Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Weird Vibes from the Dapper Man

Dapper Don Clark here. It's been a while. I've been off spreading the Miami Fade County name amongst the noble folk of Canada. They send their regards. I dug up some interesting tunes for y'all. Definitely some strange riddims--but hidden deep is some of that sexy dapperman bass you've been aching for. Peep dem:

New kid on the block Eliphino just released his first EP on Somethinksounds and has been working his way up the London dance music echelon. Combines old-skool housey vibes with classic UK garage. big tune 4 the ladies.

Out 2 the weird dudes on the dancefloor. This one's just strange. But awesome cuz it has a Boyz II Men sample. Big on the UK snob blogosphere.

Huge tune. This is sexy as fuck I don't care what you say. Lovin' that classic UKG rhythm with house deep house synths. Mosca can do no wrong right now. But if you listen to this with ipod headphones or anything without proper bass, SMH SMH.

This isn't your typical dancefloor banger but Hackman's one of the few heads out there who's doing something original. Masterful sampling work and a cool tropical melody. Keep an eye out for his album, which is out soon.

OK if that shit was too weird for you, here's some funky juke/dubstep/hip hop hybrid stuff ive been digging lately. Ladies be lovin these:

No lies, Brenmar's recent EP kinda sux. But this is some footworkin gold.

Best for last. This nobody out of Amsterdam is blowing my mind right now. He's on some spacey trilla shit that would go off so hard in the U S of A.

- Don Clark, MD

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Noisy Nikels & Dimes

She be on that Fade County Brew

Peso (Star Slinger Refix) - A$AP Rocky UK producer Star Slinger made this Harlem shit a pretty mothafucka. As per the Fork, the remix "seamlessly switches between hyperspeed-amphetamined beats and the syrup-slowed DJ Screw-style that inspired the original." It's basically cross-faded.

nuCunt - Mike Q Appropriately enough, this track is from the new album called Fade to Mind. This song is democracy. Rhythmically shouting out body parts shouldn't just be for Tourette's people. Dammit, you sick fuck.

Circles (Dillon Francis Remix) - Digitalism A nice lil' serenade turned literal banger by Dillon, the man amongst men.

Could This Be - Noisia Fuck yes, it's Noisia, the winners of Beatport's Drum & Bass artist of the year awards in '09 and '10. With this track, the trio rose to the top of Beatport's charts. Crazy tempo and synth surprises to work your ear clit with.

Nikels and Dimes - Gonjasufi The humble version of stacks on stacks on stacks? Probably. Shit's lo-fi broken-speakersish as fuck. Psychedellickit.

Canon (Pyramid Remix) - Justice A chill take on the original from a young French producer. Shit, I could blaze or sleep to this. No canonical shit round here.


And if you're wondering what Fade County headquarters look like...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Very excited to bring you these tunes this week! Love to see producers dominating in their fields jumping on some Moombahton! We can now BeatauCue to the list!

BeatauCue - Sharki One of my favorite producers since I started getting into Dutch House with tracks like Peanuts Club, Purr Nana and more! Now I can add "Sharki" to my list of fav tracks by BeatauCue!

TC Ft Mc Dread - Burning Starlight (Rico Tubbs & Will Power Remix) Speaking of EDM producers testing Moombahton and passing with flying colors, Rico Tubbs has been releasing some huge core tracks! And now giving out one of his older core tracks for free!

Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf (Craze & Codes Remix) Hoping the Miami crew went to Craze's Moombah Birthday on Saturday down at Grand Central, with names such as Craze, Nadastrom, Heartbreak, Bro Safari & JWLS, I would of murdered to get there! One of the biggest Moombahton line ups I have seen so far! Also loving the fact that one of the DMC masters is a massive supporter of Moombahton! Check out his remix of Duck Sauces latest single!

Daud - Sweets Daud is one that hit me via inbox, talent that cannot be ignored! If Daud continues on this grind he has so far killed, he will be well known in no time!

