Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Era Sh%*t || Glitch Edition || Koan Sound,Dubsidia, Culprate,Neon Concept and More...

Been dabbling into some fresh sounds recently thought I would let you guys in on some of it! Don't get me wrong glitch hop has always been around and get's a lot of influence from the "Garage" scene but this sub genre  style of glitch hop clearly mixes the hip hop and dubstep plus glitch genres making a fresh intricate sounds for your brain to munch on. Your currently stumbling onto some of that next level shit, be warned.

This track is fire. SWAG all over it! Neon Concept did a great job turning an already solid track into their own banger. Another young producer out there at the age of 18 years old based in Oxford UK.You can cop the whole Remix EP and Original Mix on the Stereoliez Facebook Page HERE

Koan Sound doesn't need more of an intro if you haven't heard of them already check out there Facebook HERE these guys just murder it on every track.

Huge glitch style with FAT basslines.

Doing it big on this track with some help from the Foreign Beggars who compliment the song with there in yo face vocals!

With the release in December of his album titled "5 Star EP" via Inspected Records Culprate has definitely put a huge mark on the glitch hop scene.The EP was massively anticipated, and has gained the support off big names such as KOAN Sound, Gemini & Skrillex. Here's some tracks from the EP which you can grab HERE

Free release after the success of the "5 Star EP". VIP to one of the tracks from the ep. Love the old school battle hip hop feel to this, this track is just Yucky.

 One of Latest Track from Culprate.

Here's a glitch hop take on a classic by Jurassic 5 by Voodoo Science that goes H.A.M. Check out there soundcloud HERE

Sick track right here from Rezaloot hailing from West Wales, UK. Sick souunds in this track. Check out there Soundcloud HERE

This is some chill Glitch Hop future Shit from the man Teknian After 5,000 Likes on his Facebook he will be releasing it to y'all for free so let's help this man out and get that track! Click to Like Teknian's Facebook!

For the last track I'm going to link you up to a phat remix by Dubsidia. Out now via Jack Knife Record's on Beatport. Check it out on Beatport HERE!

"The sample used in this track is actually from "U Don't Know Me" by Armand Van Helden (1999)
...which in turn was sampling "Dance With You" by Carrie Lucas (1979)."
-The More You Know... haha

S-S-Stay F-F-Faded.

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