Monday, April 30, 2012

Lets Get This Shit Started Riiiiiight...XXYYXX, Joker, ENiGMA Dubz, WEDIDIT and more

Alright in case your feeling like your young and on top of your game, here's a little something that'll knock you off that high horse. XXYYXX is a 16 yr old producer from Orlando, FL. If that isn't impressive enough from the get go, then you gotta listen to these tracks. These slow, sensual bangers reach far beyond what I ever thought possible for a kid who just made their way through puberty. Forget an awkward stage, this dude is putting together soulful, futuristic ballads one track after the next.

Here is this young talent's take on Usher's original. A slow percussive buildup to a dreamy break down and perfect vocal samples. Check it.

Climax - XXYXX

His new, self titled album is an even greater portrait of his unfathomable skill and attention to utmost detail. With all the respect I have for this kid noted, I can't give it away for free, but check out Northern Lights and buy the whole album for $1 here.

Northern Lights - XXYYXX

Joker has been one of my favorite producers for a long time and never really disappoints me. His newest release, "Skitta / I Think You Should Know" is set to drop in 6 days. The tracks are a great representation of his harmonious synth composition and unparallelled sub-bass. Unnnce. Cop the whole release when it drops next week here.

I Think You Should Know - Joker feat Newham Generals

Lazer Sword keeps killin it. Future funky bass music. Some serious late night groovin and moovin shiiit. Eerie synth work, energy shifting percussion and great sampling. Slammin'

Point of Return - Lazer Sword

 Every time ENiGMA Dubz releases something I become more obsessed with his original and versatile sound. This track is as smooth as they come. He uses the Ray Charles "Georgia" sample to construct a gentle, yet powerful dance-floor groover. Great melody, perfect percussion. This is off his newest release, "Slave EP". Definitely worth picking up. Grab it here

Georgia - ENiGMA Dubz

I probably don't have to tell you this, but there are few better places to be young and live fast than in the heart of Los Angeles.  In this insane city, a new era of multi-talented individuals are taking the industry by storm through every form of media imaginable. The "beats scene" involves a slew of instrumental hiphop producers who are becoming idolized by their unparallalled California supporters. LA is the epicenter for this infinitely expanding genre, with weekly showcases of the Brainfeeder and Friends of Friends artists.

At the center of this phenomenon resides a tight-nit crew of like-minded musicians and long time friends. The WEDIDIT Colective is comprised of some uber talented artists including, Shlohmo, Ground is lava, Jonwayne, and RL Grimes just to name a few. If you like the sound, make sure to keep up to date on everything these guys are putting out.

Here is a Salva remix of RL Grimes' Grapes Alla Vodka from his new Grapes EP. Hot fire. Shout out to Ned of Squeegie for this one.

Grapes Alla Vodka (Salva Remix) - RL Grimes

A close friend of WEDIDIT and equally as impressive entity ivsEYE Productions is taking the new-age media company to the next level. Through their broad technological abilities and contemporary vision, ivsEYE has begun making their mark on the music industry. Their newest artist, rapper K Rudd just released his debut album, W.I.M.I. Dope lyrics backed up with some next level production by some artists from WEDIDIT. Download it here for freeee!

Check out this K Rudd video produced by ivsEYE of his new track "Gorrid Thorsome" and the rest of their youtube channel for more sick music videos. Much more to come from these guys, keep posted.


Stay Trashy,


Sunday, April 29, 2012

All You Need Is a Hot Minute

Cochon Ville (Brodinski Rmx) - Sebastien Tellier French in every way. A darker, better, faster take on the original, Brodinski pours acid in all the right crevices. On est tous des cochons-- and that's how I like it. 

Obedear - Purity Ring Retarded good. Why do you future pop people only have 4 tracks??? 

Le Goudron (Edit) - YACHT Les enfants sont tous fous: French lyricism that'll drive you crazy. And here I thought they hadn't been relevant since junior high (read: yunior high (if you're from Fay Counie)).

Blunt After Blunt (3:33 Remix) - Danny Brown Shares a lil' sum sum with "Piss Test," 'cept it's got more bass and bells and blunts for everyone. Ate that bitch pussy till she squirt it like a dolphin. OH YEAH SO BOUGIE.

