Monday, January 30, 2012

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

This time next I will be proud to present to you not only the first compilation under Moombah-Thong but the second edition to the latest tradition, The New Wave. Showcasing some of the hottest new talent in the scene of Moombahton! 16 tracks of ultimate swag compiled into one! Not much else you can ask for! Until then check out these Mega tracks!

Doc Adam - Es Gibt Kein Doc Adam is back! One of the few that have been with Moombahton since the beginning, slamming out constant bangers which still have a place in my sets and I am sure most Moombahton DJ's. Back again after being absent for awhile, really hoping this is a come back! Going smooth n sexy on this number

Slugga, Nerd Rage & Terrabad - I Am Captain (Mendez Remix) The king of Moombahcore is dominating the scene as per usual. Slamming the scene worldwide with his latest reimx which is racking up shitloads of support!

Kidz With Tazers - MoombahBootyBreaksCORE Working with multiple genres on this massive track to please even the cuntiest of people. Loving the breaks in this. I just fucking love this track. Grab it!

Alex Supremee & DirrtyDee - Swaggin' Alex Supremee is becoming one of the upcoming producers to look out for in 2012, slamming out every tune which has also earned him a spot in the Moombah-Thong compilation! Check out one of many reasons why he is dominating the field of new producers

- Sanka

Saturday, January 28, 2012


We've been slacking on the posts. Fuck off, we know. We're working on a lot, including a new website, events in LA & NYC, and a brand new line of the sickest fucking tees you've ever fucking seen.

Fortunately for you, we understand that everybody needs their Fade County fix, so this one is as 'Fade as it gets. Music from every genre you want, mixtapes, videos, and more damn tits than your ugly stick can handle. you love us, we fucking love you too. so with that said, let's do it

We're so all over Borgore's new video it should be a crime, especially 'cuz it features the wildly fuckable Jessie Andrews. Remember when she smacked the fuck outta Truelove? FLEX--

On that note, you guys hear his track with Diplo & Yelawolf? No? Here's a 320. Hold on to your seat--

Obelisk - Girlstep/X Setinel Snagged this one from our soundcloud-- that dirt nasty dub i don't post nearly enough of. Think the bastard lovechild of Ajapai & Excision. Fat, nasty, and so from below the devil's jealous. Here's to hoping Girlstep is a chick...

Mozaik - Zomby some fantastic jungle, bringing you right back out of your subwoof cave. this dark, sprawling dancefloor destroyer might be understated, but what it lacks in sine wave shit-yourself-iness, it makes up for in spades of funky-as-hell arpeggiated key changes. keep this one in the pocket for when you just neeeeed to heat it all up

Speaking of, here's a 40-minute mix by the Zomby himself. Get learned

She Moves She - Four Tet near six minutes of sheer beauty. plucked strings, vibes, and one of the smoothest drum lines since Radiohead took 15 Steps.

Scourer - Marcel Dettman that DEEEP GEHRMAN TEKNOOO perfect for bumps of dissociatives in back alleys behind clubs at 5 o'clock in the morning. Not implying that we've been there, or anything, but let's just say this track does wonders ;) One of those extended mixes specifically for talented djs ONLY, this one peaks and falls and peaks again like the sex you wish you were having right about meow.

Mutate Out of Space (MAKJ Bootleg) - Lil Jon vs. Nicky Romero while we usually shy away from any and all mashups, when they work, they work. BIG, FAT, HIGHLY CHARGED HOUSE. turn this shit the fuck up and party like your life depended on it.

now, set your evening off RIGHT--

Bring It (Original Mix) - Eigo another Soundcloud snag, that sexified electro-house you still can't get enough of. when its good it's great, and Eigo does it damn well. pulsing bass, tasty ass samples, and some of the finest in 808 hits. one from the personal stash, but we decided that we liked you.

Bullshittin On My Coffee Break (Big Sean vs. Zeds Dead) - The Jane Doze shoutouts to Cammywammy for this banger, these two tracks work so well together it's disgusting. this one's for the iPod and the nightclub. 'fuck you doin?


And FINALLY, to top it allllll offf, a brand new video from Rusko, patron saint & savior of the wobble.

we don't even wanna get cocky about it but honestly, who does it better than us? again, apologies on the lack of posts as of late, but this should moar than make up for it. TRUELOVE LIVES, & we're taking this shit to the top. fasten your seatbelts


Monday, January 23, 2012

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

I have been thinking about this time and time again, I never actually thought the time would come but in a way I am not surprised. I have never really had an interest in something for so long and I thought Moombahton would be different. The initial passion was indescribable which made me believe I could stick to it like dried up sperm on your girls face.

However it pains me to say that I am starting to lose interest in the genre... I'm not sure what the reason was with my sudden lose of addiction, weather it be the lack of quality tunes, the lack of good music in general or maybe it just being a phase.

Whatever it is, I have been listening to tracks from the last week or so and the number of tracks that really get through to me is more than faint.

