Tuesday, September 25, 2012

cluster fuck

i'd totally finger that...

in the past i tried to keep my posts orthodox, but like fuck that.
from here on out there is no order im mixing genres.. this post might start off trap go dnb than back to trap who cares there all bangers so fucking enjoy it


Sympathy For The Devil (Allure Remix)-The Rolling Stones
allure mix to a classic defiantly recommend this one

Spectrum (trapzillas v2.0)-Zedd
zedd gets a remake with lots of bells and whistles.. really liked this one tons of well placed rolls nice bass and beat Trapzilla is dope .
i'll be posting a bunch of there shit in the next few days be sure to check in 

I Crave Paris-Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities
perf lil mash up for the ipod

Let The Beat Control Your Body (feat. Louisahhh!)-Brodinski 
that drug track, get faded.


Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix) -Destiny's Child

dope remix to a claic

Kill Bill Trap Whistle-Alex Supremee
jack beats the shit happy birthday ali know you love this guy

AMAZING VID AND SONG watch it seriously

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shiny Acid Twilight

Latch ft. Sam Smith - Disclosure So beautiful.

Inside My Love (Redlight Remix) - Delilah Love the vocals. Fun n' reel sensual.

Fading Listening (Treasure Fingers Epicfadewave Mix) - Shiny Toy Guns Probably weird to see STG on Fade County but this is gewwd.

NIL (Liars Remix) - The Twilight Sad Revvamped indie Scottish shit.

Acid Walk - Samo Sound Boy (ft. Njena Reddd Foxxx) Minimal yet sharp yet acid.

Felon - PEPPERBOY I don't know why i like this type of drowned out ghetto shit so much.

And Niko's new remix of the Angelina's '96 house hit "Don't Need Your Love"

a m a d Z

Friday, September 21, 2012


Sean Magill is still the homie here's a dirty picture in his honor

trying to bring KTWC to miami im excited 
all the rolls in right places super raunchy. i loved it.

TRAPSHIT, be happy im even sharing this
feed me gets its trap facelift 

get hi 


whole album press photo
be sure to here gold teeth whole album bumps

Thursday, September 20, 2012

.coke n' white bitches

Sun City (Local Natives vs. White Arrows vs. KKS)-Austin Eterno
nice mash to kick shit off

The Wilhelm Scream (Kill Them With Colour Remix)-James Blake
ktwc has always been a favorite wanted to throw shit back a lil bit

Bro Safari - Scumbag -Bro Safari 
B.I.G traphau5 this songs awesome af

Clique - Kanye West, Big Sean, Jay Z (Nikolais Javan Remix)-Nikolais Javan
posted this yesterday but it was removed so heres the dl.. you dont want to miss out on this cat niko is going places



International Players Anthem (eSenTRIK Remix)-UGK
UGK meet traphouse

Louisiana Jones - All That-Louisiana Jones

Sweet Disposition-The Pyrex Kid
loved this remix twas freekn' sweet

milkshake remix-The Pyrex Kid

Trap For Me (Van Toth Remix)-deadmau5 ft. Kaskade
deadmut fans enjoy

Radio (Love Thy Brother Remix)-Lana Del Rey
Some Dubstep to end shit really dig this one almost has a metal vibe to it

Tuesday, September 18, 2012



ONE OF THE MOST DIVERSE PRODUCERS AROUND, plus he's the homie im super stoked to share this one. 
Be sure to download this brand new remix nikolais is dropping xxxclusively through fade

No question Niko is going places in both the edm and hip hop worlds. he's personally my favorite local dj 

Niko's Soundcloud

rap/dubstep project : O'GRIME defiantly check that out

"First Love" The last Project that was released 

Future Releases : 

Mixtape dropping soon  (Possibly on a Label that he shall not name drop yet) which mostly is going to represent the best rappers and singers out of Miami on only my beats.

Producing an EP with O'GRIME called "Fur Coat's and UZI's" - Hardcore HipHop/ Trap style beats

i'll keep you posted 

Monday, September 17, 2012


This that rilllllll shit right here. Some gangsta shit of catastrophic proportions. Fade fucking County & Trill Scott Heron are proud to present:


The newest and illest in electro, house, and trap, all chopped fucked and screwed straight to hell.  Imagine if you went to every music festival in the world... and poured codeine  in the water supply. Might sound a bit like this.