Blue Jeans ft. Azealia Banks (Smims&Belle Extended Remix) - Lana Del Rey Before you crucify me... trust me on this one.

Hate2Wait (produced by Nguzunguzu) - Le1f Gangsta rap from New York that'll make ya go Ufffffff. +++ It's what Theophilus London would sound like if he didn't suck.

Not Listening (DJ-Kicks Exclusive) - Maya Jane Coles Jungle-infused house from east London. It's like it was tryinggg to be deep house but it had too much fun and ruined everything. Tite vocals too. 

DEM BONES (Lord Warddd remix) - BLKKATHY And cool off to this gem from a Brooklyn-based duo/trio that claims it wants to make your booty bounce and ruin your makeup. Grrrrls, this is your new anthem. But secretly though. 'Cus on the outside you're all, I don't give no fucks-- but you do, so callate.

a m a d Z

Thursday, April 26, 2012

slurrrsty slurrrrsssssdaay {- . -} feat. Rusko, Maetrik, & Scuba

First off,

Good girl.

lots of really good songs tonight that you probably aren't going to read about. lets do this

Paradigm House (Original Mix) - Maetrik u liek deep bass?? U LIEK 2 TEKNO ????

Roll It, Light It - Rusko, Cypress Hill yeeah, that happened (better late than never eh?)

She's An Illusion - Azari & III kavinsky-type dancefloor shit.

Uroboros (Spada Remix) - Pional & Henry Saiz  +++++ playtime. gui boratto-esque (the more commercial stuff)

Throwback (Original Mix) - Dubbel Dutch  straight-up dancefloor destroyer. laid back & realll na$sty. try not to get wet. I dare you.

Spastik (Dubfire Rework) - Plastikman hope you readers are familiar with at least the original version of this one. if not- playtime's over, gtfo... surfin net'tits on your moms computer,...,,,,,, think of it as the original, 2.0. R

thought you guys might appreciate this 1.... 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flossin' On a Wednesday

Summer's almost here, I figured the photo would put you guys in the mood.

Freshly released from the domains of the Mad Decent label, Wiwek brings funky island vibes and combines them with hard hitting house beats, dancehall rhythms and other random ishhhhh. Everything comes together to form a strangely unique sound.

Two moombahton heavy-hitters join forces to bring you one of the sickest 110 tracks that i've heard in awhile. Things are getting bubblyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Saw Rusko last friday...he brought the bass. He played brought the bass too.

Something a little different than the original...Skream turns Rusko's madness into a dancehall jumper.

Chicago duo Flosstradamus is back again, but this time bringing their beats to the background for some rhymes.

Special 420 release. Hood Fantasy type shit. Roll up the grass.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fuck is on your biscuit?

pow pow pow!
(who knew girls also use urinals?  this is news to me...)

introducing your wifey's favorite DJ.  Waddup y'all.  It's chya boi, Blurred Out, comin atchya wit some funky tunes, so check it:

File-Slava  Very funk 808 drums with heavy reverb, simple vocal sample, and trippy eerie organs and synths.  Very smooth, hype track.  Check out his EP Soft Control for more, good shit.

Shawty- Teeth Again, very weird vibes, but still funky.  808 beats with a trippy vocal sample.  This track is über hype, and I went through hell trying to get it.  But I had to have it.  Very funky, very weird.  Just how I like it.  

Sipslow (Original Mix)- MESS KID  Yo, this dude is blowing up.  This remix EP is fuckin' ill.  Very deep trip-hop/trap/garage vibes goin' on.  The remixes of this tune are fucking sick doe.  This dude has been playing all over the place (check his Soundcloud) and played after us Tall Boyz at one of the Tamany Hall parties.  Dude is bout to get a lot of attention, if he hasn't already.

Dense (French Fries Remix)- Magnum  Probably one of my favorite tracks right now.  Very sick synths and vocals on top of a fuckin fat 808 beat.  Very trippy, but builds up and drops like a mo fucka.  French Fries has been making crazy dope shit, so no surprise there.  His remixes are all fucking sick, but originals are a little boring.

Blood of a Slave (Cedaa Remix)- Myrryrs  Another track off a sick EP.  I didn't really get into Myrryrs until now.  This Blood of a Slave EP is sick.  "Burn and turn it up" is also another sick track.  Go get the EP, it's crazy good.  

