Tuesday, December 27, 2011


First off, 2011 was undoubtedly the biggest year for electronic dance music in the history of the universe (thus far). From Britney going brostep (and succinctly (s)killing dubstep), to the use of house hooks in literally every fucking rap song on the radio, to R'n'B now standing for "dRake 'N Bloggers," to the faithful resurrection of techno, the past 361 days have been a doozie (to say the least). Whew!

But at last, let us soldier on through our super mega two-part best of the year series, and continue counting down the cream of the cream of the CREAM OF THE CROP-- THE best music of the year. Lehgo0-


RHINOCEROPOLIS ANTHEM (FAMILY RADIO MIX) - @LILINTERNET from (literally) dreaming up new genres to the single best twitter in the game, our fascination with the producer/director-cum-computer virus known as @LILINTERNET goes on for days. This track is no exception, combining future harem-esque shivers with babygiggles smoother than your browser reads &ampCSS. We trippy mane

Make it Rain (Heroes x Villains RMX) - Travis Porter AND SPEAKING OF TRIPPY, MANE, our favorite ATLien of all time brings the fucking thunder to T. Porter's stormy ass track. This that song that makes  the entire crowd take one step back....and two steps straight into the pit.

Black Satanic Mysticism - Boy 8-Bit building into what we'll thus dub, "The Best Melody of The Year," B8B injects the funk into the keys, walking all over the harmonic scale like it ain't nobody's business. heavy metal guitar players wish they could riff like this.

All There Is (Feat. Steffaloo) - Chrome Sparks our "Feel Good" track of the year, Chrome Sparks combine almost witch-house trawling percussion with harps and choppy vocals, shimmering keys and all kinds of happy trippy girl shit. basically just a really really great song to make out to. Proven. (you heard it here first!)

Avalanche (Terminal Velocity) (Canblaster Remix) - Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Jarvis Cocker this song literally sounds like (what I assume) being trapped in an avalanche sounds like. Megabass + megakicks + mega creepy vocals PLUS mega-wind-tunnel-action = perfection for the mega-post.

Waulking Song - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs how could I leave my favorite artist of the year out of this? this song is for walking. Hopefully you have enough distance to walk for the amount of time you'll be hitting the 'play again' button ("That's not a button, Emerson, Jesus." "Yeah well. Fuck a goat.") Mark my words, 2012 will be the year of the dinosaur.

Opr - Gesaffelstein straight off his straight-up incredible Conspiracy Pt. 2 EP, this French frog might as well be hailed as techno's savior. Combining size and fuzz with vocal hiccups and PURE EVIL (not kidding), Gesaffelstein made it cool to return to techno and brought the "tit"s back to repetition.

At Home (Berou and Canblaster Remix) - Crystal Fighters this is legit the biggest song I know, with the legit biggest drop I've ever heard. imagine sitting out on an open range under the stars and watching the constellations come to life and battle (and fuck) each other. It's kind of like that? No, really though.

A Little Bit of Love (Brenmar Remix) - New Edition the king of club is here, with one of the hypest tracks of the year. Dark, downbeat, cleancut while still griiiiimey, kind of like the man himself. Shit's straight classsss. BOMB!

Fok Julle Naaiers - Die Antwoord last but DEFINITELY not least, how could the year go by without a fucking BEAST of a track, straight out the middle Zef? YO- FADE COUNTY LOVES YOU, & FOK JULLE NAAIERS FOREVER//



Suck it dry... then get the fuck out.

no peanut butter, just JAM:

You Make You Feel (Diva Remix) - Dumbo Gets Mad tooooooo smoooooooov

Diving (Crisis Kid Remix) - Heartbreak let time stop. no. worries. just chillllll

next step: bounce

Space Ballad (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix) - Fur Coat and Argenis Brito le ballad of le space. fresh as it comes, delivered by the one and only sir Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs. by far, one of the best live shows on planet earth.

Warhead (Eigo Remix) - Will Bailey the tune that makes you spill your drink all over the fine chick you've been working your way inside of since you locked eyes. when her boyfriend wasn't looking.

Breathe - What So? Not damn baby, just make it boom.

there's so much much but..

to be honest, I'm tripping way too hard right now and I'm about to throw this computer out of the window. here's a teaser mix I just made,

Minimale Mix | the Basstapes by Fade County!

and the homie Troy Kurtz's latest collaboration with Panic Bomber. not sleeping tonight....

Kurtz & Bomber - Never Sleeping by Troy Kurtz


Monday, December 26, 2011


Listen UP Fuxxx- This is Part 1 of the "Fade County Super Epic Two Part Year End Wrap Up Mega Posts ™" featuring the finest in tune selections from Tweaker, Sanka, FreeMo, RayDah, and AmadZ. 

Hope you're lubed-

First up, hot fire from the Colorado by way of Chi City Mane, Tweeaaaaaaakerrrrrrr

Dushi (Original Mix) - CrookersWith the release of their new album "Dr. Gonzo", Crookers showed us once again, their ability to produce dance music with a little twist of something different. This song is no exception; with a mellow intro, you really never expect what the song actually ends up bringing. Weird off key synths, funky rhythms, and some girl saying "dushi" over and over again all combine to make up this one.