I will save my personal dramas for myself and hopefully something good will come out of it. But for you I have a few tracks that have exceeded quality and have stood out for me more than the new mass of unsatisfying tunes.

Daniel Klauser - Azteca Space (Sonora Remix) Sonora has been one of those producers not falling for the generic dutch/core game that most are falling for. Keeping things from the heart, his Moombahsoul tracks pierce even the toughest of men

Oliver Twizt - Love Trip (Aniki Bootleg) I guess it's hard to imagine anyone out of the Moombahton scene doing Moombahton, but of course we are seeing more and more of it without any sign of slowing down. Of course this is the most prolific genre right now so not surprised. Aniki getting down disco styles on this Moombah track

Bro Safari is by far one of the most diverse producers in Moombahton. Just seeing the name you instantly know you are in for a fucking treat. Shit is always fresh! Going hard on this one along side LeDoom!

One of the most under-rated and hardest working up and coming producers, Big Makk is stepping his game up even more than before! Over the last year only releasing free tracks, but breaking the trend now with his first Beatport release under the massive Rot10 label! Remember the name!

- Sanka

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tru Luv Died in '96

They don't need you ;)

I Fink U Freeky - Die Antwoord This one's for all the sexy boys, fancy boys, playboys, and bad boys. Instructions: Climb up onto your very own Zef Throne, spring off the red velvet plushness, and -- boom-- plunge all the way nether. (If you detect innuendo in that, I fink u freeky, dude.) 

Back To Back (AlunaGeorge Remix) - Wolf Gang Experimental hip-hop's rising UK duo AlunaGeorge brings nostalgic sensuality to stale British rock. Let's just say a snare drum got the hiccups and a squeaky voiced kid who break dances on the side was there to rework it. Wait, the original's actually delicious.

Gutter Glitter - Lapalux Hip hop from Essex. If you've heard the name before, it's probably from the Gwen Stefani Luxurious remix. Let's just call these sounds the by-products of a multi-purpose electro/organic sound continuum and a broken wind chime hanging in Flying Lotus' back yard. 

Born To Die (AlunaGeorge Remix) - Lana Del Rey UK experimental hip hop/glitch pop was really the best way to defibrillate Del Rey's waning regard. The vocals grow more powerful, the feminine suppliance, more soulful, the underlying staccato rhythm, more watery and warbling. In 2012, quavering voices and constantly changing notes-- all of which oft lean toward the capricious-- are a good thing.

Real Is A Feeling (Unicorn Kid Ecstasy Dream Mix) - Pictureplane Twisted house connoisseur Pictureplane is giving away several remixes, now not-so-gracefully scattered throughout the roughage.  Edinburgh composer Unicorn Kid brings a borderline sea punk lemon twist to a cadence that was previously far more unvaried. Now, I'm not sipping on any ecstasy dream mix, but I'm pretty sure I see dolphins over there.

Big Mouth - Santigold Take Santi's newest single, produced by Major Lazer's Switch & Lisbon's Buraka Som Sistema, hence why it shares some lyrics with "We Stay Up All Night." Jungle pop, bass, and electronic machinations scheme together sans friction to make you open your big mouth. Check the half-animated music video.

Animals (feat. Holly Miranda) (Modern Machines Remix) - CREEP This time around, the Brooklyn girls metamorphose from muses into animals. Luckily, deep house, fruitfully induced into climax by piano crescendos, is here to lend a limb.

Post Physical (Fire For Effect's Post Grave Remix) - Pictureplane Chicago-bred co-architect of seapunk Robert Redwine elaborates on the original, preys on its details, slows it down 'til it's so new-age, its physicality goes from post to meta. Also check the more frenetic Little Star Dweller Remix.

Got Me Twisted - Api Redwine's own label, Coral Records Internazionale, gladly presents Api. Here, twinkly Utopian instrumentals weave through turquoise color schemes like it ain't no thang-- 'cus it isn't. This is SPARTA SEAPVNK!

Touching Transform (HOLLAGRAMZ Remix) - Pictureplane The remixers describe their sound as "mystical time travel rave through the multiverse." I think laser light beams make this track 3-D, an infinite number of times over.

For skinny dipping in the ocean. Not recommend in the Hudson. 
"U Da One" Coffee/Starbucks/Mermaid Demo by extreme animals

What she lacks in euphony, she makes up for in ass. Geez, how has no one posted this?


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Starting The Year Off Right

Posted on the facebook page, but this is just way too sexy to pass up.

New year, new deal. Let's start the year off right with two of the phreshest things out there right now...Munchi and Trap Muzik.

For those who have just hopped on the Munchi hype-train, it's interesting to know that he's actually been around for a lil while, and he doesn't just produce moombahton (although i'm not gonna lie, his moombah tracks are the illest)
Taking things back to 2009, I present to you...

Bringing things back a lil' bit, DJ Craze is at it again with a new project called DRT DWG. Basically taking some illnasty tracks, and mixing em all up Craze-style.

