Monday, February 27, 2012


Newsflash for our vampiric, e-tarded or otherwise nocturnal readers: its gettin' kinda nice outside. Now I know how shocking this might be for some of you having spent the last three months bundled up using your oven for heat, listening to distopian frozen-turf dubtapes and masturbating to Fade because you can't brave the snow storm to your jump off's apartment.

Have no fear. Fade is here for you with a cold brew, some killer shades (see above) and some new good-mood tunes for the sunlight.

Today I bring y'all da homie Benedek. Drawing major inspiration from Onra, Dam-Funk, 80's funk and 90's Nintendo soundtracks, Benedek stay laying down that funky shit that's perfect for whipping Eazy-E's dad's Cadillac with Hate D around South Beach to (shoutout New Year's Eve). Equally listenable while playing Tetris, racking lines in the back of a nightclub, pretending to be Ryan Gosling in Drive or just coolin' it in your backyard, I promise you want some Benedek in your Cerrato.

BENEDEK - That's My Jam! Feat. DāM-FunK - What're you supposed to be doing in the club?

BENEDEK - Shooting Stars - cosmicsynthathmosphere (Honestly I just found this on the soundcloud comments shout out Juno)

BENEDEK -Stepper - Ups the bpm a lil' bit for your That 70's Show themed sex-tape.

and while we're at it, some Dam Funk

Steve Arrington - Blow Your Mind (prod. by Dam-Funk) - Got that shit that'll blow your mind.

frito bendito out

Sunday, February 26, 2012

SUPREME | Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Vaski, & Flosstradamu$

Ladies and Gentlefucks, prepare for the barrage of tunes invading your week. I don't think you're ready.

on we go.

Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix)- The Hacker our favorite Parisian currently ripping everything in his path. Villainous, incredibly crunchy sound just meant for making all the wrong decisions in the best way possible.

Wild Heart (Zeds Dead Remix)- Sabi it should be no surprise that this duo comes forth with yet again, another massive, massive tune.

Climax (Vaski Remix)- Usher fffwhat?! usher + vaski? one could expect the exact opposite of the utter madness on this one.

Viol (Brodinski Remix)- Gesaffelstein now this union is the epitome of all things amazing in the field of production. Brodinski absolutely smashes the rework on this, have a listen yourself.

The next three brand new tracks hail from the late and great, Flosstradamus. canadianplayalistictrapmusik, would be one way to describe them.

Just for good measure, here's a preview to a totally unreleased track from DAFT PUNK, yes, your eyes do not deceive you. this needs to be 10,0000xxx longer, jus' sayin.

You stay classy, San Diego.

CVLTVRΞ VVLTVRΞ | Kuedo, Bingo Players, Keys N Krates, & ANIKI

I voted bush. judge me. 

Gonna keep this short and sweet- fokkin' chunes. all of 'em. 

Truth Flood - Kuedo off his fucking incredible Severant EP (snag it here, more than worth your ten euros or whateverthefuck), Kuedo brings the 808's and art breaks (see what i did there?) and envelopes you in a world of post-dubstep gorgeousness. fingers crossed this is what the future sounds like

Kraft Und Licht (Minitronix Special Edit) - Len Faki taking ethereal ambient techno and jacking it up a few BPMs is no small feat, but Minitronix do it with aplomb. dark, expansive, and industrial, this is the type of techno reserved for the best of the best. don't think you're mixing out of it in 30 seconds, EveryDJThatSpinsRightNow. 

The Dutty Clem (Aniki's Will Love the Bass Mix) - Will Bailey that thunderin, ragga-sample-plunderin'  big room wobble electro house you fucks crave. waves bigger than ya mama's puss

ICARUS (KEYS N KRATES REMIX) - MADEON ALL CAPS CUZ WE MEAN IT. heavy sampling turns this fidget banger into a next level HudMo-ey anthem the likes of which some hipster-ass rapper (re: Childish Gambino) is probably gonna ruin as soon as he finds it. BUT, while it's still fresh, enjoy. 

L'Amour (Original Mix) - Bingo Players brand new fiiiiire from two of our favorite frying dutchmen, Bingo Players go straight Daft Punk on this one, taking a fairly familiar riff and turning it into a stadium-sized festi-banger the likes of which you WILL be hearing the fuck out of. So, at Ultra, when it gets dropped, the place fucking exPLODES, and some bitch in shutter shades is like "OMG, Wut SONG iz THIS?!" you can just shake your head and continue making out with his girlfriend. 