Swick & Tranter - Send It (Edo & Gilsun Remix) Edo is one of my favorite Australian producers, using loads of Hip Hop influence in his work, bringing back those old school vibes with new school riddim. Going dutchy as hell on this one along with Gilsun!

- Sanka

Sunday, November 27, 2011

L-Wiz, Tipper, Hot Mess, and more plushness

This is my favorite jam of the past few months. The legendary Swedish dubstep duo L-Wiz prove their versatility in this smooth club wrecker.  Unfortunately, it has only been released on vinyl, so this is only a 262 kbps rip.

Tipper's new EP 'Bubble Control' is yet another demonstration of his signature bass sound. This melodic jump up track will keep you moving.

Childish Gambino is all too familiar with the young Asian woman population of UCLA and Columbus Ohio duo Hot Mess makes his clever track a true banger.

No surprise here, but Liquid Stranger has done it again. This living legend consistently impresses me.

Progressive, melodic, electro-step. Boom, boom, pow. Off his new EP 'The Big Bang". Cop it here!

Brooklyn native, LA transplant Kingdom bridges the gap between bass heavy UK Funky and contemporary US style dubstep. His new EP 'Dreama' is an epic portrayal of just this. His set at Hard Haunted Mansion was unreal and this one went off.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fuck Your Thanksgiving |Koan Sound & Kill The Noise| Bitchin', Bombastic, Bass

Happy Turkey Day.

Let's get straight to the point. Two recent releases have caught my attention, and I feel that everyone should check them out. Both are heavy, bass-filled masterpieces, and they all bump. Get some.

First up, Koan Sound. The newest members of Skrillex's OWSLA label. These guys have been around for some time, and they just dropped a new EP.

The EP really covers all spectrums of bass-heavy music. Theres a couple dubstep tracks, some glitch-hop, and even some drum n' bass. Give these guys a listen, it's worth your while.

Next up, a dude who you surely already know. His EP just dropped yesterday, and here we have it for you in it's entirety.

Kill The Noise has been killing it (ha) for some time now, remixing tracks, and swagging them the fuck out. Remixing tracks from Porter Robinson, Robyn, Kid Sister, and even collaborating on a popular track with Dillon Francis called "Dill The Noise". This dude is definitely making a name for himself in the world of bass-filled music; surely look for him to only grow more popular over the next year or two.

Here's the EP...

Now for some extras

Three other tracks that have been on repeat for me lately. One's a classic drum n' bass that you've probably heard, one's a moombah track that a good homie of mine remixed, and the other is some straight FIRE from UK mastermind Joker, who actually also just released a new EP.

Big shout out to my homie Elliott Porter on this one. Dude goes under the production name of JanGetTheMoney, starting to produce some straight fire. This track is a perfect example...look out someone called the popo

UK bass mastermind Joker is back at it again. Just released a new EP about a month ago, and some of the remixes stemming from it have been really fucking sick. Smooth vocals mixed with heavy yet minimal bass undertones. Shit speeds up and gets sick real quick, check it.

Another UK bass veteran with a track on repeat for me. First time I heard this one it was in Bassnectar's set, since then i've been hooked. The opening synth rhythm gets you interested...and then it goes into some crazy drum n' bass.

Go eat some turkey.


Fade County Loves the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

Us neither.

So now, we give to you our long-awaited, official as fuck BEMF post.

First off, the way the festival is organized, all the best clubs on North 6th Street in Williamsburg get rented out for two straight days of techno, deep house, and fucking BASS.

Day 1:

First off, to give you some context, my girlfriend and I arrived like three hours late and on some very high-powered psychedelics (as any real journalists would RE: Hunter S. [RIP]). We did, however, arrive just in time to catch Hudson Mohawke, headlining the evening at The Cove. At that point, however, The Cove could have been called The Sauna due to the stifling buildup of Mishka-bro-sweat and a warm fog machine. Refreshing, to say the least. But we were there for HudMo, so we would stick it out. Basically what happened afterwards was exactly what we should have expected when seeing Hudson Mohawke at The Cove: a DJ booth pressed body to body in about a six foot radius with dudes in eyeball hats, GLARING at every miniscule move HudMo made as the sound built and built and BUILT and DROPPED!!!! into exactly what everyone (i guess) knew what would happen-- weird glitchy HudMo funk that nobody really knows how to dance to.