Koan Sound - Meanwhile, In The Future
Kill The Noise - Real Life
Benga - Any Steppers w/Prodigy
Magnetic Man - Mad
16 Bit - Boston Cream
Emalkay - Fabrication w/Big L
Downlink & Datsik - Sting
12th Planet & Flinch - The End Is Near
Nero & Skrillex - Promises In A Cinema
Feed Me - Cloudburn ft. Tasha Baxter
Kill The Noise - Dying ft. UVS
Knife Party - Fire Hive
Exponaut - E621
Skrillex - Breakin A Sweat
Doctor P - Badman Sound w/B.I.G.
Brown & Gammon - Blow My Mind
A-Trak & Zinc - Stingray (Benga Remix)
Skream - Shook Ones On XMAS Day w/Prodigy
Koan Sound - Mr. Brown
16 Bit - Freeze 9000
Joker - Digidesign
Bryn Thomas - Feel For Bumps Then Grind
King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye Rework)

Now for that trap...

The Chicago locals are back at it again. These guys have produced some of the illest remixes in the game, and this one is by no means an exception. The beat...damn that beat goes hard

I'm kinda new to the minimal/tech house side of things, so if you choose to hate on the next kind

Straight up crazy, that clicking noise is on point...

Super mellow, but it quickly gets into one of the sickest and most creative Snoop Dogg samples i've ever heard.

Enjoy this shit, 2012's about to be the illest.


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Blurred Out gets cake, it's my birfday party

So I finna drop a bunch screwed da fuck up traxxx as well as some witch haus cuz they just go hand in hand really...

But first off, have you been peeping HEROESxVILLAINS' dope ass FREE screwed tracks? It's like booty bumpin tunes wit down syndrome, but somehow still sexy as fukk. Here's the track he released this week in his JANUARY BLXRRD OXT free release series...

And if you missed this fukk'd edit of Jeezy and Future, check it out now and download... WHAT DA FUKK IS HE DOIN?

Now for some more screwed and witch haus...

Hologram (Salem Remix)- These New Puritans Lots of weird remixes of this band, but Salem tears it up. Not as dark and epic as usual, but still heavy and trippy. Plus its got the pitch downed rap vocals at the end, so check it.

White Chords (Stalker Remix)- These New Puritans I haven't really heard anything like this before, it's a screwed up mix of a funky artsy rock song. It's dopeness, got it off the grave wave mixtape, peep it.

Beast- Party Trash Very dark, evil, dope witch haus track. Heavy, but trippy mane. Sounds a lot like older Salem, just heavy distorted synths on a screwed up 808 beat.

Gurl- GuMMY BeAR Heaviest, hypest witch haus sounding track I've heard. Super heavy bass with a nice house sounding synth with a trunk bumpin' beat. This is the shit you blast when rollin' down the block.

Superlow- Gvcci Hvcci Fuck watchu know bout Nicki Minaj and Kreayshawn, Gvcci Hvcci and Iggy Azalea are at the top of my list for dope ass female rappers. Gvcci Hvcci has been rappin' on them crazy hype witch haus traxxx, and they are always dope as fuck. Peep my 2011 post for her other dope track.

IxC999- White Ring White Ring is the other big name in the witch haus genre, makin' some pretty dark and heavy tunes. A little more evil and experimental, and further away from the trap genre than Salem. This is by far their biggest tune. A mix of witch haus synths and beat with spoOoOoky vocals.

Touch (Hollagramz Remix)- Holy Other Not necessarily part of the whole witch haus genre, it's probably more part of the Fire For Effect seapunk thang, it's got that weird techno sound on some hip hop influence. Dope track regardless.

Bird Flu- SALEM x Gucci Mane I've probably dropped this on fade before... I dare you to try and find that post from over 12 months ago. But anyways, probably my favorite chopped n screwed remix. What makes this dope is that it's one of Gucci's most hood songs; not that many people know it, but it has some of the dopest lyrics. Salem just flips this shit on its head. I know its old as fuck, but suck my dick. I remember blastin' this shit back in the u-high days and gettin' weird ass looks. LEMME HOLLA AT U-HIGH FOR A SECOND.....SUKK MY FUKKIN DIKK.

Now for the icing on da fukkin cake...

I been workin' on this tune since December when I did some travelin' to Spain. I only decided to release it on the interweb cuz HxV is droppin' all his edits, and they're insanely dope, and doin' well. So here's a remix inspired by da xannies, the sizzurp, and that crazy trap ass foo' HxV.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Sorry to those who were looking forward to last weeks installment of Moombah-Thong Invasion. My internet decided it would be fucking cool and would make me so happy if it just died. You would think it would only take a day to get it back up and running but it took me almost 5 days because of pointless bullshit with my internet provider. Yay

I tell you, living without the net is a fucking living hell, I had to use my imagination to masturbate.. It was simply disgusting. So as soon as I got my shit back in order, I went on a mass porn/moombah hunt and this is what came together....