Silver Surfer Ghost Rider GO - Trentemoeller 1970'S SURF ELECTRO ROCK FROM THE FUTURE. the definition of uptempo, Trentemoeller brings the riffage, AND keeps it more than danceable. bite your dick off,

Salt Lake Cuts - Kuedo finally, to put you fucks to bed, a lil' mo of that post dubstep sexbass. rockin' massive waves, dumb smooth arpeggios, and shimmering keys, this one's just the right amount of everything for that laaaaaate night sesh. sex, drugs, or rocknrollllll.

this one's for the ladies


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Waddup y'all, yo boy is back. Blurred Out is my name, and I'm a TRAPAHOLIC.

HEROESxVILLAINS and fellow Atlanta resident BLKKMORRIS teamed up to drop one of the funkiest, hypest, and most hood mixes I've heard in awhile. Combining the sounds of Future, Addison Groove, Gucci Mane, Canblaster, Azaleia Banks, Brenmar, Sinjin Hawke, Drake, Dark Sky, and just about every producer that's hype in the game right now. There's a high demand for the trap/garage mix, and fukkin VAVLT BOYZ know exactly what's up. Philthy.

So check it da fuck out...

Here's the tracklist (plus some DL's):
1. Intro- Lyring
3. Machine Drum - DDD
4. Rocco - Thumb Thru the Check
6. Addison Groove - This is It
12. Untold - Bones (rockwell remix)
13. Zomby - Natila's Song / Whitney Houston - Emotional
15. TEETH - Shawty
16. Sinjin Hawke - Like That
18. Joedic - Everytime (DJ DEEON Remix)
19. Rustie - Afterlight / Ciara Promises
25. Azaleia Banks - 212
26. Cash Out - Cashin Out
27. Outro

Monday, February 20, 2012

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Another week, another set of tunes. Let's not waste time

Dillon Francis - IDGAFOS 2.0 Dillon Francis recently released his EP under Skrillex's label, OWSLA. Still slamming mid tempo electro like never before which has been labeled as "Jump Up". Although Moombahton was what made me fall in love with Dillon in the first place, I have to admit these tracks are pretty fucking heavy! Dillon Francis also announced a free track for the die hard fans of the Facebook world. Remember to grab the EP via Beatport if you haven't already!

Teenwolf & Shelco Garcia - Hammer Time (Big Sean Bootleg) Fast becoming my favorite duo in Moombahton, Teenwolf & Shelco Garcia are back with a sexy progressive/soul tune with some bass heavy kicks! Loving this more than the original Big Sean tune

King Kong - Fuck My Mind The possiblities with Moombahton are endless with the tempo being perfect for other influences. King Kong taking things hood as fuck on this one. Def need more of this style and some more Bounce!

Goyte Ft Kimbra - Somebody That I Used To Know (Mendez Rework) My summer tune of 2011 has now been given the Moombah treatment by none other than Mendez! Also with summer just around the corner for the North Hemisphere crew, this is the perfect track for those beach road trips!

Dr. Dre - Still California (Wick-It Remix) Dubstep/Glitch gangster, Wick-It had to get on the Moombahcore sooner or later. Slamming out a filthy as fuck mash up of everyone's classic tunes, Still Dre & California Love. Would love to hear this played out on a massive system and see the faces melt

- Sanka

Thursday, February 16, 2012

NIGHTRIDE | Zeds Dead, Azari & III, & Parov Fucking Stelar

speepy? don't worry- we're here.

Booty Swing (Tits & Clits Remix) - Parov Stelar Could there be a more perfect producers' name for this site? That's TBD. But while you're hammering away at your tits and clits, we're starting things off the classy way- electro swing. 

Reckless (Enchante Remix) - Azari & III the duo known as Azari & III have been killing it in the vintage dancefloor house game, and this remix only TESTIFIES. deep, soulful, & fonkayyyyy- get it wet.

Born to Die (Guxxi Vump Remix) - Lana Del Rey okok, let this one ride. it only really breaks around the 1:40 mark but if you can handle yourself some Lana, this shit rewards you with some fat, groovin ass basssss. shit's got a future disccotech feel just purrrrfect for the basement set.

Slave to the Arpeggio - Katzenwaffle perhaps the second best producer name of this post, this shit goes so french electro, busy p's moustache is sweating. move the fuck over, SebastiAn, i'm bout to eat a blue katzenwaffle. 

