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Thursday, October 4, 2012

RAVE 2 THE GRAVE | ft. Mat Zo, Andy C, & that NEW FLO$$YX

Short and sweet and wet all over. New rave from all over the globe, including that super fresh (like literally came out an hour ago new) Flosstradamus. if you don't like it, you're dry. 

Help us put the suc- in succinct 

Woods (Zeds Dead Remix) - Bon Iver  SLOW AND SEXY LIKE. bong iver's retiring, spanks for the mono memories.

Wild Life [Nu:Tone Remix] - Unicorn Kid LIQUID D N B MAKES ME FEEL LIKE I'M ON E

Bipolar - Mat Zo BOUNCING BACK AND FORTH BETWEEN ELECTRO HOUSE & PROGRESSIVE TRANCE MAKES MY DICK HARD. reminds me of avicii's Street Dancer. More of this, please

Get Free (Andy C Remix) - Major Lazer The original song's basically Amber Coffman in blackface, but what's in a verse? this is the type of massive dnb that makes you cum and cry  [[[SIMULTANEOUSLY]]]


Hot out the trap, that new new new (did i say new???) FLOSSTRADAMUS. Trappy hardcore [or should i say trapstyle?] is the future. Presenting: X

get the fuck off your computers already, jesus


Sunday, February 26, 2012

CVLTVRΞ VVLTVRΞ | Kuedo, Bingo Players, Keys N Krates, & ANIKI

I voted bush. judge me. 

Gonna keep this short and sweet- fokkin' chunes. all of 'em. 

Truth Flood - Kuedo off his fucking incredible Severant EP (snag it here, more than worth your ten euros or whateverthefuck), Kuedo brings the 808's and art breaks (see what i did there?) and envelopes you in a world of post-dubstep gorgeousness. fingers crossed this is what the future sounds like

Kraft Und Licht (Minitronix Special Edit) - Len Faki taking ethereal ambient techno and jacking it up a few BPMs is no small feat, but Minitronix do it with aplomb. dark, expansive, and industrial, this is the type of techno reserved for the best of the best. don't think you're mixing out of it in 30 seconds, EveryDJThatSpinsRightNow. 

The Dutty Clem (Aniki's Will Love the Bass Mix) - Will Bailey that thunderin, ragga-sample-plunderin'  big room wobble electro house you fucks crave. waves bigger than ya mama's puss

ICARUS (KEYS N KRATES REMIX) - MADEON ALL CAPS CUZ WE MEAN IT. heavy sampling turns this fidget banger into a next level HudMo-ey anthem the likes of which some hipster-ass rapper (re: Childish Gambino) is probably gonna ruin as soon as he finds it. BUT, while it's still fresh, enjoy. 

L'Amour (Original Mix) - Bingo Players brand new fiiiiire from two of our favorite frying dutchmen, Bingo Players go straight Daft Punk on this one, taking a fairly familiar riff and turning it into a stadium-sized festi-banger the likes of which you WILL be hearing the fuck out of. So, at Ultra, when it gets dropped, the place fucking exPLODES, and some bitch in shutter shades is like "OMG, Wut SONG iz THIS?!" you can just shake your head and continue making out with his girlfriend. 

Silver Surfer Ghost Rider GO - Trentemoeller 1970'S SURF ELECTRO ROCK FROM THE FUTURE. the definition of uptempo, Trentemoeller brings the riffage, AND keeps it more than danceable. bite your dick off,

Salt Lake Cuts - Kuedo finally, to put you fucks to bed, a lil' mo of that post dubstep sexbass. rockin' massive waves, dumb smooth arpeggios, and shimmering keys, this one's just the right amount of everything for that laaaaaate night sesh. sex, drugs, or rocknrollllll.

this one's for the ladies


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wednesdyz r 4 Luvrz | Gui Boratto, Pional, & ULTRADEMON

can i get a god damnnnnnnnnnn?

as you may well know, my own music taste's been maturing to say the least. a lot less pants-shitting droppage in favor of fuller, immensely prettier soundscapes and blahblahblah i might as well be writing for bitchfork already. fuck that shit-

here's some music to fuck to.

Opus 17 (oRg.Mix) - Gui Boratto just let this one build. super sick minimal progressive that's just right for slipping it in (a term which, here, in an attempt to cater more to our female readers, works both ways). bzzzzzzzzzzz

In Another Room (Pional's Reduxed Version) - Pional going straight ambient disco on your asses, this one blossoms into something you're gonna remember and truly appreciate during your next trip down psychedelic lane.

Lied - Decibel this UK producer's been getting mad love from the likes of BBC Radio 1 and Toddla T. Shit combines smooooov ass r'n'b hooks with one of the nastiest sub drops i've heard in a long time. hope you're wearing good headphones, cuz this one's straight out of Dr. Dre's (rumored, highly secret) babymaking mixtape.

Step Into Liquid (It's a Trap) - Fire for Effect if you're not yet riding the wave, Fire for Effect aka Ultrademon, alongside @LilInternet and Unicorn Kid are pushing a new brand of lifestyle/genre/subculture devoted to a return back to our aquatic roots (because everyone knows the missing evolutionary link involved being aquatic apes. duh). While you're over there getting your mindfuck on, let these eclectic samples (which, yes, actually include dolphin sounds) and killer basslines lull you back to mother ocean's breast. real talk.

diamondii - Plaitum don't even know how the fuck i found this, but it straight rips witch house a new asshole. Amadz, this one's for you. so fuxxin fuxxy, jeezus.

Back In Time - Games combining some of the finest sampling with Justice-worthy slap bass and OG Mayer Hawthornesque vox, this one literally takes you back in time and does the bow-chicka-wah-wahhhh for you.

Chrome Lion (Ultrademon's Remix) - Unicorn Kid / Fire for Effect going straight #seapunk, Ultrademon gets as trippical (just made it up, trippy + tropical for the ones still 'bating to the picture above) as he does melodic.  

this #seapunk thing is fucking killin me, so, just so you end your night off right, i hope you're fucking ready for this shit.

Ultrademon - #Occupy Mixtape by Мишка Bloglin

After this post, I hope you won't forget to cut or tear all your plastic six-pack holders up (and not throw them in the ocean) so you can save some sea creatures. Just kidding (except i'm actually not kidding  at all and if i find out any of you are doing this i will fucking hunt you down). Dolphins rule.