Hudson's Highlights tracks:

Track 6 - Hudson Mohawke (off Hudson's Heeters)

A direct quote from AC Slater on HudMo's set? "SICK."

Then, as almost everything else was ending at that point, we headed over to watch Casey Spooner (of Fischerspooner fame) and Lauren Flax (of awesome techno fame) get dark and dirrrrrty with some serious techno & minimal at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

But there happened to be this fucking incredible amalgamation between a snow blower and wacky-waving arm-flailing tube man combo that was fucking crazy as fuck in the moment. here are some pictures.

and here's the thing

right?? seriously.

Then, the next day we went HAM.

NGUZUNGUZU killed it at the RINSED party (shout out to Dan Wender and the Rinsed Crew for the illest lineup in a LONG ass time!)

Highlight traxxx:

Then we headed over to the loft at Public Assembly to see see Four Tet play one of the best sets I've ever seen.

Highlight traxx:

Then Girl Unit fucking killed it and the rest of the night was kind of a blur.

Highlights: Wut - Girl Unit

Overall? BEMF was the fucking shit. And major shoutouts to the RINSED NYC crew, especially the fucking HOMIE Dan Wender. We'll keep you posted on when their next party is as well as ours, cuz you best believe you'll be seeing the both of us there ;)



Monday, November 21, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Been a fairly quiet week for Moombahton to be honest, but what has been released has been fucking huge. On top of that there is always the saying, the calm before the storm. There is a lot of releases coming out very soon so make sure you stay tuned!

Tommy Trash - Future Folk (LAZRtag Bootleg) If you don't know of the LA Electro Duo, LAZRtag, you should probably shoot yourself in the face... If you do! Good job. LAZRtag has just come out with their first Moombahton track! A bootleg to be exact of the massive Tommy Trash hit!

:DFace - Bearcrawl :DFace is one of fastest growing Moombahton producers at the moment. Only being in the game for a few months and already racking massive support on his tracks and his debut EP released under the huge Rot 10 label! You can grab the entire EP here! Here is a freebie to entice you a bit more ;)

Schlachthobronx Ft Gnucci Banana - Coolie Fruit (Valentino Khan Remix) Also going back to LA duo's, I unfortunately regret informing you of the late breakup! Market Price have finished their journey together... HOWEVER! This is not the end! Valentino Khan (one half of Market Price) is going solo! Stating he was the only one producing in Market Price, he will continue his domination amongst the greats!

Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby (Van Tek Remix) Always a massive fan of Moombahton remixes of commercial tracks, or even the classic 80's tune! Van Tek taking the Vanilla Ice classic and dropping a heavy face melter!

Now how I said earlier of releases coming soon, I am not saying this to compensate for this short post. Heartbreak has announced three EP releases to end 2011, personal favorite - Alex Supremee's debut EP - "MoombahFreak" on Dec 8th, Sazon Booya's EP to be released early December, Generation Bass - "The Next Wave" compilation and more! Stay tuned!

- Sanka

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Beautiful, Rich, and Horny Fuckscapes

This post makes no fucking sense but I'm an incohesive fuck that you love.
Let's call it eclectic and then call it a day.

Beautiful, Rich & Horny (Dirtyloud Mix) - Melleefresh N' Dirty 30 "I'm so beautiful, rich, and horny!" Mega win for the win, from the win, within the win, in the unity of the holy sprite.

Kissin' Pink (feat. ASAP Ferg) (prod. Beautiful Lou) - A$AP Rocky Throw up gang signs and blow hella smoke to this. STYROFOAM CUPS WITH JOLLY RANCHERS AT THE BOTTOM. "She's all that I want, she's all that I need, I'm fillin' yo cup up with Sprite and codeine, she get me so high." Download.