Divine (Zeds Dead Remix of Danger's Remix) - Sebastien Tellier bringing back one of my favorite tracks from 2008 (cuz they're zeds dead and they do whatEVER the fuck they want), and adding the signature fucking fuxxxxx, ZD bring Tellier back to life...from the undead! zombstep.

Like This (Mexicola Remix) - Mims this shit's got that upbeat, cheeky vibe you just can't knock. too hyphy to be 8 bit, too african american for Owl City, this shit's forever somewhere in between heaven and hell. kind of like us. and we like us

Catgroove - Parov Stelar imagine if Crystal Castles decided to cheer up and brought a full brass band along for the fun. its combination of old school and new school that make this whole new wave worth riding-- get your zoot suit on and your Marty McFly's laced up; this shit's back from the future. 

Fiddy Cut (Original Mix) - KillaGraham & NYMZ just so you moombah-heads dont feel left out, some fat, dirty fucking moombahcore. expect nothing unexpected, just done really well. and with that, commence panty-droppage

4 AM (Adam K & Soha Remix) - Kaskade just cuz i'm a huge nerd, we're ending tonight with a sexy old female-vocal progressive house. why? BECAUSE ITS MY FUCKING PARTY AND ILL DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT. AWESOME. OK. OK??? ok.

whew. glad we cleared that up. and just so you girls and boys can, you know, clear things up, 


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Rack City (Taz Buckfaster Remix) - Tyga Reviving a dickhead's anthem just for tonight, when your anti-Valetine's Day attitude's most definitely sending you over into the warm, wet arms of Rack City. This treatment gives it a much higher BPM and a thicker//heavier bassline. Gotchyour grandma on ma dick.

Crew Love (Shlohmo Remix) - Drake Feat. The Weeknd Shlohmo slows this one down, raises the bar, and makes it more than bearable. Make some real crew luv to this tonite. 

Lemonade (Gesaffelstein Remix) [Rip] - Boys Noize & Erol Alkan Eerie, acid, mind-numbing, and more than anything, something to play at your next cemetery rave. Yeah. Cemetery raves are "a thing." 

Inhaler (Worthy's West Coast Bass Remix) - Jaymo & Andy George Leave your fists at home-- pump your dicks to this. Hot to trot vocals, heavy moans, sweet electro riffs, and coked out bells. Shit's frenetic and warped-- like your heart. 

Better Off Alone (Alec Empire/Atari Teenage Riot Remix) - Salem For pentagram-familiar couples only, you fucking pussy. Alec Empire (alias ATR) refixxes Salem's November cover of Alice Deejay, lacing it with a few extra lethal nothings and incidentally making all the difference. 

Aquarium - Jaymo & Andy George Hailing from Lincoln//London. Their message: Moda owns you. Loose yourself in an abandoned slaughterhouse to this and never let yourself be found. 

Johnny Belinda (White Arrows Remix) - Active Child Quality shit you probably won't like... unless you can fit an entire banana in your mouth (what the fuck am I saying, dude?!). Even though the vocals are definitely solid, the whole of it has the soul of a drunk active child.

Lazarus Taxon (forthcoming Black Butter Records) - Kidnap Ki The girl keeps repeating "your love," until the guy joins in, and then their cute baby robot adds his own take. Your fucking side bitch is gonna love this.

Loner - Burial Burial's brand spankin' new Kindred EP was more well protected than chastity belt pussy, but we got it for your rippin' purposes. 'Cus that's us. If you're stoned, fullscreen the video. (Note: rename it in your library yo'self. We can't name it properly or it'll get removed.)

Techno Hearts - Minor Sick & Abby Lee Tee Mix in two parts Austrian bass, one part subdued elation, three parts of bloody hearts, and you've got yourself a percussive, yet tender, jam for the evening. You're welcome.

Artemis - WARSNARE The London vibes convince you it's post-dubstep, until the sample snippets have it seriously bordering on experimental hip hop. You decide, but choose wrongly and Zeus will kill you.

Makowrap (VIP Mix) - Desto Sounds from Amsterdam. Gotcha feelin' real rico suave while you walk over, 'cus the confidence of the synths on this one make you a shoo-in, and you know it.