13 (Original Mix)- Skanky Crazy hype track.  Very sick garage/house/dubstep vibes.  Dope ass vocal samples with an ill hype beat, and filthy synths.  Über hype track.  Skanky is pretty sick, check his other shit.

Flip My $hit- Nikes Not really into juke that much, but this shit is pretty ill.  Honestly, I find juke way too fucking fast and thus just incomprehensible.  But for some reason I really dig this tune.  It's not your traditional, typical juke track.  Give it a chance from a dude who doesn't like juke.  Chi don't dance no mo' all we do is juke.

Rhythm- Lando Kal Über sick track.  Sounds a lot like a flosstradamus trap remix, but this is much better.  Very clean, but hype tune.  808 dirty south sounding beat with a classic vocal sample, and some nice synths to go with it.  Check it.

I been makin' some beats, and I'm releasing them (very slowly) one by one.  So here it is, check out my remix of the track you all been hearin' Beez In Da Trap from your very own, BLURRED OUT.  Enjoy, bitches.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday was Popp

Alright lets get it started with some uber funky house music. This shit will have you movin' and groovin' like you know you should.

Dario Assenzo displayed his utmost talent through energy building percussion, emotion swaying chords, and perfect sampling. Gotta love anything that can do so much with so little. Getcho shoulder shrug on.

Democratic Dream (Original Mix) - Dario Assenzo

As far as I was concerned, almost no body could properly pull off a house remix of classic rock. I always felt like artists try to make the tracks into something they aren't in an effort to increase their own notoriety through that of the classic artists. The Adana Twins took this dreary concept and created something beyond belief. Jim Morrison personifies deep, moving lyrics and these deep house giants made his voice into pure dance floor wreckage. Very eerie and emotional track. Quality.

Strange - Adana Twins

The B. Traits ft Elisabeth Troy Fever remix EP is straight stacked. The release is loaded with remixes by D Bridge, Breakage, Eats Everything and my favorite, Toddla T and DJ Q. This fresh take on the original is really impressive. It is packed with a wobbly baseline and some funky percussive add ons. Really dope

Fever (Toddla T & DJ Q Remix) - B. Traits

Ooah of The Glitch Mob has been putting out some seriously bass heavy bangers as of recent and seems to be taking a totally new direction in comparison to his work in the past. With an EP with Chicago producer LoBounce imminent for release before summer, it is clear that this master of the trade is making moves once again. Straight To The Back is an epic big-room moombah jammer. Serious weight here. Check it out and make sure to stay up to date on what's next from the greatness that is Ooah.

Straight To The Back - OOAH

Alright lets get fuckin weird. The Juggernaut and Squalid Squad play for keeps and this is a pure demonstration of some of their unparalleled talent. Rolling sub bass takes this one all the way to the bank. Cop the full release here

Frequency feat Squalid Squad - The Juggernaut, Squalid Squad

Seven Lions and Shaz Sparks Polarize EP just dropped and it is classy to say the least. This is some seriously dreamy bass music that stays short of the fine line that defines the progressive sound. They are able to build melody without losing power and momentum, bringing them to some seriously mind-blowing arrangements. Smooth's Drum and Bass remix of Below Us is phenomenal, and DnB ain't even my thing. Make sure to grab the full Polarize EP off of Viper Recordings here

Below Us (Smooth's D&B Remix) - Seven Lions/Shaz Sparks

Ookook lets wind things down with some sensual bangers.

This track is a DJ's dream. Great for mixing and can take the dance-floor in some serious directions. Don't stop, won't stop 3am type of shit. Move you, shake you, uuuuhhhh.

Begging You (Tickle Remix) -  Kry Wolf

Tempa T has started a new campaign for his mayorship of London. You gotta check this out and make sure to vote for our dude if you live in the UK.

Swag me sideways cuz thats all I got for you guys today.

See you next Monday.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Maelstrom With a Twist

But even then, I make a lil' time to spoonfeed you your weekly 
Ice Cream Sundaze.

Keep The Lights On (Clams Casino Remix) - Joyce Pretty sure you're sposs'ta fall in luv to this.

Basement - Rkss Broken speakers. Techno. 19-years-old. Berlin. 