Sticky K - Persian Algebra Been waiting on this track ever since it hit ear waves via one of Diplo's mixes. Ever since I heard that drop with the foreign influence, I was instantly hooked. Not much more to expect from one of the most diverse producers in EDM. Also Sticky K has announced that a 320 file will be on iTunes at the end of the month

Chiddy Bang - Ray Charles (Spenda C Edit) Only an edit but Spenda C took shit next level on this bouncy version of one of Chiddy Bangs latest tracks. Definately a track to make the girls drop it low

Stereoliez - N.E.R.D Got this track in the inbox not long ago, and holy fuck is this shit heavy, sexy, swag, all in one! Not often you get so many raw elements in one track

DJ Melo, Boyfriend & Jon Kwest - Boom Blast Not often you see three of your personal favorite producers jumping together on a track. DJ Melo, Boyfriend & Jon Kwest. I don't even need to say anything else. Cop this shit

Boy Toy - Suck It Another track that came out of nowhere, a friend of mine linked me this and instantly knew this was worthy of the Fade. This shit hits hard!

- Sanka

Friday, January 13, 2012

A$$ A$$ A$$| Mendez, Spol, Zucco and More...

It's time for some new shit from some new blood in the game. We got some fresh moombahton originals and edits. Some hip-hop tropical bass to move dat a$$ too. And to satisfy whatever is left of your quest for sounds we got some dubstep bangers that are sure to bring your journey to an end.

Yet another legend in the making at only 17! These bangers from Spol are a small taste of what's yet to come.Keep an close eye on him because he's going to blow up quick!

Original Moombahton Banger from Spol! This track is sure to get any crowd movin. Why waste any time finding vocals for a track when you could just make them yourself? The track has all the signature characteristics of a moombahton banger!

Another recent remix by Spol. Some nice new melody's leading in to a heavily chopped up and torn to bit dubstep beat.

Next we got a new 2 track EP with some fresh Hiphop/Kuduro tracks from Orlando,FL based producer Zucco. Check out his page and give it a like and expect plenty more bangers like these.

Big Sean ft. Nicki Minaj-Dance(A$$)(Zucco Bootleg)Hiphop to Upbeat Kuduro! Sure to bring up the energy on any set! Nice tempo transitions transitions that create a great change up pace that will please the all the booty bouncin females.

Another Kuduro Hiphop style track at its finest, a nice edit that will please the hip hop crowd and get them moving to that fast tropical style we all love. Fresh take on the original very upbeat track.

Ouuffphhh Mendez coming thru with this smooth moombahton bootleg!

Mendez is just a beast. Cleanest edits around, seems like it should be the original.And to think we haven't seen the best of Mendez yet with his forthcoming moombahcore bangers that are soon to drop on his label ELCUCORECORDINGS.

Hope you saved some of that energy cause it's not over yet, here comes the heavy shit!

Crizzly is on the rise and doing big things. I predict huge things from him this year. Check out this dance floor smasha!

Bukez Finezt-ShatterThis is a wicked free tune from Bukes Finezt for helping his buddy DJ E$cata ! This is an unreleased older tune from him but it is sure to tickle your ear vaginas with its sub bass groovy riddim!

To finish things up I'm gonna go ahead and post some more of Barron. Coming out with a huge free release ft. Monxx these kids are kicking ass taking names in the dubstep world. This track is sure to cause straight havoc on the dancefloor.

Keep dat booty fresh.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

DARKNESS IZ 4 LUVERZ | W3!rd Sh1t from Erol Alkan, Andy Stott, & Trentemøller


Basically this post is all dark, weird & atmospheric progressive, house, and techno. If you don't like it, shit on you; download this anyway 'cuz in 8 months, you're gonna be mad at your own ignorance. If you do, however, you're in for a treat. Lehgo-

A Nomad's Retreat - Pantha du Prince majorly pretty, subdued and almost-radiohead-esque electronics lend a hand to this moody progressive banger. This is the type of long-form shit only seriously smangin' house dj's know how to make the most of. Spin at your own risk--

Momma's Groove (Jimpster's Slipped Disc Mix) - Osunlade Downbeat, New York underground vibes lend a hand to acid stabs and spoken-word vocals about, you know, moms. Basically it's what you'd hear at Freud's Fontainebleau pool-party birthday bash. And that happens to be a very, very good thing...

Minima Muchacho (Original Mix) - Joe Maker this. shit. pops. off. but don't expect it to take it easy on you. Spectacular use of what we'll term "implied bongo" and fuxxed up drug-cartel-esque samples take this one twelve steps past "Paco Di Bongo."

I Choose Anger (Oliver Huntemann Remix) - James Mowbray & D. Ramirez that enveloping, industrial German techno from which Gesaffelstein gets his namesake. Why people have yet to start using shit like this in films is beyond me. Also, the vocals in this one remind me of X-Men for some reason?

Here's a music video of Huntemann playing a fucking table. real talk. google it. 

