Monday, April 8, 2013

MONDAY NIGHT MEGA || Feat. Toro y Moi, M.A.N.D.Y., & SFV Acid

Haven't been on much, Fade County's been undergoing a much-needed Vaginal Rejuvenation. Stick around or fuck off.

Real Life - Corporation of One taking you waaaay back, this shit proves that literally ANYTHING can be sampled [if done tastefully, of course. don't push your luck, dubstep]. ACIIIIID

Touch Me In The Night - Delusions of Grandeur a little tougher, a little more breakbeat. All those drugs your uncle did that made him burn out so hard? they were probably inhaled to this--

N2 - Easymo we're bringing acid back, OK?

The Darkest Moon - NComfortable downtempo weird dubby trip house type shit. if you smoke weed, you'll like it

Home (Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Interstellar Mix) - M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade if radiohead went prog-techno and scored Artificial Intelligence....

Tomorrow (Original Mix) - Cirez D, Acki Kokotos don't let the deep intro fool you, Eric Prydz' alter ego, Cirez D, packs a BIG room punch. 

Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen (Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Dirt Glow Remix) - Dominik Eulberg that swirling, atmospheric, progressive techno shit. songs like this could be 35 minutes long and i would keep listening

Seaside Cruisin' Tribe - SFV Acid young dude bringing back that acid groove in a big way. look to Zane aka SFV to be the next Nicolas Jaar

Last Land (Kenton Slash Demon Remix) - John Talabot first one to make this a rap beat wins. some masterful mastering takes this semi-trip-hop semi-breakbeat tune from Moby-homage to road-trip-tune-of-the-year

Tiger Forest (Ryan Davis Rework) - Dibby Dougherty & David Young GETTIN GUIGGY WIDDIT (gui boratto, guet it?)

Signs - Black Chow & Pupajim jus some weird shit my girlfriend found. one of those tracks you won't be sure if you like or not on the first listen, and then will come on when you're going down on someone and both you and they will be like, "Ohhh..."



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  1. lovin that cirez d tune and the darkest moon, such good tracks!


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