Kimmi In a Rice Field (Glitter Bones Remix) - Twin Sister A remix to Twin Sister's debut LB, In Heaven. It's experimental pop from Brooklyn that you dig. There's also a Balam Acab remix to this but it's not as fun.

Someone Loves You (Teen Dream Remix) - Tom Vek From a London-bred self-taught multi-instrumentalist musician named Tom, to me, to you. Plus the vocals make me really happy and autodidacts are always sexy. Geez.

Just Us - Shlohmo From his latest album, Bad Vibes. Dreamy-ass vocals that might as well be lacing Balam Acab tracks. Whatever.

Good Love (Stay+ Remix) - Miracle A heavy and dark synthpop remix (lol, irony!) by one of my favorite artists, Stay+, who nobody's ever fucking heard of. So I just like to imagine they're from Antarctica and pretty much just drop acid and dance under aurora borealis and host electrorgies.

Merry Christmas, take another.


Friday, November 18, 2011

T.E.E.D, Uffie, Local Nativies,Bingo Player, Moombah dub and a shit ton of fun

don't use these at home .... i still haven't had to
oh this post out does its self nuff said

Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO (The Mavrik Remix)-LMFAO
nice lil fat bastard samples really must say i enjoy what you did here Mavrik from cali i am pretty sure ... either way the homie love this edit

Sail (ill-esha Remix)-AWOLNATION
songs all like nigga than it drops and shit 

ADD SUV (D!RTY AUD!O Moombahton Bootleg)-D!RTY AUD!O
nasty moombah , was and still is a boss song

Monster (T.E.E.D Remix dope Moombahton edit)-Professor Green & Example
SalSi papa .. T.E.E.D is to dope wish i knew who to give creds but this shits freaking dope the drops are just 2 dope dope dope dope dpe dope odpe

Halloween (Figure Moombahcore Edit)-Misfits
Misfits should be a misfit for moombah so add the core and were onto some serious moombahcore

Who Knows Who Cares (LoveWa[R]evolution Remix)-Local Natives
some DnB been toooooo fucking long since iv posted some, and local natives are on it making it twice as sweeeeet

King Kong (Crisis Kid Remix)-Heartbreak
We got a HUGE kudurostep remix of David Heartbeak's moombahcore track King Kong from Crisis Kid

shits fun to move to

Get Em' High Ft. Kanye West (Big Gigantic Remix)-Talib Kweli
these bastards

Rattle (Original Mix)-Bingo Players
Arkadia tonight Troy Kurtz opening should be dope as fuck

KiD CuDi – Rap Hard (Mixtape)

all a link on kudi to DL the tape

An unreleased KiD CuDi mixtape! This is a demo album which was recorded between 2000 – 2001, which would put Cudder between 15 and 17 years old at the time. CuDi was going to release this on a label called Midwest Action, which he also mentions in his song “Highs N Lows”, but I guess that didn’t work out. The mixtape features 8 unreleased tracks, 2 skits, an interlude, and an intro. 

-J im out fuck off

Tropical Flavor: Berts on Beats,Big Dope P, Crisis Kid, Symbiz,Chuck Upbeat

Who's Ready For a Round Up Of Some Dirty Tropical Flavor Bass?!

Bert On Beat's is a Bad Man, a true veteran in the game that clearly speaks for himself through his production work. Check Out some of these bangin tracks and go support this guy!
Bert on Beat's Soundcloud
Bert on Beat's Facebook

Buraka Som Sistema - Hangover (Bert On Beats remix) by Bert On Beats

Straight Banga.

Bert On Beats - Girl Ninja (Hortus Musicus remix) by Bert On Beats

Farrapo & Yanez - Samborigeno (Bert on Beats Remix) by Bert On Beats

We got a HUGE kudurostep remix of David Heartbeak's moombahcore track King Kong from Crisis Kid!! Did I forget to mention it's a free download!! Big Ups To Crisis Kid For this massive track!

King Kong (Crisis Kid Remix) by Crisis Kid

Sick Remix By the man himself Big Dope P, to be realeased by Burnt Toast Records. Stop reading this and just go buy it.