Always Something Better (Trentemøller Remix) - Trentemøller the only dude whose remixes of his own tracks go harder than his originals. this shit builds like a really dope mystery, with near-PERFECT vocals and arpeggios... Miniature drops here and there only set the stage for this shit to get really fucking rowdy when it peaks. Fight music for the 23rd Century.

Posers - Andy Stott teeth-rattling, discordant-ass noise-techno straight out of a Gulag mental hospital. This is heavy, chugging, not-for-small-children-or-people-with-heart-conditions-type sonic art, and I can't even begin to fathom how Stott makes his sounds. My legit only problem with this track? It has an end. Shoutout to Max for showing me this one!

Go (Trentemøller Remix) - Moby bringing together all the best things about progressive, sampling, breakbeats, Busy P, and not to mention the fucking CHORDS FROM TWIN FUCKING PEAKS? THIS IS ART THAT CAN DANCE TO.

Golden Skans (Erol Alkan's Ekstra Spektral Dub) - Klaxons finally, the most operatic and probably most upbeat track in this post (but that isn't saying a lot)-- this shit is like an adventure into the future, complete with seriously epic piano chords and a primordial-soup-bubbling bassline. When this shit finally drops (right around the 7 minute mark), it's like that point in tripping balls when everything goes silent and everybody just smiles shamelessly and gets it. if you've been there, you know what I'm talking about.


FKi X Iggy Azalea X Diplo X HXV - I Think She Ready (DIRTY) by Heroes x Villains

Let's Fade Things Up A Little Bit, Shall We?


I'm on vacation, jealous? These are the tracks i've been bumping this week while I think about all of you. 

Hailing from Birmingham (UK) with a heady backup of dance floor wreckers is Vibez. He doesn't fuck around to say the least and this track is a perfect explanation of what it takes to stand out from the rest. Sub-bass, dripping wet synths, and eerie bird samples give it the appropriate attitude and power for any heavy set.

Wipe Me Down Records' young gun Messiah will hit your soft spot with this monster banger. He layered it together masterfully into a ballad that should worry those that lie ahead of him. This Belgian native exhibits obvious talent and we will no doubt be seeing much, much more. Keep it fresh my dude, this track certainly does. 

There is something in the water in the UK right now that is causing perfectly reasonable 16 and 17 year olds to turn into cold blooded bass killers. If I could explain the phenomenon, I would be right there alongside them. Barron, along with his outrageously talented friends like 50 Carrot and Monxx, are charging this scene and taking no prisoners. Barron's edit of this AFK anthem is huge and I am certain it is not the last we will be seeing from this horrendously young, fast paced movement. Damn kids. 

KLRGRM is a humble, but goddamn strapped man and this track represents his effortlessly epic style. In my opinion, "Get Funky" is a beautiful blend of angry and jumpy. It wouldn't cause a shirtless mosh-pit of mindless weirdos, but you certainly won't be smiling when your shmengin' your lady friend to it. Get real, Get Funky. 

I borrowed Kill Frenzy's intended artwork for the release of this track for the main image of this post and I think that should say enough, but I will take it one step further. I FUCKING LOVE THIS TRACK. As soon as he gets you moving in all sorts of silly directions he slows everything down and makes you tromp across the dance floor like a goddamn raptor, claws and all.  Stunning, goddamn stunning. Belgium is lucky to have you, but don't forget that America likes ass jigglin', waste wigglin' sets as well. 

My random, but most thankful find of the week goes to Plush Recordings' SoulOscillator. Having produced under many alias's throughout different genres since the mid 90's, this Australian native has developed utmost skill and soulfulness. This captivating expression of new-age, downtempo heat is exactly what you should be looking for. Turn off the lights and hold tight, welcome to the future. 

Speaking of the future (or the 11 months left of it), Sinjin Hawke is it.  Last month his "The Lights EP" dropped and it is nothing short of pure sexy. It is one of the most diverse compilations of deep, but vastly creative tracks I have heard in quite some time. This song is just one demonstration of where this versatility has taken him. Dreamy synths, crispy horns, a perfect drum line, and insanely arpeggiated samples keep it movin' and groovin' until you can't get enough. I strongly urge each and every one of you to show this young man as much love as you possibly can and purchase the rest of the EP here

I'm not sure what it is, but I am a sucker for "electro-step" type tracks. Call it what you will, I don't give a fuck. Its about the only thing that me and furry boot wearing sorostitutes see eye to eye on. Don't be surprised if they come out of the wood work when you drop this daytime festival banger. 

Stay flossin', 


Monday, January 9, 2012

How 'bout some boom, bitch? Crushendo, Monxx, Swindle....More

The peculiar storm of Colorado bass music has given birth to a slew of new age producers over the past few years. The duo formally known as "Slim Thugz" is no exception to this unbelievably creative movement. Now under the alias of "Crushendo", Cody Yozipovic (Frequent C) and Julian Garland (The Candyman) seek to redefine their sound through a complex, beat driven approach to this constantly adapting genre. Today marked their official identity change and the release of their new EP Minimix "Drop Logic". Their hip-hop inspired, diverse style has thrown them deep into a world of fluctuating tempos and obsession with the details. Their innovative abilities have helped them to create their own progressive sound. Check out their SoundCloud for a free download and make sure to catch their set at SnowBall Music Festival in Avon, Colorado this spring.