Undah Yuh Skirt ft. Movado - Zeds Dead
Zeds Dead made some moves in 2011. Not only were they signed to Diplo's Mad Decent label, but they also produced a fair amount of music; this song being a perfect example. A breakbeat intro moves quickly into vocals, and then the mayhem comes. Heavy bass synths that you know this Canadian duo can bring are ever-present, and work perfectly to create a track thats seriously straight up bonkers.

What You Need - The WeekndBeen hooked on this one ever since Skream and Benga played it on their BBC Radio One show last spring. Super laid back, a slow jam for sure. The vocals are spot on, and the beat in the background works perfectly. This one's had its fair share of remixes, but the original has always been my favorite.

Fuck This - Munchi
2011 was undoubtably the breakout year for moombahton. With more new producers that you can shake a stick at, more and more stuff is being produced at 110 bpms. Munchi had been in it from the very beginning, and even though this track was only released a few weeks ago, I think it embodies everything thats sick about this new genre that seems to be blowing up right now. Gunshots, Flocka, and a sick beat...whats not to love?

Original Don - Major Lazer
Newish stuff from Diplo and Switch's supergroup. Personally, I thought it would be difficult for the group to top the popularity of "Pon De Floor", but this one's definitely catching up. This one brings in some aspects of dancehall, an idea which many producers have already taken advantage of, and will probably continue to do for some time.

Unison (Original Mix) - Porter Robinson
Porter is undoubtedly one of America's fastest growing producers, and 2011 was by all means a great year for him. The release of a new album, being signed to Skrillex's OSWLA label, and playing tons of shows; all added to Mr. Robinson's success this past year. This track is probably my favorite electro/house track from his new album, the chord progression and melody are simply amazing, and will no doubt have you moving wherever you are.

Blam! Next up, the thundah from down undah (meaning New Zealand for all y'all troglodytes), DEEJAYE SANKA

The Others - First Flight
Love it or hate it, truth is Dubstep has hit it;s peak year (commercially of course). Especially with the rawness of tunes in 2010 and with the Brostep term just coming to surface. This year we have seen countless Dubstep/Brostep tracks hitting commercial radio which is where i have come to the obvious conclusion of the peak year.

What catches my attention the most are producers not wanting commercial appearance, just wanting to makes tunes, play them out and simply skank out which is where The Others comes into play, releasing the godlike EP, First Flight. Yes bitches I said godlike: 5 tracks of pure grime at its finest, taking a different approach than most trying to sound like Skrillex or Circus Records.

Break Your Neck was always a track I was looking forward to owning but I had no idea the amount of quality that come with the entire EP, including my personal favorite and one of the hottest tracks in my year

Tyler The Creator - Yonkers
Everyone saying Hip Hop is dead which I can't agree with more. I am fucking over hearing about money cars and girls. I simply couldn't give a fuck. Call me jealous, call me ignorant. Amongst the pathetic amount of new age hip hop coming through, the last year or two has given birth to what I would call alternative Hip Hop, and I am more thansure when people think of alternative Hip Hop, OFWGKTA come to mind straight away. Tyler and the boys completely taking things to a new level with their dark approach and no remorse, with things only getting better in the new year

Munchi - Me And My Bitch
Would be a little stupid not to acknowledge the biggest genre of the year in the "underground" scene. I can't see how this shit is underground, I have not seen at all a genre that has just given birth and in two years dominating dance floors world wide, countless amounts of producers in their own fields experimenting and loving i may add. A lot of the reason I believe this genre has blown up as much as it has so far are the producers working the sound. Producers bringing out raw quality that you can only see in the early stages of any genre, being able to see this genre grow has been more than i can possibly handle. I did not expect to be so in love with something that doesn't put out

Munchi... Fuck I don't even need to say anything else now right? Munchi, Munchi, Munchi. The man on the front-lines of Moombah since day one and still the most prolific. Even though Munchi hasn't released many tunes this year, what he has released has been as much quality as girls that can open throat.

DIllon Francis - Beautician 2.0
Before Dillon Francis went to his "Nu Jump Up" approach on his tracks is when I loved him the most. The time when he made OG Moombahton with more sex appeal than the Kardashain sisters in a line....bent over. Without a doubt he has been the centre of attention this year even with the new style he has been using. and for someone that has only been producing for over a year. You have to respect someone that has accomplished so much in so little time. So many quality Moombahton tunes he has brought out that I will always cherish, heres hoping that man comes back again soon!

Billy The Gent & Longjawns - Vibrate
Really fucking shit up with this one, regular collaborators Billy The Gent & Longjawns went all out on this track which was a massive contributer to the influence of Moombahton producers today, as well as that smashing plays by almost everyone with decent taste in music. Without a doubt this track deserves to be one of the biggest tracks of the year in not only Moombahton but the EDM scene in general!