The Quest - Drop (Big Dope P Remix) [Burn Toast, 2011] by Big Dope P

Killer Remix of Schlachthofbronx's track Chambacu. Plus free download? Nuff Said.


With The Remix Contest for Diplo's Horsey Coming close to an End this track definatly deserves some spotlight! Big Ups to Chuck Upbeat for this killer remix!
Diplo - Horsey (chuck upbeat remix) by Chuck Upbeat


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Big Gigantic ........ the post

two cats from Colorado doing work on a sax drum set and some electronics peek there music and especially the video at the end ..

I Need A Dollar (Big Gigantic Remix)-Big Gigantic

The World Is Yours-Big Gigantic

  Get Em High (Big Gigantic Remix) by BigGigantic

  Notorious Thugs (Big Gigantic Remix) by BigGigantic

  Step Up by BigGigantic

  Black And Yellow (Big Gigantic + Samples Remix) by BigGigantic

  Rise And Shine by BigGigantic

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

All about the pot smokes today ,Tyler, The Creator,zedd,Nas,wiz,kanye,jay-z,diplo,dillon,rusko vs b.i.g

 oh hell yes

Scorpion Move-Zedd
 yo this track will blow you're speakers be careful

Horsey (Daud Remix)-Diplo
Went all out with remix's of this one the other day .. here's one i missed and its a fucking shame bc its toooooooo dope mooombah baby

Bastard (Gooffee Remix)-Tyler, The Creator
this one drops proper... been waiting on a good bastard remix for far 2 long now thanks a fuck ton gooffee

Niggas In Paris DUBSTEPPIN' (DJ WARRIOR & VISION REMIX)-Kanye West & Jay Z (prod. Warrior & Vision) 
yup anouther dubstep nihhhas in paris remix , also fucking ill

Dead On (M2 Mashup)-Notorious B.I.G. & Rusko ft. Amber Coffman

Young, WIld & Free by Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa (Karetus Remix)-Karetus
so what we smoke weed were just having fun.... enjoy this remix true faded fans 

Life's A Bitch (Gooffee Remix)-Nas
Life's a bitch than you die

Who Da Neighbors (Gooffee Remix)-Juicy J
Honest i know i could keep up with juicy j for a week fuck it a month fuck it a year..... either way Gooffee know what we like with thiss batch of remixs

Underneath the Sycamore (Dillon Francis Remix)-Death Cab For Cutie

Grove St Party (Mike Russ Bootleg)-Hit3m High
posted the soundcloud but this song screams fadecounty so fuck it!

and fuck off
-j crest out

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Michael Angelo Russell

Michael Angelo Russell, Miami/London, United States

Peek this guys flow all fucking bangers
 Mike Russell - Dark Clouds ft. AnnaPalmerola by MikeRussellMusic

 Cris Cab - No Hatred (Mike Russell Remix) by MikeRussellMusic

 Digitalism - 2 Hearts (Mike Russell Remix) by MikeRussellMusic

 Grove St Party (Mike Russell Bootleg) by MikeRussellMusic

whats a post without a gal
give our freinds @red rabbit a like... 

All Sorts of Fucked

Brrrrrrrr thas cold.

No special point here with this post, just a random smattering of new tracks that have been on repeat for me lately. You might even call this a shmorgasbord of songs...

Crunked out, bassed out, dancehall'd out version of "Welcome To Jamrock". Fuck your track.

Throwback jam, I had to do it. If you don't like it, go fuck yourself.

Who woulda thought...some of the most popular dudes from classic rock teaming up with the skrillman. Kinda weird right? Almost immedeatly, the vibes I get from the song are saying "Monty Python & The Holy Grail", but be patient it turns nasty real quick

My favorite Daft Punk song, refucked and redone to be extra proper. Heavy french electro?

Another classic throwback, but this time its fuxxed with. Moombahton is taking over, this song should be a part of it.

Taking things down a notch with this one. Island disco is what you might say to describe this track.

New track from Tiesto and Aoki. It's big, it's loud, it's Godzilla! Not really...but this one goes pretty hard, especially if you like electro house.

