Thursday, March 29, 2012

✝SLAYHER✝ x STEEP Mane | Shit To Fail Your Piss Test To!

#NICODEINE CRUSH - Rachel Haircut Released today by Aural Sects. Tags: #seapunk 90s australia big beat dance electrnicarave witch house drag Japan... so there's that. If you can dig, check out #AQUAFLASH.

Piss Test - A-Trak feat Juicy J & Danny Brown I know this is a good one because 0 people liked it when I FB'd it yesterday (okay 2 but that's like 0). Puts a dark spin on 80s influences so it's a totally new concoction that makes your cortex pulsate and git hazy all at the same time. Styrofoam only, please.

Plage (STEEP Remix) - Crystal Fighters This warped refix makes you totally forget the original was used in a Target commercial... #atonement. 

Sweeter Than Sweet - Lulu Rouge Is this your new diesel dyke anthem or what? Old track from Danish dub kings (dub. not dubstep, you asshole) in the business of marrying techno with dub. Their hidden agenda? The parturition of a bass so deep it turns your drunken melancholy into a ((throbbing stupor)) you'll never wanna snap out of. 

Stars (Original Mix) - v0da From an anonymous dude hiding in Yekaterinburg, Russia, to me, to you. Hope it hasn't gotten stale in transit. This is the kind of deep minimalism you've been craving and I don't even know how he found my mailing address. You're welcome.

LIL UGLY MANE X DENZEL CURRY( RVIDXR KLVN) - TWISTIN - Hi. I'd like to report a murder. A dead body. Or Somethin. - Where? -In tha alley. WHY THE FUCK AM I POSTING THIS.

This Is Real - Bwana This is real talk from the heart. Classic R&B vocal samples, underground bass, the (futuristic) works. Dude's a 20-year-old producer from Toronto (why is everyone Canadian. Always). Lehgo of yourself to this.

Single Blip (Wolfgang Voigt Auramix) - VGMG The deepest house ever. As in, "ouch," as in straight jacket murder mystery, as in that girl at the bottom of the post has been dead for 11 days. This shit is a straight nightmare.  /|/|0N3Y K!LLZ. 

¥Ouroboros¥ - CRO¥DON Also released today by Aural Sects. It's like witchouse drowning the shit out of the gayest 90s trance track you can think of, sans the archetypical heart-aching cunt vocals. It just works.

To The Ends Of The Earth - Blue Sky Black Death Finishing you off with tripstrumental (just made that up) tear-jerking BEAUTY. It's the supremo suck.


Sunday, March 25, 2012

I Proudly Present To You...a Taster From Rusko's New Album "Songs"

In honor of Ultra and WMC...I was thinking pool party, what's better than someone sexy exiting a pool?

I've got a really special treat here for you guys, I received Rusko's new album "Songs" in it's entirety, but out of respect for the guy, i'm only gonna post a couple songs off of it. The whole thing will be out tuesday, and one only knows how hard he's worked on it, so fuck the haters, i'm only posting a few.


No doubt you've heard this in a video or two by now, regardless it's one of the sicker songs off the album and you all need to hear it. Now.

Remember Fabriclive 37? Well this takes it right back, filthy bass, fucking classic Rusko.

Skream and Benga previewed this ish on their radio show, now we have the whole thing, fresh, uncut, no more "extra dubstep, extra bass" drops every 30 seconds. Funky, whompy, fresh. Get at it. New rusko.



Check the preview here:

and also...Iggy Azalea is one of the illest of all time

fuck off.


Saturday, March 24, 2012

'Bout to Smash : Dance Meat, Mr. Dibiase, Pixelord, Downlink, Stereoglyph BOOM

A collective of up-and-coming Chicago producers are kickin' up some dirt with their first release, Dance Meat Compilation Vol. 1. Each artist seems to hold down their own individual sound, experimenting with percussive UK funky and other beat driven sounds. Great universal production and mixing make this a sharp first release.With just over 1200 plays on soundcloud, it is clear that this is an undiscovered gem. Check it out and show these guys some love so we see more of them in the future.

