Monday, April 2, 2012

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

ETC!ETC! is in my top 5 Moombahton producers at the moment. Well he has been in my top 5 ever since I heard Rakata! for the first time. Very excited to present to you his latest EP...! Sorry shall I rephrase that... I am very excited to present to you his latest FREE EP!!!
Not often do you see one of the big guns bringing out free shit! Hold Tha Line has been a track I have been masturbating over for longer than you know, even better is I don't gotta pay shit for this! Also comes with a vocal edit with Whiskey Pete!
Simply check out ETC!ETC!'s Facebook Page, hit like, check the downloads tab and cop that shit!

Bro Safari - Da Worm (Bro Safari's Self-Indulgent Remix) With SXSW and WMC happening recently, Bro Safari decided to come in fresh! Remixing his own original track into some next level firepower, I am sure this would of set some kids into a fucking frenzy!

gLAdiator - Wreck It One of LA's main duos has come in without remorse, core at it's finest! Nothing surprising from gLAdiator!

Noise Twins - Dale Guata Guaya Randomly found this tune.. Jaw dropped as soon as the drop hit, what mind fucked me the most is the small soundcloud following this new duo has. Quality like this is almost impossible to find especially when the producers have only 100 soundcloud followers!

- Sanka

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