New Dillon Francis jammmmmmmm. Of all people to remix, he picks Death Cab for Cutie? Whatever, the song is pretty dope, and in typical DF fashion, he completely goes bonkers with the synths and sounds on this one.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Welcome back to another week of the infamous Moombah-Thong Invasion series taking place on numerous blog including this one, spreading the word of the new hot craze. Check out the hottest tunes I have found in the last two weeks!

8cto - GBU1 8cto is quite new to the scene but has been hard at work, making his mark on the scene. With his latest track really getting my attention and I hope yours aswell!

Dan Fix - Duppy Dan Fix is also a new find for me. Instead of taking the electro, brostep approach like most people are doing with Moombahcore, Dan Fix takes things more deep and heavy which will be sure to make your girl drop it low

Will Baily & DSKOTEK - Saxon From the looks Will Bailey is loving the new genre with constant tracks and most of them being free! Including this massive track along with DSKOTEK

Zedd - Shave It! (Sazon Booya Remix) Personal favorites Sazon Booya have been dominating the scene right now, also with their second EP coming out soon things are looking very bright for the New York duo! Whilst we wait anxiously for the next EP arsenal check out a hot FREE remix!

The Cataracs - Top Of The World (Kinokoz & Tuko Remix) Like I have said with the previous tracks here is another favorite of mine. Kinokoz & Tuko have been remixing countless commercial tracks into Moombahton bangers including this one!

Mickey Avalon Ft Andre Legacy & Dirt Nasty - My Dick (Gooffee Remix) Mickey Avalon's massive track, My Dick getting the Moombahton treatment by some more new blood Gooffee. I advise you keen an on eye on this name


Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Rotton Round Up | The Grid EP, Calvertron, Nothing but Bangers!

Calvertron's Sampler of recent EP with Downlink & Messinian on Rottun Recordings
Calvertron, Downlink and Messinian - The Grid EP (Rottun Recordings) EP Sampler by calvertron


Look out for this banger by Calvertron to be released next Month on Slaughterhouse Records!
Rabbit Killer & Farleon - Set Me Free (Calvertron Remix) by calvertron

Nothing but BANGERS.

Nicki Minaj - Did It On 'Em (Calvertron Booty)[Drumstep]
[Legit Remix by Calvertron, screeching melody that will surely make you blood course.]

Jay Z & Kanye West -Niggas In Paris (DZ Remix)[Dubstep]
[Another Hip Hop remix that is on the dirtier side of the genre.]

Excision & Datsik - Invaders [Atomic Remix][Drumstep]
[This Ones sick! Big Ups to Atomic for this drumstep edit of Excision & Datsik's, Invaders!]

Filth Collins - Hellberg (Reign Remix)[Dubstep]
[Very filthy track indeed, Mr. Collins.]

Bong- Neurotoxin Detected(Original Mix)[Dubstep]
[Heavy Shit Here, Bong is notorious for making the most brutal drops in all of the dustup land.]

Dr. Philth - No Fuss(Original Mix)[Drumstep]
[Rasta Reggae intro into a sick drumstep track makes this track an instant banger.]

Also Check out this Track!

Sweet Remix by French Producer Sawgood!
Caesars - Jerk It Out ( Sawgood remix ) FREE DL by Sawgood


this is a massive post but it's so fucking dope so fuck with it...

jaws and i have a lot in common..
he's like "hey baby"

From a mystic place known as Njöörrveík, Iceland...still waiting on his reply to find out how the weather is, im guessing its cold. enjoy his tunes while you wait homies got shit on lock.. nice find me still winning!

Rolling in the Deep (Tastic remix)-Adele
songs EPIC! remember the Bullwack version wellllllll its dope like that so fucking enjoy ,dub baby.

Hot Mess - Chromeo(Tastic & DeVille)
hands in the air on this one, such a dope fucking remix.. chromeo keeping Iceland chilly.. dubsteps baby

Buona Shifta (B3-320k)-Tastic
Tastic dubstep Original whoooop whoop ... shit goes harder than the paint

insideyourpussylips(imadethatup..but id love some sex)(Tastic & DeVille remix)-Nina Simone .. shit i'm like half sure thats her name .. fuck it good track and i couldn't find the name to this track did a fair job with the guess..