Also, two of the artists featured on the compilation, Tigorilla & Cid Ikarus, came out with a dope Wu-Tang remix. I've been bumpin' it nonstop.

The Heart Gently Weeps (Tigorilla & Cid Ikarus Remix) - Wu-Tang Clan Feat. Eryka Badhu

Dreamiest beat I've heard in a hot minute. Pixelord produces in an effort to take you somewhere and this definitely holds true to his impeccable style. Powerful bass synth, arpeggiated lead, and crispy drums take it to the bank. Cop the rest of the "Keramika EP" here. It has a dope Groundislava remix that is worth checking out.

Drinky - Pixelord

Mr. Dibiase is a representation of some of the genius that got me hooked on future beat music. Saw his set in Chicago at the Kinetic Playground when I was underage as fuck and it set me down an interesting path. He draws samples from everywhere, including 8-bit video games and movies, and throws them together into some seriously soulful masterpieces. Driftinoff is a super groovy array of old school funk and hop-hop samples couples with new age producing. Killed it. Check it

Driftinoff - Mr Dibiase

Rottun Records is one of the biggest names in rough, heavy dubstep. While there sound hasn't been my focus these days, they still come out with some serious dance floor wreckers. This is Downlink's take on the big room moombah style jammer. Boom.

Tiger - Downlink

A month ago Sydney based Nechura released his Underworld EP and its pretty huge. I like this one for his obvious attempts at epicness. High velocity banger.

Epidemic - Nechura

This is the acid daytime festival banger you've been looking for. Masterfully crafted, ear-pleasing perfection. Sauce me. Cop the rest of Scuba's "The Hope EP" here.

The Hope - Scuba 

Stereoglyphs newest release, "Neon City" speaks directly to my taste. I love melody driven, high energy, journey focused bass tracks. This is it. Bottom Lounge is soulful, but futuristic. Definitely has some Koan Sound vibes, but with some completely unique aspects thrown in. Right now, these are some of my favorite tracks of the year and I think you will like them too, so show some support and by the rest of Neon City here

Bottom Lounge - Stereoglyph

If you read my best of 2011 best then you know im a goddamn feign for Redlight's Source 16. It makes me do ridiculous things when I hear it live and I couldn't care less what some walking daddy problem has to say about me subsequently steppin' on her fuzzy boots. Imma lose my shit and thats how it is. There have been a couple remix/edit attempts, but nothing has done it for me quite like the original, until now. I just got my hands on this Rusha remix of the anthem and it'll make you move. Holla.

Source 16 (Rusha Remix) - Redlight

okok, last one. slow it down and get intimate for a hot second with some UK funky baby makin' fantasia. In December, Mak & Pasteman put out an EP called "Get with the Program" and it is incredible.  If you haven't heard it already, I would greatly entice you to grab a copy here because it is chock full of perfect originals and interpretive remixes. This is my favorite remix off the EP. Real takes an already introspective banger and puts some serious wings on it.

Heal (Real Remix) - Mak & Pasteman

Thas' that. Be safe if your down at MMW and if your in LA come get weird with me at Eoto and Bluetech. Buy tickets here


Thursday, March 22, 2012



Hope all yall started off your weeks off right with plenty of R, R, & , 'cuz this weekend's shaping up to be a doozie. 

Not only are we dropping an EXXXXCLUSIVE FADE COUNTY TANK TOP, we'll be repping the fuckkk outta our Miami brethren's events, including Red Rabbit Presents, & fucking EVERYTHING the Overthrow is tearing up this weekend @ Mamushkas & Gold Rush. so while you're geared up, we thought it'd be nice to give you a nice lil taste of what the fuck's in store. Leh'g0

I - MY KEYS // BLACK ICE - LORN & DOLOR off their fucking JAWDROPPING DRUGS EP (download the whole thing HERE), Lorn & Dolor bring the fuzzz, serving up sixteen sweet, sweet minutes of oversaturated, dark, messy wobbleage and one of my favorite rap verses since ever. this is get fucked up music, baby- bump accordingly. 