NYC >> See you at our Anti-Valetine's party tonight! 
21+ // no cover // no bullshit

fuck cupid get stupid,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Is it just me or is there a fuckload of quality releases this month?! Not only in Moombahton but EDM in general. Dub Police releasing a couple of EP's, OWSLA releasing a massive EP with Nick Thayer and Dillon Francis EP tomorrow, Moombahluv Vol. 3 tomorrow, The New Wave Vol 2 last week and more.

Shit is fucking insane and with Skrillex just winning 3 grammys, he has given even more inspiration for bedroom producers globally. The next 2-5 years are going to be so fucking huge in EDM, very curious as to how things are going to turn out.

Enough of the future, the next tunes you will be hearing set a new bar of quality Moombahton. Boundaries being broken and new styles emerging. Gotta love evolution

Valentino Khan & Will Bailey - Rukus This tune has been on my wish list since late last year. This has without a doubt set a new bar in terms of hype, shit goes fucking nuts. For those who are still retarded when it comes to Moombahton, Valentino Khan was one half of Market Price and also was the main key when it came to production under the duo alias. And of course shit can't be this hot without Will Bailey on the bill

Will Bailey - Dancehall Speaking of Will Bailey, he has also given away another free tune. IMO Will Bailey is one of the most under rated producers in EDM. Every track I hear from Will is so fucking dope. Defenatley worth checking his Soundcloud if you are after more free bangers

Too Short - Where The Pretty Girls At? (Pickster & Melo Moombayton Remix) With Moombahton being so mid tempo'd we have seen serious amounts of influences, from Dutch to Dubstep to Dancehall to Reggaeton and with a lot of the Bay area tunes being put in upbeat Electronic tunes, the door was open for another influence with the 108bpm dem bow riddim

A-Mac & Paul David - Horizon (ETC!ETC! Remix) Been far too long since this tune was made and when this EP got released. Simply an EP of the highest caliber, Moombahton legend A-Mac and new blood Paul David teamed up on this almost a year ago! Finally being released to the eager public, the Horizon EP is a must have! On top of that one of my favorite producers dropped a freebie!

Ludacris - Stand Up (Gooffee Remix) Hoping most of you copped the free compilation, The New Wave Vol. 2 - you will notice Gooffee on the bill with his acid banger. Back soon after the release with a couple bangers. This one stood out for me the most, remixing the classic Luda banger into some Moombahcore swag. Check out their Facebook Page if your after the second freebie

- Sanka

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

5,000... | You Fucking Love Us | Rusko, High Rankin, Douster.. n more

Man, for all of you that have been following us since our birth 3 years ago (Could be more, we probably have alzheimer's by now), you're welcome and thank you for noticing that there is no better than Miami Fade Fucking County. And; since you are all good people (sike), here's a little gift for you all straight outta the Fade County vault for showing your appreciation.. We love you back, bass heads.

Street Dancer (Midnite Sleaze remix) - Avicii Avicii tends to be way too trance, at least the original mix of this is. So, I give you the BEST tech-house remix to this composition. You're welcome.

Occupation Pimp & Gambler - High Rankin What's a 5k Likes post without some wobble? True, dapper wobbles in fact.

Hot City Bass (Tropical Edit) - Hot City Some Nu-Jungle for your listening pleasures.

Afronuts (Douster Remix plus Hervé Beats VIP Mix) - Yolanda Be Cool Yolanda Be Cool has one of the best voices period. Something about that voice makes it so easy to mold into a banger like this. Enjoy

Somebody To Love - Rusko semi-new.. saw Rusko at HardNYC, dropped this and everyone went apeshit. Man, I remember when Rusko was playing WhiteRoom at wmc four years ago. Crazy how fast the world accepted EDM.

Murder Sound - Max Morell Bass Heavy murderous sound. Straight out the UK. bounce..

Youth, Speed, Trouble, Cigarettes (Reset! Remix) - Cassius Reset!, straight out of Milan, has been doing serious damage to a slew of tracks in the past few years. Much love to them, sending us traxx since a while back. Woof... shit drops hard.

Indian Shot - Sebastien Legér Bass heavy.. a crazy synth roll. nice to mix into. on the lighter side.. more for the DJ's out there.

Sick (Darth & Vader Remix) - Alex Mind Dope Electro remix to a great song.


...over n' out

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Two In One Day? WTF! CENOB1TE|Flosstradamus|Oliver Twizt|Mimosa|Hardwell

too sexy to pass up.

