Friday, November 30, 2012

Phunkadelic Phridays

Keeping the vibes alive with another post this week. This time around we're bringing you more house, more funky ish, and plenty of weird shit to keep you entertained throughout the weekend. 

Mellow, downtempo with a rap/hip-hop beat and some weird synths. Not really sure how to describe this one.

Trap-style without all of the unnecessary stuff. 

Take the original, add Switch's magical touch, and you have one great fucking song. 

Back that shit up. Trap meets baltimore club meets some sick fucking drum patterns. 

Another "Jeffrees" release...some pretty crazy jungle-y hood shit. 

Lets get into some house-ier stuff. With so many different genres in the music scene right now, its easy to forget the genre that brought us all here in the first place. These are my current favorites.

This song gets repetitive, but it has that classic house vibe that you just cant beat. 

Dreamy nu disco that will take you away to a far off place.

You should never forget about this song. Classic KTN that will always be a favorite.

Love it or hate it, the Mau5 is back. Personally, i'm happy to see that he's starting to get back to his older sound...that poppy shit was terrible.

I'm capping things off with a throwback to the beginning of Wolfgang Gartner's career. Before Wolfgang was Wolfgang, he was Joey Youngman, and he made some of the greatest deep house tracks that i've heard yet. Everyone should check them out and realize that the big name electro producer started his career off quite well. 


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Post-Thanksgiving Purge

Happy thanksgiving everyone. While the turkey coma still resides, I figured we could all use some new tunes to enjoy while sitting on our asses for the rest of the weekend. 

The rap-beat, trap-style tracks are still out there, and new stuff is coming out every day. A lot of it sounds the same, but some producers are going above and beyond the rest. Here's a few that i've been listening to lately. 

Catchy lil tune with some wobbles and signature "Minnesota" sound that everyone loves. I was fortunate enough to see this dude at the beginning of the year...he killed it. 

Local guy out of Boulder takes a classic and re-works it nicely with some crazy synths and drum-work. Check his soundcloud HERE

Hudson Mo' and Lunice collabin' together to make some of the sickest stuff i've heard to date. This song is no exception, straight boss-status with horns and stuff. 

Lets get into some other stuff that has had me intrigued lately...disco house. Viceroy and other producers are not letting disco die; and they are doing it quite well I might add. 

Just as I said...he's not letting it die. 

No its not polka music...but rather something super funky, super fresh, and is bringing back all of those classic disco vibes of older times. 

Now for some "dance" tunes.

Found this little gem buried away in my itunes library...I had completely forgotten how great of a song this is. Don't sleep on older Diplo songs...he's been around for awhile for a good reason.

Another classic re-worked into a great remix; house-y with a little bit less of a "mainstream" vibe. Check out Elliott's soundcloud HERE.

I actually have to give credit to Elliott Porter on this one...since he showed me this. A funky house song with a crazy breakdown that WILL make you jump. Dancehall rhythms, a great beat, and overall mayhem make this song a keeper. 

Whenever Diplo does his radio show he always plays these crazy songs that you can't find anywhere. They usually end up being released on Mad Decent's counterpart "The Jeffrees" a month or so later...which is the exact case with this song. Its crazy...real crazy.

Where do I even start with Clockwork? Easily one of the most underrated dudes in the game, and this song is a perfect example of why I love his songs. The drop in this song is absolutely perfect, and the melodic patterns combine with it perfectly to make something special. 

Well...thats all for now. Lets see if I can actually try to post once a week this time; my apologies on the laziness.


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

NEW ASS MUSICK VIDEOS | Canblaster & Riton, Ultrademon, & MO'

boom boom pow

"Step Into Liquid" - Ultrademon

A word from the chief seapunkologist himself, on the nature of the mainstream-straight-up-stealing-an- entire-aesthetic situation --

My response to the seapunk attribution issue is as follows... this is mainly refering to Rihanna's background visuals on SNL but could also apply for mainstream media outlet darlings. 


I'm glad seapunk is getting media attention, and that popular entertainers are paying homage to our little movement.