The Only One (The Glitz Remix) - The Hacker  that dark, dismal techno that gets your heart stopping in all the right places. perfect for those special few hours where the sun could set at any momet and your rolls just start to peak. magic music

All You Need is Techno (Gesaffelstein Remix) - Arnaud Rebotini the perfect complement to the previous track's upbeat, ethereal nature, this dark, moody BANGER is sure to raise more than a couple hairs on your neck... Here's to hoping you got to catch Gesaffelstein & Brodinski at the Bromance Records party at Mamushkas last night. If not, well... there's always next year

Hometown - Miss Kitten & The Hacker practically acid in its own right, expect some serious throwback vibes from this one, in a grrrreat way. salacious female vocals paired over analog arpeggios build you up and let you down so easy you won't know where you're going 'til you're flat on your back, with your head between her legs, wishing you could see the stars from a hilltop stage at Ultra. #nommy

All That I Am - WhoMadeWho that Trentemølleresque (ooh, what a nice word) big room fat-bottom bass tech house. moody, technical, and leaving nothing to the imagination, think of this as BATHS with BALLS, and get ready to fucking DANCE.

New Disco Beat (Gesaffelstein Remix) - David Carretta combining incredibly powerful synth bass with a calculated precision reminiscent of Green Velvet at his peak, Gesaffelstein is rapidly proving himself to be one of the most versatile, dynamic producers of the past few years. K1NG OF FVXXING DARKN3$$

Comacat (Round Table Knights Mix) - Tensnake taking you straight across the Atlantic to the Meditteranean, this is the type of house you'd be hearing if 9/10 of your favorite festival DJ's weren't solely pandering to the 'still-rockin'-shutter-shades' shitheads. good god damn this is gorgeous fucking house music. bump this when you're peaking and i guarantee you'll have a 'moment'. & BY THE WAY, IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO CATCH TENSNAKE TONIGHT!!!! At Mamushkas. 

Coma cat (Original Mix) - Tensnake just cuz we can't get enough of those god damn clavs, the original version of the previous track, in all its former glory. major nighttime good vibes in all their miami-esque glory, this is electronic dance music at its absolute finest. TRY NOT DANCING, I FUCKING DARE YOU.

& THATS IT! Be safe, get yourself laid, & be fucking awesome to each other. we're looking forward to another big year with all of you. 



Monday, March 19, 2012

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Skrillex's label, OWSLA just released their second edition to the 'Free Treats' compilation...

Skrillex - Ruffneck (Full Flex) (Munchi Anonymous Revolution Remix) Hidden in the electro/filth set of tunes were a couple of next level Moombahton tracks. When next level comes to mind, all I can think of is either Munchi or Sazon Booya. Coincidence? Munchi taking things dark and heavy, just how we like it! 

Sazon Booya Ft Anna Yvette - Secret Heart Sazon Booya really surprised me with this track, first track by Sazon and first track in a long time that had the effects on me like this. I was mesmerized, so hard to describe exactly how I felt but I was def vibing this tune!

Clockwork - Hulk (Dillon Francis Remix) This tune I have been waiting on for a fucking long time! Some may argue about how this tune should be classed (I would class this as Moombah) but regardless this tune is straight quality. I'm pretty sure this was the Nazi marching music...

Dan Fix - Coppa Shot Moombah-Thong favorite, Dan Fix goes in with more of that pure darkness which is hard to come by in the sub genres of Moombah. 

- Sanka

Friday, March 16, 2012

Minimaljizzm | Burial, Four Tet, Gesaffelstein, Shlohmo, & even more Jaar

Moth (Cocolino Edit) - Burial and Four Tet Burial and Four Tet bring in drums and rattling beauty, respectively, and Polish production duo Cocolino gives it a danceable deep tech house groove. If you like this collab, check out the most recent one, Nova

Blue Jeans (Gesaffelstein Remix) - Lana Del Rey I'm the first to complain about the insufferable and incessant stream of Lana remixes. But this one's worth it (and not just 'cus Gesaff's a prospective baby daddy). 