Wooooof! Next up, some next level shit from FREEMO

On The Radio - Tony Mundaca 
What the fuck can I say about Moombahton this year. Its pretty insane how quickly sub-genres (or whatever you want to call them) can spread and the phenomenon that is the Moombah was no exception. Say what you want about it, but I think it's clearly going to be sticking around for a few blinks of the dance music eye. Moombahsoul was my favorite derivative of the "movement". From the Heartbreak Presents Moombahsoul release, Tony Mundaca's "On The Radio" is the smoothest of smooth.

Zzafrika (Sound of Stereo Remix) - ZZT 
My taste is constantly shifting and this year it seemed to move away from the "four to the floor" house variety a bit. That said, Sound of Stereo's take on this ZZT anthem was still able to safely make it into my top of the year. I can never get enough of this one.

Wildfire - SBTRKT
SBTRKT's DJ set was one of my favorite performances of the year. His set at Coachella and Camp Bisco were both on that perfection tip, in my opinion atleast. As a huge fan, I was shocked at how much I disliked the live set I saw at Hard Haunted Mansion. That aside, Wildfire was my track of the summer. Little Dragon kills it and the production is spot on.

Talk Box - Koan Sound 
Koan Sound did it right this year. The "Funk Blaster" EP was an unreal release. This Sometimes dark, always melodic style birthed the funkyness that is 'Talk Box'. Roughness meets deepness, style meets ease, ass meets titties. This shit is groovy as it comes, with the sub-bass to back it up. Gimme.

Think About It - Phaeleh 
From the beginning of the year to now Phaeleh has not ceased to impress me. This dude is a gentleman and a scholar in the world of Future Garage. He played all the main European festivals this past summer and has put out countless notable tracks just this year. In "Think About It", Laura Ivana's vocals teamed with his ingenious production creates a masterpiece worth throwing in any booty gettin' playlist. This is some simply soulful shit.

Source 16 - Redlight 
While this track surfaced in the sets of a select few DJ's before this year, I first heard Skream play it live at an Ultra PreParty at Mecca. I had been waiting for some time, so I naturally lost my shit. In the beginning of the summer, Roska played it out at Coachella as a midset destroyer. Its one of those tracks that gets snuck into a set without anyone realizing, but when it drops out the crowd is left wondering, "what the fuck was that". Every time I hear it I go absolutely apeshit. Its as deep as they come, with the catchiest drum line. Straight illin.

Be Myself - Dark Sky 
I have said it before and I will say it again, Dark Sky are my favorite artists of 2011. Their "Radius EP" is an outstanding representation of their wholesome style, spanning multiple beat driven sounds. When it really comes down to it, "Be Myself" was my favorite track of 2011. The head spinning breakdown gets me every time. Unbelievable micro production and the classiest percussion make this one an all time great in my book. So goddamn fresh.

Supah next level. On to the next one, RAYDAH

2011 has been a sick year for music and I'm sure we've all noticed the increase popularity in many genres, sub genres, sub-sub genres, and basically the overall rise in the popularity of electronic music. With the rate that technology is going it is no surprise that more and more artists are able to quickly learn and create their own music with much more ease than just a few years ago. With the creation of sound cloud and other social media sites we have seen the rise of so many Artists and music in the past couple of years. Which is literally the best thing ever for people like me who enjoy going out every weekend to watch different talented artists perform there seems to be no ending in the constant flow of new music!

Here are some of my favorites of the year suckas!

Freaky Phillip Vs The Korgis- Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime(I Need Your Lovin)
Freaky Phillip has definitely been one of my top Moombahton breakthrough artists this year! This Track will probably go down as one of my all time favorite moombahsoul tracks. It's so simple yet so effective moombahsoul retake from the original track by the Korgis makes it just the perfect track to play when your in the mood for some laid-back moombah.

Tittsworth & Alvin Risk - Pendejas
Many will agree that 2011 marked the rise of Moombahton thanks to artists such as Munchi, Nadastrom, Dillion Francis, and many more. There is no denying Washington's very own Tittsworth and Alvin Risk brought some of the most memorable Moombah bangers this year. With songs like "Pendejas" & "La Campana " these two have no problem putting bitches on the dance floor.

Excision, Downlink- The Underground
I seriously don't know what else there is to say about Excision or Downlink they have been in the top ranks of dubstep for years now and will most likely continue their reign. As previously mentioned it is no doubt the dubstep influence has began to break out this year into the mainstream. But when this track I felt that this was a huge step into what we may see in the future sounds of moombahcore, and fuck my ears the future sound good.

Mendez- Feel This Shit!
Another Huge Name in The Rise Of Moombahton Mendez has some of the sickest moombahcore out! Not to mention his countless other bangers! This guy is a power in himself in the movement of moombahton! This track is not for the weak speaker, pump up the fucking bass and watch the place melt from the bass of this fire track.

Hulk & Dan Wall - Brotorious VIP (Ft. Messinian)
Don't get me wrong, I can agree that some of the dubstep nowadays is getting a little repetitive but when it comes to going destructively hard in the paint look no further than one of my favorite dubstep duo, HULK. Hailing out of Chicago these guys do it all! What I like the most about them is there ability to remix well known tracks and keep to there grimey roots. If the time calls for it and you want to play a track that will shake your clothes right off your skin, leave it to Hulk to provide you with the fattest tracks! They have covered all the genres in the game right now and go in every single time! Hulk has recently released a chart rising EP called "Party Kidz" that all ya'll need to check out!