Climax (Flosstradamus & Diplo Remix) - Usher Kinda cheesy but you'll like it. 

Outlast (1996 Teenage Mix) - Maelstrom You like this??? How fucked up are you.

Disparate Youth (The 2 Bears Remix) - Santigold Close your eyes. Listen to it all the way through. Luv the original too. +++

Pure Space - Unicorn Kid A reworked version of "Dolphin Dance." I'm so fucking gay.

OMG HAVE YOU SEEN THIS. Hope nobody posted it before me in my absence.

a m a d Z

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time To Get Wicked On Wednesday - Major Lazer, Figure, Dillon Francis, CENOB1TE, Gesaffelstein!

Too much music, too little time. Seriously, every fucking day I swear there are at least 50 new songs that I love, it's crazy.
Anyways, lets get into it...

Not just your standard run-of-the-mill electro house. This one's a little bit different, throwing in some techno vibes (I never would have guessed considering the name) and some extra heaviness.

Funky, hard-hitting house track. Haven't really heard too much from Gessaffelstein before, but i'll tell ya, this one has me hooked.

Brand new tune from Diplo and his crew. Suuuuper laid back slow jam; i'm expecting big tings from this group this year.

Hood hop meets trap meets moombahton? All I know is David Heartbreak is on to something here. Moombahton's continuing to blow up, this track is a perfect example.

The next big tune from Mr. Francis. You've no doubt hear his tune "Hulk" by now, and i've gotta say that this one might be right up there too. Wobbly, bubbly, delicious. This guy just keeps getting better and better

Now for the original...Flux is back, and back yet again with another track featuring his British buddy Example. In typical Flux fashion, the song bangs. Enjoy

The definition of crunkstep. Really diggin' the intro on this one; and guess what, the rest of the song's not too bad either.

Wow. Brand spankin' new track from Figure, and it hits just as hard as ever before. Fucking dirty vocal sample, and enough bass to make you die from your ears bleeding.

This Chi-town duo's back at it again with a new release on Excision's label Rottun Records. Heavy-hitting, lazer-y, machine-like wobbles with more bass than you'll be able to handle.

2 days ladies and gentlemen...


Tuesday, April 17, 2012


your bitch.... probably knows. #fadecountyforever

Collete c'est Chouette - Busy P big ups @ Pedro Winter for bringing that old school scratch back to life. We love you Ed Banger Records.. Collete does her thing too wish I knew what the fuck she was saying though..

Hood Fantasy - Flosstradamus Bout fuckin' time someone does my man Luda justice. Respect to these two guys, homies are production thugs.. we want a Nelly remix next.

Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix) - Arcade Fire straight funk from Soulwax. incredible work (sampling and sound design) here. Arcade Fire should be proud.

Summer of '91 (Acid version) - TWR72 this is dance music gold. this is timeless. and this, of course, is on Fade for all of you that know better than to like only bass music.

Blame - Jakkin Rabbit never heard of Jakkin Rabbit until recently (this track is about a year old), but there's a reason why they're signed to Hot Waves recordings and on miamifadecounty. music video

Hit the Club (hit the dub re-edit) - Will Bailey can't forget the electro. or the Will Bailey.

Cold as Ice (Nick Thayer & A.Skillz bootleg) - Foreigner what happens when you morph the elements of disco with the energy level of today's moombahcore; a true banger. big up

Strict Machine (Jamie Jones remix) - Goldfrapp Jamie fuckin' Jones in the house with a Goldfrapp edit that will echo around the globe for years to come. a true talent.

Express Yourself (feat. Nicky da B) - Diplo big up the BootyBass movement. wut it do, Diplo? Nicky da B the illest MC. enjoy this shit.

Kali (original Mix) - Diego Camejo the homie Diego Camejo from Miami is one to watch grow and see spin everywhere on the washed out shores of Miami Beach nowadays. Great sampling, stabbing basslines and a gold ol' Justice accapella sample topped off with that big room bump house music is fancied for..

here's a groove to drive to, burn to, come down to, fall in love to, . it's the Anthem. no bullshit, just a jam. expect a dance-edit in the near near future.

fuck you all till you can't walk
yours truly,
over n' out

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bad Bitches in the Boneyard

Donde Donde - Ener y Deci Floridian dark pop (lol) that brings you the South American funk-allure that first drew you to Bonde do Rolê, detracts the neo-whack dying elephant horns, and adds in a sinister touch where you like it. Save this one for a thunderstorm pool party. >> Oh and here's the (BL▲CK † CEILING remix) for your witch bitch. 