Rained the Whole Time (Nicolas Jaar Remix) - Shlohmo Following up on "Owe Me" from E-Z's post with this 'cus no post of mine is ever complete without a Shlohmo track. Oh hey, the first time I Faded Jaar was also with a Shlohmo track. Damn consistent.

Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics Remix) - Korallreven Sounds like post-seapunk. Check out the crazy ass video. What the fuck is Japanese 90s rave culture?  ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ

Sayso - Evy Jane Gotta love these vocals and quivering somethings. A tite Vancouver duo.

002 - nknwn Lo-fi soundscapes laced with sveeet percussion. I gotta have you baby. C'mon back with me love. Shit's got soul.

Dreams of Disco - Crystal Fighters Ridiculous new mixtape. Oh and they're playing in SoBe after the Concrete Jungle Experiment tomorrow

MIAMI: see you in the Design District
@ The Concrete Jungle Experiment tomorrow.
St. Patrick's Day's gonna be huge. Get your tickets
The Graffiti Garden awaits us.

xx, amadZ

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just another night in Fade County, USA. Cept' we remembered a camera.

first things first, NYC; We love you, you big apple. Thats why TRAPDOOR'sDEAD and I shot my sexy girlfriend and some siren who used to be the hot chick next-door .. but now were closer than that. TRAP DOOR'S DEAD, A JOURNEY THROUGH SOME DOOR INTO A REALLY GOOD TIME.

Erotic Discourse (Audiojack Remix) - Paul Woolford presents Bobby Peru call this one schizophrenia. cuz it's the bomb.

No You Girls (Trentmøller Remix) - Franz Ferdinand Johnny Cash meets an alien and they take space drugs. Trentmøller 10/10, pinky's up

Bubonic - Autoerotique wish I had posted this track last time had to do it justice. count on this @TRAPDOOR'SDEAD

Must Be The Feeling (Kill The Noise Remix) - Nero new Nero's on some disco shit and Kill the Noise salted it with an onslaught of dub. disco's not dead dude shut the fuck up. and it never will be.

Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix) - Nero Think I've came across Delta Heavy only once before but dude if you read this (which you probably do) get at us.

Fire Hive - Knife Party hate describing each song but if i write here it fills up space for the people who don't read opinions and mindlessly click on links.. feeluthough.

Koopa Boss Mode - Lazer Sword weird shit. "would make a lot more sense on lsd" initial thoughts. dark electro.



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

WEDNESDAYS ARE FOR HOUSE | Green Velvet, Le Knight Club, & Nicolas Jaar,

Taking you straight the fuck back to the '90s you never knew, this post is a dedicated house-fucking-revival, full of more 808s, loops, and inspirationally-shouting black men than you can shake a fucking stick at. 

While this shit might be a little too *mature* for all you fidget-heads out there craving skrill-esque, vomit-inducing wompage, this one goes out to all you classy motherfuckers who know how to twist one up, pop a bean, and lay out poolside killin' some pre-MMW party vibes. 

Time for Us - Nicolas Jaar cooler than an igloo filled with ice cubes, our favorite fucking twentysomething brings the chords and 808 hits and just lets 'em riiiide. the ensuing result? d33p. gla$$y. perfect from the k-hole to her a-hole? yes.

Drive (Original Mix) - Trancesetters taking you in like smoke, and enveloping you faster than you can take another breath, this downbeat, uptempo opus is 8-minutes of straight dancefloor freebase. nightclubs: have paramedics on hand for this one.

b1 Soul Bells - Le Knight Club taking you back to 2002, Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo's disco house outfit brought cocaine-hazey sample-laden loopage to the table before the masks were even cool. perfect filtering makes for perfect vibeage. pro tip: MASH THIS SHIT LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW  

LONDONGIRL$ - TROPICAL BOY$ sampled house MAGIC from our boys over at METRO ZU. taking you straight back to '95 with this one, when the kick sweeps in for you under those soft-moaning vocal samples, you'll be groovin' too hard to know who shotcha. 