Eptic - Stick Up
There is no doubt in my mind that this kid, if not already, will be one of the greatest producers in the dustup genre. His up-beat bass driven bangers are sure to get the crowd going crazy. There is literally no track of epic that I don't like and I can't say this for most producers out there. This track is on the top of my dustup list of 2011.

And finally, hot fucking lava from the only broad badass enough to roll with the FCC, AmadZ

Garden (Joe Goddard Remix) - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
Yes, this is Joe Goddard of Hot Chip, but you didn't even know his name. It's the same vocals you so miss from ye olde UK electronic-indie band with some sweet female vocals wrapped up all in it. Plus the now-famous TEED, though you didn't know who he was when I first posted this.

Have A Cigar (Wick-it Remix) - Pink Floyd A remix by Wick-it The Instigator
The same dude who brought us the dubstep remix of Charlie Sheen's 'Tiger Blood' interview. If you love Pink Floyd (which you do), this will take you back. And I mean all the way back.

Tthhee Ppaarrttyy feat. Uffie (Crizzly Remix) - Justice
Remember the original? You used to play it while you got ready, while you pregamed, while you rode in a taxi at 1 AM on your way out because you pretty much physically assaulted the driver while sitting next to him, forcing him to reluctantly admit he had an AUX chord and plugging in your Fade-infused iPod. C'mon. We've all been there. Well, you loved the Crizzly Remix 'cus you could do it all over again. You're welcome.

Comin to get us (Designer Drugs Remix) - The Death Set 
This is basically what I crush shit to. I have this playing in the background. And the foreground. And the sky. The Death Set? They're an Art Punk group from Australia. These crazy punk female vocals we'll get you going, alright.

Hits Me Like A Rock (Dillon Francis Remix) - CSS 
This is dope as dope can get. From moombahton to luvstep and everything in between, Dillon and CSS consistently nail it. Hell, that's Mad Decent for ya.

Who The Fuck Are You - Cory Enemy & Dillon Francis
From the Ultra EP by Cory Enemy and Dillon Francis. It was awesome, it was free, and they didn't even bother to get it signed to a label. Definitely some of the best and sexiest sampling of the year.

Time (Pretty Lights Remix) - Pink Floyd 
Just vibetoit. Twerk it. Fuxxx wit it. Pure nommyness and that's all I can say.

Feel So Close (Benny Benassi Remix) - Calvin Harris
I was in between this one and the NERO remix, but this one actually goes harder. Timeless electro, for the win.

Actually, just have the NERO one too:
Feel So Close (Nero Remix) - Calvin Harris

Pow Pow Pow

Stay tuned for tomorrow's installment, Part 2 of 2, featuring the best tracks of the year from BlurredOut, Supreme Being, Sneaky Snaxx, and Yours Trul-E.

By the way, this shit's dedicated to our MIA brother, Truelove. Wherever you are, this one's for you, pussy.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

One of the sexiest EP release traditions is back with their seventh release! Of course I am talking about the Moombahton Massive series featuring some huge tracks by some of the biggest names in Moombahton who strive themselves on bringing tracks with huge sex appeal

Perfect for summer skanking

- Sanka

Christmas on Acid: Dark Sky, Phaeleh, LoBounce and other shit to slam mimosas to.


To be real, I fucking hate christmas...unless its on Acid. 

Throw some muthafuckin' sexay in your holiday celebration.

Dark Sky resides in my top 5 artists of 2011. They had me at the Radius EP, but this free track solidifies them as kings of their genre. This one is slow and funky. Chill out to it when your family drives you up the fucking wall this weekend.

Its a White Christmas everywhere. Buchan has been killing it with his recent releases, including his new EP with Vital Techniques, "The Jump Off". Here is Vital Techniques remix of the title track. Its an absolute high volume banger. Cop the rest of the EP on Juno

Bristol native Phaeleh speaks to the sexy end of the genre. His melodic, groovy tunes have put him at the lead of the rebirth of deepness and his versatile style make him an absolute great. He gave away these three tunes for xmas this year. Each one speaks to his utmost attention to the purest sub-bass and classiest vocal samples. We want you in the US my friend. We want you bad. 

Chicago based LoBounce represents a new face of US bass music. This multi-instrumentalist turned prince of Ableton has spent the last few years developing his signature "Drippy Bass" sound. His overwhelming talent has thrown him quickly up the ranks, pushing him to share the stage with the biggest names in the business. Oil Slick is his take on new age electro meets dubstep. Every detail is accounted for, from the melodic synths to the beyond crispy drum line. If your in Chicago for New Years, make sure to check him out with Big Gigantic. You will not be disappointed. This homie aims to please. Check his soundcloud for a slew of originals and remixes. 

OIL SLICK - Free DL - LoBounce 

Ahh this one will make any dance floor full of ladies stop short and then subsequently get their sexy two step on. mmm mmm. So fresh, so classy. 