Tracklisting: Drankenstein - 98 And Back (TSH screw future screw edit) 
Major Lazer - Get Free (DrDr Cover) (TSH future screw edit) 
High Powered Boys - Girly (SLEEPY TOM EDIT) (MΔRZ future screw edit) 
IGNANT - May26 (TSH screw edit) 
Van Toth - Trap For Me (TSH future screw edit) 
High For This (Sliink X Kiff Remix) (TSH screw edit) 
Congorock - Bablyon (Oh Snap!! 'Trap Go Hard' Mix) (MΔRZ Future Screw edit) 
KLEVER - A-TOWN STOMPIN (TSH future screw edit) 
Cobra Krames - Ratchet Pu666y (TSH future screw edit) 
E$tå LØ©å ༀ˙⩓⧊▲∆˚ↁØN∆Lↁ₭RU₦₭˚∆▲⧊⩓˙ༀ (TSH Future Screw edit) 
Willy Joy - Juicy Lucy (TSH future screw edit) 
Applied Pressure - SUPA WORMZ (tsh future screw edit) 
RL Grime - Treadstone (TSH Biggie Dead Wrong remix)

Bump this in yo' Cadillac. Follow @Trillscottheron and @Miamifadecounty on Twitter, and we just might fuck your bitches. 

oh, almost forgot- 

E . Z .

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Things Are Getting Funky: Otto Knows, Elliott Porter, Sivad, Gessafelstein & Nu Disco

New stuff, new year, fuck yeah.

Million Voices (Original Mix) - Otto Knows
I'm gay for this song, seriously. All the crazy vocals in the background remind me of a church gathering but are clearly nothing close to it. Crazy fucking house, you've probably heard it before

Time to give some credit to the brothers.
Two of my good brothers have really been killing it lately and are finally getting some of the brotherly recognition that they deserve...I figured it was only fair that I show them the same brotherly thing

First up is Davis Rendle who goes by the producing name of Sivad. He just made some Paper Diamond-y type shit; i'm really liking it

Ghost Town - Sivad

On to the next one. Elliott Porter...who goes by the production name of...Elliott Porter.
Really funky, uplifting house tracks that make you feel all good inside.

Somebody's Theme - Elliott Porter

Sloane Peterson - Elliott Porter

Viol - Gessafelstein
Heavy, fucking, techno. None of that namby pamby eurostyle bullshit, this song is fucking boss status.

The Feeling (TheFatRat Remix) - The Knocks
Been feeling TheFatRat ever since DF put one of their tracks in his Diplo mix. Really funky disco house type stuff. You'll surely like this one.

Time for some of that nu nu...nu disco that is.
Disco's gonna make a comeback, I don't give a fuck what you think.

Loving Someone Else - Vanguard

Free Flow - The Viceroy

Lush - Mix Chopin

Keep it passionate...

-The Tweeaker

Sunday, September 9, 2012

THE SUMMER NEVER DIES | ft. Gui Boratto, Toro y Moi, & MYKKI BLANCO

Tonight, we remember the best nights (while we were down and out and up to our worst).

In Heat (Javelin Remix) - HEALTH Don't let the 80's sample fool you- these are straight late-night grooves.

Still Sound (Amtrac Remix) - Toro y Moi Oof, this dude kills it TOO hard. your sex on the beach anthem, mind you don't get too sandy #chafeable

Youth Gone - Les Sins Toro y Moi's promising old-school house side project. get on it.

This: Our VMGAY selection for, by leaps and bounds, the best video of the summer:

Wavvy (Prod. by Brenmar) - Mykki Blanco We on that chill tip, rill high.

Slap 'n Tickle - Nash Cannon a Soundcloud SNAG- almost TOO fade county. a-drop deh basss

Matryoshka - Gui Boratto C'mon now. You love us. 

Gatekeeper (Pocketknife's Faded Beach Towel Remix) - Feist Goodnight.

We love you too.

/// Eazy

Thursday, September 6, 2012

TRAP HOUSE TNGHT hudson dipolo filthy disco gold top the party squad

YO YO YO YO YO  someone should mash this with baauer's yaow!

Riverside (El Cucuy's Deadbody Badman Juice N' Da Hood Remix)-Sidney Samson
classic fade

Bang Bang (Levitate Music Remix)-Nancy Sinatra feat. Notorious BIG
biggie on that sexy beat trapt out

212-Azealia Banks
this tracks been floating around forever but i have been so lazy on my posts i never threw it up
shame cause it's totally fade material

We are rockstars (Gold Top Remix)-Does It Offend You, Yeah?
throwing it back a bit with this one but i really love Gold Tops twist on it
dubstep enjoy it


strong feeling this cat is going to dominate the rap scene. COMPLETE TAKE OVER. antwon