Owe Me - Nicolas Jaar in one word? Menacing. heavily layered, filtered vocal samples build around you like the black DEF, as severely fuxxxxed vibes twist and turn about one of the most deceptively simple percussion lines in the game. severely understated and simply devilish, this is one you keep in the pocket for moments you just neeeed things to pop offff. this song WILL get you laid. 

Preacher Man - Green Velvet as infamous as it is inspiring, this 1998 Mega-ANTHEM may just as well read like the New (House) Testament. Stripped down and wholly enveloping around an old preacher's sermon, this track's probably responsible for as many OD's as it is VD's. fuck your ten thousand logic plugins and stacked FL Studio pre-setup-- this one's a sheer testament to the ability of one 808 and one fucking genius. 

I'm Lonely (Original Mix) - Hollis P Monroe  ending you smoooov, this near-seven minute disco banger builds from funk-ass bassline into full-on choral heart-stopper. the bass change in the last quarter of this track is reason enough to have this in any crate-- and if the vocals aren't enough for every die-hard house head, just LISTEN to that fucking kick! hot schitt yo

hell yeah. right now we're gearing up for our official MMW-vibeage, replete with exxxclusive events, ticketing, and maybe just a giveaway or two so stay the fuck tuned. BIG THANGS POPPIN'


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chicago Ticket Giveaway: Gesaffelstein and Brodinski at The Mid

React Presents x Fade County is hooking you up again! This time we have two pairs of tickets to giveaway for Gesaffelstein & Brodinski with Treasure Fingers at The Mid this Friday (3/16)

These two techno legends have been touring the country as their party shaking duo since the beginning of their Bromance Tour in January. After their unbelievable Holy Ship, LA, and San Francisco sets in the beginning of the tour, they have continued to bounce between some of the most sought after venues in the county.Their individually developed sounds haved fused into some outright dance floor wreckage. Through the entities of Turbo Records and Bromance Records, they continue to churn out enormous originals and remixes.

Here is a video from part of their set at the Key Club, LA. Shout out to J. Ray in the beginning.

To enter the contest, email your name to by Thursday (3/15) at 5 pm CST

Can't risk it? Buy a ticket here.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

Been gone for a minute, but I am back with more fire than you can imagine.. Let's not waste time

Treasure Fingers - Rooftop Revival (Bro Safari Remix) One of my favorite producers and I have a lot of confidence that he will be one of the more dominant names of 2012. Of course I am speaking of Bro Safari, last few tunes he has fucking killed and I believe the momentum is just building. As well as this remix, Bro Safari has recently released his EP under T & A records which has put him currently at #3 on the Beatport top 5 releases of the week. Need I say more to entice you? And remember this is only the beginning, I have a funny feeling that Bro Safari will take things to the next level

Bro Safari - Uncrushable (Jay Fay Remix) If you thought things weren't enough in terms of Bro Safari and free tunes, we were able to cop a free tune of the hot new EP. Massive remix young blood Jay Fay. Jay Fay is a serious name to look out for, only being 18 and being part of some amazing releases. Things are looking very promising for Jay Fay. Very exciting to see what will happen in the near future

Vaski - Floating Ft Sara Laske When I noticed Vaski's track being in my Serato as 110bpm, I instantly thought here was another failed attempt at a Dubstep producer thinking they are producing Moombahton. Vaski 1 - Sanka 0. 
Vaski completely surprised me with this tune, clearly learning a little of the history of Moombahton and slamming out this bad boy. More Dubstep producers need to do what Vaski did. Massive ups!

SaBBo & Yuvi Gerstein - Take Dat! Love when I hear small samples in tunes to give it that small sense of familiarity that everyone loves, also love the less is more approach instead of doing a full remix, edit or bootleg. Instead just that small sample to get the bootys shaking tends to be more effective

Big Makk - Shake Dat Same goes for this track, perfect use of samples, even having that slight Baltimore Club feel in the intro mixed with Sean Paul and finished with Dutch and tropic vibes. Well executed by Big Makk!