Bad Bitches (Feat. Stunnaman & LIL B) - Star Slinger LIL B would love it if you played this around people on your "same monotone," but that's neither here nor there. Loud experimental beats by Slinger and synths more warped than Based God's tweets. 

Empathy (spf5Ø edit) - Crystal Castles This is actually brand new. sfp5Ø slows down the original a couple knots and weighs it down so your nightmares are heavier than ever. Probably the soundtrack to that recurring dream I have where Miami gets planted on an perpetually vibrating mobius strip and everything falls on me and my mouth is all glass and bl00d.

Love You So (Joe Goddard Mix Tong Re-Edit) - Delilah Beautiful. The vocals, the luv, the dancefloor-y-ness!?!?!? You feel me, grrrrrl?!!? AY, SUPR PURRRRFECTTT !!!!

Yeah Yeah (Sinden Remix) - Willy Moon Sinden speeds it up, adds in percussion, echoes and electronic swivels, so your head isn't the only thing spinning on an axis. I really don't like Moon's style. Shit, British DJs always come thru. 

Baby's In The Boneyard - Texture Shouldn't it be "Babies"? Ugh. Lo-fi melancholy from Edinburgh brought to you by the Black Lantern music collective. They're all beats, rhymes and sci-fi. 

#MindControl - Hot Sugar Some trippy ragamuffin shit carefully curated by a hairy naked wizard. And what's with that hashtag? Appropriately enough, the gist of it is equally futuristic. Oh hay, the video makes me really happy. 

I know this (can't be love) - xxxy This London shit is so A+. Good thing the EP isn't released until 2 weeks from naü. A bass so wobbly and sampling so fre$h you'll think it can be love. Ay, mane. 

Church (prod. by Clams Casino) - Face Not sure why I'm posting this but the lyrics rawked ma wurld. I want girls with million dollar nosebleeds. Sunday morning they drippin' on their rosaries. FUCK GOD'S PLAN NIGGA THAT'S WHO I'M SUPPOSED TO BE.

Elizabeth Fraser (Cocteau Twins Rework) - Star Slinger I'm getting into the habit of finishing with something you can drunkenly doze off to. This is so fucking beautiful and you miss le Cocteau Twins so don't even try to hide it. For best results, accompany with some of this

Now watch this

time for Church,

Friday, April 13, 2012


At the brink of an encroaching new aeon, the line between the real and digital worlds grows ever more indistinguishable with each passing moon. A few brave souls, however, grace this intangible tightrope with ease; ever-blurring the veil between what is and what may come to be. Resident Fade darling and all around ultra-badass Tamara Sky is one such oneironaut, and her newest mixtape, for Overthrow LA's Lil Death weekly is one such artifact she's procured from this aethyr. Ever-redefining our death-traipse towards the Singularity, the mixtape is an eclectic (to say the least) blend of all things past, present, and inescapable future. Featuring tracks from the likes of White Ring, Grimes, & Gesaffelstein, this mixtape just be the herald song of our nascent crossover-

Praise La Petit Mort.

Long Live the New Flesh. 

And last but definitely not least, the latest hot fire from resident masterfader, Niko M Sacks--

Sleep tight. Don't let the nanobots byte


Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Era Sh%*t || Glitch Edition || Koan Sound,Dubsidia, Culprate,Neon Concept and More...

Been dabbling into some fresh sounds recently thought I would let you guys in on some of it! Don't get me wrong glitch hop has always been around and get's a lot of influence from the "Garage" scene but this sub genre  style of glitch hop clearly mixes the hip hop and dubstep plus glitch genres making a fresh intricate sounds for your brain to munch on. Your currently stumbling onto some of that next level shit, be warned.

This track is fire. SWAG all over it! Neon Concept did a great job turning an already solid track into their own banger. Another young producer out there at the age of 18 years old based in Oxford UK.You can cop the whole Remix EP and Original Mix on the Stereoliez Facebook Page HERE

Koan Sound doesn't need more of an intro if you haven't heard of them already check out there Facebook HERE these guys just murder it on every track.