Not tryina post over FreeMo, the way I see it, the Mo, the betta!
We just hit 5000 "likes" on our facebook page. That's 4,999 more than all of you fucks, so if you know whats good for you, you'll go like our page HERE, and keep the passion alive.

It's been a minute since my last post, been busy with school n stuff. Let's get to the music.

Yelle's newest single, smashed and banged by Chicago's very own bass-heavy duo Cenob1te. Gotta love those lazer sounds, makes me feel like i'm in Starship Troopers or some shit.

How this one went overlooked is still puzzling...remember that "Original Don" remix I posted by these guys a few weeks ago? Well this one hits just as hard wit dat trapstyle. Add a tripped out vocal in the background and you've got yourself a banger.

Been listening to more and more of this dude's tunes lately. This is one of his newest, and it's pretty crazy. Imagine house, all twizted up with some vocal samples and some crazy winding synths

Keeping that Oliver Twizt streak surely know this one, as it's been played by pretty much every big-name Dutch house producer/DJ in the game. I don't even care how played out it is, fuck you, because it's awesome.

This track's been remixed more times than Avicii's "Levels", but I finally found a version I actually like. Mimosa killed it with this one, no heavy nonsense, just a beat thats way better than the original. Ya dig?

Had to throw in something generic at some point...Hardwell's newest single. It's pretty sick, nice chords, and some dope synths on the drop

Taking things down a notch with this one. The homie Pete Rodway teamed up with Boulder locals RPM on this one, and they turned out one of the illest slow jams i've heard in quite awhile. Mellowstep

Sauce Me...Sauce Me Again: Mistabishi, Jantsen & Dirt Monkey, Starkey and some other super trippy shit

An artist having their own sound has seem to become quite an anomaly these days. While most fall to what this insane era of progression deems to be mediocre, some are bravely holding onto originality. Mistabishi is no doubt a member of this proudly surviving troop. Formerly on Hospital Records, he just recently made the switch to Noh Records to release his new album. "{](-_-)[}" (his album) is an unbelievable fusion of genres, which Mistabishi sums up simply as "bass". The album is a great representation of his versatility and incredibly multifaceted abilities. This is my favorite track off the release. Rolling bass synths, sharp drums, and pitch building madness bring this one all the way to the bank. Do yourself and Mistabishi himself a favor and cop the rest of the release right here.

A Culture of Enforced Stupidity - Mistabishi

The Colorado bass has been booming, per usual. Jantsen and Dirt Monkey teamed up to put out a track on Play Me Too Record's "Dreamcatcher EP". A chopped up doo-whop sample leads into an epic big bass moombahton banger. Sick variation and energy building pitch interval from start to finish. I definitely expect to be hearing this one played out very soon. Cop the rest of the EP on beatport.

Sand Man (Original Mix) - Jantsen & Dirt Monkey 

Starkey is a boss and his remix of D51's Red Rain is just another flawless track in his bag. Big room bass and classy sampling. This shit will definitely get the dance floor freakay nawty right quick.  mmmm thats some baby making music.

Red Rain (Starkey Remix) - D51

The new Afk and Hizzleguy collaboration EP, "Full Clip", just dropped and its packing a serious punch. This powerful duo put together 10 dance floor wreckers with the help of only a few friends. I am almost positive I heard "Shining" played out by Flux Pavilion on New Years in Denver, but do to certain circumstances, I can't really jog my memory. Regardless, this is definitely that mid set, lose your shit kind of track. Serious build ups with warm, refreshing breakdowns. mmmph. Big ups to this insane collab.

Shining (feat DKS) - Afk & Hizzleguy 

DCarls just put out his "Flavorhythm EP" on Simplify Recordings in three parts. Each one is packed with some funkay tunes. The title track really does it for me. Ludacris is the dude and DCarls does him some serious justice in this heavy, but melodic banger. Snag the rest of the release here.

Flavorhythm - DCarls 

I think a lot of people can relate when I say that DJ Shadow is one of the main reasons i'm all up in this bitch. He has always been seen as incredibly innovative throughout the production spectrum and has even recently revitalized his live show with the "Shadowsphere". Little Dragon had me at Wildfire, so naturally this duo interested me. When I saw this Engine-EarZ Experiment remix I was really interested and, sure enough, was stoked on it. If you don't know Engine-EarZ, check out this video from a couple years back. This is an absolutely massive tune. Get at the goods.

