks just don't stop coming with T.E.E.D., synths and all that good bass you need. Fuck, please don't sleep on this.

Ruff Lovin'- Coki Don't think anybody else could have put this sample to better use. Olden days dub vibes on this one, spark a joint to this.

Breathing (Georgeyoung Bass'd Out Remix)- Sia Begins with pianos and a slight build, but the bass just equalizes to a massive sound. This one is a MUST.

We Got Bitches.

Morning Muzik

Start your morning off right with your daily dose of bass and synths. Found some new ones that I figured I should share with everyone. Most of these have been on repeat for me for at least a minute.

Starting things we have two remixes of Joker's new single "Here Come The Lights". The first is from bass master TC...sorry for the quality ladies and gentlemen. The second is a Tiesto remix of the same track, dope vibes. It's a house remix...what do you expect?

Here's the rest of the ishhh

New Skrills. Slowed down to a fiesty 110 bpms for your mixing pleasure...not sure if I would call this moombahton, but it works

Sounds like progressive house...but don't be fooled. As soon as it drops, the track gets into this really funky, electro-house type sound

Been waiting on this one to release for awhile. Skream's back at it, proving once again that dubstep is not just bro-step.

Everyone knows the original. This Boulder-based duo just released this the other day on their soundcloud. Being a fan of the original, I of course had to check this one out. Dope as fuck, loving the progressive house vibes here

If you haven't seen these guys play live, do it. It is well worth your while. Star Wars stormtrooper masks and a whole ton of bass, synths, and dancing. New moombahton from these dudes, shit is the bee's knees.

Fuck off.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Local's Night. Paris Burns, Rodway Dubstep & A Bunch of Bass

Well, since I fucked up my last post, it's time to redeem myself. Figured I would take things down a notch and get in touch with my Denver/Boulder locale. The following stuff is mostly electro/dub, both from homies, they rip, and everyone should check em out.

First up we have some friends of one of my housemates, they go by the name of Paris Burns. These are all tracks from their EP, which can be found on their soundcloud.

Next up is a dude doing the whole dubstep thing here in Denver; kid is on point with his bass. Pete Rodway goes by the producer/DJ name of's a few of his tracks and mixes

Check out the rest of his soundcloud page here

Two other tracks here as well for you fools.

Classic Lunice vibes on this one. I don't give a fuck how old it is, it's sick as fuck regardless.

Brand new collaboration from two of the heaviest hitters in the glitch-step scene. Goddamn I love the sounds these fools make.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Voodoo Farm


how we like our dub step ... how we like our bitchs 

from voodoo farm himself 
 originally from Dc but i moved to nyc in 2008 when dame dash signed me to his label. im independent now, but ive only been making electronic music for like 3 years (before it was all other types like funk, hip-hop, rock, etc. and i started that when i was around 13). through dame, i got to work/get high as fuck with cats like wiz khalifa, curren$y, the disco biscuits, thomas pridgen of the mars volta, and tabi bonney to name a few. to produce music, i use ableton live... when i perform it varies... sometimes i use pioneer cdj's, sometimes i use my apc40 and korg kontrolpad or small midi keyboard. i switch it up depending on how weird i want to get with it on any given night.
another dub mix to niggas in paris this song goes hard as fuckkkkk

everything fits so well badass mashup

sick vocals couldn't believe im just now hearing this

that funky feelgood electro music 

his music is fucking raw enjoy peeps

Chopped and Faded

Wassup y'all sorry I'ma lil late we ran outta styrofoam cups in the booth I had to run out to the store (Shoutout the homie Avinash workin' the counter at DR. I see you homie) but we back in this bitch like that fade juice in my cup. It could be purple, it could be pink, but shits definitely chopped.

Kanye West – Can't Tell Me Nothing (DJ Chicago Codeine)

This my OG chopped song. Listen, I'ma let you finish but let's be real Kanye's one of the best musicians of our lifetimes but lets be real: the Louis Vuitton Don is way to 'in touch with his emotions' to truly go gangsta on a track. As much as I liked Can't Tell Me Nothing, it still sounded like Yeezy was about to cry. enter ChicagoCodeine and you really can't tell this chopped track nothing. Even if you speak very slowly.

Juicy J – Geeked Up Off them Bars (DJ Loud Packs)

You know we had to do the blurred out anthem my dude. I'm pretty sure this song was meant to be chopped cuz when you're truly geeked up off them bars, listening to it chopped sounds normal.

Mike Jones ft. Plies – My Burner (DJ Smallz)

So I'm doing my best to give y'all a variety loud pack of that screw - shit, we got an R&B joint on here – but you know I gotta bring that down & dirty southern roots shit. This an ode to that shit every fade county reader keep on his hip (we know).

DJ Khaled ft. Drake, Wayne, Rick Ross – I'm On One (DJ 837)

Alright this song has already been on Fade like five times but that's cuz we the very fucking best.

Lil B – Insane (DJ SCREAM)

Merci dieu basé.

Freddie Gibbs ft. Young Jeezy – Stripes (Run DMC) (DJ 837)

Personally, I bust at cops in bullet time. Neo had that sizzurp in his cup, too.

Kanye West & Jay-Z – Niggas in Paris (DJ SlimK)

That shit cray.

The Weeknd ft. Drake – The Zone (DJ OG Ron C)

The homie Abel Tesfaye specializes in making soundtrack music for the 21st century American Psycho so it only makes sense for the Chairman of Chopped OG Ron C to make this shit even spookier.

Jim Jones ft. Waka Flocka Flames & Juelz Santana – 848 (DJ 837)

Kush stay rolled up pocket full of fast money shirt say slow up.

We know.

Drake – Dreams Money Can Buy (DJ Kp'da Truth)

This right here another example of where someone (Drake's) semi-bitchmade very corny rather shmedium delivery is hardened up by a chopstar. We got company coming over – would it kill you to put some pants on?