At 16 years old, with only 3-4 years of production experience under his belt, Monxx of Peterborough (UK) is about to pop the fuck off. "Kick The Bass" shows his undeniable skills that extend far beyond his years. While he is currently unsigned, I predict a successful future for this young animal.

What happens when you combine the melodic deepness of the past with current jumpy mid-range assault? Boom roasted. Foges and Perileyes gets freakay nawty.

I like to float across the dance-floor uncontrollably in a passion ridden fit of anxiety free emotional corrosion....oh. Swindle fucking does it for me and if you feel the same he'll get you on that level witchur girl, man. Unfortunately, this is only a 263 kbps VBR so you can't play it out in the club if you respect yourself, but enjoy none-the-less.

Epic, but groovy. Simple, but huge, Deep, but melody based. Tinytoons, aka Igor Nachaev of Penza Russia, is a boss of bosses and Cold Winter is a perfect explanation of his drive and take on the production game. Definitely more to come from this massive producer.

Put this one on your sub or headphones or you won't hear the half of it. 50Carrot not only has one of the biggest facebook presence's in the game, but can't stop coming out with masterfully deep bangers. Keep. It. Coming.

ATTENTION PRODUCERS: 50 Carrot has also released the terms of his Space Jam Remix Contest. The winning remix will be featured on his forthcoming EP. You can download the stems here and submit your final remix here. Goodluck!

The self titled "Le Cousin EP", just dropped today on Broken Records and goddamn is it classy. It is a perfect array of high energy original tracks and powerful remixes to back them up by the likes of Requake, Metrobox, and BunZero. BunZero's remix of "I Found You" is a sexy take on the original. Show Le Cousin some love and buy the EP here.

I hate posting older shit, plain and simple, but I just got a 320 of this unreal track and I had to share. Seville, Spain duo Dubsidia is working to define their sometimes indescribably hard sound. Backed by Play Me Records, Rottun, and Skint, these two are here to stay.

On a similar note, London based, Russian producer FJH has been churning out heaviness for over a decade, but has just recently received the attention that he deserves. His Version In Progress of "Crystep" is a testament to his brilliant style and genre crossing abilities. While this track has surfaced in various heavy sets for a few years, it has just recently made its way into my arsenal. Keep an eye out for more to come from this soon to be, and well deserved, world renowned mega-producer.

'Till Next Time Bitches,


Sunday, January 8, 2012

˙sʇǝɹɔǝs ɥʇıʍ pǝllıɟ s’ǝɥs

Firstly, download Rick Ross' rich forever mixtape here
On dat Cîroc, UHHHH!

We Stay Up All Night (Feat. Blaya & Roses Gabor) [Star Slinger Remix] - Buraka Som Sistema A light and sped-up Manchester take on the Portuguese EDM project's fusion of techno beats and African kuduro. 

More Than Me - Eliphino Though it's addictive and from the UK, it's not as progressive as it is the soundtrack to infatuation. This one's dedicated to my shower head.

Everything Goes My Way (Ewan Pearson Remix) - Metronomy Pretty much the best wonky pop laced with the smoothest vocals about being in love again, and plenty of chimey riffs to go around for everyone.

Fast Car (EXETER Delorean Edit) - The-Dream Not a Tracy Chapman refix, but the message is basically the same: evade reality like a boss, come join us in a perpetual state of Fade. Sick synths on choppy waves.

Over My Dead Body (Star Slinger Remix) - Drake Delicious if you like Drake, delicious if you don't. You try to serenade someone with this, but then you end up falling asleep together. How I'm feelin' doesn't matter.

In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix) - Zola Jesus Freaks will know this starts off like a hybrid of "So Glad" and "Noah's Ark" 18 seconds in, but that's just Crazy Clown- talk. The plus is that these vocals are debatably as sexy as those of Karen O(-face) in "Pinky's Dream."

Hit The Ground (King Krule Remix) - The Big Pink This isn't the Big Pink furnishing South Beach's best bacon cheeseburger at 5 AM, but it's just as good. Don't know King Krule? Die. Listen to Bleak Blake. Now. 

Drugged Out Quest - Ssaliva Hazy alt. trip-hop from Belgium, to me, to you. Perfect for lethargic inertness. Cloudy with a chance of roofie, if you know what I mean.  

Dougou Badia (Feat. Santigold) - Amadou & Mariam From the same people who brought you Sabali. I predict some really dope remixes of this are coming up, and hopefully not by Miike Snow this time... I might have a slight bias 'cus I really dig Santigold--but this has the potential to acquire notoriety as the jungle-fever inducing jam of the year.