Scale It Back (Engine-EarZ Experiment) - DJ Shadow & Little Dragon 

Lastpaq is a Dutch DJ/Producer who has been invading clubs since 2006. He just recently released this dubstep track on his soundcloud in a free giveaway. Dope reggae sample with the killer drums and heavy, fluctuating bass synth. I dig it.

mr. Boombastic (Lastpaq bootleg) - dShaggy 

Breaknoise is a young-gun dubstep producer out of the UK. This is a pretty dope heavy groover. Can definitely see this one moving dance floors around towards the end of a set. Quality.

Hippo Deck - BREAKNOISE 

Teknian just released his "Firedance EP" on Screwloose Records and its some hot fire. The whole release is a pretty interesting mix between a new-age robotic type sound and elegant, melody driven breakdowns. The title track is most exemplary of this, but download the whole EP right chere for the whole feel.

Firedance - Teknian 

Thas all I got for ya

Stay Sauced,


Monday, February 6, 2012

Get In There Nice and Deep Like.

Heeyyy now lets slow it down a little bit with some deep ones. I'm talking the deepest. 

I'm just gonna say deep one more time. 


Slaven Andjelic represents the new face of the wholesomeness that is deep sub bass. At the age of 17, he is making unbelievable strides. He has captured a sub heavy sound of his own and pushes his boundaries by encompassing a wide variety of intricate sampling. He has just recently released a plethora of his tracks in a free giveaway. This is one of my favorites of the series, but i encourage you to hit his soundcloud and download the rest. 

French producer BrainfuzZ just released his "Anomaly EP" and it is huge. In my opinion its finding some common ground between the deep, minimalist and more all over the place camps. The title track really speaks to this idea of hybridity. Grab the full release here

Widowmaker of the UK with some crispy future deep dubstep deliciousness. This kid has got it goin on when it comes to the heavy-melodic stuff. He gave this one away last month. Gangsta synths with the bass to back it up. I dig it. 

Revolutions - Widowmaker

Formless is a deep sub bass and atmospheric producer out of West Yorkshire (UK). His minimal, yet energy ridden sound has helped him to create a crystal clear style of his own. "Hidden Realm" is a stretched out masterpiece, best heard on high volume on the biggest system. 

Lephen, of the Netherlands, is clearly pushing a sound I once deemed lost to monotony. His "Quod Sum EP" manages to revitalize the type of style that has recently evaded my personal preference. His roots are exposed in this release through his detailed variation and attention to the absolute deepness. The title track off the EP is a perfect demonstration of just this.  A creative bassline broken up with mood shaping chords on the piano, then further strengthened through some perfect synth work. Support this chap by buying the full EP HERE

OkOk, this is the chill out track you have been waiting for. Great reggae vibes, backed with a big bassline and great sampling. Ssekk put this out on a small label from Russia called Lunar Kitchen. Take a gander at some of their other artists and releases on their soundcloud. Definitely some quality stuff.

Every time I hear this track I imagine Gaslamp Killer playing it. To my knowledge, he doesn't even know that it exists, but I can vividly see him losing his metaphorical shit on stage to this. Maybe it's because it reminds me of Eprom and he always plays his shit out, but whatever the case, its insane (just like the mothafuckin' GLK). To say this one is all over the place is doing it a bit of an injustice. This track is fucking wild. A Bubbling, seemingly out of time background layer is cut through by strong, periodic synth work. Super interesting and well done remix.
Concrete Streets (Zomby remix) - BLACKDOWN

That's all for todays deepness.

We will be in touch,


Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Moombah-Thong is proud to announce the highly anticipated release of the second volume to The New Wave! Grabbing a shitload of inspiration from the first volume under Generation Bass, and actually Generation Bass in general. Such success from Umb & Generation Bass was inspiration enough to take things to the next level with Moombah-Thong.
 It was inevitable to be apart of the latest tradition that started in late 2011. With the reputation Moombah-Thong has gained, concentrating more on new talent in the Moombahton scene as well as the hottest names in the game, Moombah-Thong being apart of this compilation series had to be done! Hand picking the artists you see before you for the most obvious reasons, all names featured in this compilation have completely changed the game in the past 6 months without any sign of remorse which has earned them the title of The Next Wave of Producers.
 I can say with full confidence that you will see a lot more of these names in the near future!

