Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Purge

Happy thanksgiving everyone. While the turkey coma still resides, I figured we could all use some new tunes to enjoy while sitting on our asses for the rest of the weekend. 

The rap-beat, trap-style tracks are still out there, and new stuff is coming out every day. A lot of it sounds the same, but some producers are going above and beyond the rest. Here's a few that i've been listening to lately. 

Catchy lil tune with some wobbles and signature "Minnesota" sound that everyone loves. I was fortunate enough to see this dude at the beginning of the year...he killed it. 

Local guy out of Boulder takes a classic and re-works it nicely with some crazy synths and drum-work. Check his soundcloud HERE

Hudson Mo' and Lunice collabin' together to make some of the sickest stuff i've heard to date. This song is no exception, straight boss-status with horns and stuff. 

Lets get into some other stuff that has had me intrigued lately...disco house. Viceroy and other producers are not letting disco die; and they are doing it quite well I might add. 

Just as I said...he's not letting it die. 

No its not polka music...but rather something super funky, super fresh, and is bringing back all of those classic disco vibes of older times. 

Now for some "dance" tunes.

Found this little gem buried away in my itunes library...I had completely forgotten how great of a song this is. Don't sleep on older Diplo songs...he's been around for awhile for a good reason.

Another classic re-worked into a great remix; house-y with a little bit less of a "mainstream" vibe. Check out Elliott's soundcloud HERE.

I actually have to give credit to Elliott Porter on this one...since he showed me this. A funky house song with a crazy breakdown that WILL make you jump. Dancehall rhythms, a great beat, and overall mayhem make this song a keeper. 

Whenever Diplo does his radio show he always plays these crazy songs that you can't find anywhere. They usually end up being released on Mad Decent's counterpart "The Jeffrees" a month or so later...which is the exact case with this song. Its crazy...real crazy.

Where do I even start with Clockwork? Easily one of the most underrated dudes in the game, and this song is a perfect example of why I love his songs. The drop in this song is absolutely perfect, and the melodic patterns combine with it perfectly to make something special. 

Well...thats all for now. Lets see if I can actually try to post once a week this time; my apologies on the laziness.


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