Huge glitch style with FAT basslines.

Doing it big on this track with some help from the Foreign Beggars who compliment the song with there in yo face vocals!

With the release in December of his album titled "5 Star EP" via Inspected Records Culprate has definitely put a huge mark on the glitch hop scene.The EP was massively anticipated, and has gained the support off big names such as KOAN Sound, Gemini & Skrillex. Here's some tracks from the EP which you can grab HERE

Free release after the success of the "5 Star EP". VIP to one of the tracks from the ep. Love the old school battle hip hop feel to this, this track is just Yucky.

 One of Latest Track from Culprate.

Here's a glitch hop take on a classic by Jurassic 5 by Voodoo Science that goes H.A.M. Check out there soundcloud HERE

Sick track right here from Rezaloot hailing from West Wales, UK. Sick souunds in this track. Check out there Soundcloud HERE

This is some chill Glitch Hop future Shit from the man Teknian After 5,000 Likes on his Facebook he will be releasing it to y'all for free so let's help this man out and get that track! Click to Like Teknian's Facebook!

For the last track I'm going to link you up to a phat remix by Dubsidia. Out now via Jack Knife Record's on Beatport. Check it out on Beatport HERE!

"The sample used in this track is actually from "U Don't Know Me" by Armand Van Helden (1999)
...which in turn was sampling "Dance With You" by Carrie Lucas (1979)."
-The More You Know... haha

S-S-Stay F-F-Faded.


not the newest shit but iv been away so get used to it 

Slam the Door (gLAdiator Remix)-Zedd

Get Sum (Sound Remedy Remix)-Wiz Khalifa

Time To Dance (SebastiAn Remix)-The Shoes

Do I See Color-Adventure Club 

Newlands (The Blisters Boyz Remix)-Justice

Devine (Zeds Dead ReRemix)-Sebastien Tellier

Kiss Me Like You Mean It (Butch Clancy Remix)-Amy Kuney

Moet & Reese-Star Slinger
fuck emerson

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And We're Back!

It's been far too long since my last post. I apologize for the slacking, but rest assured this post right here will make up for all that.

These first two are relatively new from Chicago's very own Flosstradamus. The duo has been making moves this year, and should definitely be a group to watch out for in the near future.
Trap-style beats meets synths and bass, nasty ass shit that will get you going for sure

Got one more from these dudes for you guys. Not really trap style, more just sick as fuck all mixed up hiphop style. What's your fantasy?

Next up: another duo, but from a different part of North America. Hailing from Toronto, two dudes named DC and Hooks make up the group Zeds Dead, and based off of all their older tracks, you know these guys can throw down with the bass. They recently released a new mixtape with rapper Omar LinX; some of the tracks are remixes of originals, but these three are all brand new for the mixtape.

Here we have a couple of tracks from the dudes over at Mad Decent.
New Diplo...check out the music video, Mr. Pentz is straight chillin the whole time, and the song's pretty fucking tight.

This next song's not necessarily new, but definitely worth checking out. Sinjin Hawke, one of the lesser-known artists from Mad Decent came out with a track that sounds like a cross between a trap beat, and a military marching song. It's weird, but oh so sick once the beat comes in.

To finish things up, two tracks that have been on repeat for me for the last couple of days.

Hood shit, it WILL make you wanna hurt someone.

New stuff from one of EDM's youngest. Porter's been killing it, and this being his newest stuff since his EP release, i'm sure he will continue to "kill it" for quite some time. Kinda trancy-er than what I would come to expect from him, but it still hits hard with some electro here and there.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


yeah rehab was pretty lame im back now here's some music .. nothings changed i still am a shit writer
DONT GO TO REHAB FOOLS stay fucking up its easier

Midnight City (Timo Juuti & Hector 87 Disco Wobblez Bootleg)-M83
Timo and Hector are from Finland enough said.. more songs from them at the end of the post

Don't Stop (Color On The Walls) (Futurecop Remix)-Foster The People
Dope artist from Manchester. futurecops sound is straight out the 80's really digging everything this dude puts out
Young Blood (Futurecop Remix)-The Naked & The Famous  
awesome remix
Alice Practice (Futurecop! Remix)-Crystal Castles
one more fuck it
The Whip - Divebomb (Futurecop! Remix)

Kilometer (Moullinex Remix)-Sebastien Tellier
these fools are dope
Somebody That I Used To Know (TheFatRat Remix)-Gotye
digging this mix.