Before I Move Off (Star Slinger Refix) - Mount Kimbie A soothing yet awesomely incohesive remix of a London-born electronic duo by Manchester's best hip hop producer right now. If you haven't heard Mount Kimbie, listen to Carbonated before you kill yourself. Maybe I just like Mt Kimbie because they like to quote Harmony Korine? Whatevr.

"If this is elevator music, I want to live in an elevator."
vOPhoniQ - Welcome (opti dance after the rain refix) by opti_

wif luv,
Ms. Amadz IV

Friday, January 6, 2012

DOUBLE POST (THE LONG LOST PART 2: TRV LVXVRY) | Style of Eye, Gina Turner, & L'fucking'Etranger

fade county all i see is racks on racks on racks

but yes, i agree that last post left a bit to be desired in terms of CRVNCH, so with that being said, allow me to introduce her baaaad sister, Part Deux.

Sound of the Big Kazoo - Style of Eye one of those original tracks that sticks in your head and just wont get the fuck out, Sweden's finest, Style of Eye, brings the fucking thump with this minimalist dutch house banger that brings back everything we miss about the genre: pinched horns, wild samples, and bongoes that sound like a madman on amphetamines. this shit should have been in Fantasia.

In fact, DIY Music video that shit (bump the track with the below video, muted, and remind yourself how rad it was to be a kid)

too good.

The Wilhelm Scream (Gina Turner Bootleg) - James Blake i can safely call this song de-boring-ed. Overthrow homegirl Gina Turner takes the best samples of the track and adds layer upon layer of thick, thumping kick drum, turning this one from sleep-ifyer into a dancefloor destroyer. 

Nightshifts (Fauxbo Remix) - Talk in Colour that stripped down, minimal liquid drum and bass smoother than your girlfriend's out-the-shower pussy. this track's so clean it makes you dirtier by association. get it!

Desert of Love - Meridians that laidback nighttime shit that builds and builds from plucked strings into a one-way ticket to the dreamscape where Daft Punk and Air get all their best riffs. bump this with someone special ;)

I Must Be a Lover (L'Etranger Remix) - Guillemots our second track from this dude in the same day, and we're thinking, "Will he go all... the... way?!?" Well, with this ripper, straight out of Daft Punk's songbook.... he just might. FAT chords, soaring vocals, and a veritable chef's salad of samples, L'Etranger's in the kitchen, setting shit on FIRE.

Animal (Style of Eye Remix) - Miike Snow sure it might be a little late for a remix of 2009's biggest anthem, but with such a classic (and such a fucking PRODUCER on the synths), this one's everything you want out of house music: MASSIVE BUILDS, INFECTIOUS FUCKING HOOKX, AND straight-up heart-stopping DROPS. FUCK!

MOZART (John Gold Remix) - Mat Zo & Arty that big room house sound we usually shy away from (because it's often really gay, but this one is a definite exception). with a melody straight out of my favorite NHL videogame (Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey), this banger builds and builds and builds into epiphany.

I know, right?



Thursday, January 5, 2012


Waddup yo. It's Blurred Out with another (very rare, I know) post. Here's my (late) list of best tracks released in 2011. It's a very weird, eclectic list, but that's how I roll son. But fuck hipsters. Buttfuck them. Aight.

Beachboy (Original Mix)- SCNTST I only just recently started dropping this tune, but it's amazing. Shout outs to my fellow Tall Boy, Don Clark, for showing me this track. Massive build up, great ass and titties, booty jigglin' bass, just an all around big, exciting tune. This was my intro for the Tall Boyz premier performance for those who were there for the historical event.

Hugz ft. Bambounou- French Fries Straight from French Fries' recent EP Champagne/Hugz. Very similar to the above track in the sense that it has a most excellent build up, funky beat, and a gangsta repetitive vocal sample. Very big tune. I just wanna... ;)

The Zone- The Weeknd Classic tune. We all know it, we all love it. I sing this song to your bitch before she gives me dome. She likes it. I also sing it in the middle of the dome session, it gets me in my zone. The classic new wave of funky R&B jams. After hearing this tune I started liking Drake. Shout outs to the beige Drake

Ocean Mobb- Soulja Boy & Waka Flocka Flame Wild duo. Classic Waka yelling in your voice followed by some underwater auto-tuned Soulja Boy singing. Underwater trap seapunk extreme. We splashin' in my underwater lamborghini.

Swim Good- Frank Ocean Another beautiful funky R&B track, simply the best. It doesn't get much better. Dope lyrics by the weird Frank Ocean, and an ill beat. I love droppin' this tune. It's nice and deep but also sexy, great sing-along.

Geeked Up On Dem Barz- Juicy J Alright, so this tune got my DJ sets pretty hype, not gonna lie. Urrbody asks me to play this tune, its been spread all over the internet every time I go on Facebook. All y'all have the lyrics as your statuses, I know it, I seent it. But guess what, I SHOWED YOU THIS SHIT. But shout outs to the master scholar of the Young Nigga Trap Movement, HEROESxVILLAINS, for dropping Juicy J's mixtape on his tumblr and putting these crazy ass tunes in his sets. Real inspiration right there, no lie, respect.