Mark Instinct continues to bring the heat. Dude is a fucking legend. Throw this huge tune on and get weird, too weird. 

Merry Fucking Christmas,

and remember, 

Free Money Ain't Free. 


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rusko's Remix Extravaganza

As a holiday gift to the world, Rusko just released an EP collection of his remixes for your downloading pleasure. These remixes span from 2006 to 2010, and while there are no new tunes in this release, it is a great opportunity to check out some of his tracks that never gained as much popularity as "Pro Nails" or "Woo Boost".

Download the collection below.

happy holidaze.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Despurrate Timez Kall for Desperit Plea$urez

It feels pretty good to be back in Miami.
Gonna party it up with the narcs in Mexico tomorrow,
so I leave you with this...

U Don't Survive (SBTRKT Edit) - Machinedrum Repeated vocals, a funky bassline, refreshingly frenetic riffs, and dreamy somethings. Ah, ah, ah, stay alive to this.

Leny (ADAT rmx) - Crystal Castles I will marry Alice Glass, but in the mean time, let's get faded and fixxxed with this brand new ((drown wave)) psychopath mixxx.

*Baptism (Story Of Isaac Remix) - Crystal Castles Obviously aged as fuck like any bloody Cabernet Sauvignon, but I just found it today and it blew my mind.

Shot Yourself In The Foot Again (Dj nErU Remix) - Skream & Example We posted the original a year ago, so behold the remix that got the most votes and won the Image-Line's One Day Remix competition. Dope as dope can get.

Gorom Sen (Shlohmo Remix) - Robot Koch I'll just share this, 'cus it's weird, and one of my favorite tracks, and part of 2010's Death Star Droid Remix EP, a.k.a., Project Mooncircle, a.k.a in 2012 it will be way too old to post so HERE.

Icarus (Original Mix) - Madeon Dat new new from the French prodigy. Is he even fucking 18 yet!? Sheeesh. 

Must Be The Feeling - NERO I'm pretty much over NERO (usurp the emperor)... but this is some serious funk. Legit, where the fuck did this shit come from? Major futuristic throwback, what.

Holiday (Savior Adore Remix) - Body Language NYC-based quartet Body Language gets remixed by Brooklynites Savior Adore. It's dreamy and cute and made specifically for girls-- just like the holidays. Suck it.

It's starting to look a lot like Titsmasssss,

yeah okay whatever,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Skream & Benga BBC Radio One|Midnight Conspiracy|Kavinsky

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,
I hope everyone survived finals...personally I think the whole scholastic success thing is real over-rated.
Lets get right into it.
Skream & Benga recently did their last "In New DJs We Trust" for the year, and after listening, I think my eardrums might be bleeding just a lil bit. In today's times of "bro-step", this English duo seem to always recapture my interest into bass-filled music.

Here's their newest radio show in all of it's entirety

Here it is for your downloading pleasure...

After giving this a listen, you'll come to realize how many bangers are in there...a ton of them are unreleased, but I managed to get my hands on a few

Some of the biggest drops i've heard in awhile.

On another note...I have some less intense stuff here too. Time to take things down a lil bit to some electro, moombahton, and other randoms.

This one's quite fresh, new material from Chicago-based electro duo Midnight Conspiracy, and their counterparts Cenob1te. It's heavy, intense, and it's been climbing the beatport chart over the past couple weeks.

Brand new banger from Dave Heartbreak. Crisp, bubble-like synths to get you moving. Upbeat, kinda like some dutch house

I know this one's a throwback, but i've been really diggin it lately, you should too. Slowed down french electro vibes with computerized vocals. Mellow, relaxed, but it also has that mysterious vibe to it.

Tyga's radio anthem switched up into a moombahton remake. It works perfectly, this one's surely gonna get you movin

happy holidaze,


Monday, December 19, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

New week means new tunes!

Munchi - Fuck This (Wav) The king of Moombahton spared some of his busy time answering some interesting questions by Walmer Convenience! Amazing read for those wanting more than just a free tune. Yes I said free tune. As well as a Munchi intweview, we also get a free unreleased track! Which is fucking fire! Read the interview here

Excision & Liquid Stranger - Get To The Point (Monster! Monster!'s Moombahtron Remix) Monster! Monster! has very recently just dropped his latest EP! Concentrating on the Rottun label and remising a couple hot tunes into next level Moombahcore bangers! Both worth the grab!

Wes De Graaf - Pull Up Riddim Wes De Graaf has been blowing up lately, with some massive releases coming real soon. Heavy Bass with a Dancehall style, this shit is more than hot. Remember the name!

Will Bailey & Figure - Move (ShearGen1us Remix) ShearGen1us is my personal favorite producer at the mo and completely underrated for that matter. Big things coming for him in 2012 without a doubt! Another to keep an eye on as well as Wes

- Sanka

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesdyz r 4 Luvrz | Gui Boratto, Pional, & ULTRADEMON

can i get a god damnnnnnnnnnn?

as you may well know, my own music taste's been maturing to say the least. a lot less pants-shitting droppage in favor of fuller, immensely prettier soundscapes and blahblahblah i might as well be writing for bitchfork already. fuck that shit-

here's some music to fuck to.

