Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NEW ASS MUSICK VIDEOS | Canblaster & Riton, Ultrademon, & MO'

boom boom pow

"Step Into Liquid" - Ultrademon

A word from the chief seapunkologist himself, on the nature of the mainstream-straight-up-stealing-an- entire-aesthetic situation --

My response to the seapunk attribution issue is as follows... this is mainly refering to Rihanna's background visuals on SNL but could also apply for mainstream media outlet darlings. 


I'm glad seapunk is getting media attention, and that popular entertainers are paying homage to our little movement.

What has come into question isn't seapunk though, it is the graphic influence, which I think can clearly be traced to springing from our circle, and more specifically to one person, Kevin Heckart.

It is lame that they didn't hire our friend Kevin. Most all of the imagery used points towards his artwork, and frankly most of the buzz worthy seapunk images in the last year have been by created by him. 

Kind of strange timing that the day I hear about seapunk popping up in the mainstream is the day I'm reviewing the final cut of my new music video, directed by Kevin.
If you want to see the real thing, if the fans are curious, then here it is.

Distro under SRD (UK), and it should be on Boomkat soon!


Albert Redwine

next up, we were literally the first people to get sent THIS--

Some chill shit, have a strong feeling (in my pants) that you'll dig this-- Shoutouts to Chanel for this one!

Check yourselves some Caged Animals HERE

And finally, this right here is an hour-long homage SOULWAX made to DAVID FUCKING BOWIE. ENJOY OR DIE

////// EEEEE /////// ZZZZZ //////

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