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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Future Beats for Your Listening Pleasure.

Was happenin everybody. I just moved to New York and things are poppin..whats new.

Fau & Dream released their Life Act EP a few months back and it is packed with some beat ridden excellence. Very dreamy, but beat driven future garage music. This is my favorite track off the release, but you should cop the rest from the link above.

Falling Into Pieces - Fau & Dream

This track is enormous. Perfect vocal samples and some stretched out synth work comes together to make an epically melodic groover. I can certainly see this one pushing the sophisticated dancefloor in all sorts of directions.

Totte - Shadows

Jon Convex's new album, Lied to be Loved is a perfect demonstration of his immense talent as one of the funkiest cats in the industry. Every track on the release gets me movin just right. I especially dig Zero, for its staccato beat and attention to detail. Hit this one on the head.

Zero - Jon Convex

Exposia is an experimental hiphop beat project I was just fortunate enough to find on the internets. This is some seriously passion ridden shit and I can't believe this self titled album is being given away for free. I really dig the style and sound of these tracks and hope to see more from this up and coming artist. Get the full release here for a donation of your choice.

Take It Back - Exposia

Check out the London based, Future Garage producer Blacksmif. This guy is on top of the sound by my book and it is crazy to me that he has less than 700 followers on facebook. Homie needs to get hooked up because he is putting out straight masterful productions. Here is a track from his last EP "Hoop Dreams /  Microweight" and then check out this music video from the title track off of his newest release "...And The Sun Rose Out EP". Some seriously impressive stuff right chear.

Microweight - Blacksmif

Okok last but not least here is a really fun The 2 Bears remix of a Wiley track. Puts a smile on my face even when im sweating through my jeans. Holla!

Im Skanking (The 2 Bears Remix) - Wiley 

If your in Chicago next June 7th then check out the homies Cid Ikarus and Tigorilla at the All City Juke. Get presale tickets here!