 I Will Not Play Rihanna (Timo Juuti & Hector 87 Remix)-Mr. Root
fuck Rihanna this songs awesome

Woo Chicks (Sami Saari Remix)-Timo Juuti & Hector 87
Happy Violence (Timo Juuti & Hector 87 Disco Wobblez Bootleg)-Dada life

Champagne Showers (Timo Juuti & Hector 87 Disco Wobblez Bootleg)-LMFAO

im awesome follow me on that instagram shit fuckingjosh is my name 


Monday, April 9, 2012


We slippy mane. Done giving the site a little time to breathe, it's time to get reeeeel dirty. 

Time 2 Jack - Chip E That bangarrrrrrang acid house, this one came out in 2009 but it takes you right back to '93. 303's, dog barks, muffled, ominous vocals that build and build and build until you're trippin' waaaay too deep... the perfect way to get your Fade County nouvelle vague started off riiiight.

What Else is There? (Trentemøller Remix) - Röyksopp a perfect mix from the last track, our favorite German of the moment builds a thumping bass wave up around shimmering, glitched up out synths while a Knife-esque vocal sample moans out for relief... this shit bottoms out hard-- bring a change of underwear.

Hard to Find (Maceo Plex Funk Drop) - Maceo Plex taking borderline disco-house to soaring new heights, Maceo Plex aka Maetrik layers sweeping walking basslines that turn four-to-the-floor melodies on their faces under the textures of driving hi-hat percussion. Not even gonna front; this is music fueled by and made for cocaine. 

Partys Over Los Angeles (Paul Chambers Remix) - ZZT taking you right back to '08, Paul Chambers takes fuxxxed out synths and builds them into what could be the theme song for total and utter robo-destruction of LA. And we're into that.

EXXXCLUSIVE ASS SHIT: ThroughDemLights | BLAND REMIX | - Bananamangoh our friends and cohorts over at BLAND just dropped their first EP, which you can (AND MUST, THAT'S AN ORDER) stream in full BY CLICKING HERE. DJ Power-face-fuckers and all around gentledicks Malcolm Sex and Stankey Kubrick throw chords to the wind, putting an expansive, atmospheric spin on the homie Bananamangoh's futurebass-ass space shit. KEEP YOUR EYES AND EARS OPEN FOR THESE DUDES, THIS SHIT RULES. 


that dirty dirt disco, wrap it up.

that uptempo electrobass that gets all kinds of WAVEY

Easily the only Gotye Remix we'll ever listen to, from Miami's favorite DJ himself. Might as well call this one stadium house, standing room only...



Monday, April 2, 2012

Moombah-Thong Invasion!

ETC!ETC! is in my top 5 Moombahton producers at the moment. Well he has been in my top 5 ever since I heard Rakata! for the first time. Very excited to present to you his latest EP...! Sorry shall I rephrase that... I am very excited to present to you his latest FREE EP!!!
Not often do you see one of the big guns bringing out free shit! Hold Tha Line has been a track I have been masturbating over for longer than you know, even better is I don't gotta pay shit for this! Also comes with a vocal edit with Whiskey Pete!
Simply check out ETC!ETC!'s Facebook Page, hit like, check the downloads tab and cop that shit!

Bro Safari - Da Worm (Bro Safari's Self-Indulgent Remix) With SXSW and WMC happening recently, Bro Safari decided to come in fresh! Remixing his own original track into some next level firepower, I am sure this would of set some kids into a fucking frenzy!

gLAdiator - Wreck It One of LA's main duos has come in without remorse, core at it's finest! Nothing surprising from gLAdiator!

Noise Twins - Dale Guata Guaya Randomly found this tune.. Jaw dropped as soon as the drop hit, what mind fucked me the most is the small soundcloud following this new duo has. Quality like this is almost impossible to find especially when the producers have only 100 soundcloud followers!

- Sanka