Look At Me Now (RL Grime Remix)- Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne I've heard so many remixes of this tune, but this beats them all, even the original. I drop this tune in almost all of my sets, people go apeshit over this. RL Grime is a crazy good producer, I play at least of his songs in all my sets, either his remixes or something off the Die 4 Me EP. Homie is too busy touring the US to come on the Trap WNYU station we got running on Saturdays at 5 PM, but he'll be on soon. Turns out we got mutual homies in the NYU network. So keep an eye out.

Motivation- Jacques Greene One of my all time favorite tunes. You hear it at every Trap Door party, because we love it that much. Next level sexyness. Kelly Rowland makes my dick drip. Jacques Greene makes the funkiest of funk and puts a sexy spin on it. Don't believe me, check out his tunes getting blasted in da club... COCAINE IS A HELL OF A DRUG.

Nu Ga Je Danse- De Schuurman (a.k.a Full Effect) Massive tune comin' straight out of Holland. Fuck dutch house, it's all about the dutch kuduro. De Schuurman (Full Effect) is a young producer in this dutch genre of hyphy kuduro tracks. I've been following him around on the internet, and his tunes are insane. I love this shit. I'll do a post of all the best tunes l8r.

Queen of Darkness- Gvcci Hvcci Had to drop some Witch Haus. Right now I've been listening to a lot of w1†çh håüß recently, but this is probably one of my favorites. It's one of those trippy Salem sounding beats with some british bitch rapping bout her swag. I'll do a post on her too, eventually...

So those are my favorite tunes of 2011, some crazy shit, I know. You've probably heard me drop them before, but now they're yours to have and to cherish. I hope you enjoy as much as I do.

Now, for an extra special treat...

Here is Heroes+Villains most recent track that's his first release in a series of free tunes comin' out all through January. It's a remix of the Weeknd's track "Next" off of the recently released "Echoes of Silence". Not your usual bass-heavy HxV tune, but a deep, screwed mix of sadness and sexiness. I heard when HxV a.k.a Daniel Disaster only cries in blood, unicorn blood from a black unicorn, the rarest of unicorns. So check it out...

DOUBLE THURSDAY (PT. I: DISCO SHIT) | L'Etranger, Skream, Shlohmo, & Sweater Beats

Two fucking posts today 'cuz i'm feeling extra generous. Tell your friends

Started off the morning listening to Electric Wizard, so I'm gonna restart things off right with some of that low-key disco shit. Then we get heavy mane.

Too Insistent (Trentemøller Remix) - The Dø just like everything Trentemøller does right (which is everything) this one buds off cautious and blossoms into a beast of progressive tech-beauty. more than worthy of the ipod (and probably Almodóvar's next movie).

The Bay - Metronomy that fishscale disco shit. that cleeean. that puro. lush, straight out of a 1970's poolside (and like every winter afternoon in Miami), Metronomy brings back the funky bassline and adds some of the cheekiest strings since D.A.N.C.E. Oh wait here's the video-

Wetness Anthem (L'Etranger Rework) - Deelat and speaking of JUSTICE, the rightful heir to the French chopped&synthesized electro throne has just assumed the throne. We'd like to be the first to introduce you to L'Etranger, please bow your heads for a moment of violence. 

SEXYMUTHAFLAPPER - JEM STONE going straight 1920's on your asses, JEM STONE revives that swang swing SWING for this funky ass track, and it's music to our ears. Talk of "NAKEDNESS, RUBBER & LEATHER GARMENTS, AND WITH LESBIAN IMPLICATIONS??"Sign me the fuck up

210 - Cantinabend that boogie woogie bassline house, this one's a short and sweet throwback to the days of bellbottoms, bellinis, and lines of blow off the dancefloor. but DJ'S- BE FOREWARNED! the track has a little bit of overmodulation right around :54 and :58 seconds. throw that shit in audacity! (seriously, where would you be without us?!) 

Sweaty Christmas - Sweater Beats sure this might be a little late for the xxxmas post, but fuck it, hail Satan. Throw this soulful-ass, ugly-sweater&no panties sexifier onto the phonograph and make me some damn hot chocolate. 

Yellobone (Shlohmo & 2KWTVR Remix) - Salva the vibes in this shit are wayyyyy too sexy to pass up, and seem to fit in really well with all the other tracks in this post (hint, hit), so in case you're ready to get things hot & heavier, you know what to bump. expansive, bassy, & pulsepounding, this track should take you perfectly into tonight. 

& a final bonus track for your smoke break-

Parma Violets - Skream & Joker deftly combining the strengths of both virtuosos, this one gets downright dirty in a way that hearkens back to the weed-smoke cerebral days, before dubstep was a bunch of fratboys swinging elbows in shutter shades. that DIRTYBASSSSMYUUZIKK

...guess i'll be seeing y'all later tonight, & i wanna see some record fucking pageviews. lehdoit