Brown Sugah (B3-320k)-Tastic
Tastic does a fantastic job with his dub and here on this disco electro funk type shit, super dance music

Soaring Higher-Tastic
plain ol' funks
 Hoochie Mama - 2 Live Crew (Tastic Remix) by Tastic & DeVille

now let's dance
Horsey (Dooze Jackers Remix)-Diplo
Diplo-Horsey (Kayjay remix)-Diplo
Horsey (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)-Diplo
3 dope diplo mixs on fade... oh and they all kick ass

you don't wanna let these songs go un DL'd trust me
DIVING (Crisis Kid Remix)
raw lil diff soooooo feeeling this
all fucking bangers moombah movement

now let's make love
Blue Jeans (PatrickReza Dubstep Remix)-Lana Del Rey      dub
Blue Jeans (Mover Shaker Remix)-Lana Del Rey                 chilln
throw this on wiggle you're cock round in yo bitch

When i was younger i asked for this game boy ..
the one with batteries wasn't as cool

modek's fucking soundcloud

love this track peek it ms Gomez your steez
 Opposition - Modek Remix by Modek

 Blatta & Inesha - My Lady Don't Mind (Modek Remix)

-J peace bitchs

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thirsty Ass Thursday | TEED, Dark Sky, and THE #Luxurytrap Bible from HxV

extra thirsty, Marilyn? We don't judge.

and now, a fucking amazing batch of everything (hold the pickles).

yeah, seriously, and now a fucking unreleased ass track from the european-non-shitty-deadmau5

Plage (Compuphonic Remix) - Crystal Fighters 80's atmospheric chillwave, somewhat reminiscent of Twin Shadow... honestly? this is the real shit to get down to.

Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix) - Lana Del Rey don't know if this has already been on the site, but, honestly? don't really care. Del Rey's sultry vocals go perfect with this soon-to-be dancefloor anthem that you can bet your ass will be on Tamara Sky's Jet Lag 3.

Space Ballad (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) - Fur Coat and Argenis Brito you can bet Orlando Dinosaur gets down and sexy on this low end uk sexifier. god damn is this dude going to be huge when his album finally drops...

The Lick - Dark Sky mmf this dark Uk funker licks you up and down with synth pads straight from satan's sex den. and then it builds and builds and builds until---hrgggggg.... yeah, the climaxx.

NAZ - Heroes X Villains Daniel Disaster gets practically witch-housey on this one... just begging for vocals from GVCCI HVCCI or even Kreayshawn.....'s tittayzzzzz te heh.

And now,

Tracklist (with accompanying downloads for the best ones 'cuz we love ya):

Wildfire feat Drake - Sbtrkt
Initiation - The Weeknd
You Always Start it - XXXY
Fancy (Sinjin Hawke remix) - The Dream
Ritual Union (Tensnake remix) - Little Dragon
Round Of Applause (remix feat Drake) - Waka Flocka
Shake it out (Weeknd remix) - Florence and the Machine

Things Might Seem A Little...Crooked?

I've been hooked on Crookers lately. Their sound is unlike anyone else that i've heard, it's fun, it's upbeat, it's straight up weird! The duo made up of two dudes named Bot and Phra started making music in 2003, and they've been killing it ever since.

I did some searching, and turns out I have a ton of their older tunes. These may or may not have been posted, but I feel like everyone should enjoy the mayhem that is Crookers, so here's a few of the classics.

Now to the new stuff.
I saw these dudes play earlier this year at Beta Nightclub, and man did they kill it.

Crookers signed to Diplo's label Mad Decent late this past summer, since then they've put out a new album, and a spattering of new remixes for everyone's enjoyment. The album is "interesting" in my opinion, and draws in a lot of different sounds. The following are my favorite tracks from the album, and a new remix to a popular track which you've undoubtably already heard.