Friday, February 3, 2012

TRANSFORMERS N THE HOOD | FKi feat. Diplo, Heroes & Villains, Adventure Club, & MOARRRRR


FKi aka Fuckin Kickin it might be my favorite ATLiens since Outkast. Their new mixtape, featuring tracks with Iggy Azalea, Smoke DZA, Travis Porter, and production from HEROES & VILLAINS, DIPLO, ADVENTURE CLUB, AND MORE, is no small feat of genius. Think ROLLS, LEANS, UPPERS, DOWNERS, and every which way of FUCKED. 

This is Trap Music that requires serious intake ability, and I don't say that lightly-- INGEST AT YOUR OWN RISK. Now, without any further adieu, I present to you the mixtape to your freekin weekend:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pleasures We Shook Shook XXOOXX

Olivia (MAO Remix) – Maribou State A foreboding and appropriately anonymous take on the London bass team’s reverberating original. Mao, who nobody knows anything about, infuses “Olivia” with more percussion (e.g. clapping), sinister stomps, and a darker, yet more soulful tone to the former buoyancy implicit in its xylophone synths. The cadence is attractive and smartly clad, like the girl  standing at the bar, and the vocal loops, chopped up enough so that when you’re sloppily singing along— your rendition is actually spot on.

The Look (TIP's Shook Shook Rework) – Metronomy The first time I heard Metronomy at a club was at members-only, overpriced one in Mexico City, which, ironically, was named after a Communist party leader. Such delectable contradictions are also present in this particular gem: its sound is experimentally reworked, its vocals, often warped, and its look, eclectically shaken up, but all the while still kept in check by a loyal metronome, and a sense of aural decorum. London ‘lovestep’ producer Two Inch Punch succeeds in giving the track an electric shock and making it that much more danceable.

Placid Acid – Tourist A panacea for all grey-weather induced depression, produced under the new alias of Brighton producer Will Phillips’. I’m almost positive this track sends the same messages to brain as UV light entering the retina does (pretty photo-sensitive for an aural experience, right?). Incidentally, the brightness, color, and contour of the track are perfectly captured in the dichotomous name. The plain-speaking pop instrumentals evoke placidity, but remnants of fermented somethings still bubble up from beneath the pneumatic melody. Luckily, it has no lyrics, so the message is up to you to lace. (Tourist’s debut EP comes out March 12 via Make Mine.)

Eclipse (feat. Ruddy P.) – XXYYXX XXYYXX? An interesting agnomen for Marcel Everett, considering he was just a pair of chromosomes not too long ago. This 16-year-old kid from Orlando messes around with bubbly vocals samples, makes serious love to the cymbals on his kit, and incorporates the sunshine state of mind into his all-too-playful synth arrangement. And while these daydream soundscapes may certainly attest to his youth, their quality points in the direction of precociousness. Save this one for the dance floor— in Brooklyn of course.

It's My Part (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix) – Jonquil A tastefully minimalist remix by the only thing progressive about the Jurassic era. TEED takes the offensive on some tasty Brit-on-Brit action by slowing down (and almost drowning) lead Hugo Manuel’s vocals, freeing it of its ordered guitar riffs, and making it, say, something much more appealing to an improvised scatter brain. For best results, pour in libation.

Tru Luv - Unknown Sea punk label Coral Records has released a split EP by Curtis Vodka and Germany-based Unknown as its fifth release. It has a tite baseline, fast-pased percussion, twisted vocals, and some dope old-school jungle. Get freeky.

Bambi - Azealia Banks  "So, where you from? Oh yeah? So, do you speak any French? Mhm. Where am I from? I'm from New York (New York) (New York) (New York). SO-- What's your sign? Oh, you're an Aquarius? You act like an Aquarius. What's so f*cking funny!?"

Untroubled - 123Mrk The future of stoner musique. Crazy synths and broken rhythms imported from Marseille, France-- and the only tariff is your attention. It builds and builds and builds until the beat seems to disassemble, just like your stupid helpless self. 

Can't Leave You - Maceo Plex This one's 9 minutes long. Just leave it on in the background while you fool around with what you can't seem to leave. The deep parts are the best, pun intended. (Ugh. I'm so full of shit.)

Guilty Pleasures (Original Mix) - Mark Henning Deep house from a Berlin-based house/techno DJ/Producer. This shit's in hypercoulour. It could also be the soundtrack to a murder mystery because a lil death is always funny.

What can I say?