Opus 17 (oRg.Mix) - Gui Boratto just let this one build. super sick minimal progressive that's just right for slipping it in (a term which, here, in an attempt to cater more to our female readers, works both ways). bzzzzzzzzzzz

In Another Room (Pional's Reduxed Version) - Pional going straight ambient disco on your asses, this one blossoms into something you're gonna remember and truly appreciate during your next trip down psychedelic lane.

Lied - Decibel this UK producer's been getting mad love from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Toddla T. Shit combines smooooov ass r'n'b hooks with one of the nastiest sub drops i've heard in a long time. hope you're wearing good headphones, cuz this one's straight out of Dr. Dre's (rumored, highly secret) babymaking mixtape.

Step Into Liquid (It's a Trap) - Fire for Effect if you're not yet riding the wave, Fire for Effect aka Ultrademon, alongside @LilInternet and Unicorn Kid are pushing a new brand of lifestyle/genre/subculture devoted to a return back to our aquatic roots (because everyone knows the missing evolutionary link involved being aquatic apes. duh). While you're over there getting your mindfuck on, let these eclectic samples (which, yes, actually include dolphin sounds) and killer basslines lull you back to mother ocean's breast. real talk.

diamondii - Plaitum don't even know how the fuck i found this, but it straight rips witch house a new asshole. Amadz, this one's for you. so fuxxin fuxxy, jeezus.

Back In Time - Games combining some of the finest sampling with Justice-worthy slap bass and OG Mayer Hawthornesque vox, this one literally takes you back in time and does the bow-chicka-wah-wahhhh for you.

Chrome Lion (Ultrademon's Remix) - Unicorn Kid / Fire for Effect going straight #seapunk, Ultrademon gets as trippical (just made it up, trippy + tropical for the ones still 'bating to the picture above) as he does melodic.  

this #seapunk thing is fucking killin me, so, just so you end your night off right, i hope you're fucking ready for this shit.

Ultrademon - #Occupy Mixtape by Мишка Bloglin

After this post, I hope you won't forget to cut or tear all your plastic six-pack holders up (and not throw them in the ocean) so you can save some sea creatures. Just kidding (except i'm actually not kidding  at all and if i find out any of you are doing this i will fucking hunt you down). Dolphins rule. 


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tunes to kill your babies to

This is my first post on Fade that ISN'T Moombahton!! Feels hella different, but I have some shit that has to be heard! Some real nasty numbers that will rip your babies head off. But it's ok, the baby was most likely an accident. Or even better, if the baby you had is to a legend like this

Anyway you get the idea, tunes will be massive, babies will die, whores will still be whores

A-Trak & Zinc - Stingray (Benga Remix) Benga really going in on the latest A-Trak & Zinc tune. The two artists itself was enough to make me scream, then seeing Benga on the remix!!! Wtf else do you need?!

Skream - Abstruse Whenever I think of Benga, Skream comes to mind also. The two original dons of dubstep. Back when shit like this was filth, fuck the filth, this snare is mind fucking me

Chuckie - Who is Ready to Jump (Dillon Francis Remix) Dillon Francis is the most prolific producer of 2011, smashing out Moombahton/Jump Up Electro & Dubstep. Makes you wonder what is instore for 2012...

AndDrop! & Mike Spliff - Centurion Got sent this tune from the main Fade man asking for a feature, if I had known of this tune I would of featured it regardless!

The Strangers - Suprise You can feel the filth coming in the first 32 bars. Shit gets nasty! SUPRISE MOTHER FUCKER

Jack Beats - End Of Love Jack Beats have been a duo I have followed ever since I hit the EDM scene, back when I heard Jack Got Jacked. Fuck that tune was huge. Slowly coming back into the scene with talk of Moombahton as well as their signature sound, coming out with the latest banger!

KGB - Ultra Skank May not know of this name, but their latest EP was signed under the massive Dub Police label! Simply amazing 3 tunes in this, especially this huge number

Flux Pavilion & Doctor P - Superbad About fucking time this came out, for all the Doctor P & Flux P fans out there. Superbad is now out! I admit I am glad they didn't dominate the song with their generic sound. Only little drabs of it in this tune...

KillaGraham - Drop It Here is something fucking intense to turn shit next level! KillaGraham giving out a free tune after hitting 2k fans on Facebook. Shit is actually huge and simply making the big names look a little silly

- Sanka

Monday, December 12, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Releases are getting bigger in the Moombahton field! More artists jumping on board, genre is getting into that spotlight! Hope you are all ready for some hot new tunes this week!

Bro Safari - Da Worm Mad Decent has setup a side project that will be concentrating more on the underground scene! One of the first releases being from one of the biggest names in Moombahton, Bro Safari! Da Worm being played out by some of the hottest names

Bro Safari & LeDoom - Boink Also a bouncy/bass heavy collaboration with Moombahtonista, LeDoom on this number!