I'm really digging this new Mayjuh Layzuh track, and now Crookers remixed it? Damn. Serious dancehall vibes on this one, really jumpy.

The opening song on the album. Fucking sick minimal intro into a heavy hitting beat that will surely get you moving.

Probably my favorite song right here. Been throwing this into all of my sets lately. It takes a little while to build, but the quiet intro is well worth the wait.

Really weird feeling on this one, kinda chill but still upbeat with some electro vibes? I really don't know how to classify these guys...maybe thats what makes them so sick.

The video's kinda cool too...

Just plain weird...such a sick track, but definitely weird.

Enjoy the Crook'd out songs...I know I will!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bowshikawowow: Modestep, Boy Epik, 501, Eprom, and other fire

UK Live Bassline super group Modestep just released their new Remix EP "To The Stars". I'm a sucker for funky groovers, so this was an obvious choice for my favorite off the release. Kick back with that sexy lady and get to it. Cop the full EP here.

Punkt Records' Boy Epik put out his debut EP "Emotions" on Friday. This one is made for that slow twerk and step. Grab the rest of the release on Beatport

Lowtec's (aka Jens Kuhn) "less is nearly almost more" style continues to get shit crackin'. His newest EP "Coldred" is a testament to the power that resides in the deep house variety. This simplistic, but melodic tune will get you feeling freakay nawty in no time.

Teknian recently dropped his "Ruff" EP. Coven took a massive approach to this already fully equipped banger.

Heard Caspa play this one out at Hard Haunted Mansion and shit got weird.

Some serious anger bangin' shit of off Bare's new EP "World of Hurt"

501 continues to impress me. Masterful production and attention to the minute details make this one an absolute club rocker.

The Mothafuckin' Gaslamp Killer dropped this drippy dippy Eprom track the last two times i've seen him. Seriously mind boggling sounds and heavy bass to get you movin.

Yours Disrespectfully,


South Park tonight!!! and korn does dubstep @fillmore with datsik

You Can (Willy Joy Remix)-Body Language
lil Moombah to get this started

The Beach (The Toxic Avenger Remix)-Age of Consent
big drops

Flashback (Millions Like Us Remix)-Calvin Harris
awesome drops

The Shining (Original Halloween Mix)-Cazzette

Turnin' Tricks For Treats-Basic Physics & D.VELOPED

No Beef (Binary "Pas De Beuf" Remix)-Binary
got that dub on the nd drop hear that shit

Almost Over-ZHU
pure genius super old deadmau5 vibe

Who Run De Floor On Halloween-AnimalStatuS x Major Lazer
everyday halloween we ignorant

Monday, November 7, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

This week I am proud to announce the release of Heartbreak's latest edition of the infamous 'M' series! Bringing every flavor to the table, this is an EP set to please everyone! As well as being completely diverse, Heartbreak brought in some of the hottest names such as J-Trick, JWLS, Nerd Rage, Sluggo and Crisis Kid on the remix!

Heartbreak - M7

Heartbreak - That Heartbreak Taking elements of Moombahton, Dirty South & Dutch House, this track shows how you don't need the simple elements in Moombahton to make a dope as hell track

Heartbreak & J-Trick - Valley Girls Seeing this collaboration instantly got me hard, J-Trick being a rising star in the game at the moment and working with the don, can't get any better than that!

Heartbreak & JWLS - Pimpin Again, another hot collaboration. Heartbreak surely knows who to choose to work with! Teaming up with one of my personal favorite producers. Not often you hear a hard track with so much soul

Heartbreak & Nerd Rage & Sluggo - Bad Behavior We all know M7 had to have some of that heavy shit! Bringing in some of the hottest in the core movement, Nerd Rage and Sluggo help tear this track apart!

Heartbreak - Diving Heartbreak going real different on this number, elements of trance, kuduro, juke, this track really shows what Heartbreak is capable of

Heartbreak - Diving (Crisis Kid Remix) Crisis Kid giving his personal take on this track, loving the pitch bends and mellow wobbles

- Sanka