Friday, November 30, 2012

Phunkadelic Phridays

Keeping the vibes alive with another post this week. This time around we're bringing you more house, more funky ish, and plenty of weird shit to keep you entertained throughout the weekend. 

Mellow, downtempo with a rap/hip-hop beat and some weird synths. Not really sure how to describe this one.

Trap-style without all of the unnecessary stuff. 

Take the original, add Switch's magical touch, and you have one great fucking song. 

Back that shit up. Trap meets baltimore club meets some sick fucking drum patterns. 

Another "Jeffrees" release...some pretty crazy jungle-y hood shit. 

Lets get into some house-ier stuff. With so many different genres in the music scene right now, its easy to forget the genre that brought us all here in the first place. These are my current favorites.

This song gets repetitive, but it has that classic house vibe that you just cant beat. 

Dreamy nu disco that will take you away to a far off place.

You should never forget about this song. Classic KTN that will always be a favorite.

Love it or hate it, the Mau5 is back. Personally, i'm happy to see that he's starting to get back to his older sound...that poppy shit was terrible.

I'm capping things off with a throwback to the beginning of Wolfgang Gartner's career. Before Wolfgang was Wolfgang, he was Joey Youngman, and he made some of the greatest deep house tracks that i've heard yet. Everyone should check them out and realize that the big name electro producer started his career off quite well. 


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