Planet Rock - Lazrbeam (gLAdiator Remix) LA superduo, gLAdiator getting next level on their latest remix for Planet Rock's upcoming EP! The kinda shit Mini me will be thrusting to

Angger Dimas - Kitchen You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this track! First hearing this track by Laidback Luke, going hard as per usual. I had no idea who produced this or even where to find it. I had to have it! After stalking the comments via Youtube I learnt Angger Dimas was the culprit. Now after countless months this massive tune is released! Amongst two other huge tunes including another favorite, Hey Freak! The EP is well worth the buy. Check it out!

Pickster & Riot Earp - She's Just Going a bit softer on this one with Pickster and Riot Earp. Not sure if it's the piano or the smooth vocals, but this tune is hitting me hard!

- Sanka

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Stay Away from Salem's Nuclear Cocaine Gates

You don't fuck her, she fucks you.

ill.Gates VS Die Antwoord, Round 2 (Fok Julle Naaiers) - ill.Gates San Francisco-based ill.Gates just dropped this shit on the spektrum. (Remember when he collab'd with Bassnectar? It made you cream everywhere.) Fok Julle Naaiers = Fuck You All, in Africaans. That's right. Fuck you Interscope, TEN$ION on Zef Records, for le win. Shit's gritty!

Fear of Drowning (Lapalux Remix) - Mirrors Deceptively starts off like some cheesy early 80s shit, and then-- boom, it's your anthem. Not only is it faded and clouded, but it's produced by Radioactive Man and part of a remix EP called Deconstructed. Sheeee-it, it's all coming together now. And the glitchy vocals sent hurling down by gunfire don't hurt, either.

Go On (Lunice Remix) - Stalley Fuck yuh, Lunice. "I go on, 'cus I done have a pocket full of bread, and I'm still on my grind like I ain't ate yet. I go on, never satisfied on this ride, only got a certain number of days before I die... Don't sit on your ass ma dude, the only on that's gon' be last IS YOU!"

Loud Pockets (Hudson Mohawke Remix) - Young L "My swag good for my health like a vitamin." This track effectually smashes genres, all over your face, bukake-status. Glasgow natives do it big, sons.

Stay Away (Salem Remix) - Charli XCX This isn't even new but it's my favorite song and the video is a kult classic in my brain.

Cocaine (Little Dragon Remix) - The Internet You have to turn this one allllll da way up, like Roscoe Dash. Cutest vocals ever, by the way.

ciao, salopes!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Collection: Dancehall Bootyclaps, Flocka! & Some Other Bad Bidniz

Don't fuck with these girls, they've got guns.
For all you fools that haven't checked out our tumblr yet, peep it here to find the girls you've been looking for all your life.

I hope all the Fade NYC fam got down at Trap Door #4 a couple nights ago, i'm sure it was bumpinnnnnnn.

Saturday mid-day post, on that last week swagggggg then nothing for a month and a half.
No real background info on this post, just a bunch of tunes that have been collecting for about a month or so, get down!

Been out for a minute, you may or may not have it at this point. Regardless, this song is the ishhh, a different tune from the Canadian gruesome twosome. Dancehall-ish, with all the bass you could come to expect from these guys.

Another track from my homie Elliott Porter. People can bitch and complain about me posting tracks from friends, but fuck you, this one's a banger. Some 128 bpm madness to get you moving wherever you're at

Also been out for a lil while. The internet's buzzin with tons of remixes to this one, but the original still has me going. Kinda weird and different vibes, but I guess thats what Diplo's all about.

There's tons of remixes to this one too...this one's the illest though. Swagged out mellow indian flute 140 bpm vibezzzzzzzzzz

Bigggggggg fucking tune from the UK up n' comer. The vocals give you chill, and then it gets fucking filthy. BFT

Everyone knows Dada Life, and while their sound isn't exactly something new, it doesn't necessarily mean that their shit doesn't bump. This one dropped this week, and it goes just as hard as all of their other tracks, proving once again that Dada Life's ish does indeed go to eleven.

Taking things down a notch with this one. Funkyfresh french electro with a downtempo, downplayed vibe. Suuuuuuuuuuper mellow, keep it classy.

Moombahton and dancehall ish is Sanka's realm...but I feel like this Munchi madness needed to be posted. Ever since I found this video, i've been searching for this tune everywhere...

I finally found it, and rest assured...it definitely goes hard in the paint

The song everyone knows, re-done, re-chopped, and re-fucked by Munchi and Hungryboy...goddamn I love this song, if it doesn't get you moving I don't know what the fuck will.

Keep it movin'


Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday's Down for Everything | TEED, Xaphoon Jones, Compuphonic, & my favorite song ever

Girls are so cool especially when they're actually really cool in which case you slap a ring on that shit faster than they can give you the "its cool, i'll swallow" "mhmm :)" thumbs-up gesture. This is why you love us.

That being said, you probably hate us for slacking this past week. school is gay so we're all gonna drop out so we can just give you music and get faded all day long until we die. We're young and enterprising.