What has come into question isn't seapunk though, it is the graphic influence, which I think can clearly be traced to springing from our circle, and more specifically to one person, Kevin Heckart.

It is lame that they didn't hire our friend Kevin. Most all of the imagery used points towards his artwork, and frankly most of the buzz worthy seapunk images in the last year have been by created by him. 

Kind of strange timing that the day I hear about seapunk popping up in the mainstream is the day I'm reviewing the final cut of my new music video, directed by Kevin.
If you want to see the real thing, if the fans are curious, then here it is.

Distro under SRD (UK), and it should be on Boomkat soon!


Albert Redwine

next up, we were literally the first people to get sent THIS--

Some chill shit, have a strong feeling (in my pants) that you'll dig this-- Shoutouts to Chanel for this one!

Check yourselves some Caged Animals HERE

And finally, this right here is an hour-long homage SOULWAX made to DAVID FUCKING BOWIE. ENJOY OR DIE

////// EEEEE /////// ZZZZZ //////

Thursday, November 15, 2012

sex o n LSD | Ft. Groundislava, Loco Dice, & AMEÑ ÅC|D

thursday night electric blue speedo &a talll glass o hwhiskey. how you doin?

got some new shit, some old-derrrr, some things really f o O o r w a r d 

lés go-


All Your Goodies Are Gone (Shigeto Remix ft. Mayer Hawthorne) - Dennis Coffey good god damn t ho. aint it soulful        (this is why you let vocal samples ride).

Pu$$y (Minority Pick's 'Ice Cold Trap' Remix) - Iggy Azalea still love this bitch. she's about as fade county as it gets & This remix is iced the fuck out. keep an eye on this dude .

what i mean is...

yes, that--->

NOVEMBER (Original) - Suolcity got sent this via soundcloudd I MAKE LAV MIT ZE HOUSE MUSIK & this 1gives me a boner

Dangerous Liaisons (Original Mix) - Sian deeeeppppp (your moms vag) (nothings that deep) house (still pretty deep tho_

Parking Garage Politics (Loco Dice Remix) - Paperclip People too many P's in this name but i forgive it. if your backyard trampoline (like covering alll the grass) came alive and started threatening your family's life on halloween or some shit  ............

We Magnify His Name - Floorplan quite literally the best gospel house since Preacherman (and i don't take that lightly) *full bodied black preacher yell* FORRR HE IS WORTHYYYY

Weekend in the Tropics - Groundislava the only time you heard some shit like this was when you passed out with your eyes wide open watching Weekend at Bernies and nightmared (yes, nightmared) that you were trapped inside your TV static. so, it's cool. whateve

MAKE DEM WET - AMEN ACID kind of moombah kind of pon de flo, allllllllll crunch tho

           ʇ ʇ ʇ ʇ ʇ ʇ ʇ 

boom boom boom 


Friday, November 2, 2012

i like your smile

introducing DVNK SINVRV

A$VP Rocky – Fuckin Problem
Kid Womp – TRAPSTR
A$VP Rocky – Goldie (ORi Shochat Remix)
DJ Forella – Whoop Whoop!
JT Money – Playa Ass Shit
Flosstradamus – Rollup
Flosstradamus – Rollup (Baauer Remix)
BLKNGLD – Go Twerk
Purity Ring – Obedear (Chrome Wolves Bootleg)
Thugli – Barrier
A$VP Rocky – Bass
Young Money – Pass The Dutch
G.O.O.D. Music – Clique (Pound Pound Pound & Footwork Remix)
Santigold – Creator (Ookay Remix)
Apashe & Snails – Bubble Gun
Heartbreak – King Kong (BIG MAKK RUNS SHIT HERE REMIX)
Klever – We Don’t Give A Fuck
Fur Trade – Don’t Get Heavy (SLEEPY TOM Remix)
Flosstradamus – MOTA
S-Type – Billboard
The Interns – DRUGZ
Serotonin & Cherry City – Shiva
Juicy J – Piss Test ft. Danny Brown
Adventure Club – Retro City (LOUDPVCK Remix)
WVTVPVCHI & Ookay - What
Klever – A-Town Stompin
Peaches – Burst (UZ Remix)