Noisia - Tommy's Theme (Munchi's Fear Is Weakness Remix) Munchi is the leading man when it comes to Moombahton. I don't give a fuck who else you think is the head man. Munchi is a fucking inspiration in a form that can't be matched. Keeping to the roots of genre's as much as possible but at the same time evolving it to extents that have not been comprehended by others. Munchi is seriously on another level. Usually I don't post up download links to tracks that have been released via Beatport especially when it comes to the genre I love and those who have put so much work in it, this will only happen once so be grateful. The only reason why I am doing this, with the most real nigga's in the game is exactly for that reason. Learn the name, learn his history, learn about what you love instead of being ignorant fucks. This will only happen once

Bingo Players - Rattle (Perreo Perreo Remix) With Rattle remix contest coming into play, the web got flooded with entries. And when that happens my interest is instantly lost in the track. However I must admit I have heard a couple of remixes I am completely in love with, and only one that is Moombahton. Australian duo took this one out for me, could be the use of the small sample or the dutch synths. Whatever it was, they had me hooked

- Sanka

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bird Peterson...Drankenstein 3

Bird Peterson just dropped his newest mixtape today. Rest assured, Drankenstein 3 is even better than Drankenstein 2, and Drankenstein 1. Dirty south rhymes over tranced-out, synthed-out beats...what's not to love?

stay faded.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

React and Fade County : Foreign Beggars at The Mid Ticket Giveaway

It is with utmost pleasure that I announce our new collaboration with React Presents, the leading name in midwest event production and one of the finest companies in the industry. They have blessed the Chicago music scene with countless acts from across the musical spectrum and have no doubt set a new standard in event management. As I grew up attending their events, you can imagine how happy it makes me to be able to work with them and bring them closer to you.

This posts marks the first of many chances for Fade readers to win tickets to various React shows. Stay connected, support React, win tickets. Simple, right?

The two winners of our first contest will receive two tickets to Foreign Beggars at The Mid in Chicago on March 14th.You can enter by liking FadeCounty and ReactPresents on facebook, sharing Fade's status about this post, and emailing me your name to

The two contestants with the most likes and shares on their status' will win the tickets. The winners will be announced next Monday (3/12), so stay connected and find out if you are getting Fade Fo' Free! 


If aren't willing to take the risk, buy tickets HERE before they sell out. 
Foreign Beggars are a wildly versatile group out of the UK who's music spans from Hip-Hop to Dubstep to Drum & Bass. While the tempo varies between their projects, the soulful energy stays constant. Their rich, in depth sound stays true no matter what sound they are going for. Here's a hip-hop track that exemplifies just this.

Last month they released their "The Harder They Fall" Remix EP on Never Say Die Records, featuring Black Sun Empire, Alix Perez, Statix, Eddie K, and Datsik. Definitely some great interpretations of the originals. Here is Datsik's take.

Cop the remix EP here.

Be on the lookout for more giveaways soon.

See you again later this week for some of dat good good,


Monday, March 5, 2012


What up what up what up y'all degenerates better feel grateful Bendito has chosen to take a break from collaborating with Uncle Hef to build a Spacemansion to share some of the tunes that we're planning to put on the soundtrack. Today I present the young hashtronaut Cody Alan and a few tracks off his forthcoming e.p. Gossamer. Honestly homeboy stay so unique with it its hard to give y'all a reference point on some "Oh he sounds like so and so," so I guess you're just gonna have to burn an L and listen to it yourself..

No cheese at the end/this maze is too long - Something so damn foreboding about this one shiiiit.

Sodawolf - The fuck is a sodawolf?

Easy Tiger - Unless you've had the pleasure of fuckin a chick from the planet formerly known as Pluto (I see you Don Clark) then you've probably never heard moans like dis before.

Science Friction - Dis is the most progressive shit I've seen out of dude and I fuckin' love it.

Kinetic Memories - And, for extended spaceship travel, a lil' mixeroo.