Anyways, here's a smattering of tuneage perfect to take through the weekend. Some bass, some juke, one smoooooth ass Dinosaur. Lehhgo-

Colours (Xaphoon Jones Mega Edit) - Grouplove Pretty sure this dude's the producer for Chiddy Bang which is gay but who am I to judge when he's winning VMA's and dropping fat basslines on unsuspecting buzzbands. Diplo-esque and crunchy, how we like it.

Trust Issues (BNRY Remix) - Drake BNRY doesn't have a whole lot of tracks and this 320 took a little hunting down, but hot off Drizzy Cake (cuz he so soft, get it???)'s newest single, look for solid sampling and seriously detuned chords. This one's for the beginning of your set or that point where you've been tearing faces off for so long you need to re-moisten your audience before they start to chafe.

Run Up Get Done Up (Jay Fay Remix) - Da Banggaz this one's about to be Blurred Out's new anthem. Seriously, who even needs a bassline when your entire audience just had a juke-based coronary?

Midnight City (Remixé par Who Killed JR) - M83/Who Killed JR? this is that anthemic jump up and down until you feel like the entire crowd is holding hands and becoming one-type shit. Just kidding (sort 0f), but it's really fucking catchy and, at the very least, totally perfect for your next 80's themed cocaine sleepover.

Anywhere (Compuphonic and Kolombo Remix) - The Presets just a 128 because this one is worth way more than $1.99 to spin live. Progressive with an acid-vocal line straight out of Morrissey's songbook, this one is straight up sex magic.

Now, just in case you were doubting Orlando Higginbottom's artistic sensibilities, here's a thought-provoking "study of German telecommunication towers, from the safety of the back seat of the tour bus," set to his newest track. Meta

Dream On - Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs and here it is for download. you're welcome

At Home (Berou and Canblaster Remix) - Crystal Fighters posted this one a little over a year ago and it got nowhere near the attention it deserves so I'm bringing it back and fuck you if you still don't get it. This is hands down one of the best remixes I've ever heard, not to mention one of my favorite songs of all time. Shit's so big it needs its own flock of birds (you'll know when you listen to it). Not only is it bigger than ANYTHING Skrillex could skrew up, it's also probably one of the most inventive tracks of all time. Enough, you get it. just fucking listen and appreciate this horse house masterpiece or else I will fight you.

Have a great today and an even better tomorrow!™


Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Ay yo, waddup waddup.

It's ya boy Blurred Out, hookin' you up wit some free philth.

Skream and Benga just released a free EP for that Scion A/V Mobb Crew. What is the deal with Scion? Are they trying to just own the whole music business? They're really taking over, WATCH OUT!

Anyways, their EP is pretty disgusting. It features the much hyped track of Benga, "Electro West". Crazy big tune, been waiting on its official release for awhile. Sounds a lot like "Computation", you know that funky dutch synth sound over some fast 140 bpm tribal beat.

Not only that, but Skream has some of his classic dub tunes on their. Getting filthier than usual, sounding more like that seizure inducing Skrillex.

Either way, check this shit out! Scion A/V Presents- Skream & Benga



Monday, December 5, 2011

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

This week I have the pleasure of presenting you with "Through The Wire" by Billy The Gent! The compilation began with Billy working on a collaboration DJ Klever. Opening up a whole new world to collaborations got Billy thinking the possibility of work done between producers that are always on the move.

To make things interesting, Billy announced that the producers collaborating were not aloud to meet at all, and the tracks had to be done in one month! This is the result, and I must add the collaborations on this are fucking next level. All of my favorite producers working together is a dream come true.

This shit should not be free. Take advantage

  1. Orion & A-Mac - Calgarico
  2. ETC!ETC! & Nacey - Le Grand Zombi
  3. Steve Starks & JWLS - Circus
  4. Kid Cedek & Must Die & Sazon Booya - El Diablo
  5. Torro Torro & Long Jawns - The Pump
  6. Bobby La Beat & Riot Earp - Eh!
  7. Billy The Gent & Pickster - Bring The Beat Back
  8. Jon Kwest & Obeyah Ft Feral aka MC Kinky - Dutty Pum Pum
  9. Willy Joy & Team Bayside High - Paper Jungle
  10. Sabo & Melo - Dale Mas Claps
  11. Cassius Slay & Paul Devro - Zimbabwav
  12. Bonus Track - Klever & Billy The Gent - Fuck Wit My Eardrums

- Sanka

Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Night Fuck You In the Face Mixtapes

Whip your hair back and forth! Bump this while you pregame, bump this in yo cadillac, bump this when yo bitch passed out and you still freakin on that yak

First off, from Club Cheval, we give you straight madness from Sam Tiba + Canblaster:
Sam Tiba & Canblaster - Diesel U: Music Japan Mixtape by CANBLASTER (Club Cheval)

A-Trak -- Fool's Gold November mix goin Ham'b
Fool's Gold Radio - November 2011 Mix by A-Trak

Dark 'n' Downtempo French shit from Ed Banger's new signee, Mickey Moonlight

Your newest sextape, compliments of XLR8R and Nicolas Jaar

Finally, for those of you with a subminimal fixation, that dirty funk from Ben Aqua + Bearsta

and to alll a good friday ;)