Thursday, November 15, 2012

sex o n LSD | Ft. Groundislava, Loco Dice, & AMEÑ ÅC|D

thursday night electric blue speedo &a talll glass o hwhiskey. how you doin?

got some new shit, some old-derrrr, some things really f o O o r w a r d 

lés go-


All Your Goodies Are Gone (Shigeto Remix ft. Mayer Hawthorne) - Dennis Coffey good god damn t ho. aint it soulful        (this is why you let vocal samples ride).

Pu$$y (Minority Pick's 'Ice Cold Trap' Remix) - Iggy Azalea still love this bitch. she's about as fade county as it gets & This remix is iced the fuck out. keep an eye on this dude .

what i mean is...

yes, that--->

NOVEMBER (Original) - Suolcity got sent this via soundcloudd I MAKE LAV MIT ZE HOUSE MUSIK & this 1gives me a boner

Dangerous Liaisons (Original Mix) - Sian deeeeppppp (your moms vag) (nothings that deep) house (still pretty deep tho_

Parking Garage Politics (Loco Dice Remix) - Paperclip People too many P's in this name but i forgive it. if your backyard trampoline (like covering alll the grass) came alive and started threatening your family's life on halloween or some shit  ............

We Magnify His Name - Floorplan quite literally the best gospel house since Preacherman (and i don't take that lightly) *full bodied black preacher yell* FORRR HE IS WORTHYYYY

Weekend in the Tropics - Groundislava the only time you heard some shit like this was when you passed out with your eyes wide open watching Weekend at Bernies and nightmared (yes, nightmared) that you were trapped inside your TV static. so, it's cool. whateve

MAKE DEM WET - AMEN ACID kind of moombah kind of pon de flo, allllllllll crunch tho

           ʇ ʇ ʇ ʇ ʇ ʇ ʇ 

boom boom boom 


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