Funktion Wednesdays Los Angeles : Breakage and Crizzly

It is no secret to the LA bass community that Bassrush's Funktion Wednesdays is back with a vengeance. The event was resurrected at the Music Box after a 4 year hiatus, then served a short stint at the Avalon, and now resides at Dim Mak Studios. Bassrush takes it upon themselves to secure the best talent in the world on the biggest sound system in town every Wednesday. As one of the leading sound-centered, event production companies in the country, attendees should expect nothing less than perfection. This week, Breakage and Crizzly will take the stage with the support of Neuropunk.

Breakage is a legendary deep dubstep producer straight out of London Town with a knack for groovy bangers. He has a rich history with the dance floors of the UK and will no doubt give Americans a taste of the beat on the other side of the pond. His last release, "Foundation" on Digital Soundboy Records, is a clear portrait of his unique style and obsession with the heaviness. Wednesday at Dim Mak Studios is the first stop of his US tour and a great welcome for this UK giant. Good chance you've heard this one played out over the past year, but here it is anyway. Unreal track. Buy the rest of the EP here.

Hard (Ft. David Rodigan & Newham Generals) - Breakage 

Texas based producer Crizzly is a pioneer in the sound recently deemed Crunkstep. With many dance floor shaking remixes under his belt, this bass centered champion will not disappoint. He has developed a sound of his own and used it to destroy parties across the country. He is signed to play Bassrush's Showcase night at SXSW next week, a testament to his undeniable talent. His set on Wednesday will definitely not be one to miss. Check out his remix of San Antonio rapper Aj Hernz. Free download on his soundcloud.

Snap Back Swag (Crizzly Remix) - Aj Hernz 

While this event happens every week, this is definitely not the show you want to miss out on. Grab your tickets here.

Find me and get yourself some Fade stickers.

Stay tuned for a mega-post coming up this week.



Thursday, March 1, 2012

But When I'm Bad I'm Better

Sure Thing (DjSliink Remix) - Miguel Quite literally, something for everyone. Happy tunes I'll be blasting when I'm in Miami in ((SIX)) ((FUCKING)) ((DAYS)).

Suffocation [HEALTH Remix] - Crystal Castles HEALTH completely remasters the original, churning it from something sweet, to something a little more warped, warbled, and wicked. If you haven't seen the newish video, do so here. Geez. Girl boners for weeks.

Let You - Sully UK shit that pushes the envelope enclosing two-step garage all the way to the front. It's the track for that person you keep telling yourself you're gonna let go, but you, your friends, and these thumps know that's not going to happen. 

88 (prod. Grimes) - Cadence Weapon From the forthcoming album Hope in a Dirty City. The rhymes are okay, but the beetz iz skeetz. Do what you do best and pretend you're black to this.

Below The Cherry Moon - WhoMadeWho (KOMPAKT) Danish synth-rock from a German dance label?  Few songs go as well with a walk to nowhere on a sunny day in New York. Fuck your neighbor, love thy$elf.

ßƟD¥ ßΔGƵ - CVL† SH‡† Which house? Witch house. To the work of a damn LYRICIST. I gotta break this cycle somehow, I'm sick of this pain, I'm sick of liven' this way.

Lavender Moon (The Hood Internet Remix) - Haroula Rose Girls will doubtless dig, no shame, but I needed all these pictures to make the dudes feel a lot less gay about having this pop-synth ballad on repeat.

About The Unskilled Worker - Moa Pillar Bass-heavy ultra FUNK. Avant-avant garde with a twang.

The Dog (Tom Vek's Yes-Mix) - Slow Club UK grunge pop that makes you wish disco were back. Tom Vek is my life.

Right And Wrong (Chopped & Screwed) - Phaseone Hot and heavy, on bars, but that's just phase one. In a world where merely exhaling is sexy, screwed, lewd, and crude is what this is.

PPPoney (Fabien Dalzin "I love Ponies" Remix) - Kid A Who's moans are those? Why yours, sir. It had to be a French dude who refixxed this.

BL▲CK † CEILING - WVFFLIFE This was playing in the scene below, right before they killed him.

xo x-oh,